Remember this the next time some lib tells you there is no voter fraud…
Several top Democratic officials in Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts were charged or found guilty recently in separate voter fraud cases.

Democratic Congressional candidate Wendy Rosen dropped from her race against Republican Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) in September after it was discovered she had been voting in two states in recent elections – Maryland and Florida. Rosen said she was saddened to leave the race in Maryland.
She still received 92,000 votes in November.

Rosen was charged this week for illegal voting.

Democrat officials in New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey also face prison time for voter fraud.



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    OT.. crime related:

    December 22, 2012

    Sex-offender intern’s case goes underground

    [The case against an intern serving in the Newark, N.J., office of Sen.
    Robert Menendez, a Democrat from that state, who was arrested Dec.
    6 reportedly for being both an illegal immigrant and a sex offender,
    apparently has gone underground.]


  2. ++

    Sandy was a godsend for Obama.. /s/


  3. Make the entire United States a ‘Gun Free Zone’ and this will become the norm.

  4. 10 years in prison is not enough.

    Those convicted of voter fraud should lose their voting privileges for life, as well as being permanently banned from the voting process. (SEIU/ACORN)

  5. This will be swept under the rug. It’s time for a revolution.

  6. The hole Democratic Party is a criminal organization. Throw the Ricco statutes at them an throw them in prison where they belong.

  7. A Democrat politician in Maryland has les chance of going to trial let alone prison than the Mayan Calendar had in being right about the end of the world. Afterall, that’s the same state that produced one half of Sarbanes-Oxley and is still home to “The Littlest Senator”.

  8. Happy to see someone is being charged for Voter fraud. Those who run for any office above all else should have a thorough background check into their every move when it comes to running for ANY office.

    But we see how well that went with Obama.

  9. OT

    SEIU Targets ‘Neo Liberal’ Rahm Emanuel

    Chicago Mayor and former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is under attack by some of President Obama’s top political supporters.

    The SEIU has committed half-a-million dollars to a new, anti-Rahm effort. The money was approved by a state council as part of a document titled “Taking on the millionaires’ mayor.” The document says SEIU will brand the Mayor as “the national poster child for Neo-Liberals who are hell-bent on adopting regressive policies.”

    The SEIU also alleges the Mayor is adopting the tactics of “Right Wing” employers:

    Mayor Emanuel is using the city’s procurement process to take advantage of a loophole in Obamacare to jettison the health care costs of many city contract work [sic]. Essentially, Rahm is doing the same thing to city contract workers that Applebee’s, Denny’s, Papa John’s Pizza and so many other Right Wing national employers have announced they are doing to their workers in the lead up to the implementation of Obamacare [.....................]

  10. Why do you think Oshister’s wife went on national TV last week and stated that the other side was committing voter fraud ? Again watch the other hand. It is a trick. One that is always played when they are about to be called out and proven to be part of a crime, they themselves have committed. They turn the table and make it that they are not the criminal, it’s the other guy. Always at the scene of the crime yet always the victim. This was to be expected given what was said last week by the vacationers in chief..

  11. Is it Democratic officials or Democrat officials? YOU USE BOTH!!!

    I’m holding a symposium: Democratic Perspectives.

    Present your papers to be selected to speak. Please be on topic.

  12. Why the f would ANY Democrat from ANY of those states feel the need to cheat??

  13. “….department did to prevent double voting between states, she said there was no database to compare voters between states, so she has no program to detect double voters voting in Florida and another state.”

  14. Apparently lots of northeasterners think it’s clever to vote in 2 states if they summer in Florida or elsewhere. No regard for their personal character–they probably tell themselves it’s noble to disenfranchise voters who have opinions opposite theirs. Maybe they laugh at us saps who only get one vote each–they get to cancel one of ours, and have their own too.

    I’m for searching databases specifically to find this crime, then stripping their voting rights for life. We should also require a special notation on their drivers’ license to make it easy for poll-workers to reject them, if they ever need to show one. If they have to be embarassed every time they get pulled over or need to show I.D., I’m for that, too.

  15. democrat voter fraud was a godsend for Barack Obama.

  16. Rampant election fraud at the local level in multiple states, but Barry was re-elected in a clean election without fraud.

    Uh, yeah, riiiiiiiight.

  17. Slowly but surely the garrotes are drawing tight about the necks of the Soetoro supporters who think it is OK to cheat at the voting booth. Hope each and everyone of them get very lengthy prison vacations at Leavanworth. It will take a little longer to nail the CHIEF BASTARD at the WH. But he is now so arrogant that he openly defies all the evidence. There is documented evidence now in existence that he never legally petitioned for a name change in any Superior Court in the US. Legal name changes MUST in all states be adjudicated in a Superior Court,after which the name change becomes PUBLIC INFORMATION. Further a name change petition must be accompanied by a CERTIFIED COPY OF A LEGALLY VALID BC. He could not file for a name change because he HAS NO LEGALLY VALID BC.He is still Barry Soetoro. People who voted for Barack Obama wasted their vote because it is ONLY A NAME which NO LONGER HAS AN OWNER. In actuality you alleged supporters of Obama voted for a complete PHONEY. Is that stupidity or is that stupidity?

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