Jon Hammar, a former Marine held in Mexico on gun charges, has been in a Mexican prison for four months on what is being called a trumped-up federal weapon charge. He was arrested Aug. 13 in Matamoros after he declared to Mexican customs agents a shotgun he planned to use for hunting in Costa Rica. He’s been held in jail since August and chained to a bed.

Jon Hammar survived wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is now up in a prison in Mexico. (CBS)

Yesterday, Bill O’Reilly and two US Republican Representatives threatened a boycott of Mexico if Jon Hammar was not released by Christmas.
This morning- Jon’s mother said her son would be released today.
FOX News reported:

DEVELOPING: Jon Hammar, the U.S. Marine imprisoned in Mexico on a gun charge, will be released today, his mother told Fox News Radio.

Olivia Hammar said the judge hearing Hammar’s case issued a ruling in his favor and that her son is to be released at a time on Friday yet to be announced. No more details were available. Hammar, 27, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, has been stuck in a notorious, drug cartel-controlled prison just 15 miles south of the U.S. border since Aug. 13, after he crossed into Mexico and declared an antique shotgun to Mexican customs officials.

News of his pending release came just a day after a letter surfaced from Mexico’s ambassador to the U.S. that insisted Hammar’s case would go to trial.

“This circumstance requires that he remain under detention during the duration of his trial,” Arturo Sarukhan said in the letter.

Hammar, who was charged with a federal level weapon felony and faces up to 15 years in a Mexican prison for what his travel companion said was a breakdown in communication at the U.S.-Mexico border. He has been held in the notorious CEDES prison in Matamoros, Mexico, ever since. The prison is just 15 miles south of the border.

But there were questions about the case from the beginning. Ian McDonough, 27, a friend and fellow Marine who was with Hammar when he was nabbed, told that four U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents told Hammar before he crossed into Mexico that as long as the required permit, which he completed, was submitted and he declared the gun to Mexican authorities, there would be no problem in bringing the vintage shotgun across the border.




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  1. Behold the future that awaits American gun owners – whereby the “common sense laws” are followed and weapons declared, and you’re still thrown into a prison, indefinitely, for owning an antique shotgun whose barrel was just a weeeeee bit short. I note, on a somewhat related subject, that New York’s governor wants to ban magazine that hold more than seven rounds. Wasn’t another legislator talking about a 10-round limit last week? What’ll we hear about NEXT week? But kudos to O’Reilly. Looks like he got one right.


  3. Is the rumor true that we agreed to hand over Eric Holder for weapons smuggling crimes in exchange for Hammar’s release?

  4. just another reason to never go to Mexico.

  5. Get ready for Barky to claim credit and make a movie out of it.

  6. O’Reilly may be annoyingly over concerned with being middle of the road, but he sure did a good job with this issue. He deserves a thanks.

  7. @domestic Goddess: Yes. You’re correct. I’m SURE that today when The One makes his sacred remarks at Senator Daniel Inouye’s funeral, it will be all about HIM, the one we’ve been waiting for. Growing up in HI with Inouye representating his home state. Wait for it……It will be yet another display of malignant narcissism.

  8. Sandra the Slut gets a call from Obama and this Marine got nothing form Obama!

  9. We’ve been boycotting Mexico anyway. It’s beyond me why parents allow their children and teens to travel there. It’s beyond me that our neighbors have a time share there, when bodies are found just down the road. It’s beyond me that people don’t understand it’s a third world country run by the Zeta cartel and other hooligans and you all are right. Obama doesn’t give a rats ass about any of our young Marines. If it had been a rapper, he’d have been all over this. But a young hero, NEVER. And Michelle’s caring about the military families is bogus as well.

  10. Democrats, liberals and Obama to claim it was Obama that secured his release in 3…2…1….

  11. the o team must have decided this was the best time for maximum coverage. maximum impact. timing is everything especially with an orchestrated adm. all the visuals of obama being presidently and since michelle and the girls are already in hawaii………….

  12. This is why I refuse to go to foreign countries. Especially Mexico.

  13. IF we had a real leader, the Mex warden would’ve woken up one morning to about 6 attack choppers circling his prison with a loudspeaker… “Let him out… NOW!” Like that would happen with Barry at the controls!

  14. Went to Cabo on our honeymoon. Not real interested in going back to Ol’ Mehico, because of this and other instances. Liked Cabo and Todos los Santos.

  15. Oblamo will take credit for this. He never heard about this kid until today. O ‘Reilly and West did the work our government refuses to do, but creepo will take credit. Just watch.

  16. At least he and his family will have a very good Christmas.

  17. the border is a bad area and the authorities on both sides don’t know squat. living near the border I do know people who dove hunt in mexico and regardless of paperwork it still takes “gifts” to make things work.
    this AMerican citizen should not be in jail in mexico and regardless of when he gets back, boycotting mexico is a good idea.

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