It’s a Bully Beatdown!… Steven Crowder Challenges Union Assailant to MMA-Style Ring Match (Video)

Today in Lansing, Michigan union goons trampled and destroyed conservative group Americans for Prosperity’s tent during protests against right to work legislation. AFP members were caught inside the tent during the attack. Conservative Steven Crowder was brutally assaulted by the goons during the attack.

Tonight Steven Crowder challenged the union goon who sucker punched him to a MMA-style brawl.
All proceeds will go to the charity of choice.

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  • valerie

    I will make a prediction: we are going to find out this guy, Tony Camargo (?) is a mean drunk. The only person I ever saw in real life that was as volatile as this scumbag was a mean drunk.

    The one I knew had a clean record, mainly because he started drinking late in life due to a divorce, and the adults around him contained his behavior.

    So this Tony character is acting like a mean drunk who has no smart friends around.

  • bg


    wait, can he do that??

    SC wasn’t the only one he assaulted..

    i mean, it’s caught on tape, does he have
    a choice, or are the charges automatic??


  • Joonypie

    Oh snap it is on, gotta say though my moneys on Tony, dude needs to learn too zip his lip

  • Remco Kimber

    Crowder might be getting more than he’s bargaining for. The union goon has a deadly weapon, prominently displayed, which is possessed by a surprising high percentage of unions – the union belly!

  • Tyler

    99.999% certain I have acquired the assailant’s home address. He just happens to live a few miles from the other man (Chris Opalewski) ID’d in the video.

    Let me know if you want the info for confirmation

  • Jimmy

    Coming soon: Crowder popcorn!

  • USMC Thomas

    That old, fat ass union goon has about two wild swings before he would collapse from fatigue.

  • Truth Teller

    The “turn the other cheek”, “take the high road” crap needs to stop.

    Time to start getting in the faces of these idiots, intimidate them, humiliate them.

    Let them snap…

  • Joonypie

    that worked out pretty good for Steven huh

  • charliewalksonwater

    This guy went a couple rounds with his wife. He lost, so he took it out on Crowder

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  • AmericaWILL

    Oh, its on now. lol Crowder is po’d. I so hope that coward comes forward.

  • Cecelia

    Steven started the fight just to get his name on the news

  • CR

    What a bunch of BS. Cowardly Crowder wouldn’t defend himself while being assaulted and now he wants to schedule a fight in a ring, with rules? That’s utter nonsense.

    Crowder should take off his panties and defend himself when necessary instead of taking an unopposed beating then talking smack about it later. This is why conservatives have lost. All talk and no action. Crowder is all show and no go.

    That’s why leftists are doing whatever they want. They know you won’t do a damned thing to stop them, except whine about it of course.

  • pdxnag

    While we are focused on the right of individuals:

    Demand that public employees have a protected right to opt out of any and all retirement savings plans offered by any public body.

  • Ron

    Cecelia you are a complete idiot!! Crowder asked a simple question and got assaulted for doing so!
    Freedom of speech only counts when it’s speech you liberal jugheads agree with!!
    What a worthless putz!!!

  • Warren Bonesteel

    Sorry, Mr. Crowder. You should’ve gone MMA on him when you had the chance. Now, you look like a wimp who’s putting on a poor show of courage.

    Shoulda kept quiet and gone with the lawsuit.