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  • RG Wormdahl – Alta Loma, CA

    If ANY public official made a similar comment about ‘eliminating’ all those who oppose gun control, it would make national news, the person would be run out of office (after MULTIPLE teary-eyed apologies), and become the left’s new poster-child emblem of the “evil, heartless conservatives.”

    We need a nation-wide campaign to discredit, de-throne, and dis-enfranchise these Marxist mental midgets!

    Where are the NATIONAL news stories about home-owners – and their children – who have saved their own lives by using firearms?

    People (NRA and freedom lovers in general), it’s time WE take over the opinion pages of newspapers, that WE call TV and radio stations demanding to be heard. I know we are busy earning a living (unlike the majority of the left!), but if WE don’t protect the 2nd amendment, there will be no one to protect US when the tyrants of the left come after our guns.

    That day is coming ever closer as the UN forces the Small Arms treaty on us, and the Freedom of the Seas treaty as well. The first takes our guns, and the second our sovereignty.

    WRITE your representatives to – politely – express your outrage over the government usurpation of our GOD-GIVEN rights. One postal letter received in their offices carries the same weight as TEN phone calls.

    Do it TODAY! Tomorrow may beu too late.p