Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Political Correctness run amok… between the DHS focused on zombies… and the CIA focused on LGBT… it’s definitely an Obama World. reports the following:

( – For the first time in its history, the Central Intelligence Agency is actively seeking recruits from a new demographic – the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender community.

Last week, the agency held a “networking” party in Miami, sponsored by the Miami-Dade Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and the CIA, according to a National Public Radio report aired on Dec. 2.

“This is the first time we’ve done a networking event of this type with any of the gay and lesbian chamber of commerces in the United States,” Michael Barber, the program manager for the CIA’s LGBT Community Outreach and Liaison, said in the report.

Barber also told NPR that the CIA already has LGBT employees who are “serving overseas with their partners.”

A press release posted on the CIA website on Nov. 8 announced the first-ever sponsorship by the agency of a LGBT conference.

“For the first time in its history, the CIA served as a corporate sponsor of the oSTEM – Out in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – recent national conference in Chicago, and led discussions in the Intelligence Careers conference track,” the release states. “The CIA participated in the event as part of its nationwide outreach to diverse communities with mission critical talent.”

Susan M. Gordon, CIA’s director of support, spoke to the 100 students in attendance at the conference, according to the press release.

“I employ your peers at every level in my organization, including senior management,” Gordon said. “And I know that sexual orientation and gender identity have absolutely no relation to one’s ability to do the job.

“When you blend LGBT and STEM, you get innovation, different perspectives, connections between complex ideas, and applications that drive bottom-line business results,” Gordon said.



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  1. A big need for them in Iran.

  2. The saving grace in all of this is that none of these people will pass the extensive background check that the CIA will conduct on them, where everything they’ve done from childhood onward is closely examined, friends, neighbors, teachers, acquantances all personally interviewed, medical histories gathered and poured over by their physicians, psychological tests conducted with the results closely examined by CIA psychiatrists, drug tests conducted, polygraph tests conducted over and over again, and on and on, all looking for dirt.

    The LGBT lifestyle isn’t one where they’re people are all home-bodies during the week and sitting in church on Sunday morning, if you catch my meaning.

  3. Apparently now that Obama has won again anything ridiculous instantly becomes the truth.

    “When you blend LGBT and STEM, you get innovation, different perspectives, connections between complex ideas, and applications that drive bottom-line business results,” Gordon said.”

    Ahhhh…so let’s look at science from a gay perspective….?
    That is the stupidest thing I have ever read.

  4. Let’s ask this question. How much worse can American intelligence agencys become?

  5. LGBTVWTF have thousands of years history living a secret life in the closet maintaining double identities. Why recruit…you probably got 1,000s of them already in the department and they don’t even know it.

  6. “When you blend LGBT and STEM, you get innovation, different perspectives, connections between complex ideas, and applications that drive bottom-line business results,” Gordon said.

    What you get is a Clusterf@ck who is hired because of a political agend not because of qualifications. Otherwise you wouldn’t have a special meeting, hiring session, recruiting effort. You have a meeting of simply anyone interested and you show them the qualifications.if they can meet, pass and qualify you hire the best. What a joke. Special treatment for yet another group. I hope they put them all in charge of guarding the Won.

  7. There already down one gay ambassador, so they need to replenish their stock.

  8. Let’s see… security risk here.

    If a lgbt is threatened with outing in a muslim country how quickly do we have a brand new double agent working against us? Quicker than you can say bradley manning.

    As far as passing a security check….that process will be just as airtight as our southern border.

  9. The regime is committing reverse discrimination against heterosexuals.

  10. its an obama world

  11. @ #9 #9 Redwine-“The regime is committing reverse discrimination against heterosexuals.”

    There is only discrimination.

  12. Why not hire people who aren’t primarily concerned about who they’re with when they squeeze semen out of their testicles?

  13. a good way to get radical leftists in the CIA. why did you hire them, because they would make good spies? no, because they were gay. its they same way the left has destroyed competence in every field of endeavor in the united states.

  14. Frankly, I’m having an operation where my eye lids will be made to look slanted. I’m having the melanin on my skin darkened through chemical treatments. I’m having facial reconstruction surgery to give me that androgenous look (think Randy Maddow). I’ve already written a fake letter from my great grandmother stating that I have American Indian ancestry. And I’m going to start attending the local LGBT meetings so I can eventually pick up one my membership card.

    This way, I will be able to pass myself off as an Asian Lesbian Native-American woman of color! LIFETIME GOV’T JOB HERE I COME!!! (Did I mention card-carrying Democrat Party Member?)

    All you suckers will be stuck paying my 6 figure Gov’t salary and benefits package.

  15. completely misleading headline, article, yet completely predictable and hate-filled responses. all of Hoft’s little droogies are in full form today.

  16. “Serving overseas with their partners”, is this a joke, the CIA? Do hetro couples get the same benefit, can you bring the wife and kids along?

  17. So the Obama regime is institutionalizing discrimination against those not homosexual!

    Radical is not the word any longer.

  18. Before the APA was compromised this deviancy was correctly classified as a mental disorder. One only needs to look at the news stories to see how much hate and loathing those individuals suffer from and spew unto others [in paranoid "self-defense" from their projections of hate on other people]. I’ve lost count of the fake “hate” crimes that have surged lately.

    But Tommy MC Donnel is correct about the true motive. The Army and Intelligence community will not [at this moment] stand idly by if the Commie tries to openly usurp power like his bestest pal [raper] Muhamed in Egypt. That’s why he’s stacking it with people who generally have mouth foaming hatred of the Republic.

  19. BTW, you all recall who Bradley Manning is, right?

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