Nancy Lanza Would Take Son Adam Shooting to Bond With Him (Video)

Nancy Lanza, the mother of Adam Lanza, told friends that she would take her son shooting as a way to bond with her son. A close friend also told FOX News that he didn’t think she had the support system she needed to deal with Adam. According to a family friend,
“She would take them shooting because that was a way a single mom could relate to her son.”


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  • Finncrisp

    Clearly Nancy was in over her head in caring for her unstable son. He commited murder to obtain the weapons and ammo needed to massacre students and staff. Not sure how gun control plays any role in this incident. We have countless regulations already, and a government who breaks these laws with inpunity in cases like fast and furious. And makes no apology for it and does not allow those responsible to be incarcerated and tried.

  • David Ross

    REASONS/ISSUES TO BLAME OR EXAMINE ON THE LATEST HORRIBLE SHOOTING (that are mostly if not entirely being ignored by the state-run U.S. media):
    In no particular order:
    1)Shooter was on mind-altering drugs with potential psychotic effects.
    2)Unsecured weapons, or at least not secured enough considering a person with severe mental issues lived in the house.
    3)Mother made the INSANE mistake of taking the shooter to regular target practice with her guns…HELLLLLLLO?
    4)The lack of METAL DETECTORS at schools. Stop using the “it’s too expensive” cop-out. When has spending money EVER been a concern of the government?
    5)The lack of ARMED GUARDS at schools. Yes, IT IS TIME-2 MINIMUM at EVERY SCHOOL, in case one of THEM goes nuts. Again, stop using the “it’s too expensive” cop-out.
    6)Far Left Groups Defeated Connecticut Mental Health Protection Laws Just Months Before Shooting (ACLU):
    7)GUN FREE ZONES-that is as good as putting up a SIGN that reads WELCOME CRIMINALS-FEEL FREE TO KILL US UNCHALLENGED.

    And likely plenty of others-yet as always liberal Democrats immediately politicize this for an opportunity to shove new laws down our throats that will only leave more of us DEFENSELESS thereby CREATING EVEN MORE VICTIMS.

  • ★FALCON★

    @finncrisp – the CT laws prevented Lanza from buying a gun/rifle in the days/weeks before.

    If he wanted to commit this horrific act and couldn’t get firearms – and he was determined enough – he could have went to the internet and built a bomb.

    I’m all for confiscating guns – from liberals.

  • David Ross

    Mom lacked SEVERE judgment in taking a mentally unstable person to regular target practice. FIND ANOTHER WAY TO BOND!!! To say this was wreckless would be the understatement of the century. If I had a child in this day and age with mental issues…I got news for you: not only are they not going target shooting with me, but they aren’t even going to know I have guns for as long as possible, and I’m keeping them secured as possible out of their reach anyway.

  • ★FALCON★

    Yesterday or the day before there was a story out there in cyberspace that indicated Lanza had an altercation with four of the school employees who were eventually shot. According to the “story” the one who was not shot was not at the school on Friday.

    Has anyone seen anything else related to this?

    Seems like it appeared and disappeared.

  • ★FALCON★

    This morning on the Warroom – Jim Quinn stated that the Colorado Batman shooting happened to occur at that exact theater because they had a no gun / conceal policy.

    Batman was playing at four theaters in the area and that theater was chosen for that very fact.

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  • Earthmover

    Uhhh lets see, sonny is burning himself with a lighter…. should I lock up the guns?

  • Fortune

    Demodrats prefer unarmed victims.

  • bigL

    Over at Instapundit, womeone wrote thht the Leftiese should start by dis arming their bodyguards and security gate people. Start with rupert Murdoch. He travels with 6 guards. How
    ’bout they just be security with the “kung-fu” grip?

  • bad actor

    I have seen the shooter’s mother described as a ‘gun lover’ and a ‘survivalist’ – it’s only a matter of time before she is labeled a Tea Partier. It’s going to happen. A win-win for the libs: gun control and killing the Tea Party.

  • iamsaved

    Deciphering How Statists Think about Gun Control – Simple video even the left can comprehend.

  • Bronson

    The self inflicted wounds is a sign of a Personality Disorder like Borderline Personality Disorder. They also engage in self mutilating behaviors like cutting. Obviously this kid was seriously mentally ill and not properly being treated.

  • donh

    #12…THAT’s Right….coming soon…Mommy Lanza listened to Glenn Beck and Adam posted comments to the Blaze….She had a refrigerator magnet with Sarah Palin’s face….all will be anonymous unverified whisper rumors from unnamed ” friends ” …Its how the low life nanny staters in CT operate .

  • Chris W.

    Try miniature golf instead.

  • Campfollower

    Someone is driving the narrative about this mother, and it’s going to be digested by the country no matter what. I don’t believe half of what is coming out, however. Just look at how it was presumed factual that she was a teacher. Totally wrong.

    This narrative should be fought by rational people continuing to post the reminder that the media has gotten many if not all initial information so very wrong in this case and in others.

    I’m not a 2nd amendment nut and have no guns. I’m from a military and ranching family and have been around guns all my life, however. We are getting our seven year old a BB gun for Christmas and will help him learn. I plan to bond with him target shooting, as does his Marine father. And we will NOT allow the demonization of this American tradition. At the least, we will ANSWER IT online and in person whenever it pops up. GOOD MUST FIGHT EVIL. GOOD PEOPLE MUST STAY ABLE TO FIGHT EVIL. Good people must know how to fight evil, with love, with intelligence and with force, if necessary.

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  • Rock

    Our new overzealous security minded government has spent millions putting drones over our cities, towns, and farms, more millions monitoring our phones, email, social media, viewing habits, where we spend our money, what and where we drive and now we find out smart TV’s can be used to spy on us in our homes. None of this helped in this case, but Progs would kike us to believe disarming us will keep us safe, BS.

  • what?

    @ #11 How is Rupert Murdoch the CEO of News Corp. a leftist? How does that even make any sence at all? If you guys are kicking Rupert Murdoch out of the party who is pure enough to hang out with you?