We’re in the best of hands…
During the Benghazi hearings this afternoon with a House committee Hillary Clinton told told the audience that Al-Qaeda has no interest in attacking our homeland.

“I think we have to take seriously all of these terrorist groups, whatever they call themselves. Now, at the moment, they don’t necessarily have either the interest or ability to attack our homeland.”

No, they would never want to attack our homeland. Never.



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  1. Q: and how, exactly, would you know that Madame Secretary?
    A: Huma told me so.

  2. SCARY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I’ll bet all the leaders of these ‘groups’ are laughing their turbans off. Arrogant witch.

  4. I can’t believe these jackwagons are in charge of OUR safety!!??? What the hell…no wonder why the boy wonder thinks the war on Al Qaeda is over.

  5. Yeah, she’s right! They couldn’t possibly show-up in Mexico and walk across the border looking like a Mexican! It couldn’t happen! No way! “What difference does it make?’

  6. How would she know, Hell she still doesn’t know what happened on 11th Sept. 2012 to her own people.

    waiting for the fbi so she said.

    throw this liar in jail.


  7. I had to start drinking before five o’clock today because of her.

    Damn, she’s dumb. Really dumb and an eye sore on high-def.

    I total understand Bill treating her as a doormat and banging whatever whenever he could.

  8. We have 33 minutes of video from Sec of State Hillary Clinton testifying this morning posted now…


  9. Al Qaeda will take over America mark my words after taken over Africa through Mali.

  10. Smart power with blinders on.

  11. Hillary Clinton is not a stupid woman, nor is she inherently incompetent. This leaves us with precisely one conclusion about her testimony regarding her job performance. She’s lying to try to cover up the gross failures of her true agenda.

    Wait… a Clinton, lying? Say it ain’t so, Joe!

  12. ++

    January 23, 2013

    Guns, Smoke And Islam

    [“All warfare is based on deception.” — The Art
    of War, Chinese General Sun Tzu, 6th century B.C.

    Barack Obama implemented last week 23 executive orders that strike
    at the heart of the 2nd Amendment. On Monday, he took his second
    solemn and public oath as the President of the United States.

    The good news: The President knows he cannot pry our guns
    away from us unless it is from “our cold, dead hands.”*

    The bad news: Our freshly inaugurated President is Machiavellian in
    obfuscating the truth behind his ultimate objective, which is to nurture
    Islamic influence in America and across the world.

    The President would love to grab every gun from us if he could.
    Testament to this fact is that Obama has surrounded himself with
    people eager to attack our 2nd Amendment Rights, including U.S.
    Attorney General Eric Holder who said last Friday that Obama acted
    within his legal authority.]

    Earth to John Myers et al..

    click & scroll or scroll & click, and please research info (as i have
    been doing since 9/11) for confirmation as you go, thank you..


  13. Kill all the Americans you want. Just don’t do it here. OK.

  14. And, Madam Secretary, as you demonstrated on Sept. 11th of last year and also here today, you don’t necessarily have either the interest or ability to PROTECT our homeland.

  15. Al-Queda wants world-wide domination. And yes, that includes America you stupid troll.

  16. Boy, we can sure sigh a huge sigh of relief that this dove, Hillary Clinton, is going to be replaced by the Rambo-esque , gun-totin’, hawk named John Kerry. Right?

  17. ++

    Hillary Clinton: Al-Qaeda in Africa Has
    No Interest to Attack Our Homeland

    that is, not until THEY ATTACK OUT HOMELAND – again.. :-(

    how dumbed down are they?? gah!!


  18. This woman is as dumb as a rock or something else is going on here. Since they won’t admit the Ft Hood guy was a terrorist, maybe they are believing their own lies; therefor, by their definition, there could never be a terrorist attack in the US because they would define it as something else.

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