Texas Democratic Party Official Calls For Murder of NRA Members

The tolerant and peaceful left strikes again.

John Carburruvius called for NRA members to be shot dead.

Carburruvius tweeted this out after the Sandy Hook School shootings.
“Can we now shoot the #NRA and everyone who defends them?”

Big Jolly Politics saved the screenshot.

John Carburruvius is a Democrat precinct committeeman in Bay Area Houston. He is a well-known Democrat in the state, worked on Noriega for US Senate campaign. He also SERVES ON THE TEXAS STATE DEMOCRAT COMMITTEE. On Friday he urged his twitter followers to murder NRA members and anyone who supports them.
The Examiner reported:

On Sunday, we reported that liberals on Twitter called for the murder of NRA members. One of those making the calls was identified Sunday as John Cobarruvias, a blogger, Democratic precinct chairman in the Houston area and a member of the Texas Democratic Executive Committee.

“Can we now shoot the #NRA and everyone who defends them?”
he tweeted.

After reading about the tweets on another site, Yvonne Larsen noticed a familiar name.

“Among the selection of tweets advocating for the murder of NRA President Keene and all NRA members was a name familiar to me; probably familiar to many readers of Houston’s Liberal blog sites,” she wrote at Big Jolly Politics.

Larsen said she “pasted a screen shot from the Freedom’s Outpost story in case NASA employee and Democrat Precinct 699 Chair John Cobarruvias of the Houstonblog Bay Area Houston tries to delete his tweet.”

“You are an embarrassment to precinct chairs everywhere – and Americans. You sound like the next crazed shooter,” one person tweeted in response.

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  • NoResolution

    Maybe the drug cartel will murder the DemonCrat sinc ehe lives in Texas.

  • Bob

    This should be serious enought that the police should be talking to him. Death threats are punishable by law. At minimum, the NRA should file a civil suit against this raging lunatic.

  • Tony

    I guess you can shoot members of the NRA and those who support it, but you’d better not miss, because they will shoot back.

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  • Gilbert


    This Demogangster criminal proves that bring aliens in is basically bringing criminals in. Why is this thug not in jail?

    Republicans must not cave in and raise the debt limit until and unless they include in the bill some serious solns to the problems that the Dems have caused to usurp power and steal the elections. These should be:

    a. A total ban on immigration for ever and a border fence. The Dems import aliens as most of them (70%) vote for Dems, to increase the number of democratic voters. So Repubs must ban immigration as this is the 3rd most populous country in the world already and there is a serious shortage of water, space and jobs, etc.

    b. No electronic voting machines unless and until a paper receipt is given.

    c. Only those who can prove US citizenship can vote.

    d. Obama must prove he was born in the USA first.

    There is no “fiscal cliff”. This term is made up by the Demogangster controlled media. If we raise the debt ceiling, which is already almost 18 Trillion, it would only make the problem bigger down the road.

    The Demogangsters are not satisfied with the theft of so many trillions of dollars and stealing the elections by the alien flood and they want more, so they are brainwashing the public that there is “fiscal cliff.” There is no fiscal cliff.

    The Republicans must stop this theft.

    And us this chance to ban all immigration and electronic voting machines and deport all aliens.

  • http://biggovernment.com ponderon
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  • SeniorD

    Note the method this loon prefers:

    “Can we now shoot the #NRA and everyone who defends them?”

    Can it get any more ironic than that???!!!

  • jrstudioboss

    If Congress lies to the American public, it’s called “politics”, if the American people lie to Congress, it’s called a felony, what is it called when a democrat politician calls for the shooting of American citizens?

  • Blackbird

    Well, just so long as he doesn’t do something unspeakable like put crosshairs over his picture or use horrible codewords that agitate their political base. Good thing we have Obama in charge of the new political tone.
    /sarc off

  • valerie

    Meanwhile, the guys who have actually carried guns on behalf of our country have something worthwhile to say.


    Don’t stop with the article, see the long comments from people with other, highly relevant experience.

  • ★FALCON★

    I blame Obama for these death threats. When did he repudiate any of it?

    Obama is the most anti-gun cretin in America, and most folks know it and went and bought more firearms. He’s also the most anti-child cretin in America. And those parents that allowed Obama to horsecrap that memorial service don’t deserve my sympathies, only the murdered children do. Harsh? I intended it to be harsh.

  • Tom Doniphon

    The only well knows Democratics in Texas are Shelia Jackson “Earned Entitlements” Lee and Eddie Bernice “Give my Nephews the Scholarship Money” Johnson! Never heard of this bozo!

  • http://unitedconservatives.blogspot.com/ Cargosquid

    So..if a murder does happen, we must repeal the 1st Amendment. I mean…according to HIS logic..that’s just fair.

    Also, when are the cops going to charge him with incitement to murder? Oh. Wait. He’s a Democrat….never mind.

  • JKB

    Will Obama condemn these incitements to murder?

    Oh and if they haven’t realized, there is now pre-mediation and intent. If any of these guys show up around a NRA member with any sort of aggressive behavior, they might get taught about the natural human right of self defense.

  • Rock

    So when will the po-po in Texas take note, if someone here called for killing all illegals the frigging bureau of idiots at Holders request would be all over them. Groping 12 years old in airports is all Homeland Security is good at, addressing public leaders calling for the killing of Americans, well not so much. Oh hey WTF where’s your outrage at this turn of events, never mind, we know he’s Democrap.

  • Scott

    What is the difference between this fool and the black fools in Florida that were calling for and putting bounties on the heads of white people when Trayvon Martin was shot ? There will always be Idiots like this out here spouting crap ! Ignore him and he’ll go away ….

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    the NRA didn’t have anything to do with the shooting.

  • Rock

    Ignore him he//, He has called for some nut to kill NRA supporters, in effect he has put a contract on us. I want the SOB arrested and charged.

  • bear

    #17, scott,

    These hate-filled lefties will not “go away.” Be reminded that they own the schools, the courts, the media, the bureaucracy and command the police and military.

    I, for one, shall not ignore those intent upon the destruction of our country, our values and our Constitution.