Obama’s War on the Middle Class: Gas Prices Double – Incomes Drop – Jobs Killed

Barack Obama hates the poor and middle class.


Thanks to Barack Obama gas prices doubled, incomes dropped, unemployment soared and the deficit nearly tripled in less than four years.
The poor and middle class suffered the most.

The Republican Study Group released this information.

A few points about the chart above, which visualizes these trends all too well.
** According to analysts at Sentier Research, median household income has dropped $4,520, or about one month’s average wages, since President Obama took office.
** The average price for a gallon of gas has more than doubled since January 2009, from under $2 to now almost $4.

More… Obama is a net jobs killer

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  • Robodog7

    Obama hates America. Period.

  • get back to work

    Dude your blog is sounding desperate. Are you falling off the rails because Romney is going to lose?

  • Bill Mitchell

    Despite all evidence to the contrary the majority of voters think Obama is better for the middle class. Romney MUST lay this out in the debates.

  • Bill Mitchell

    #2 Lose? Romney is winning. He leads with Independents in every poll. No one has ever won the White House with less than 50% of Independents.

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  • Patty

    What else is new? But, But Obama is going to take care of the Middle Class. What an Arse!

  • Patty

    Presidential Job Approval

    Gallup: 47% Approve – 46% Disapprove
    Rasmussen: 49% Approve – 49% Disapprove
    RCP Average: 48.7% Approve – 47.8% Disapprove

    And now more independents favor Romney. And with the debates, Obama is going to be the biggest LOSER.

  • Monkey Wrench

    I don’t believe it. A post on the terrible economy! Hopefully Republicans are finally realizing that Romney’s only chance of winning is to focus on the bad economy. All this talk about the Middle East is not helping.

    Romney is losing this election. As Gov Chris Christie said, if the election were held today, that would be a problem! Christie also said the obvious, the polls are not skewed. Romney is losing Ohio by at least 5 points. If he can’t win Ohio, he can’t win the election.

    Forget foreign policy, focus on the Obama economy all the way to election day. It’s Romney’s only hope to turn this around.

  • dwd



  • averagemelon

    This headline is a lot of people’s lives. I lost my job in March, not to be replaced and I need to sell my Jeep because we can’t afford the gas it drinks anymore.
    Everytime some fool on the television says the recession is over, I ask him/her in what state because it’s certainly not happening in NEW YORK. I can hardly wait for the whopping increase in taxes in January due to The Won’s Health care swindle.

  • PegLeg

    #3 Bill Mitchell is so right! All the quantitative data says that President Eye Candy has not been good for common people! Yet, unbelievably these common folks seem to find him likeable and caring! The people who know him best even say he is NOT likeable and has very few friends!

    Four years from now they will still be fighting the Koch Bros, Bain Capital, “millionaires and billionaires”, FOX News and all the other evil boogey men created by the “community organizer”! All of the economic indicators will be worse, but Blameless Barry will be held UNACCOUNTABLE! I am afraid we are DOOMED!

  • http://BIGGOVERNMENT.COM ponderon
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  • SoLongSong

    #8 Monkey: I don’t need a “post on the terrible economy” to tell me how things are. I can FEEL it. I can HEAR it out and about the FEW times I’m actually able to get out of my town of 600 to go to a store! It’s on EVERYBODY’S lips.

    And if you think The Won is going to win this time around, I think you’re about to get hit by a tidal wave. Us peasants may suffer mostly silently (except for out amongst fellow peasants), but we’d never CHOOSE to suffer willingly.

    Romney/Ryan 2012.

  • Buffalobob

    Up-state NY helicopter plant in Elmira didn’t get obama’s cover up memo and announces job cuts/plant closing . 570 employees loose their jobs. Company blames military funding cuts. obama blames u tube video.

  • Tim

    That graph compares inflation adjusted income with non-inflation adjusted gasoline prices. Bad statistics.

  • SturJen

    Statistics aside: I am tired of hearing about ‘polls’ this and ‘polls’ that. If someone calls asking for my side of things, I hang up. They’re all skewed anyways. You want to know what to do on Nov. 6th? VOTE! VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE! duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    If you’re one of those poor saps that requires some sort of affirmation of how great life is, then by all means, join the lemmings off the cliff voting for teh new messiah. I mean, if the MSM and Polls tell you, that means it MUST be true, right?

    Or you can do like the rest of us will be doing: trusting our lives to tell us the truth. I’ve lost every bit of financial security I had in the last 4 years. I’m down to nothing, nada, zip….not one dime left for retirement, nor for health insurance. Heck, we’re cutting down on food and gas when we can. The amount left to cut back on is dwindling…and I KNOW it’s the Democrats who will make this worse…not better.

    So I’m voting for Romney/Ryan because I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you require someone to lead you around by that huge-ass bolt through the nose, vote for the new messiah and watch what’s left to go Hell.

  • MEDIA traitors! FIRE LEFT MEDIA!

    OHIOANS will pay for their vote–its called KILO WATTS he is shutting down their ALpha COAL mines! it is going from $16>>>>>to$347..now I wonder if the affirmative action supporters will get checks to pay for their 10K a year electric bills–but don’t fret its ALL being sent to the UN! You horrible Americans! No kidding now they are attacking ALL prescriptions, medial devices, anything that is not nailed down, milk, pork, grain..everything! They want us to crash!!! Who would support the killing the raping of our Navy Seals, Ambassador?? Someone tipped the armed gunmen where the safe house was—they told them where they were hidding!! They KILLED our own Americans!!!! This is treason!! Even his journal said how afraid he was–and they did nothing!!

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