Under Barack Obama the middle class has been pummeled.
** The median household income has dropped $4,520, or about one month’s average wages, since President Obama took office.
** US incomes fell more during the so-called recovery than the recession.

** Gas prices have doubled.
** Taxes have ballooned.
** This year alone working Americans making between $30,000 and $200,000 will see their paychecks shrink by as much as 1.7 percent – or up to $1,784.
** Obamacare will punish working Americans with more taxes.

Barack Obama’s economic policies have failed America and America’s middle class.


Is it really a surprise then that working Americans are flocking to the Republican Party? In the 2012 election, Mitt Romney picked up a majority of working class Americans.

53% of Americans making over $50,000 a year voted Republican. Informed working Americans trust conservatives with their money. And, after another four years of Obama even more middle class Americans will vote Republican – what’s left of them.




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  1. Thanks for confirming what I already suspected.

  2. i’ve been saying this for several decades. someone needs to tell the union leaders. the oppressor of the working people in america is not the business people it is the politican.

  3. And there, ladies and gentlemen, outlines the next housing / mortgage crisis.

    It’s not real complex, unless you’re an Obama drone.

  4. This is good news but it will be too little and too late. Those who demand the tax payers foot the bill for their cost of living are larger now than those who earn that cost of living.
    It will make a difference on the state levels and maybe both the House and the Senate in DC will soon be back into the GOP’s hands but there will NEVER be a republican POTUS in this nation again thanks to the takers, the public school system that is continuing to brain wash our children, the socialist msm shilling for the socialist dems this list could go on and on.
    Too bad we did not pay more attention during the past 60 years or even more to make sure the “hippies” did not steal our education leadership and the news media.
    The nuts and their enablers have won and even many of those suffering in the middle class will continue to believe the lies the socialists tell them especially the big one that anyone who signs their paycheck is pure evil.

  5. OK, it so happens I agree. Can you get a few more Repubs to talk about this? After that, of course, you’ll have to transmit the statements yourself, because the MSM will lie about what they said…..

  6. PS anyone in the PRIVATE sector who signs their paycheck is pure evil, the only good employer is the government and these lies will continue.
    Watch and see the socialists will continue to blame the productive fiscal conservatives and a lot of the middle class will believe those lies.

  7. This is one former long-time Republican who will no longer vote Republican again. I’ve tried to vote for the lessor evil too many times. McLame, ROMney, Ryan-lian, Christie-trickme, um, look how that turned out. Two peas in the same progressive communistic pod.

    Assuming my vote even counts, it’ll be for who I believe would best serve our country. RHINO/GOP/Republican party is DEAD to me. DEAD. And stop blaming me for LUITPOS too. I acted like a good little lemming & voted for ROMney. I won’t make the same mistake again. There’s only one party. The sooner you realize it, then the sooner you can move on with your life.

  8. #8, while I agree with this article as do we all-that the commiecrat party is the great destroyer and always has been, I agree as well I have no plan to vote Republican if I vote at all anymore. I will say this: Romney was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT that 47% of the people would likely never vote for him because he (like most Republicans) would at least slightly throttle back the handouts. And we can’t have that now can we? People believed the false attacks and smears against Romney, and Romney didn’t (or couldn’t?) fight back.

    Any thinking person knows there was massive fraud this last election, just as there was the first election of Muslim communist Obama. So add the existing fraud, (that will continue on future Democrat electiopns, and that no one questions or contests), to the eventual 11 million illegals given amnesty-and there is no way we will see anything but Democrat presidents from here on out. I say again folks-it was a great run, but America’s time is over. Not enough people care, they’re still braindead by the tv shows, etc.

  9. When I say Romney possibly couldn’t fight back, I’m taking into account Obama has the state-run media on his side, so the Obama propaganda machine is almost unstoppable. Couple this with the dumbing down of America from TV and such (See 2005 film Idiocracy) and it’s a lost cause.

  10. #10 J.Q.P.

    When I say Romney possibly couldn’t fight back, I’m taking into account Obama has the state-run media on his side, so the Obama propaganda machine is almost unstoppable. Couple this with the dumbing down of America from TV and such (See 2005 film Idiocracy) and it’s a lost cause.


    Excellent piece by Ace.

  11. If and its a big If, a Republican gets elected again and does what is needed-CUT ENTITLEMENTS-they will promptly be booted from office next election. Too many in this country have the mindset that fosters BIG GOVERNMENT. No turning around now– The welfare state is ingrained in the DNA of too many in this country to do a U-turn back to prosperity.

  12. I know it, the author knows it , but how do you convince the low information voters??,


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