Nancy Lanza Feared Son Adam Was “Getting Worse” – Was Burning Himself With a Lighter

Nancy Lanza feared she was losing her son Adam before he shot her dead on Friday.

Murderer: Adam Lanza, killed himself after murdering more than two dozen others, including 20 school children. (Daily Mail)

The days leading up to Friday’s bloody school massacre, Nancy Lanza feared her son was getting worse. He was burning himself with a lighter.
the New York Daily News reported:

Less than a week before her son would launch his horrifying attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School, gun-loving mom Nancy Lanza knew “she was losing him” and that “he was getting worse.”

A drinking buddy of Lanza told The Daily News that her son Adam had long been troubled and rarely came up in conversation.

“She just looked down at the glass and said, ‘I don’t know. I’m worried I’m losing him,’” said the bar pal, who did not wish to be named, of the ominous conversation at the bar My Place in Newtown, Conn.

“She said it was getting worse. She was having trouble reaching him.”

Adam, who the coroner’s office said Sunday shot Nancy Lanza, 54, several times in the head before unleashing a nightmarish attack that killed 20 schoolchildren and six others Friday, was prone to hurting himself, the drinking buddy said.

“Nancy told me he was burning himself with a lighter. In the ankles or arms or something,” he recalled of a conversation they had about a year ago. “It was like he was trying to feel something.”

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  • bigkahuna

    I would say a variety of things have changed in society. Liberals want guns banned but ignore many of the real problems.

    1. Fewer people attend church of any sort and removing it from the public school, square etc. again just one part of a complicated issue.

    2. Break up of family. 46% Divorce rates in the US and higher among African Americans and poor people as a whole. Far too many kids having kids and far to many fathers who are not involved in those kids lives of all races.

    3. Welfare of all sorts have made being lazy, stupid and dependent no longer looked at as bad or embarrassing but accepted and a away of life. Free stuff for anyone because they breathe.

    4. Drugs: pot, coke, meth and others are glorified, and few learn from high profile deaths and believe they can handle it.

    5. Strength of those drugs and their addiction capacity is much higher.

    6. Schools spend more time teaching political correct issues, green junk science etc rather than personal responsibility, manners, self reliance and common sense.

    7. Social media, internet, mass media and instant news make these kids household names and in a sick way almost glorify their sick deeds and actions. It also shows other sick/ mentally deficient kids what others are doing and more easily show them how they can copy or emmulate them.

    8. Culture: Movies and TV have more blood, guts, gore and vilolence than ever. Stallone, Arnold and others show hundreds being killed in a 90 minute movie or hour long cop series. They are much more graphic than ever. Movies like Kill Bill and Die Hard and many many other make hollywood movie makers and actors rich beyond belief. Notice they mostly have guns as well asarmed protection or armed guards. Same goes for our idiot politicians who break more laws and are more immoral in many cases than the average citizen. No budgets and spending trillions in debt for instance show bad examples of how to live life.

    9. Rap music continues to glorify violence against cops, women and others. They get filthy rich doing it with little or no real talent or real work put into it. This week saw Michelle Malkin threatenedd with violence and extremely graphic, vulgar tweets by supporters of rap star The Game ????? ( never heard of the idiot)

    10 Athletes who are often times dumber than mud fences get rich and glorified and then are rarely held accountable by others when they shoot, kill, use drugs, drive drunk etc etc etc and if they go to jail are hired again and paid big money. In urban cultures the more criminal behavior the more street cred they have and more money they make.

    11. Violent video games have exploded literally. Call of Duty and others basically have the main goal of blowing away as many as possible in a short time in graphic, realistic virtual reality typ games. These are more than likely in every mass murderers history. They blurr the reality and desensitize those kids who are emotionally immature, damaged, stunted or just plain ill or evil. They always seem to be some young guy who cant seem to handle or process his emotions, dillusions,
    bullying, teasing, physical differences in body type, or perceived attractiveness or coolness.

    12. Mental illness clinics and hospitals have had cuts in funding and put more people on the street or never get them the help at all. Again many of these mass killers are first time offenders who never have shown any real signs that say hey Im gonna kill alot of people except where they have posted online without revealing who or wear they are and unseen until after they have done so.

    13. Most are suicidal in some way and are more often seeing others doing these things on tv/ news etc and are seeing this as an acceptible way of going out.

    14. Schools and other public areas are no gun zones and there is rarely any deterrent or answer to stopping this in the few minutes it takes for them to do their damage. Most have taken 10-20 minutes and thats before the police could ever respond.

    15. Lack of training in schools on how to respond. Columbine teacher put kids in the GLASS enclosed library where they were visible for the two insane kids to see and target instead of going into a closed more secluded office.

    16. Little, none or unarmed security…AKA the guy who runs away from an armed intruder with the others. If 2-5 of those priciples, teachers etc had had a CCW they may have been able to save or even deter these kids from going there.

    Schools are poorly secured( not surprisingly)

    18. We blame guns and the NRA but few if any of these kids are NRA members, trained, or interested in following the laws already in place.

    19. Every one of these kids is Young, emotionally whacked, unable to handle his feelings and rarely reported to authorities as being a potential danger to himself or others. They are socially awkward, teased, bullied, austracised, a loner with few if any close friends, many on some psycho type drug or drugs etc. Rarely are they older men who have gotten past the lunacy that is youth for some kids. They have no real job or religious or politicall beliefs. They are rarely popular, may feel unattractive, and areoften from a broken home and have parents who are more worried about their divorce and its issues than they are about their kids and their welfare.

    20. The vast majority of other murders in which 1-4 people are killed are a result of domestic violence, drugs, gangs, illegal aliens/ gangs/ drugs and inner city illegal activity and cultural rot. These kids are rarely well educated, rarely have a father in their life. The inner city/ african american youth are made fun of and called uncle toms or race traitors if they learn to speak proper English, get good grades, dont have tattos everywhere, dont have premature sex or even kids out of wedlock. The mother always comes out after they are shot or do the shooting claiming he is a great boy, never done nothing wrong, or was just getting his life turned around. When in actuality they have a wrap sheet an arms length long. How many you tube videos do we have with black youths doing flash mobs ransacking some store and never being arrested for it?

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  • thelittlebrother

    ‘Even thieves pray for their own…I am calling you to pray for your enemies!’
    Our Crucified Master

    Mary, Mother of Jesus & our Mother
    You received the broken Body
    of your crucified Son
    taken down from the Cross
    & placed into Your arms.
    You closed His gaping wounds with Your hands;
    You bathed His Body with your tears
    & Your heart became His first sepulchre.
    Receive, O virtuous Queen
    our dead children & family
    & bring them before Your Son
    that all may know the Truth of His resurrection!
    amen, amen.

    God does not want to loose even one of His children.
    This boy also needs prayers.

  • lincoln’s widow
  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    If 2-5 of those priciples, teachers etc had had a CCW they may have been able to save or even deter these kids from going there.

    Slight problem – the majority of teachers/administrators are likely to be pussified lefties, frightened of even handling a firearm, let alone using it in an appropriate situation.

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  • Opaobie

    #4, When will politicians find courage to address the root causes of societal problems and stop shredding the Constitution and scapegoating law abiding gun owners for the effects of their own failed Leftist policies?

  • bigkahuna

    My point is that there are many issues that are rarely discussed and too often liberals jump on the gun issue when there are many more important issues and things to consider and impliment.

    You start taking away our liberties and freedoms and soon its the one you care about most. We are losing them almost daily.

    Privacy rights, property rights, person decision rights( to buy or not health insurance), smoking in our own establishment, what you can eat or drink, what we can feed our kids, what we can drive, what we have to do to own a gun, what we can do with our property or a wetland and many more that seem to pop up.

  • Ella

    #4 – What does the left propose to do about armed illegals coming into this country through a very porous border that doesn’t get protected by Napolitano? You know, the ones we can’t even ask for a voter ID when they show up at the polls where they vote illegally?

  • Jawknee

    Yet again, this is proof of the failure of our mental health system. Thank you democrats. Thank you so much for making it harder to commit and treat these people. This blood is on YOUR HANDS! Not gun owners.

  • Ella

    #1 – You absolutely nailed it.

  • DomesticGoddess

    Note how the article describes the deceased mom as a “gun loving mom” and that she had drinking buddies. Talk about profiling.

  • Frankroy

    Spot on Bigkahuna

  • donh

    “Nancy told me he was burning himself with a lighter. In the ankles or arms or something,”

    He knew he was in HELL.

    It could also be a side effect of drugs….or whatever deep sleep hypnosis Adam may have received to program this sicko for a murder suicide mission…Why assume Adam wasn’t seeing a shrink ? The mom had big bucks to afford therapy. Who was his doctor ?

  • gastorgrab

    @ bigkahuna, #1

    While we have moved to ‘DEcentralize’ mental health care, liberal changes in government have moved towards ‘Centralized’ general welfare. (We controlling the disturbed people less, and controlling the normal people more.)

    The people who actually need government to plan out their lives for them, the mentally ill, get dumped on the streets (and make up nearly 40% of all homeless), and all the folks who can work BUT DONT WANT TO, get free ObamaPhones.

    With very few exceptions, ALL of the recent mass-shootings have involved mentally deranged individuals. If liberals want to control something, let them exert control over the people who are most likely to cause harm to themselves or others!

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  • bigkahuna

    Typical liberal policies.. Fix ( or claim to) whats not broken and make things that need fixing worse.

    Laws of unintended consequences are very prominent in liberal solutions as are restricytions of all our rights.

  • John Public

    Shoots Brah, you exactly spot on. In Oregon they are already trying to limit magazines to 10 rounds. Sounds like an idea that will be pushed further. Like the nuts that do evil things will obey that law, something like this will make law abiding folks criminals. Assault weapons are already banned, automatic weapons are assault weapons.

  • gastorgrab

    Gun Control is a huge F-ing distraction here!

    Liberals have the entire country on the defensive here against gun ownership when in reality THE STATE FAILED! The right should be demanding to know why if the mentally ill pose such a problem, and they are THE ONLY ONES who go on shooting rampages, why is ‘The State’ not directly addressing the problem????

    The shooters all drove cars to their separate places of destruction as well. Should we ban cars?

    By all rights, THE LEFT-WING SHOULD BE ON THE DEFENSIVE HERE. It was there promises of a “tolerant and evolved new society” that are not being realized. Normal people don’t gun down 6-year olds. The centrally-planned culture of the left does not account for motivations that are delusional, and that cannot be anticipated. Their simplistic explanations of “greater good” no longer apply to these case when good and evil are aspects of rational thought. A rabid dog isn’t good or evil. It’s just destructive. (Should we ban all dogs?)

    But all we hear now is “Guns are evil!”

  • gastorgrab

    I personally think that high capacity magazines make the world a safer place.

    Every time a psycho-killer attempts to use one, it jams up. Many lives are saved.