Al-Shabaab terrorists in Somalia say they have executed French hostage Denis Allex who had been held hostage for three years.
Press TV reported:

Somalia’s al-Shabab fighters say they have executed a French secret agent after an operation by French commandoes failed to free the man held by the group for three years.

“16:30 GMT, Wednesday, 16 January, 2013. Denis Allex is executed,” the group said on its Twitter feed Thursday.

A senior member of the al-Shabab group has confirmed the report.

“Audio and video are available and will be released any time we decide,” the unidentified official said, adding the French man was killed in Bulomarer town, located in south of the capital Mogadishu.

Here is the tweet from the Al-Shabaab Twitter page:



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  1. “Nuke the entire site from orbit–it’s the only way to be sure”

  2. Keep watching, folks. The White House is manufacturing some other crisis quickly to take all eyes off of all Al Qaeda activities. Remember, Al Qaeda had retreated.

    None of this is convenient for that punk in the White House….

  3. Man, look at his eyes.

    Imagine being imprisoned and tortured for three years by savages.

    Shannon Christian and Christopher Newsom only did three DAYS.

    That’s what we’re up against, folks. Savages. Here and abroad.

  4. them and us. Will always be. But what amazes me is they have a twitter feed.

    Who would have ever realized we have jihadists wandering around the desert holding their I5 phones in their hands like a brick of gold just like 16yr old valley girls in California.

    Jeeeezzzus Chriiiist! George Patton and Rommel must be turning in their graves wondering where in the world “war” went.

    Imagine the famous Patton scene where he slaps the battle fatigued soldier, only this time it goes.

    “uh General I couldn’t go back. Just couldn’t! My Iphone didn’t have 3G let alone 4G out here. It was HELL I tell you hell!!! No facebook. My twitter was spotty. and…and… that b**ch Achmed tweeted my boots looked like I bought them at Walmart. WALMART??!!! I will just let you know these boot are from Dolce Gabbana, Gabbanas!! So you can see how I just can’t go back. Just can’t. Besides the battery is getting low. Does anyone have a plug? Anyone? Sunscreen? My skin is soooo dry!”

    Twitter. You want to fight them, cut off their account by sending in something offensive toward
    the Left in America under their name.

  5. I know terrorists often use the term “executed” and we see the term “murdered execution-style” in crime reports.
    Let’s steer away from that. These terrorists had the power to murder the French agent but not the authority or jurisdiction to “execute” him. Criminals have the power to murder but not the authority to “execute” people. An execution is a lawful act by a government (even if one disagrees with the standard of justice being used). Murders are not executions.

  6. They follow a death cult and a fascist by any name is still a fascist.

    God rest Dennis Alex.

    They say Obama’s people have been passing guns to revolutionaries throughout the ME, but they always forget to add that these revolutionaries are Islamic Fascists involved in Jihad.


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