Sotomayor Ruled in Favor of Muslim Inmate’s Ramadan Dinner But Rejected Christian Hobby Lobby’s Appeal for HHS Exemption

Justice Sotomayer ruled in favor of Muslim inmates but ruled against Christian business owners.

The Supreme Court denied a request by Hobby Lobby, a Christian-owned company, to shield the company from the controversial contraceptive mandate. Justice Sonia Sotomayor rejected a request for an emergency injunction that would have shielded employers from the mandate. Hobby Lobby could face fines of up to $1.3 million a day if they do not comply to the Obama mandate.

Yet, as Laura Ingraham pointed out, in a previous case Sotomayor ruled for a Muslim inmate who was denied Ramadan meals. In Ford v. McGinnis, 352 F.3d 582 (2d Cir. 2003), Sotomayor wrote an opinion that reversed a district court decision holding that a Muslim inmate’s First Amendment rights had not been violated because the holiday feast that he was denied was not a mandatory one in Islam. Sotomayor held that the inmate’s First Amendment’s rights were violated because the feast was subjectively important to the inmate’s practice of Islam.

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  • Remco Kimber

    Seriously, you expect a consistent line of reasoning when dealing with a lefty?

  • Tom Kubiak, Colonel, USAF (Ret)

    A befuddled racial pick.

  • bigkahuna

    Another typical left wing UGLY SKANK who has to grab power because she cant get laid without paying for it.

    Ignorant slut

  • imtorqued

    Regressive, Godless commiecrats. Is it also a sexual deviant?

    I hope she lives long enough for the koranimals she coddles to turn on her and cut her empty, ugly head off.

  • ★FALCON★

    I guess it couldn’t be any more apparent – globalists have been instructed to ignore their own culture and heritage in favor of the Muslim DeathCult, who they have instructed to eventually kill the political enemies of the political apparatchik fraudulent elite.

    No Blood For Oil, you say? I wasn’t an conspiracy theorist until they led me right there.

    I initially thought 9-11 was a hit by Muslims from Saudi Arabia. And a few other malcontents. Then I saw that DHS was set up to destroy the lives of Americans that meant no harm to anyone. I thought the kooks at InfoWars were insane. I thought that Alex Jones was crazy, and I still do, in a small way.

    However, at some point, you have to wonder how the Country was infiltrated and no one knew anything. You have to wonder why Americans are under assault with the new proposed gun laws, NDAA, and the other hocus pocus they have planned. Yet Muslims get a free pass in a country that has been attacked by MUSLIMS. If Saudi Arabia was attacked by Americans – would Americans get a free pass?

    Anyone reading Canadian Free Press has an inkling that something smells rotten. And anyone relying on the America LameStreamMedia has their head in their ass, where it should be.

    I’m generally not a conspiracy theorist – and I do admit they make for good fun and conversation – however, with this diabolical maniacal government anyone who sells them short does so at their own peril.

  • Linda

    Sonia Sotomayor

    To whom much is given; much will be required!

  • Rachelle

    Now we see what a ‘wise Latina’ does with the law.

    Anarchy approaching.

    The Supreme Court has become contemptible.

  • Taqiyy.
  • billntwrk

    so hard to talk to her with that fish taco breath

  • locomotivebreath1901

    These proglodytes who worship their ‘Lawd n Saver’ Obama are EVIL.

  • Libtards Lie

    But remember, she is a “WISE LATINA” that was only wrong 70% of the time (i.e. 70% of her decisions were reveresed by a higher court). But in a libtard world, being right 30% of the time gets you a supreme court nomination.

    Where I came from, a 30% grade was not considered outstanding, but hey, we have to dumb things down for people like here.


  • ★FALCON★

    One last point – America was named for Amerigo Vespucci, not Christopher Columbus – Columbusica would have sounded funny.

    And if America is going down the terlit – we should go down fighting, the fight in our veins that made America the greatest country in the history of the world. Don’t hold our hands and arms back, don’t spit on the graves of those that have given their lives for world freedom and don’t tell me Americans are some how less than anyone else when we built this world.

    We built the telecommunications, the hospitals, developed the medicine, forged the steel, spent out treasure and blood to make this world something special. Don’t tell me Obama’s NASA Muslims in space is a real program when we all know that’s a fantasy. I live in the real world where real men and women make real things happen. Great things. Monumental things.

    If America is finished – make it a fair fight and let us hammer the rest of the world like we always have. I know there are many – millions and millions – that will join me and salute our great land and rise up and make it great again.

    But don’t tell me that we have to compete with third world dregs on their terms – we’re still Americans, for God sakes.

  • bg


    oh please, it’s so much bigger than that petty (fitb)..

    when the IslaMarxist agenda hits the fan.. way too
    many are going to be stupefied.. oh wait, that’s not
    exactly a stretch.. /s/


  • bigkahuna

    Libtards Lie…I think the key to her record was… She would do what the libs tell her to do

  • Sam Stone

    She was just being Sharia Compliant.

  • Morgan

    Wasn’t Sotomayor raised Catholic?

  • BobC

    A liberal is a liberal is a liberal is a liberal is a liberal…
    A latino liberal is a liberal is a liberal is a liberal…
    They’re all the same.

  • owl

    Nice of Laura Ingraham to point out Sotomayor’s other ruling as I think Laura is as responsible as anyone for Soto to get the opportunity.

    Raise your hand if you think Harriet Miers would have voted for Obamacare. I think not.

    The Laura Ingraham’s considered her short on accomplishments and lacking in the brainbox. Maybe so. But at least she might not have given the store away while she was thinking those shallow thoughts. Obama will now be able to stuff the Supremes to last everyone’s lifetime.

    Meanwhile, Laura can keep sneering her nose at Bush as she sits there and allows Dem after Dem, Repub after Repub to promote that Bush caused this economy. I think not. I watched her and a few others cause as much harm to the Repubs and they never see it. They are too smart.

    People like Ingraham could have fought the Dem theme instead of sitting and allowing it. Heck, Obama and Dems are still using it. Young people have heard it all their lives now. I would appreciate winning instead of standing on all those high and mighty principles and deep policies.

    She is going to force me to turn off Mr Bill. I can not stomach hearing her tell all her Repub friends that ‘Obama won’. Over and over. Tonight did me in………….

  • American Woman

    Another Communist/ Socialist/ Islamic Fascist Sympathizer in our government; just move along, there is nothing new here.

    Oh, let’s not forget that this Lefty is a card-carrying member of La Raza, the racist group dedicated to all things Latino that perpetuates the argument that American land belongs to Mexico and needs to be returned. Move along, there is nothing to see here; Latinos can belong to a group called “The Race” and still be a member of the Supreme Court. Even the RINOs say it’s ok

    Get to the back of the bus, Whitey, and remember to pay your taxes. Somehow, someway, you have done something wrong, or might have, or could have, and so you need to pay through the nose.

    Just move along, nothing new here.