Newspaper Publishes Map of Local Gunowners – Gun Rights Supporter Publishes Map of Local Journalists

On Sunday, liberal New York newspaper The Journal News published the names and addresses of legal permit holders in two counties online and in print.

In response Talk of the Sound website posted the names and addresses of the Journal News reporters in the same area.

The map indicates the addresses of all Journal News Employees in the New York Tri-State area. Each dot represents an individual Journal News employee — a reporter, editor or staffer. The data does not include freelancers — reporters or photographers — which can be hired without being an employee.

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  • Noovuss

    Now the criminals know all the gun free zones.

  • bg


    😎 move..

    love the instant right back at ya action of late..

    however, other than the two camps involved,
    does anyone really know about these things,
    or even care??


  • bg



    President George H.W. Bush is in intensive care.


  • DecentAmerican

    And Amen to that! Finally a conservative willing to fight back! So how about we have some good conservatives do some research into the dark dank and disgusting pasts of scum like bill maher, Jon Stewart, Stephanie miller, Chelsea handler, and joy behar? Publish for all the world to see and joke about their skankiness, much like they have attacked conservatives?

    It’s about time we fought back. Fight fire with fire, and expose the racist liberal vermin!

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  • Dave-O

    Seems like Dwight Worley is the reporter that has his name on the newspaper article. I guess we can all thank him personally now.

  • CV1

    DecentAmerican — Thay have all been exposed, but the like-minded thinkers don’t care. None of them have high standards, so they could not care less about skankiness.

  • Truth Teller

    This is exactly what we need to do!!!

    Keep it up….get creative and be aggressive!

  • Truth Teller

    How about calling Dwight at 2 AM, then 2:30, then 3:00…

  • Bigkahuna

    I hope the other reporters kick him in the nuts for thanks

  • NeoKong

    Let’s see how they like it.

  • Hugh

    Yes! Fight fire with fire.


    This publishing trick is common with our “newspapers” today. Our sheriff provided the listing to our local rag several years ago. This and several more problems prevent me from going concealed carry. Principally, you have to be fingerprinted and the FBI must have their nose inserted in the process. To heck with that! And anytime you are pushed into applying your concealed carry right the police confiscate your weapon—for good. You’ll never get it back!

  • Truth Teller

    Interesting article regarding the union tended consequences of moronic leftist policy-making.

    Stand strong and resist! Are we really going to let 600 DC lawyers tell us what to do?

  • bg
  • Robert

    The Journal News has decided to refrain from being a watchdog of government, and instead to participate with the government in bullying the public.

    The local public should respond with a campaign against the paper. They could demonstrate at the office of the paper, tie up the phone lines with a call-in effort, lobby the city to refuse to renew operating permits, and initiate legal actions in any way possible.

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  • VictorianSuz

    Good! What goes around comes around you liberals! Yeah for the gun holders!

  • Robert

    So the same press that will not question a Democrat politician wants to personally harass select members of the public, members who produce and work and pay taxes.

    In the meantime, the government is on the hook for more money than exists, and cannot bring itself to spend one penny less than it did last year.

  • Highlander

    #19 December 26, 2012 at 9:15 pm
    Robert commented:

    So the same press that will not question a Democrat politician wants to personally harass select members of the public, members who produce and work and pay taxes.

    In the meantime, the government is on the hook for more money than exists, and cannot bring itself to spend one penny less than it did last year.


    You got it Robert. Merry Christmas, and welcome to 21st century America. Unfortunately, most Americans are too busy watching TV and chasing their own personal agendas to recognize what is happening to this country, or where we’re headed.

    I’m afraid it’s going to be up to people like you and I, who are awake enough and realistic enough to SEE what these people are doing to our country, to step up to the plate and put an end to this nonsense. We certainly can’t expect liberals to do it, and the band of thieves and crooks currently running the show aren’t going to change their ways voluntarily. I’m not real optimistic though, because there is so much division in this country now (by design), it’s hard to get five supposedly conservative people to agree on anything. We can’t even agree on the meaning of the phrase “the right of the PEOPLE to keep and near arms shall not be infringed …”

    It’s disgusting, and personally, I have a very bad feeling about the future of this country…

  • Songtan1

    Sometimes the saying “Do unto others as they have done unto you” is appropriate…

  • retire05

    Hey, here’s a thought: why doesn’t that newspaper publish the names and addresses of all the people that Eric Holder/Barack Obama forced gun dealers to sell guns to illegally? You know, like all the drug cartel members they let walk guns across the US/Mexican border that have found their way back to the US and were responsible for Brian Terry’s death?

    Nah, they would rather harrass legal gun owners.

  • Kate

    Fight back. It’s war. MSM is out of control. Give it back to them.

  • Judith

    I can hardly stand it. Finally somebody took a gun to a gun fight. Wow! And you know what? This tactic works especially liberals. I can hardly stand it. Half of this country are dolts and idiots, idiots and dolts. The lack of comprehension is unbelievable. Its not only videos and TV, but cells, Ipods, Ipads etc. 47% don’t live in the real world. I can hardly stand it. GHWB may be slipping away from us, there goes a classy guy with only a slob to replace him. I can hardly stand it……….

  • turnthetables

    check out publisher Janet Hasson nice $1.4 million house, 3 Gate House Lane, Mamaroneck, NY 10534. Phone number:(914) 694-5204

  • Dear criminals,
    These people are armed. Rob their neighbors instead.

  • lonestar

    Do any of the newspapers journalists appear on the gun owner list?

  • YourMaster

    should advertise to all the criminals in the states too pull a union manuever and
    go to those journalists houses and pull a mob rule mentality protest,

    even better to advertise those as gun free zones… bwahahaha…

  • conservative dude

    This is an Andrew Breibart moment. Man i miss him.

  • Repousa

    Time to publish Gannet Corp. CEO Gracia Martore’s address as well as all the board members’ addresses of the parent company. If any gun gets stolen from these addresses, they should be charged as accomplices.

  • bg


    #29 December 26, 2012 at 11:56 pm
    conservative dude

    this man reminded of AB, he did a great
    job on this anti-gun HYPOCRITES.. 😛


  • bg


    re: #31 December 27, 2012 at 12:12 am bg

    this = these


  • bg


    this news woman was also terrific, reminded
    me a bit of “we ain’t gonna take it anymore!”


  • suzanne

    Paybacks are heck!!!

  • charlotte

    will matter much. Read this and weep:

  • ClinkinKY

    “Fighting fire with fire”. (And I’m not talking about gunfire, for any liberal trolls who might want to try to use my words to misdirect what I mean). It’s about damn time.

  • mg4us

    I say it is about time we start eyeing these so called journalist- elitists who are really are propagandists for the government. . .

    Lets do to them what they do to others. . air dirty laundry. . .
    Look at their lifestyles. . . where they shop and dine and hang around
    See if they are part of the 1% these elitists. . .especially the BIG ones on TV nightly news. .

    And I wonder which schools they send their precious children too. . .
    Obama and David Gregory makes sure their kids go to an elitists school with armed guards. . .

    The days of real journalism have died. . . now it is all sensationalism, opinions (devoid of fact), and propaganda!

  • I said this before, this is a lemon/lemonade moment. The list, unless it was cleaned by the newspaper first, has everybody- including leftist and leftist supporters with guns. Think about that for a second. Someone from the area up there who knows who is who should go through the list and pull out all the “friends” of NY that have them. Y’know, the people who yell about gun control, but privately own them?

    I went through a couple for fun. I found two already without trying. One is a fundraiser for the NYPD charity and another is an elite golf course in New York.

    Another I think has something to do with the legal system either a defense lawyer or a prosecutor. Some looked like Mafia types frankly, like “Anthony Scardoche” names. Yikes.

    A person familiar with the movers and shakers will discover the old meme “For me but not for thee” is prevalent in New York. I wonder how many campaign supporters of Bloomberg have permits.

    Or publishers or network people

    Just saying…

  • BurmaShave

    Here is a map of the Journal News’s most likely subscribers:

  • Razorgirl

    From the looks of the CC permit map, if I were a criminal, I would stay out of that area. That is some concentration of fire power! Maybe the paper has done them a favor.

  • PotvsKettle

    Giving the title of the December 24th post on this topic, seems the more consistant headline would be:

    Outrageous… Conservative website Publishes Names & Addresses of the employees of a newspaper, most of which had nothing to do with the decision to publish the names and addresses of legal gun permit holders.

    Oh, and Songtan1, the saying is actually “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”. But maybe you’re going for more of the Old Testament “eye for an eye” flavor, rather than the squishy liberal New Testament “turn the other cheek” attitude.

  • Gene Poole

    It comforting to know that there are so many legally armed citizens in New York. I don’t carry a concealed weapon but feel safer now that I know there may be a armed citizen in the area should a criminal open up on a crowd. The more armed good guys, the less chance a bad guy can kill some unarmed children.

  • Touche’! Well done. Keep up the good work.

  • dude

    Need to publish their convictions, divorce notices, any police calls to the house, any type of bounced checks, lawsuits…anything that you can find out about their private lives.

  • true

    It would be so awesomely funny if someone went and killed off all the liberal garbage at that newspaper.

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  • journeyman

    Blow back’s a B***H!