Outrageous… Lib NY Paper Publishes Names & Addresses of Legal Gun Permit Holders

On Sunday, liberal New York newspaper Lohud.com published the names and addresses of legal permit holders in two counties online and in print.

Empty boxes added to protect gun permit holders.

It’s easier to take the guns when you know where they are.
AMI Global Security reported:

December 23rd 2012 a New York Newspaper Printed the names and addresses of every Licensed Pistol Permit holder in two Counties and another County is being posted shortly! This is a massive privacy breach and the latest in a series of over the top emotional reactions to the latest shooting tragedy in Sandy Hook CT meant to intimidate the lawful and prey on peoples fears to exploit the gun grabbing agenda.

In an article title “The gun owner next door: What you don’t know about the weapons in your neighborhood” the paper linked to an interactive map titled: “Map: Where are the gun permits in your neighborhood?” where you can search neighborhoods to see who received a legal permit to own a hand gun license listed by name and address.

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  • Perfected democrat

    “It’s easier to take the guns when you know where they are.”

    And it’s easier to rob the neighbors who you know aren’t armed… Democrats are criminally stupid…

  • Adirondack Patriot

    Outrageous. Can we publish the names of every woman who has received public money to obtain an abortion?

    Since when do 2nd Amendment rights mean you forfiet privacy rights?

  • Ella

    Time to publish name and address of the publisher of that rag.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    If, as the media and liberals lecture, lawfully ownership of guns is a direct cause of crime, why have gun sales have dramatically increased since Obama was elected in 2008, but crime has not?

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  • ★FALCON★

    I think New Yorkers have gotten the government they have demanded – infact, they have been begging for a totalitarian government for over 100 years.

    enjoy it, you idiots.

  • Alvin

    Now the criminals know where NOT to go.

  • RealMc

    @ #3……indeed.

    also may be a good time to invest in some signs:


  • So…the next step is to publish the addresses of the paper’s writers, editors, etc…and state, HEY CROOKS! These people DON’T have guns. Just saying that it might be safer…..”

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  • ★FALCON★

    Another point – as the educated posters of this site know – Clinton first proposed the armed cop in a school program.

    The reason this was never adopted was because if one armed cop STOPPED ONE mentally ill liberal it would show that the program had the potential to be a nationwide success.

    Liberals are about having the issue and not solving societal ills, most all of which are of their own doing.

    Thank Goodness they’re fooling few people outside of their urban decay centers.

  • ★FALCON★

    @ Adirondack – good point. Obama’s Justice Department says violent crime is down 17 percent.

    I believe this is due to the lack of prosecution of violent black males – but you can’t have it both ways.

    Either gun sales are a direct factor correlating to an increase in crime and the violent crime rate should be up 100 percent, minimum, or a spike in gun sales since Obama’s coronation have gun sales have decreasing the violent crime rate by 17 percent, according to the Social Justice Department.

  • JudyinNC

    This is a Gannett affiliate
    Janet Hasson is the Publisher
    Cyndee Royal is the Editor

    For customer service call: 1-800-942-1010 (toll free).
    Hours are 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday; and 8 to 11 a.m. Sunday.

  • Stephana

    #11. Israel has armed personnel in all of their schools. Before they did this they had killings and and other assorted crimes against the school kids. They are surrounded by murderous pali animals after all. If it works there, it will work here.

  • Mike

    What are they afraid of? They are doing nothing illegal, so they have nothing to fear and everything to be proud of.

  • ★FALCON★

    @ #OccupyMike – they have to worry about the next mentally ill liberal Jared Loughner or mentally ill liberal Adam Lanza showing up at their homes with a load of guns they have stolen or purchased on the mean streets of New York, dunce.

  • ★FALCON★
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  • bronxdude

    So now criminals can use this interactive maps on their 3G/LTE ipad while “patrolling” before hitting a home and avoid “risks and challenges”…

    Very, very smart move from this website….

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  • Flintstone F.

    Now all they have to do is post the names and addresses of all the criminals without handgun permits.

    I think I hear the rumbling of paper on the desks of some attorney’s…

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  • Adirondack Patriot

    Where are the civil liberatarians who howl when you ask for a Voter ID act?

    Once again, the hypocrisy is too rich.

    Asking a voter for identification is a violation of civil rights, but the publication of personally private information because you have a handgun permit is okay?

    What public interest is served by publishing this information?


  • What jerks!
    I live near those counties and I can tell you that there are still areas in those places that are very rural, places where you actually need to be armed due to issues we have with coywolves (coyote wolf hybrids) and other wild animals that do become infected with rabies and attack people. Also, hunting is huge up here, so OF COURSE people will have guns! And another thing, these are legal guns so why in the hell is it anyone’s business if people have them or not? I guess on the bright side, criminals in Westchester and Rockland (and coming soon, Putnam) will now know which houses NOT to break into! And any idiot leftist who uses this recklessly released private information to show up on the gun owners’ lawns to harass the people living there deserves to learn the hard way that armed people ARE allowed to defend themselves on their own property.
    That Lo-Hud rag is owned by Gannet, who also own our other leftist rags up here, like the Poughkeepsie Journal, and owns the bulk of dead tree papers across the country, so if they are doing this in one paper, expect to see this kind of crap in the rest of their outlets nationwide and feel free to express your outrage directly to Gannet:
    They own USA Today, so you probably WILL see more of this invasion of privacy on a much bigger scale.

  • You can tweet your outrage to the entity ultimately responsible for this garbage, Gannett is on Twitter as @gannett. Give ’em hell!

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  • Kyle Kiernan

    Now they have the responsibility to continue and follow the story. They need to map all the burglaries and home invasion robberies then compare the two maps. They need to include all the failed attempts that were thwarted and also to color code the gun permit locations which were acquired following a crime so we can tell the difference. Should be illuminating. And if they don’t do the follow up then their readers get yet another example of the fact that they are not publishers and seekers of what is the truth but they are only purveyors of their narrow ideology.

  • Yeosailor

    I was going to post something but Adirondack Patriot said it better.

  • Yeosailor

    also Kyle

  • Yeosailor

    also zilla

  • Yeosailor

    Only in jest,


    Crazy times. But still, Merry Christmas all!

  • greenfairie

    These self-righteous snakes don’t realize they’ve outed a lot of women trying to hide from stalkers and dangerous exes, which is WHY they bought guns in the first place. Now their abusers and stalkers will know where they live.

    Too bad the right doesn’t have its own Anonymous that will publish say, the names and addresses of Lohud employees who have had abortions. Pull that off a few times and these papers will knock it off.

  • NB

    Here is the editor who made the decision to publish and her work number:
    Cindy Royal (914) 694-5002

  • Patty

    Anthony Mele for Congress 17th District

    Anthony Mele AMI Global Security

    The race for Congress in the 17th District which includes the Bronx, portions of Rockland County and the Westchester Communities of Mt. Vernon, Yonkers, Hastings, Dobbs Ferry and Tarrytown, has incumbent Democrat Congressman Eliot Engel being challenged by Republican Anthony Mele.

    Mele is a true outsider, who won a GOP primary by defeating the Republican party’s candidate. He continues his David vs. Goliath challenge by taking on Congressman Engel, a 22 year incumbent.

    Mele, a Veteran and small businessman, is correct when he says that people are scared about their futures. Mele advocates less spending and lower taxes as the only way to create private sector jobs. “We need a Congressman that represents the working man and not the tax man,” says Mele, who believes that Engel doesn’t deserve another term.

    “Who would re-hire someone to any job that has created a $1.2 Trillion budget hole. Let’s fire Eliot Engel,” said Mele.

    Engel has served as a loyal Democrat to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Obama. He has quietly been re-elected to a district which has changed in the 22 years since he was first elected.

    Engel recent late appearance at a debate raised questions about whether he is taking his re-election seriously. Mele, of Puero Rican descent, is in touch with the district, and has a message that usually doesn’t resonate with a overwhelmingly Democratic constituency.

    But with the economy, jobs and the deficit becoming the critical issue in every neighborhood, now may be the time to unseat Engel.

    We endorse Anthony Mele for Congress- 17th District.

    Anthony Mele
    Security Consultant
    MA, International Conflict Management
    BA, International Relations and Counter-terrorism
    Veteran, US Army

    Contact: [email protected]

  • MarkJ

    I’ll bet lawyers representing Lohud.com are at this very minute on conference call with the management and are screaming, “You stupid idiots, do you understand in those tiny pea-brains of yours what the f*** you’ve just done? Do you have any idea what you’re bringing on?”

  • Patty
  • Buster

    Look at that map and extrapolate to the rest of the Northeast (or the rest of the nation).

    Now count how many of those people have gone on shooting rampages.

    It renews my faith in human nature to think about it in those terms.

  • JKB

    Hey, you know who often times have guns and unfortunately in NY permits? Abused women hiding from their spouses, witnesses and victims of crimes who’ve been threatened, those being stalked….

    So now, thanks to this paper, those who are a threat to these people have their new addresses.

  • In their frenzy to attack gun owners and with no capacity to understand the consequences of their actions, the dumb Lohud newspaper doesn’t even realize this article actually puts targets on the backs of the unarmed households. Most criminals and mentally disturbed are cowards that don’t want confrontation so naturally they will seek unarmed, helpless, and defenseless victims. Way to go nimwits you just advertised the best places for the criminals and mentally disturbed to rob, pillage, murder, and maim.

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  • Maudie N Mandeville

    I fail to understand those with gun permits getting upset with free advertising. If you really wanted to get back at the reporter/paper, take out an ad: ‘Report X lives at address and does not have guns in his home for protection.’ Touche’

  • Indiana

    I would like to have been a fly on the wall during that debate; to publish or not to publish. This is a very big screw up.

  • Paddy

    “#13 December 24, 2012 at 9:55 am
    JudyinNC commented:

    This is a Gannett affiliate
    Janet Hasson is the Publisher
    Cyndee Royal is the Editor

    For customer service call: 1-800-942-1010 (toll free).
    Hours are 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday; and 8 to 11 a.m. Sunday.”

    I hope every person whose home is burglarized or is robbed or assaulted sues the newspaper for its reckless disregard of their safety and breach of their right of privacy.

  • Palace_Gypsy

    Just wondering if this is information that is available to anyone who asks, or if some bureaucrat decided to let his/her political beliefs get in the way of the legal aspects of their position.

  • Gregor

    Why do liberals want their 12-year-old daughters to get raped and murdered?


  • RL

    This kind of useless, moronic press “freedom” endangering non-criminals is no different from that of the proverbial yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. -Not saying there’s a judge with the sense to realize it, but…..

  • to all those people that want to let the politicans disarm the citizens because of the killings. when the politicans take the citizens right to bear arms away thats when the real killing will start. read up on how many of their citizens the communists have killed after they disarmed the citizens. do you think the communists that run our government will be any different. i. e. bill ayres, bernie dohrn, andy stern(of the persuasion of power fame), tom hayden, wayne radtke, van jones, michael klonsky, marilyn katz, just about this entire administration.

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  • pst314

    “Time to publish name and address of the publisher of that rag.”

    Why not everyone who works for that paper? Every reporter, every editor, every columnist, everyone with any decision-making power.

    Turnabout is fair play, right?

  • Mad Hatter

    Loud.com, the newspaper that published the map is a Gannett owned newspaper.

    Gannett owns many newspapers and tv stations. They also own the USA Today.


    Even though this decision was made at the local level, I don’t see anyone from Gannett’s Corporate Office denouncing this.

    If you would like to contact their Corporate Headquarters, and express your displeasure with one of their newspapers giving out information on private, law abiding citizens, you can contact them at,

    Gannett Co., Inc.
    7950 Jones Branch Drive
    McLean, VA 22107-0150


  • Joe Normal

    The lib rag is now on MY LIST! It’s not good to be on my lists.. When the time comes, if the time comes, the lists will be useful. How’s that sound? Are my words here a problem for you lib POS? We will publish your names, your pictures and your queer habits on the web for , for what reason?? Who cares, you don’t.
    Lets’ publish the names of all low information voters and how much tax payer money they get from the government each month and what they spend it on and what they own, cars, cell phones, big screen tvs, cable service.. let’s publish what each politician gets and how much they own, pictures and addresses of all their houses, boats, airplanes, names of their whores. Let’s publish all the financials of all the MSM executive staff, all the journalass staff, their net worth, how many fags they sleep with. In other words let’s publish every goddamn thing on the net and let nature take it’s course.. And believe me, you know there is plent of resource to do just that, peta bytes of disk, gigabits of bandwidth, lots of rogue countries to host servers in outside the reach of jack booted US thugs to shut them down. Wikileaks? They’re nothing until their successor comes into being, The Final Everything Online Information and Slander Site.
    The war now begins.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    I see an endless queue of lawsuits from potential victims (i.e. law-abiding citizens) whose names and addresses where revealed on this website.

    Potential burglary, injury and/or death have been sent a personal invitation (with driving instructions) thanks to these asshats. It’s hard to determine what is worse: identifying those who have guns; or doing the subtraction on the map to discover those that do not.

    Its’ too late for LoHud to retract. Their advertizers will drop them like a hot potato. Their little enterprize will never recover, thanks to their thoughtless Christmas gift.

  • John Lee Pettimoore III

    The Memphis Commercial Appeal did something like this statewide in TN a few years ago, but it was only the names and zip codes that were published in a database accessible on the Commercial Appeal website.

  • John Lee Pettimoore III

    The Commercial Appeal is not a Gannet owned newspaper by the way.

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  • BurmaShave

    Is there an opportunity here for a class action suit against Lohud.com?

    Tens of thousands suing for gratuitous violation of privacy ought to give these proto-fascists something to think about.

  • Winston Wolfe

    Publish the names and addresses of those who don’t have guns.

    Let’s see how that turns out.

  • John Lee Pettimoore III

    @Burma Shave

    An attempt was made to pass legislation in TN making it illegal to publish the names of permit holders. Sadly it didn’t pass.

  • Obamao

    “Publish the names and addresses of those who don’t have guns.”

    Don’t need to – anyone considering a hot burglary / home invasion for fun and profit need only check the database to make sure the target house ain’t packing, if it is pick another one.

  • BettyLou

    SUE the paper.

  • JCT

    Well, since it’s a Gannett Owned Company, you can only be fair and spread not only the local names, but of the owners as well. Come on guys lets spread the misery!

  • wyntre

    Text of a sign on a front lawn.

    My next door neighbor wants to ban all guns.

    Their house is not armed.

    Out of respect for their opinion I promise not to use my guns to protect them.

  • Hugh

    Legal gun permit owners are not likely to bow to this type of “pressure”, but it will give criminals a map of homes where the risk to burgle is lower and homes where they might be able to steal a gun. So, let’s see, where is the big message here? Doh.

  • Lightwave

    I’m going to have to say “Now I know which neighbors thieves will avoid this Christmas.” If anything, this site did New York a favor.

    No matter how you look at it, significantly fewer non-gun owners in the sate, very soon.

  • AuntieMadder

    They’re stepping up their efforts to incite violence. They want a liberal douche bag to force a permitted gun owner to kill him…or a mob of liberal douche bags. In the process, they’re helping the criminals (burglars, rapists) know which homes to target.

  • Read this on apollumi.com, Dems run the risk of having gun registration outlawed due to privacy concerns.

  • flyoverland

    If they did it in STL, it would be easier to just name those who don’t have a gun.

  • NoResolution

    What morons. They try to make gun owners feel guilty for legally owning a gun which isn’t a crime and make gun owners out to be criminals. How about they post addresses of criminals who have used a gun illegally in a real crime. Oh wait…that wouldn’t fit their stupid ass agenda.

  • Ella

    If I lived in Yonkers I would be talking to my lawyer right this very minute. Gannett is bound to have very deep pockets.

  • How about we show the addresses of the employees of the liberal rag that published this on the same map but put in large print that they don’t have any weapons at home?

    Something tells me those koolaidians will have a great deal of difficulty understanding why their property is being robbed, but they’ll never correlate it with the zero break-ins and robberies of their armed neighbors.

  • maddie

    What is the problem? Surely those who want to protect themselves from these armed people, or prevent their children from going over to play at their houses deserve to be able to make an informed decision.

  • John Lee Pettimoore III

    Permit owners are not the only ones who have guns in their homes. They’re merely the ones who have a permit to carry one outside the home LEGALLY. Personally I don’t want anyone’s liberal brats playing at my house.

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  • Rock

    Hey Jim please re post, a better headline for this story, “Gannett owed paper publishes address’s of all armed citizens in three counties, exposing defenseless homes by omission” or ” Gannett outs abused wife’s by publishing their new address’s”, let them suck on those possibilities for awhile.

  • Mad Hatter

    I think it’s a great idea to start a site, and list all the male, and female teachers that have had sexual relations with their students.

    I’m sure the good-hearted would agree to that since it’s important to let everyone know where the child predators are, right?

  • Mad Hatter

    I think it’s a great idea to start a site, and list all the male, and female teachers that have had sexual relations with their students.

    I’m sure the good-hearted liberals would agree to it since it’s important to let everyone know where the child predators are, right?

  • Rock

    Hey maddie, Liberal rug rats and or their parents are not allowed in my house. But hey as noted elsewhere how many hiding abused wife’s have been outed? But I suppose your question revolves around who you wish to paint targets on.

  • Rock

    Better yet how about the name and address of all Socialist and commie sympathizers being printed for all Americans to see, especially those of the teaching profession.

  • Tlaloc

    Sorry but you blew that door off it’s hinges when you supported maps (and lists and registries) of “sex offenders.” If you can target one group of socially undesirable people you can just as easily target another. And yes gun owners are pretty damn unpopular now.

    So maybe next time you’ll think a little longer before you pick up the pitchforks and torches. Next time the mob may be after you.

  • AuntieMadder

    @ Tlaloc #81: You must be suggesting that child molesters are merely unpopular because even the most stupid among us knows that convicted criminals aren’t permitted by any state, not even New York, to carry a concealed weapon. Or maybe, like maddie, you can’t let your kids visit homes of those who own guns because your brats can’t be trusted not to snoop and handle everything in other people’s homes. Socially undesirable, indeed. Some people’s kids are only welcomed in the homes of pedophiles.

  • Rock

    In Obummers world, sex freaks are made Safe School Czars. Sounding a little defensive there.

  • Heathcliff

    Hang on. So “it’s easier to take the guns when you know where they are.” Uhm, probably so. But whom exactly are you thinking is going to do the taking? And if it’s the big bad government — black helicopters!! — wouldn’t they have access to this permit information already?

    Oh, the stoopid.

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  • sebassh

    The problem here is that criminals will goto a location where they know there is guns to steal them. What this paper has done as far as I am concerned is just put people who are law abiding citizens in grave danger and they should get together and sue the paper out of existence. Then take all of the editors and authors and sue them out of existence as well and prosecute the editors on criminal charges for putting citizens in harms way. If enough people tie up enough communist newspapers in court, they will go out of business faster 🙂

  • Flintstone F.

    I wonder how many of those names published are of law enforcement agents. I’m sure there are some detectives who like leaving the house looking like a guy going to the office.

    This girl can protect the school:

  • Dave

    So, if you call yourself a journalist, you can basically publish anything you like and it’s protected under the 1st amendment. Shouldn’t there be some sort of ethical standards to be a journalist? Probably not or 90% of these goofballs reporting things wouldn’t measure up and would be pushing up Obama’s unemployment numbers.

  • kyle

    If it’s “personally private,” then why is it public record?

    Anyone can find out this info. The Journal-News just compiled it.

  • Public opinion is NOT on their side.

    Watch them get SUED the first time one of those houses is burglarized and the gun safe is stolen.

    Oh, and by the way: Every possible argument in favor of gun control has already been REFUTED.

  • dwdude

    all of the gun owners should rally at the newspaper and make a citizen arrest of the editor, then sue as a group and individually for damages…no more newspaper. time to put these comrades in their place.

  • The paper’s contact info can be found here:


    You might want to save the info before it is removed.

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  • Mike

    This was the best advertisement for Glock / Smith and Wesson that anyone could think of.
    Who wants to be identified as NOT having a means of protection?

    If I were a lawyer, I would immediately sue following any murder, break-in, for aiding and abetting.

  • Warren Bonesteel

    I’ve noticed that the left has been using words like ‘conservative,’ ‘right ‘ and ‘republican’ combined with such words as ‘useless’ ‘crazy,’ and ‘worthless,’ which are all seen combined with words like ‘murder’, ‘kill’ ‘assassinate,’ ‘eliminate,’ and what have you.

    They all but own D.C. outright, including the DoD and The Pentagon. The House is powerless. The Supremes are on a leash. They own the media.

    They’ve all but completed their ‘long march’ through our institutions.

    Historically, such things have never led to good outcomes for the opposition party.

    The only thing standing in their way is The Second Amendment.

    Just… something to think about…


  • male sivlerback

    Read the comments section, the subscribers are very upset with the editor for doing this.

  • Repos a

    I’m sure they didn’t post lower manhattan because they need to extract the names if all the libtard actors and actresses who have permits. You know the ones that want to take away your rights so long as it doesn’t affect them.

  • PhilipJames

    How about a little payback? As Breitbart told us… never let the bastards win… http://christopherfountain.wordpress.com/2012/12/24/sauce-for-the-goose/

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    And it’s easier to rob the neighbors who you know aren’t armed…

    That was my first thought. With this public list, any criminals looking to burglarize or even invade a home knows for sure which houses where it would be unwise to go to ply their trade.

  • mark1973

    I don’t know if it has been posted here,but some enterprising individual, has looked up alot of Publisher Janet Hasson’s personal information and put it on the internet as payback for her stunt. Her home and cell phone numbers,pictures of even the inside as well as the outside of her house.

    Hey Janet, “What comes around, goes around”!

  • AmericaWILL

    They should all sue for harassment.

  • MJ

    Senior executives are:
    Robert Dickey, President, U.S Community Publishing Division
    Paul Davidson – Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Newsquest plc
    Michael G. Kane Senior Group President, Interstate Newspaper Group, and President and Publisher, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
    Roxanne Horning Senior Vice President, Gannett Human Resources
    Dave Lougee President, Gannett Broadcasting
    Gracia Martore President and Chief Executive Officer
    John A. (Jack) Williams President, Gannett Digital Ventures
    Jake Guzik, Finance Controller.
    William Behan Senior Vice President, Gannett Labor Relations
    W. Curtis Riddle Senior Group President, East Newspaper Group, and President and Publisher, The News Journal, Wilmington, Delaware
    John A. (Jack) Williams President, Gannett Digital Ventures
    Todd Mayman – Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
    David Payne Senior vice president and chief digital officer
    Carol Hudler Senior Group President, South Newspaper Group, and President and Publisher, “The Tennessean”
    Saira Stahl Vice President, Strategy

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  • AmericaWILL

    After doing a little link reading, I understand that she has homes in her neighborhood that she outed. But they don’t bring over Christmas cookies!

  • KM

    So New York paper posts all the legal people with the right to own a gun. So I wonder if the knucklehead who shot four firefighters in New York is on that list. I doubt it, we need more citizens defending all of us!
    The second amendment is there to drive statist cawazy……and protect us!

  • Luddite

    We have this “right to privacy” which is nowhere to be found in the Constitution but it allows for unrestricted abortion somehow, but it doesn’t cover your address being printed in the newspaper if you are a lawful gun owner.

  • Lim Lynn

    NY Paper breach confidential information about names & addresses of Legal Gun Permit Holders.

  • Phil

    Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could collect the home addresses of the publisher, editors and reporters of that newspaper and post them. Then those who oppose there policies could go directly to the source and express their displeasure.

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  • Keith Wilk

    Everyone seems to be missing the additional point that this rag has now given criminals the locations of where they may obtain a weapon when the home is empty. Guns don’t kill people – ignorant liberals (and their supported criminal class) do…

  • FMB42

    Meanwhile, this liberal “news” paper has no need to publish the addresses of the illegal gun holders in the inner city ghettos. Just about every dwelling has at least one stolen and/or illegal/unregistered gun on the premises (regardless of any and all gun laws).

    Nope, laws often don’t apply and/or aren’t enforced against our illustrious inner city ghetto dwellers.

    Btw, the gunman who tragically murdered the firefighters was a convicted felon and, as such, was not allowed to own or posses a modern gun. Let’s also keep in mind that our broken justice system released this guy back into society after he was convicted of murdering his grandmother with a hammer.

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  • Mike

    This is awesome, now the criminals will know who NOT to mess with and will target all the unprotected liberals. Good job idiots!

  • Big John

    Sidwell Friends School in Washington,DC,has a full time contingent of 11 armed guards.Of course people like Obama and NBC’s David Gregory send their kids there but preach how dumb it is for Mr and Mrs Average American Parent to want the same protections for their own children.

  • maddie

    “Outrageous. Can we publish the names of every woman who has received public money to obtain an abortion?”

    Why? They don’t endanger their neighbors. Statistics make clear that gun owners do. When they try to play Rambo, innocents get shot.

  • Akatsukami

    Which, Maddie, is why NYC bluebellies must be disarmed. We simply can’t allow untrained people like those to run around with firearms.


  • exedor

    Let’s turn the tables on the Journal and see how they like it!

    Journal News President:
    —Janet Hasson, 3 Gate House Lane Mamaroneck, NY 10534 (914) 694.5204

    —Cyndee Royle, 1133 Westchester Ave., Suite N110, White Plains, NY 10604, 914-694-9300
    –Nancy Cutler 9 Woodwind Ln, Spring Valley, NY. (845) 354 3485

    Parent company of The Journal News Gannett
    —–CEO Gracia C Martore 728 Springvale Rd Great Falls, VA 22066 (703) 759 5954

    The reporter on the story is:
    –Dwight R Worley 23006 139 Ave Springfield Gardens, NY 11413 (718) 527 0832

  • CharlieJ54

    Looks like they may have broken the law.


    The name and address of any person to whom an application for any
    13 license has been granted shall be CONFIDENTIAL AND


    EXPLANATION–Matter in ITALICS (underscored) is new; matter in brackets
    [ ] is old law to be omitted.
    A. 9388 2


  • Rick Montes

    The name of the reporter is: Dwight Worley 230-06 139th Street Springfield Gardens, NY (718) 527 0832

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  • Disgusted

    You know, yesterday I came across an article about some uproar over comments made by Piers Morgan. I remembered him as a likable guy of America’s Got Talent so I was wondering what Horrible thing he could have said that’s got 60,000 calling for his deportation. Thought maybe it was some bizarre calloused comments about those first graders that were shot the other day.

    But no, all he was saying is that we need stricter gun laws in he country and maybe military style machine guns ought not be able to be bought by just anyone. And people want to deport him for THAT??? God, what has this county COME TO?What have people, in this case, the wacko right-wing come to that they openly display such wanton hate and unreasonableness? Okay, I know this is a demographic with an unusual amount of mean hateful people within their sick and twisted ranks. Kind of gives new meaning to the term “gun nuts’.

    Think of the hypocrisy here. First, we just had 20 something six
    year olds shot. Obviously there’s something wrong when just any nut can get a big gun. You’d think these 60,000 would show a LITTLE sensitivity. But no. Sensitivity is for Wusses! Next, these same people probably have anti-abortion stickers ALL OVER their cars but their right to own big military style guns are way more important to them than kids that keep getting shot. Third, they want to deport this guy for speaking up for gun control, proving that the right to freedom of speech, ALSO in the constitution doesn’t matter to them. Nope ALL these cretins care about are guns, guns and making sure they scream loud enough like the bratty delinquents they are to get their baby way.

    What seriously total F’en creeps.

  • Disgusted

    By the way the line: “It’s easier to take the guns when you know where they are”.

    Are you serious? The fact that this paper can print this shows that the Gov already knows where the guns are. Have for a long time. Notice that they have not taken away your precious guns though?


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  • John Lee Pettimoore III

    Nope, DISGUSTED, the government knows where some of the LEGAL handguns are because these people are law abiding citizens. What it doesn’t know is where all the rifles and shotguns are, as well as those handguns which aren’t carried outside the home. Think again.

  • Chris

    I found the personal info of the three women behind this and then I put it on the web for the WHOLE F*CKING WORLD TO SEE!!

  • jeff


    Janet Hasson, 3 Gate House Lane, Mamaroneck, NY 10534.

    Phone number:

    (914) 694-5204

    The reporter on the story is

    Dwight R Worley
    23006 139 Ave
    Springfield Gardens, NY 11413 (718) 527-0832

    UPDATE: Intrepid readers have come up with all sorts of contacts for these people:


    Miss Royle’s married name is Lambert. She lives in White Plains and here is her Facebook page complete with pictures of her and her kids. Hello Sanctimony.

    Cynthia R Lambert
    17 Mcbride Ave
    White Plains, NY 10603 (914) 948-9388

    Work: 914-694-5001

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  • Mitch

    Let’s be fair, libs. Let’s also publish the names of those even with singe DWI offenses! DWIs killed WAY MORE kids than “assault” guns!

  • Lim Lynn

    Today Gulag Bound already publish a nice articles about New York.

  • Billl Lampe

    Perhaps some “right-leaning” outlet should publish the names/addresses of everyone working at that paper; a deep dive into their crime records, relatives with crime records, childrens names, divorces, settlements, custody battles. Of course, special attention to those that do & do not have gun protection. Be sure to highlight the anti-gun “criminally vulnerable” of the group for the local criminal element, putting them at the same risk they put those law abiding citizens at. Do not allow this to go unpunished. Enough is enough!

  • Gater

    So now the crooks know which houses contain guns. The opposite side of the same coin is now the crooks know which houses DON’T contain guns and are safe to rob. It’s just like posting a “Gun Free Zone” (otherwise know as a “Criminal Safe Zone”) sign on the houses of homeowners who cannot defend themselves.

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  • patriot refusenik

    The journalist who did this is reported to be Dwight R Worley. Ironically, he is also registered for a .357 magnum! Hipocrite and jackwagon SOB.

    His address is:
    23006 139 Ave
    Springfield Gardens, NY 11413

    His phone: (718) 527-0832

    I tried calling…it’s off the hook right now. Surprise? Hey, actions have consequences. Everyone send him a letter knowing how you feel about him. I wonder if he feels safe now that everyone he outed (all gun owners) know where he lives?
    Oh, and the thieves and criminals will also know.

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  • Lim Lynn
  • Internet Hero

    “So is that NY newspaper going to pay to relocate the women who have gun permits due to stalkers and abusive spouses now that the paper has revealed their new addresses? What about the children who will now spend Christmas in a shelter or motel because their mother had to run?”

  • Pingback: Newspaper Publishes Map of Local Gunowners – Gun Rights Supporter Publishes Map of Local Journalists | The Penn Ave Post()

  • Ray A.

    Thank you, New York Times.
    Let’s say I am a bad guy.
    Now I know where to go, where I would NOT run into a well armed homeowner …

  • Pingback: Newspaper Publishes Map of Local Gunowners – Gun Rights Supporter Publishes Map of Local JournalistsPolitifreak()

  • Commentator

    http://www.theburningplatform.com/?p=46212 are publisher’s and editor’s personal contact info

    pretty funny

  • Joe Citizen for Freedom

    The Journalists addresses were published as a public service to coincide with the journal publishing private citizens addresses. I think that is fair. Check this site:

  • Mike F

    honestly – move out of NY state and you won’t have the problem, your government is your problem. cross the border in to Free-er PA and you can OWN a handgun with out a permission slip from Bloomberg’s nanny government. -just don’t ruin our state with your stupid laws in the future… hey and get this your taxes will be lower (for now anyhow) too. vote with your feet and move already, move your jobs here too- like Henry Arms- Scranton Pa would welcome you! more jobs wanted! … on another note if your on FB the owner of that news paper and his address is circulating all over FB_land- so criminals out there can have a good safe day at his place. good luck.

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  • Phil

    Names and addresses of the newspapers staff published
    Sauce for the goose or, home address and phone number of Journal-News publisher

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