Texas Democratic Party Official Calls For Murder of NRA Members

The tolerant and peaceful left strikes again.

John Carburruvius called for NRA members to be shot dead.

Carburruvius tweeted this out after the Sandy Hook School shootings.
“Can we now shoot the #NRA and everyone who defends them?”

Big Jolly Politics saved the screenshot.

John Carburruvius is a Democrat precinct committeeman in Bay Area Houston. He is a well-known Democrat in the state, worked on Noriega for US Senate campaign. He also SERVES ON THE TEXAS STATE DEMOCRAT COMMITTEE. On Friday he urged his twitter followers to murder NRA members and anyone who supports them.
The Examiner reported:

On Sunday, we reported that liberals on Twitter called for the murder of NRA members. One of those making the calls was identified Sunday as John Cobarruvias, a blogger, Democratic precinct chairman in the Houston area and a member of the Texas Democratic Executive Committee.

“Can we now shoot the #NRA and everyone who defends them?”
he tweeted.

After reading about the tweets on another site, Yvonne Larsen noticed a familiar name.

“Among the selection of tweets advocating for the murder of NRA President Keene and all NRA members was a name familiar to me; probably familiar to many readers of Houston’s Liberal blog sites,” she wrote at Big Jolly Politics.

Larsen said she “pasted a screen shot from the Freedom’s Outpost story in case NASA employee and Democrat Precinct 699 Chair John Cobarruvias of the Houstonblog Bay Area Houston tries to delete his tweet.”

“You are an embarrassment to precinct chairs everywhere – and Americans. You sound like the next crazed shooter,” one person tweeted in response.

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  • NoResolution

    Maybe the drug cartel will murder the DemonCrat sinc ehe lives in Texas.

  • Bob

    This should be serious enought that the police should be talking to him. Death threats are punishable by law. At minimum, the NRA should file a civil suit against this raging lunatic.

  • Tony

    I guess you can shoot members of the NRA and those who support it, but you’d better not miss, because they will shoot back.

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  • Gilbert


    This Demogangster criminal proves that bring aliens in is basically bringing criminals in. Why is this thug not in jail?

    Republicans must not cave in and raise the debt limit until and unless they include in the bill some serious solns to the problems that the Dems have caused to usurp power and steal the elections. These should be:

    a. A total ban on immigration for ever and a border fence. The Dems import aliens as most of them (70%) vote for Dems, to increase the number of democratic voters. So Repubs must ban immigration as this is the 3rd most populous country in the world already and there is a serious shortage of water, space and jobs, etc.

    b. No electronic voting machines unless and until a paper receipt is given.

    c. Only those who can prove US citizenship can vote.

    d. Obama must prove he was born in the USA first.

    There is no “fiscal cliff”. This term is made up by the Demogangster controlled media. If we raise the debt ceiling, which is already almost 18 Trillion, it would only make the problem bigger down the road.

    The Demogangsters are not satisfied with the theft of so many trillions of dollars and stealing the elections by the alien flood and they want more, so they are brainwashing the public that there is “fiscal cliff.” There is no fiscal cliff.

    The Republicans must stop this theft.

    And us this chance to ban all immigration and electronic voting machines and deport all aliens.

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  • SeniorD

    Note the method this loon prefers:

    “Can we now shoot the #NRA and everyone who defends them?”

    Can it get any more ironic than that???!!!

  • jrstudioboss

    If Congress lies to the American public, it’s called “politics”, if the American people lie to Congress, it’s called a felony, what is it called when a democrat politician calls for the shooting of American citizens?

  • Blackbird

    Well, just so long as he doesn’t do something unspeakable like put crosshairs over his picture or use horrible codewords that agitate their political base. Good thing we have Obama in charge of the new political tone.
    /sarc off

  • valerie

    Meanwhile, the guys who have actually carried guns on behalf of our country have something worthwhile to say.


    Don’t stop with the article, see the long comments from people with other, highly relevant experience.

  • ★FALCON★

    I blame Obama for these death threats. When did he repudiate any of it?

    Obama is the most anti-gun cretin in America, and most folks know it and went and bought more firearms. He’s also the most anti-child cretin in America. And those parents that allowed Obama to horsecrap that memorial service don’t deserve my sympathies, only the murdered children do. Harsh? I intended it to be harsh.

  • Tom Doniphon

    The only well knows Democratics in Texas are Shelia Jackson “Earned Entitlements” Lee and Eddie Bernice “Give my Nephews the Scholarship Money” Johnson! Never heard of this bozo!

  • So..if a murder does happen, we must repeal the 1st Amendment. I mean…according to HIS logic..that’s just fair.

    Also, when are the cops going to charge him with incitement to murder? Oh. Wait. He’s a Democrat….never mind.

  • JKB

    Will Obama condemn these incitements to murder?

    Oh and if they haven’t realized, there is now pre-mediation and intent. If any of these guys show up around a NRA member with any sort of aggressive behavior, they might get taught about the natural human right of self defense.

  • Rock

    So when will the po-po in Texas take note, if someone here called for killing all illegals the frigging bureau of idiots at Holders request would be all over them. Groping 12 years old in airports is all Homeland Security is good at, addressing public leaders calling for the killing of Americans, well not so much. Oh hey WTF where’s your outrage at this turn of events, never mind, we know he’s Democrap.

  • Scott

    What is the difference between this fool and the black fools in Florida that were calling for and putting bounties on the heads of white people when Trayvon Martin was shot ? There will always be Idiots like this out here spouting crap ! Ignore him and he’ll go away ….

  • the NRA didn’t have anything to do with the shooting.

  • Rock

    Ignore him he//, He has called for some nut to kill NRA supporters, in effect he has put a contract on us. I want the SOB arrested and charged.

  • bear

    #17, scott,

    These hate-filled lefties will not “go away.” Be reminded that they own the schools, the courts, the media, the bureaucracy and command the police and military.

    I, for one, shall not ignore those intent upon the destruction of our country, our values and our Constitution.

  • Rock

    Just called Texas State Governors office ((512) 463-2000) and voice my disbelieve at this conduct.
    “Can we now shoot the #NRA and everyone who defends them?” is a threat against not only NRA members but in effect sitting members in both Houses who support the NRA. If we are not allowed to threaten members of Government why should this POS be given a free pass.

  • Mike

    I’m an NRA member. I welcome your attempt to murder me. Attempt is the operative word, don’t expect me to simply sit there and let it happen.

  • Rock

    We need to hold the State of Texas accountable for this fool. They need to prosecute him. Its time to turn the story around on these commie clowns, and hold them responsible for their words. No more free passes, do not let this opportunity pass. A political operative calling for the killing of Americans is a dangerous turn of events.

  • Warren Bonesteel

    Paragould, Arkansas. A Dem stronghold, has begun foot patrols, armed with AR-15’s and checking ID and asking you where you’re going and what you’re doing. Comply or go to jail.

    It’s already started kids.

    Google: ‘Paragould AK foot patrols.’

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  • valerie


    GP published this story, but I just thought I’d post the original for the convenience of other readers.


  • valerie

    I have a great idea: how about we enforce the gun laws we already have? The families of 300 dead Mexicans and two of our own agents might appreciate that.


    This administration facilitates the export of illegal weapons to our neighbor to the south, and fails to otherwise enforce our gun laws.


  • valerie

    Meanwhile, Gov. Rick Perry answered some direct questions on the subject, and it would have been nice if CBS had been willing to transmit what he had to say, instead of interspersing slivers of his comments between long sections of blabbering about their opinion of what he said.


  • Economan

    I support the NRA, if they want to kill me they can try… But they’d need more firepower than I have so good luck!

  • Little Johnny was against “violent rhetoric” before he was for it, apparently.

    Check out this post from little Johnny back on February 8, 2011, where he laughably writes:

    It didn’t take long for the right wing violent rhetoric to start again after the attempted assassination of a United States Congresswoman.

    But his own direct suggestion for his Twitter followers (all 672 of ‘em) to go shoot specific people? Nope…that’s not violent rhetoric at all, is it?

    On January 21, 2011 Johnny wrote about a Conservative blogger who mouthed off, ”one down, 534 to go” after the shooting of Rep. Giffords. The blogger had his gun license revoked and a “large amount” of weapons removed his home. Here’s what Johnny had to say then:

    Instead of taking Sarah Palin’s recommendation of “reloading”, this blogger loaded his underwear when the Feds raided his home and business investigating what they considered a credible threat.

    So, Johnny, if you believe that “one down, 534 to go” constitutes a credible threat worthy of having one’s home and business raided by the FBI, I hope some black sedans are pulling into your driveway right about now, as “can we now shoot the head of the NRA” seems like a much more credible and specific threat than the one you blogged about last year. Wouldn’t you agree, Johnny?

  • jpmn

    At what point do questions about when we can commit violence become threats? Also when do those threats become crimes?

    I think this jerk clearly wants to threaten us. I don’t think he would actually do anything like he is suggesting. However, if someone else did exactly what he threatened I wonder what his reaction would be.

  • All_IS_LOST

    So the NRA is proven correct that you do need weapons to protect yourself, especially from progressives.

    NRA should feel save as I am certain the DNC would never use a gun to assassinate people.

    I think the DNC is still upset that the NRA armed black families to help protect them from rampant lynchings and other injustices when gun control meant a black man could not own a weapon.

  • dw dude

    let’s start by capping this prick

  • mysterian

    Cobarruvias is also a civil servant at NASA JSC.

  • rainmom

    #11 valerie
    thanks for the blackfive link!
    you’re also right about the insightful comments!

  • kinda ironic the baby killers are upset and want to kill nra members now who is next abortion murder you may be a criminal yourself

  • LibertysSon

    Oooooo I think he is living in the wrong state to be doing that!

  • Chris W.

    So he’s been arrested, correct?

    Paging Governor Perry. Do your job. Enforce the law.

  • Hotspur

    This jackhole has a lot in common with a case of the clap.

    I thought we were done with him back in ’09.

  • Sherry

    With all these intolerant and close minded anti second amendment democrats threatening to murder anyone who opposes them, true Americans should all be at the gun store buying assault weapons and ammo in order to protect themselves from these traitors.

    When only Obama and his thugs have guns, how safe will true Americans be?

    We’re getting a taste of it, aren’t we?

  • Rock

    If each post here has not called Gov. Perry’ office (512) 463-2000) and respectively ask why this is not under investigation you are missing a chance to get in this Progs face. He has threaten sitting members of both Houses, and needs to be held accountable.

  • Cody

    I wonder what the Democrats will shoot with since they want guns banned? Pea shooters?

  • grandmaC

    This idiot is a perfect example that is not guns we need to worry about. To make a threat to kill people after the mass shooting is INSANE! We need to focus on the true insanity of the left.

  • Buzzy

    I’d love to see what would happen to the person on the right that called for the murder of Cecile Richards, the head of Planned Parenthood which is the lead organization in the US that participates in mass murder on a daily basis. Guarantee they would be in jail for making threats to her life.

  • J. Hancock

    Why is anyone surprised to hear this from a Democrat? He’s just saying what Obama wishes he could say. Birds of a Feather…STUPIDITY TOGETHER.

  • Benson II

    I think this is the new tone Obama called for.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    #9 December 18, 2012 at 8:56 am
    jrstudioboss commented:

    If Congress lies to the American public, it’s called “politics”, if the American people lie to Congress, it’s called a felony, what is it called when a democrat politician calls for the shooting of American citizens?

    Uhh…. “No big deal?”

  • Chas

    It’s that kind of sentiment that makes it so important that we stick to our guns.

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  • Phillep Harding

    @warren bonesteel: AK is Alaska. Arkansas is AR.

  • Dave_in_SF

    Since this man is an elected politician and not some Occutard spouting off his mouth, I am contacting my attorney to see about pressing terrorist threat charges against him. I would recommend that others do like wise. This man may just be deadly serious and if he isn’t someone may take his words at face value. He could very well have blood on his hands.

  • Snitch-in-Time

    I sent a complaint to the AG’s office in Austin. More complaints to be filed with DPS and Texas Rangers.

  • Glenn

    Isn’t that sort of behavior considered terrorist activity. Premeditated conspiracy to murder someone…I know I’m not allowed to do that without severe punishment, why is he?

  • Liberals Suck It

    I called the head of security at Nasa Johnson Space Center in Houston. David said that he has been getting calls all day and night on this prick. I told him that I was a gun owner and an NRA member and feared for my life on these threats. He is making a list from what it sounds like. I really wanted to tell him that I told the guy I’d be in Houston next week and would like to come bye to see if he could wipe me off the face of the Earth. But, I kept it cool.
    Here is the info.
    John Cobarruvias
    NASA 281-483-2111 ask for David, head of security.

  • Joanne

    If a teacher, officer, or principal was armed in that school, the shooter wouldn’t have even bothered to shoot it up and if the shooter had, he would have been shot dead long before he slaughtered adults and children. The logic of the demonrats is disturbing – especially because they have no rhyme or reason to anything going on in their heads. They think we are stupid, but we all know they want the population to be unarmed, so they can run amuck with their stupidity and kill whomever they deem unworthy of life or just those who stand in their way.

  • AuntieMadder

    @ Robbie Cooper #30: Good stuff, there.

  • Why is this criminal allowed to declare publically the murder of innocent American’s regardless of their affiliation, and lawful gun owners have no such liberties? Why is there a mindset with the left that they can get away with saying things and doing things like putting bounties on the internet, declare on the TV on public airwaves where everyone can hear it, but we the law abiding citizens don’t have such liberties?

    Why is it that the Communist controlled news media can put lies, misinformation, disinformation, more lies, backing of unAmerican activities, demand support for the Communist agenda, but the Tea Party rallies are declared to be Nazi rallies and congregations of the KKK? When any intellegent person knows that both of those things were spin offs of the Socialists and extremist left wing organizations?

    I wrote my Congressman today and asked him why is it that we can’t see anyone in the Republican Party with the guts to defend the Constitution and stand up against Boehner and Obama’s little secret meetings which are a violation of the Constitution? I asked him when did the Republican Congress defund ObamaCare? When did Republican’s defund the four trillion in new spending the Socialist Democrats pass in the last four to six years? And when did the Republican Congress send a passed budget to the Senate?

    Do you reckon I’m barking up an empty tree?


    What are innocent children infrequently killed by gunfire in savage mass murder attacks compared to the holocaust of unborn children-one million a year-brutally murdered in abortion clinics? Which is worse? A senseless AK-47 that can’t shoot itself (and is neither good nor bad) but can be used to protect life from killers or take it in crime? Or an abortion doctor serially killing one unborn baby after another on a deadly assembly line? Now I’m no more for killing abortion doctors for their evil practices and crimes than are people on the Left for killing gun manufacturers or retailers who do nothing wrong when selling guns to law abiding citizens. But those who want to uphold the laws that keep mass murdering abortion clinics and doctors in business-and a president who pours out his heart over young Newtown victims but believes in live birth abortions (the most heinous kind)-are hypocritical for wanting to ban guns, any guns, because they could be used to kill innocent children or anyone. Where’s the moral sanity in this?

  • Nam_Vet

    There has been a lot of talk about lunatic people in public that are a threat to the general population. This guy should be put in a rubber room with an armed guard 24/7 so he doesn’t escape and should have shock therapy on a daily basis along with being beat with a rubber hose.

  • And Mr. Carburruvius’ solution to preventing more senseless murders by the mentally ill is to shoot and kill the head of NRA and millions of NRA supporters. Uh, that’s genocide sir. Not much of a problem solver, is he? He does however seem to have some emotional and mental disabilities himself.

  • Mannie

    Molon Labe, Carburruvius! Come and get me if you dare.

    Does this mean we can have open season on Democrats? The Democratic Party is the party of hate and violence.

  • Buck O’Fama

    I’m an NRA member so I guess I can consider your statement a death threat and if I ever cross your path, I can take protective measures at will. Good to know you kiss ass libtard.

  • Flintstone F.

    Please stop referring to them as the “Democratic” party. They’re Democrats. They get together and have a party. What party? A Democrat party.

    The term implies that Republicans aren’t democratic and confuses the real meaning of the word.

    Like I said in an earlier post: Fred’s symposium: Democratic Perspectives. Do you have any idea what is going to be discussed? No, not without me telling you that Democrats are not invited and their opinions and political intentions have nothing to do with the symposium. It is designed only for the opinions of Republicans to be aired, regarding part of the government structure of our society. So there.

    Republic becomes a person = Republican.
    Democratic becomes a person = Democrat.

    A person can not be a republic nor a democratic, those terms need to be modified. If Democrats feel cheated because they can’t have a suffix on their party name maybe they could become Democratians and have a Democratian party. The parties are named for the people in them.

    They don’t get to own the term democratic.

  • MolonLabe

    Ohhhh, Sir – you want a war do you? You best bring your A game, it’ll make Syria look like a playground.

  • Murder NRA members,really?Thinking that just shows your stupidity level let alone actually saying it.Do you realize you just made a terroristic threat on the lives of people in your state and across the U.S.As a citizen of Texas you are an embarrassment to this state and to the people who live in.I hope you enjoy your last term in office.

  • Jim B

    I am an NRA member and a former Marine … come get me.

  • valerie

    *sigh* Another mass murder attempt, cut short by an off-duty cop packing heat, in San Antonio, Texas.


  • valerie

    #54 December 18, 2012 at 4:58 pm
    Liberals Suck It commented:


  • AC

    Strip him of his citizenship, and deport him to his homeland.

  • briscuit

    If i lived close enough I would gather some of my friends who are also NRA members, and show up at this fools office, with media, hand him a gun and say :go ahead: while looking at him square in the face. It will show that the guns not the problem, but the idiot behind it.

  • Jsmith

    How can you murder us, pinhead? We have the guns!

  • Busser7

    What is the difference between an Emotionally Disturbed person that goes on the rampage, and shoots 26 people, and an Elected Idiot that says all NRA members should be shot? The answer is: None! I feel sorry for the community that elected this misguided fool! that community is a joke!

  • eric key

    i cant imagine Texas not dealing with this fool!

  • Dave

    Why is this person not detained ?

  • Dave

    Not to worry anti gun people don’t have guns right ?

  • Loyalton

    Dirty beaner…go back to Juarez….maybe the NRA is looking for you.

  • Keith Smith

    My door is open, need the address?

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  • Dave

    When this dumbass comes for the NRA, he may be surprised. They know how to defend themselves and will use deadly force, if necessary, to do so.

  • fred

    Let this piece of excrement try it! I’m a NRA life member and because of the 2nd Amendment, I am prepared to deal with asses like this moron. Go for it dude, I dare ya!

  • Kevin D.

    ADAM LANZA DID THE SHOOTING. NOT THE NRA PEOPLE! I’m done with these threats! Anyone who condones or verbalizes in public or in the NEWS (you are being recorded sinister screwballs) to kill ANYONE should be charged a felony. These anti-gun supporters should NOT get away with stating to kill ANYONE at all. That is a threat no matter how liberals or anti-gun supporters feel. I don’t tell the world that ANYONE should be killed. That is sick! There is the mental health issue. These want-to-be felons who threat ANYONE need their heads examined.

  • Jake Green

    Why do Democrats hate so much? John Carburruvius is the poster boy for hate, hypocrisy and ignorance. Will he be speaking to law enforcement soon regarding his murderous threats? Probably not, he is a Democrat and as we know in today’s world, if you are a hateful loser Democrat the press will assist in covering for you. The Democrat Party and the Communist Party are joined at the hip they are for all intents and purpose mirror images of each other.
    How have we gotten to a place where loons violate existing laws, go on a killing spree in “Gun free” zones? How have we as a society cultivated such crazy people?
    Only in politics can one propose that if there was just one more law or if we make guns harder for law abiding citizens we will all be safer if we’re more defenseless. That just defies logic completely. But let’s look at the published 1963 Communist (Democrat) Goals and see how we have faired.
    #25: Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures and TV.
    #26: Present Homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as “normal, natural and healthy.”
    #27: Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”
    #28: Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the grounds that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”
    For decades the far left extremists (Democrat Party, Communist Party and friends) have attacked the moral underpinnings of our American Society, continuing to “define deviancy down.” Look around, these same Democrats who now fain grief at innocent children being gunned down are the same Democrats who have no problem killing innocent children in the womb.
    Let’s not forget about the gratuitous violence in Video games, in the movies and on TV. There was a time when “violence” was portrayed as a good vs. evil proposition where good defeats evil does thus showing that violence is only acceptable in defending against evil. Today, it is a different story; violence is shown as a means to an end and all too often presented a just means to get your way or “justifiable” retribution. The Liberals have created this “moral relativist” it’s all about “me” culture in the classroom and the media. We’re seeing the results.

  • Kevin D.

    All these sinister people need their heads examined. They are living a lie. Cognitive Dissonance.


  • Francis

    Communist have take over the USA
    New world order forming

    check this out

  • Chris

    Texas Is My Home State, And I Take A Far Greater Pride In Texas Than Anything Else. Texas Is Where The Buck Stops With This Marxist Government. Get This Liberal Ass Hypocrite Who Threatens The Lives Of My Fellow NRA Members Out Of Office Now! We’re Tired Of Talking….

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  • tom nelson

    screw this idiot. i hope someone breaks into his place in the middle of the night and torments him the guy is a dumber that a box ogf hammers

  • Linda

    It is a shame that people whether republicans or democrats have to talk like this on the internet or in person. These are terrorist threats aren’t they? Are at least threats on peoples lives. Everyone has their opinions but why when people don’t agree on the issues that lately some people and groups want to resort to threatening people and violence. It is a shame.

  • Ella

    They have worked for years to appeal to the Butt Head nature of Republicans. They made you that way! They have mind controlled you to be Butt Heads. Now go buy your assault weapons and get ready for their Revolution, that you will fight for their entertainment.

  • Jon

    They want guns banned, yet threatened to SHOOT anyone who supports NRA?

  • A. S.

    When my friend was accidentally shot as a child by a neighbor kid, the NRA picked up the tab in full because it was an accidental shooting. Not sure if they were members. Gun shot wounds are not cheap. The NRA are the good guys folks.

  • atherts

    What are they going to shoot with? Whatever it is, don’t miss.

  • Jim

    I consider his statement as a personal death threat against me, therefore, I feel completely justified in eliminating that threat to my life in self defense. RIP

  • larry

    I could not understand these comments coming from an American and then I saw this mans picture, hes Mexican. I will bet he is also a Communist because Americans to do call for killing one another over situations such as this. With all the illegal Mexicans pouring into our Nation you can expect much more of this, and you can expect them to be Communist because Mexico is full of Communist.

    Intelligent people would call for investigations into the entertainment industry and the cause and effect relationship that exists between the trash the industry is putting out and crime in America. For decades they have been glamorizing Italian mobsters instead of revealing them for what they truly are, vile psychotic murderers.

    What about the video games? They have had one on the market for over ten years wherer the target of the shooters are little children in school yards. Why doesn’t the Texas Democratic Party leader John Cobaruvvias call for murdering them?

    Politicians do not solve problems, politicians are problems and until we replace people like this fool there is no hope for our Nation and the smart people will start looking for some where else to live which is exactly what some are doing now.

    Communists want gun control so they can step in and take your Country from you. Don’t let emotions get in the way of rational thinking, it is the Communist that are the enemy.

  • Loyalton

    This is where he works:

    NASA Johnson Space Center
    2101 NASA Parkway
    Houston, Texas 77058
    Phone: (281) 483-0123

    Office of Public Affairs

    Phone: [ (281) 483-5111
    Info Recording (updated daily Mon.-Fri.): (281) 483-8600

  • Rusty

    Im from texa and I tell you what…. That muthafukcer can bring his little a$$ to my house and we will see who shoots who.

  • Rusty

    As matter of fact, im gonna take his threats seriously and if I ever see him, im gonna whip his ass like a redheaded stepchild for threatening me and my family. Better hope I dont see you cokcsucker.

  • Richard Wilson Jr.

    He lives REAL close to me. I WILL keep my EYES on him, and I’m almost ALWAYS packing. I have STRONG second hand knowledge that he’s just a flake though (to be pitied), not REALLY worth the time. But then he IS a Democratic Party leader (both statements say the same thing). Looks like I need to take the time to replace my NRA sticker with my “Life Member NRA Member ” sticker.

  • paddy

    wow, here is a perfect example of some one who needs to be in custody for mental evalution, these are the types that go stupid on us and start a killing rampage!! why is this guy still walking around free, cause he said he was sorry?? pubicly asking people to murder others is a very serious situation!!!, i feel threatened!!

  • Ken

    We did. And we called it America. So now you can leave if you don’t like it

  • yvonne martinez

    Why dont you and this flag lead a team to come for my guns? We’ll see who dies piece of s**t!