Marco Rubio:The President Doesn’t Have the Guts To Admit He Doesn’t Believe in 2nd Amendment

Sen. Marco Rubio was not impressed with Barack Obama’s 23 gun control actions. He had this to say on The Factor tonight.

“I actually believe the president doesn’t have the guts to admit he doesn’t believe in the Second Amendment although he states that he is. The Second Amendment is in the Constitution. I didn’t write the Constitution, neither did you, neither did he. If he doesn’t want the Second Amendment to be in the Constitution or if he wants to reform the Second Amendment then have the guts to admit that.”





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  1. Amen brother.

  2. MUST WATCH!! James O’Keefe’s latest from Project Veritas is amazing…

  3. Not only true about the dictator but true about most dems. Sad–

  4. He shouldn’t have to admit it anyway since it is so painfully obvious that only a complete idiot could miss it. And that goes for the rest of the constitution too.

  5. Yet each Democrat took the Article 6 oath to support and defend the Constitution as written.

    When the oath means nothing, and most importantly when the people themselves do not know and understood their Constitution, complete disregard for its limiting principles will win the day.

  6. Well WOW, I’m just impressed that Rubio is saying something so profound that no one ever considered before. This is one of the weakest and anemic statements by someone who is considered our “best and brightest” and the next Republican “super star”? WOW, how absolutely weak can this guy be? It doesn’t help that he is also proposing amnesty for all of the illegals in this country. If I had my druthers about me, I would say that Marco Rubio just took himslelf out of the running for any future presidential aspirations.

  7. Same with being a Socialist, there is no doubt he is but having the depth of conviction required to admit that is not a quality he possesses because to do so would be a political risk so he chooses deception instead. But know him by the company he keeps and those are communists, socialists and cultural revolutionaries.

  8. Don’t even bother reading the article. Just look at the picture of Saint Hussein…

    Here’s another angle…

  9. Rick Perry? Marco Rubio? Do I hear 2016 calling? Who will be the next to throw in his or her hat?

  10. If I had my druthers about me, I would say that Marco Rubio just took himslelf out of the running for any future presidential aspirations.

    Which means he stands a decent chance, if he can survive the primary.

  11. Nor any other part of the document…hey! He doesn’t believe in any documentation at all – unless required of honest, hard-working, true Americans – those folks have to have documents out the wazoo!

  12. How about a back round check on this child fool low info voters elected president! If you are an American who loves this country- this display today with children around him should make you sick. You complete hack political fraud. Americans wake the F##k up.

  13. Can one take the oath of office, but cherry pick the parts they like?

    “I, Barack Obama, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, except for that god-damn Second Amendment, where the NRA’s Chickens are coming home to roost, as well as the tenth amendment which serves only to piss me off. The fourth and fifth really don’t seem to be terribly important, and most certainly the first is only meaningful when it’s non-religious speech, and it’s speech by a progressive-friendly journalist that sustains the totalizing power of the Democratic party.”

  14. How about a back round check

    Otherwise known as the Jenifer Lopez test.

  15. #7, buzzy,

    The obamster was just called a liar and a two-faced jackass by U.S. Senator Rubio. I’m good with that as to its profundity. Also as to its truth.

  16. If you like amnesty and mass immigration, then Rubio is your man. He can talk like John Wayne all he wants when it comes to the 2nd Amendment; but do not be fooled. There is not much daylight, speaking here in horseback-riding terms, between Rubio and Obama when it comes to diluting our WHITE population. You horsey people know what I mean, about the daylight, that is. They are the same in this regard, Obama and Rubio. You have to wonder why?

    Could it be that Rubio pretends he’s one of “us,” when truth be told he’s either clueless about or complicit in the “fundamental transformation” of America, via demographic change.

    To be exact Traitor in Chief doesn’t have the guts to give up food stamps causing Socialist Democrat Commie dependent before the real depression hits the fan. It’s not the same as soup kitchen because not everyone loves to be poorer.

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