Here you go.
Yes, this is creepy.
Liberty News put together this video in response to the disturbing cult of Obama.

From the video: As disturbing as it may be to many, Obama is often hailed… even worshipped… as The Messiah. Now, the latest (online) cover of Newsweek celebrates Obama’s second inaugural as “The Second Coming”. Really.




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  1. Creepy and sacrilegious. Not once has he said he wasn’t.

  2. He’s the black Jim Jones, mixing far left marxism/socialism with religion, except the religion he is preaching is Big Government

  3. Enough creepiness and goosebump through my spine.


    Send it far and wide, folks. If you comment elsewhere, post this link.

    Make it viral.

    Creepy to the extreme.

  5. Ugh, haven’t these nimrods even heard the commandment “I am the Lord you God, you shallput no other gods before me?”

    That is why I refuse to watch it.

  6. It’s pretty heavy handed.

  7. #7 L.M.


    It’s actual footage, nothing AT ALL is taken out of context.

    Yeah, you’re right — they are being quite “heavy handed” about their worship of this “man”.

    This video barely scratches the surface. It’s like the video Cliffnotes version of the three-hour movie that COULD be made showing the religious adulation of this “man”.

  8. All tyrant/dictators become the messiah to their followers. These followers then have a blessing from on high to do the deeds required by their messiah. These deeds inevitably evolve into subjigating non-followers all for the greater good.

  9. The only ones who refer to Obama as the “messiah” is the extreme right wing fringe. Go figure.

  10. lincoln’s widow: The only ones who refer to Obama as the “messiah” is the extreme right wing fringe. Go figure.

    You’re right. Jamie Foxx just called Obama “lord and savior” – which, of course, is different.

  11. Barack Obama IS the satanic apostle of abominations. All who worship the DEVIL are drawn to him and shall perish like moth into the flames of HELL . Choose wisely who shall be your master….

  12. And, after the boycott of these fools is in full force, and their free cell phones finally die off, section-8 housing implodes in a cockroach laced cloud, and 5-lb blocks of cheese stop arriving at their doorsteps, the retardation of the progressive will hit the wall of reality where the veil of truth has been pulled from their inept faces.


  13. The only ones who refer to Obama as the “messiah” is the extreme right wing fringe. – Lincoln’s B!tch

    Yeah. It’s the right wing who takes photos of him with a halo around his head.
    It’s the right wing who’s fainting at the mere sound of his voice.
    It’s the right wing who chants his name.
    It’s the right wing who has school children singing his praises.

    He’s your idol. Admit it. You idolize a worthless, lying politician. And it’s phucking pathetic.

  14. Newsweek, I think it was a misprint! It wasn’t supposed to say “coming”, I think it was supposed to say conning. Obama’s second conning! You know, scamming, swindling,… conning.
    Makes more sense that way than the other way.

  15. When voters choose to ignore Rev. Wright, Ayers, Obama’s background and liberal bias, wouldn’t that have been the first indications that something very fishy was going on. Something evil this way walks.

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