Ouch! Chris Wallace Smacks Down Geithner on Imaginary War Savings (Video)

Ouch! Chris Wallace caught Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner ranting about imaginary war savings on FOX News Sunday today. Geithner and Barack Obama have repeatedly claimed budget savings as much as $700 billion that the nation no longer plans to spend on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over the next decade. This is an accounting gimmick that has drawn fire from both Democrats and Republicans.

Today Chris Wallace nailed him.
“It’s a gimmick.”

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  • anti-bho

    ‘Bout time someone called them on some of their stupid remarks. These shady tax and spend sobs, (Pelosi comes to mind with her “tax ’em to infinity” wisecrack) rant and rave to the to top of their lungs and the rest of the msm treats them like they’ve done us all some huge favor.

  • Stephana

    What is even more funny, is the yelping idiots screaming its Bush’s illegal war. When will they realize that it has been the turd in the white house’s war for almost 4 years now. He could have stopped them anytime.

  • Timothy Geithner is a child in an adult world. He always comes across as someone who is spouting the things his dad beat into him. And he does it in a unconvincing fashion. And he still has not voluntarily paid the penalties and interest on his taxes each and every one of us would be required to pay. He accepted the reprieve from his daddy with not even a smidgeon of guilt. A new ring in Hell is being prepared for the likes of him and the rest of this corrupt ruling class.

  • Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

  • Clafoutis

    I don’t think my husband would accept my NOT buying a new $200,000 diamond ring as saving us money and being a way to balance our household finances.

    Hey, Timmy — has your wife pulled that one on you?

  • It’s this simple. The $700 billion savings will not reduce the deficit as Geitner contends. It just won’t add to the continually climbing deficit.

  • WW

    So does this mean we should count savings from all wars we are no longer fighting. What about the deaths that are no longer occurring, how do we count that; lives saved!

  • Bob

    For a man that cannot figure out his own taxes, how in the hell did this man get appointed as the US Treasury Secretary?? Oh yeah, he is buddies with Obama and qualifications do not matter for his administration.

  • AsilisArt

    Haven’t you noticed Obama always picks the least qualified for his admin? Usually, they’re guilty of some perversion of the very jobs they hold, like that perverted school Czar who is exposing our innocent children to fisting & other homosexual offerings. Obama wants us to know he is supreme. He has his wife tell us to eat healthy, then hosts a football party the next day where junk food is served. He tells students not to spend Spring Break in Mexico, then sends his kid’s class there the next day. He tells us to buckle down & skip Vegas, then jets off to another lavish taxpayer funded holiday. Geitner’s failure to pay his taxes, yet maintaining his position as Treasure Secretary, is just another slap in the face of Americans.

  • P. Aaron

    Since I’m not spending money I don’t have, I’m some how saving it?



  • NeoKong

    He sounds like Peggy Bundy trying to tell Al that she actually saved him money by buying five new pairs of shoes because they were on sale.

  • paul52

    Attaboy, Chris. Love to see TurboTax squirm. He looks more and more like the Prez on ABC’s “Scandal”. I am NOT gonna give my wife a new Escalade for Christmas again this year. Just saved another $60K. BTW… why is the Treasury Sec now the authority of the regime’s fiscal plans? Trot out Barry or Happy Joe.

  • Patty

    Chicago Style accounting.

    But to put our national security on the chopping block, that is another matter. But Obama is protected in his Fortress and isn’t that all that matters. sarc

  • ClinkinKY

    I was going to buy a $3 Million home but have since changed my mind. Wow, all of a sudden I’m $3 Million in “the black”.

  • Callie369

    Thought I (U.S.) would go out and borrow $30,000 ($700 billion) from credit union (China) for a new car (war). Then I decided that was not a wise thing to do at this stage in the game so didn’t do it.

    According to Tax Cheat Geithner, the $30,000 I decided not to spend should magically appear in my savings account, so I can spend it elsewhere. Come on Tax Cheat, where is my money?????

  • Patty

    Geithner isn’t looking for his next government job. It makes him the perfect foil. He can actually go in with a straight face with a proposal so absurd that an old reserved guy like McConnell doubles over in hysterical disbelief. Some say this is how you begin negotiations, and they would be right if this were November 2011. The fiscal cliff countdown clock is a couple ticks from midnight. [………………]

    Still, there are lines that must be drawn. The opening salvo from Geithner would be laughable if not so goofy and ill-timed. Let’s stop messing around. Here’s what the White House will get:

    * Extension of (ultra) long term unemployment benefits
    * Extension of payroll tax holidays
    * Taxes on carried interest

    Here’s what the White House will not get:

    * $50.0 billion stimulus
    * Higher taxes on small businesses
    * Permanent end to debt ceiling […………………..]

    http://www.wstreet.com/shared/images/028538/1130_2.png View this!

    Officially, third quarter economic growth was revised higher to 2.7% from 2.0%.

    I have to say, the headline number really masked an economy that is crawling along barely keeping its head above water. While it speaks to the resolve of the economy and underscores it’s built to last already, beneath the surface the numbers were disturbing.

    Inventories were much higher, revised from initial reading of $34.1 billion to $61.3 billion – good, but not likely to recur. In the mean time, real consumption was lowered to 1.4 from the original read of 2.0 and business investment in things like equipment and software is down substantially to -2.7% from unchanged. This was the lowest read on business investment since second quarter 2011 and down sequentially.

    Inventory builds speak mostly to the auto market and made the difference in the overall revision. Economic trends that speak to the future were a major disappointment.


  • Gail

    It’s really very simple……LIARS, LIARS…….THEIR PANTS ARE ON FIRE!! We tried to tell you America! What a rotten shame!

  • Patty

    Double talk!! Gibberish.

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  • Patty

    Geithner is in over his head. Obama hasn’t a clue other than spend and spend. So they are passing the buck so to speak in the republicans hands knowing that he and Obama have them backed into the corner, so they think. Games and more attacks and there is always something you can be sure of, Obama will blame Congress for falling over the cliff and the naive Americans will once again Hate Congress and blame Republicans.

    I have never seen in my life a more thug and immature administration and we the people can do nothing. Really, when I heard Geithner say the PEOPLE want their plan I wanted to throw up.


  • Patty

    Bill Kristol: Republicans Look Like They ‘Don’t Care About the Middle Class’


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  • CT

    Arrogant petulant punk POTUS threatens to push America over the ‘Financial Cliff’ to spite the 2% of Americans already paying 50% of the taxes.

    Make no mistake our arrogant POTUS is the one pushing America over the ‘Financial Cliff”.

  • Just think how much we are saving by not going to war with Iran or North Korea. Even more by not going to Mars. Let’s count that as budget savings too. Ultimately we could balance the budget by not doing the things we weren’t going to do, not spending money we weren’t going to spend.

  • Indiana

    I wonder if these poor dumb surrogates of Obama get hazzard pay? Hey Timmy….your career is in the same $hit hole with Susan Rice’s.

  • Indiana

    I saved my husband $25.00 on a pair of $200.00 high heels I bought on sale today. LOL Poor sucker even fell for it when I gave him the “Tax Cheat Geithner” rationale.

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  • His attitude was that of a God talking to a mere ignorant human. Wallace was being nice, but he’s no dummy and knew what Geithner was doing.

    For example, once again no one challenges Geithner on the falsehood that they will find “savings” within Medicare fraud or other devices.

    If it were so easy to find, why aren’t they cleaning it up now? Isn’t the fact they know there is fraud and not trying to correct in real time some kind of malfeasance?

    I mean that would be like my old Police Chief saying that he knew where the burglars were committing crime and as soon as he gets more money he’d stop them.


    Worse, Geithner is one of those weaselly personalities that thinks victory is manipulation of lesser humans. You know the type, all bluster and bluff until somebody takes them to the woodshed and beats the gonads off of them.

    He thinks he is so smart he can “save” our nation with is intelligence alone. It is true he’s smart, but arrogance and a dismissive attitude is a guarantee that someone is going to be leading him out back to show him where they store the firewood.

    Just saying….

  • Since we have not had a budget for 4 years how can any money not spent on anything be considered money saved. IF the cost of the war had been budgeted, then not spent, then it might make a little more sense.
    I think we should demand a budget first, then take a red pen to money planned on being sent to other countries, the UN, increased government hiring, $4 million vacations, million dollar birthday parties and a ton of other useless spending. Now that would be money saved.

  • Dave Landon

    Let’s be fair to the Obama Administration and give credit where credit is due. We also should count the savings $1.5 trilion from the unfought war against the Principality of Liechtenstein. Surely all of that “savings” can be used for deficit reduction as well. And just think of the savings if we can persuade the President to forego the attack on Duchy of Grand Fenwick!! We will be rolling is savings!!

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  • jay jay

    Imagine Beavis and Butthead watching this interview and Butthead saying:”Geithner is stupid.”

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