Oops!… DemoCrook Drops From Race After She Was Found Voting in 2 States

Bummer… Don’t you just hate it when this happens?
Democrook Wendy Rosen dropped from her race against Republican Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) today after it was discovered she had been voting in two states in recent elections – Maryland and Florida. Rosen said she was saddened to leave the race in Maryland. (Hey, there’s always Florida!)

Wendy Rosen leaves Congressional race.
Something came up-

Rosen was voting in two states but she was only running for Congress in Maryland.

The Washington Post reported:

A Maryland Democratic candidate quit her congressional race Monday after her own party told state officials that she had committed fraud by voting in both Maryland and Florida in recent elections.

Wendy Rosen, a small-business owner running against freshman Rep. Andy Harris (R) in the Eastern Shore-based 1st Congressional District, released a statement saying that “with great regret, and much sorrow” she was resigning from the contest.

“Personal issues have made this the hardest decision that I have had to make,” Rosen said

Rosen’s announcement came the same day the state Democratic party released a letter to state Attorney General Douglas Gansler and state prosecutors reporting the allegations against Rosen.

“The Maryland Democratic Party has discovered that Ms. Rosen has been registered to vote in both Florida and Maryland since at least 2006; that she in fact voted in the 2006 general election both in Florida and Maryland; and that she voted in the presidential preference primaries held in both Florida and Maryland in 2008,” wrote Yvette Lewis, the state party chair. “This information is based on an examination of the voter files from both states. We believe that this is a clear violation of Maryland law and urge the appropriate office to conduct a full investigation.”

Now, weren’t the loons at Media Matters just lecturing us that there was no voter fraud?

More… Wendy was just endorsed by the AFL-CIO. It’s not clear if this was before or after they found out she had been voting in two states.

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  • Militant Catholic

    A bright, new, exciting future awaits her in ACORN!

  • above average

    As a former registered Democrat that briefly held residence in Florida, the state sent me absentee ballots to my new address in another state for FIVE YEARS before they gave up on me. I’m sure this Democrook is not the only one doing such a thing.

  • bigkahuna

    She is sad she got caught !

    Voter ID for all…. if you cant show a simple form of picture and possible utility bill or other form…you are too stupid to vote….In other words you are a dummycrat.

  • donh

    ” after her own party told state officials that she had committed fraud ”

    What this means is the Democratoc party is desparate for fund resources and raided this campaign to divert money to places like VA. They are starting to sacrifice outlying races that challenging R incumbants to re-enforce the shhhhtruggling campaigns of their D incumbants.

  • mg4us

    Voting Fraud is our biggest internal threat. . here is a Congressional Caucasian Demoncrat who outright cheated. . what about students as well as those on gov’t subsidies, homeless people, and illegal immigrants. . .

    That is why we need voter ID. . .

    Many will say thanks but we try and Obama and Holder with DOJ knock it down. . .

    I say enact voter ID law AGAIN but with this proviso for those with NO gov’t issued ID, namely if a person has no gov’t issued ID then they may vote by giving us their finger prints as well as dipping their thumb or forefinger in the ink used during Iraqi voting. . an ink that cannot be removed for a few days. . .

    This way all fingerprints will be checked for validity that
    1) they are in the district
    2) they are eligible & registered
    3) they have only voted once. . anywhere

    If found to have violated any of these three points, the penalty will be severe in both $$$ and time in jail (years).

    That would stand up in a court of law as no one eligible would be denied. . .

    Do it now Ohio, FL, PA, WI, Iowa, VI and NC. . .NJ,and CA too

  • YouWorkForUs

    Typical. . .throw her @$$ in jail! As someone running for a public position, she should have known better that this was not acceptable. . .make an example of her!!

  • Ace

    It occurs to me that constantly calling democrats dirty names when you could be coaxing them into the light is probably not a good idea.

  • Jim

    Well, she got the “vote often” part OK, I hope she voted early, got out the dead vote, and we need to check to see if her dog is registered.

  • SSBN 627(B)

    “We believe that this is a clear violation…” Really? Seriously? You guys actually believe that, or didja just get caught?

    We’ll put Holder on it. Straighten it right out. Just like that NBP thing in Philly.

  • reliapundit



  • George

    Throw her ass in jail!

  • DomesticGoddess

    HAHAHA! I am overjoyed, as the crooks in MD have made it almost impossible for a Republican to win due to the illegal gerrymandering they have done in the Districts. Andy was my Congressman until they took him out of my fairly Republican district and threw him into a mostly Dem area. I worked on his first campaign. He is wonderful!! Congrats, Andy!!!

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  • SweetPeaSurry

    At least there were some with the courage and moral fortitude to see the wrong of it.

  • Baby Clock

    “Personal issues”???? “The hardest decision I’ve ever made”????


  • Dave-O

    #11 – my thoughts exactly. Why hasn’t she been arrested? Why is this crook not already in jail somewhere?

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  • Dan

    Bad link in post to Wapo.

  • Granny

    Lets see – Elizabeth Warren claims to be Cherokee in order to secure positions at some of the nation’s most prestigious universities and “contributes” someone else’s recipes that she has plagiarized to a cookbook. Every time anyone tries to ask her about her lies she runs as fast and furiously as she can.

    Wendy Rosen, also running for Senate, has been voting in two different states for at least 6 years. We can surely assume that means that she cast TWO votes for Obama.

    Is it just me or do Democrat women seem to have a HUGE problem with basic ethics and morality? What on earth would give either of these women, who surely know that they have done wrong, even the vaguest idea that they are suitable to represent us in the United States Senate?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Now, weren’t the loons at Media Matters just lecturing us that there was no voter fraud?

    The response is likely to be, “This and others are isolated incidents.”

  • Taqiyyotomist



    Read her latest. Mind blown.

    Freedom or slavery.

  • Summer Love

    Tell me this is not against the law -Federal (2006) & State (08).

    She must be prosecuted.

  • dwd

    Isn’t the LEFT’S argument always that “yeah, voter fraud theoretically COULD happen, but there’s absolutely no evidence of it”?

    Caught red handed. Just wait and see what the Democrats try in November.

  • BurmaShave

    It is what one does in thousands of small matters that form one’s character, and determines one’s integrity or lack thereof.

    Now for the sake of a few illegal votes (which by themselves did not change anything) Wendy Rosen is humiliated, and has to forego her candidacy probably ensuring that her party will not get that Congressional seat.

    Will the Democrats learn any moral lesson from this? That would seem to be an absurd question for a party addicted to voter fraud.

  • EBL

    She is definitely a Democrat. Maybe she should joint these two? A lefty plural marriage of like minded people! Separated at Birth: Elizabeth Warren and…?

  • Bill Mitchell


    I have been wondering how the heck Rasmussen, with a +4 Republican bias in his sampling, can be returning the same numbers as other pollsters with +10 Dem biases.

    Well, today Rasmussen announced that for the first time in years, Democrats have taken the lead in the Generic Preference For Congress poll. Hmmmm.

    Now one has to ask, how do the Democrats take the lead in generic preference in a poll that is +4 Republicans? In even CNN polling Romney is still way out front with Independents, so how? Is Rasmussen telling is that self-identified Republicans are now saying they want to elect Democrats to Congress? Highly unlikely.

    I think what is happening is that Rasmussen has gotten tired of getting heat as a “Republican Pollster” by being the only one showing Romney doing well. I believe he has skewed his sample left now to gain some credibility knowing that polls 2 months out are useless at best. It just makes no sense that a +4 Republican sample with a majority of Independents going to Romney would lean left on Congress.

  • Granny

    @26 – Bill Mitchell

    Gallup changed their polling method after “consultation” with Obama’s campaign, immediately followed by lawsuit from the Justice Department.

    I strongly suspect something VERY similar in the case of Rasmussen.

  • Lars

    Acorn is probably operating in all 57 states by now.

  • Sarah

    O/T – Important read about Nate Silver, the NYT, the Dems and skewed polling:

  • mg4us

    Here is Rush putting things in perspective


  • Cindy Starfish

    Here are 95 examples of Barack Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, and cronyism http://tinyurl.com/95examples

  • bman

    I am a sumer resident in Colorado with residency in Kansas. Can I register in colorado?

  • The Washington Post link is busted 🙁

  • #32 bman…acorn will register you in as many states as you want.

    it says something about he DNC that this is the kind of person they run for office. its been my belief for quite awhile now that the party boses like the crooked politican, they have something on them so its easier to make them toe the party line.

  • Fuquay Steve

    Can anyone say 1% ?

  • Buffalobob

    I’d list her as an honest Democrat, she only voted twice.

  • Patty

    😆 😆

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  • MIKE

    VOTER ID – NOW!!!

  • MIKE


  • Patty

    They just keep crawling out of the walls, cockroaches.

  • chuck in st paul

    half the kids at UW Maidson do it as well as all the liberal arts asshats at UMinn here in the Twin Cities.

  • chuck in st paul

    “Remember our motto here at the DNC – vote early and vote often, and don’t let a little thing like being dead stop you either.”

  • donh

    This is NOT a case of Democrats finding a MORAL conscience….They are giving Wendy a body bag because she would not cheat at a higher level as ordered…..She refused to show up at the cemetary at midnight , perform the required blood ritual , and swear the Mao Mao oath to Satan, which is now a REQUIREMENT to hold any high office amognst the Democrats / Rino Cryptocracy.

  • Patty

    Media Matters: Soros Does Not Own Vote Counting Machines

    Excerpted from Media Matters: FoxNews.com recently promoted the internet-based conspiracy theory that financier and philanthropist George Soros will somehow corrupt vote counting in the United States through a Spanish company, Scytl, “that Soros owns a big share of.” The conspiracy is false: Soros has no involvement or investments in the company.

    During the May 14 edition of the FoxNews.com program Campaign Insiders, Doug Schoen read co-host Pat Caddell a viewer question asking if “there was any truth to the report that a Spanish company doing the vote count — counting for the U.S. national election, has been engaged to do that and that it is a Soros-controlled.”

    After admitting that he hasn’t “done enough work on it,” Caddell still claimed Soros was “an investor in it” and that “this raises a problem”:

    CADDELL: I haven’t done enough work on it, but my understanding is he’s an investor in it, and it’s very involved in many of the places which are used for vote counting. And this raises a problem because in the electronic ages, we find with Twitter and everything else, the danger of how to manipulate voting machines, electronic machines now, is so much greater than the old days when you had the old, you know, pull a lever.

    Co-host John LeBoutillier, a conspiracy theorist and former Republican congressman, later expanded on the conspiracy, stating: “I think in this charge, was that it’s a Spanish company that Soros owns a big share of, has bought this thing called SOE, which is involved in the vote counting in Florida.” LeBoutillier added that “if there’s any chance that’s true” the Florida government should investigate — a point Caddell agreed with.

    “George Soros has nothing to do with Scytl,” said Michelle Shafer, director of communications & government affairs at Scytl USA & SOE Software, in an email to Media Matters.{……………]


  • Tammy

    Maybe she can apply at Chik-fil-a (as a doormat)

  • Phaque

    She admitted committing a crime? Her political party confronted her about committing a crime? She steps down from the race and blames personal problems?

    No. Not good enough. Prison as a minimum. Ban her from politics and voting for life.

    “Oh, hey. You caught me robbing a bank. My bad. I’ll stop robbing it, right now. I’m having some personal problems. Let me spend some time working through these things. What’s the Brinks truck schedule?”

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  • Oh but I’m sure she’s completely unique in Democrats, though. Surely none of the rest of them were doing that. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  • SoLongSong

    #45 PATTY: I’m glad that this is FINALLY getting looked into. I hear about this with Soros and Spain over and over, but it’s been all lamenting and no response.

    I tell you, that Pat Caddell…he’s a good guy – Democrat and all.

  • Limousine Barry

    Ah, crap!

    There goes two more absentee ballots for me!

  • RickZ

    Vote fraud is malice aforethought treason to the Constitution. Shoot the bee-yotch.

  • Suzanne Brodbeck

    I believe there are many voting in two states. Those with vacation homes, etc. who spend half their time in two states. An example should be made of this woman. If she was prosucuted, it might make others think twice.

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  • valerie

    She’s the only one, of course.


  • valerie

    #53 September 11, 2012 at 6:32 am
    Suzanne Brodbeck commented:

    I’d be more concerned about the busloads of people coming in to vote.

  • Burkean

    We must have organized groups in every swing state, openly dedicated to investigating and exposing these multi-state voter frauds. Do it with as much publicity as possible. It will take just a few cases in every state with enough public exposure to deter most people from trying to pull these kinds of stunts. Of course, Acorn and the other hard-core Democrat fraudsters won’t be deterred, but it will cause some people to think twice before engaging.

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