On December 3, 2012, President Barack Obama warned Syria that the use of chemical weapons would be “totally unacceptable.” It was a red line not to be crossed.

But that was two weeks ago.
Today, medics reported that poisonous gas sprayed in a rebel-held neighbourhood in Homs.
Aljazeera reported:

Hat Tip Mara

As usual… The silence from the White House is deafening. So much for his “red line” talk… huh?




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  1. False Flag.

  2. zippy will be taking notes.

  3. Obama is on vacation…again. But you don’t have to worry about him anyway. Gas away

  4. Shhhhhhhhhhh…… El Guapo is over his ball about to putt.

  5. No one pays him any mind except when they come begging for money.

  6. I won’t repost all the links I’ve posted previously on GP about Syria, but suffice to say: Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Shocker: Obama isn’t telling you the truth.

    Search Syrian Girl on youtube – watch some of her broadcasts. Especially this one:
    8 reasons why the New World Order hates Syria

  7. Anyone taking Obama at his word does so at his own risk.
    The saddest and most tragic feature of Obama is how he singlehandedly diminishes the office of the presidency. Traditionally, the president represented all americans, promoted policies in the best interest of the country, and respected limits of power in the constitution. Obama spends all his time scheming against select constituency groups, calculating deceiptful public relations campaigns, and developing rewards for donors. These are his skills and all he knows. In everything else he is out of his league, unqualified, and inexperienced. For this, it is not just us who will suffer, but the world. No other country can trust us. They can seek to exploit us, fool us, and mock us. But they cannot trust our word. People in those countries cannot expect help or even empathy from the U.S. government, as it is too consumed with shaping a public image at odds with reality.
    ( I don’t believe chemical weapons have been used by Assad’s forces. If they do use them, it is none of our business.)


    Syrian Christians fear bleak future after Assad


  9. ++

    did he recently give a speech that contained any message to
    Aasad or anything connected to Syria, you know the pattern,
    he speaks, they act, people die, coming to a theater near US
    soon enough.. :-(


  10. OT

    WATCH: Obama Announces Task Force With Predetermined Goal To Ban Military-Grade Weapons Revolutionaries Would Need To Battle His Troops


  11. Gimme a break,

    You expect honorable, decent behavior from . . . MUSLIMS !!!

  12. So much for his “red line” talk…

    Regardless of how this development pans out, the only thing to remember about Obie is that the only enemies that he’s readily willing to engage are those he considers the domestic political kind. Real enemies that pose an actual danger are to be ignored or appeased.

  13. When you draw a line in the sand, a mild breeze can eliminate it. So what’s the problem?

  14. Muslims killing Muslims, it’s all good brothers…

  15. This is likely the rebels themselves as Fearless Leader said that all it would take for the US / NATO (same thing) to intervene on behalf of the rebels would be Assad using chemical weapons. False flag operation if there ever was one.

    Still, to me, it’s all good as Muslims killing Islamists killing Koran Thumpers killing Muslims is always the best strategy for the Christian west to defend itself from the cancer that is Islam.

  16. No no no. Obama will get really mad now. And he’ll announce the “Brilliant Magenta Line.” This is much more serious than the red line because, if it is crossed, he will… be even madder. Just like all those serious sanctions on Iran that worked because if you crossed the line, well, there were strict consequences. Like talking. And more lines.

    Somewhere, Neville Chamberlain is smiling knowing that there’s an even greater weakling who’s enabling evil through appeasement.

  17. President Barack Obama warned Syria that the use of chemical weapons would be “totally unacceptable.”

    Oooo wow, and Obama also said that Iran acquiring a nuclear bomb would be “totally unacceptable.”

    “Totally unacceptable” in ObamaSpeak means “naughty”, and “gosh darn I wish you would not do that”, and “I might pout before I go and play another round of golf,” and “maybe I will see if I can the French to stick their tongues out at you.”

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