Toxic Lib Rep. Alan Grayson Booted From Wal-Mart by Florida Police

Leading liberal Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) was escorted from Wal-Mart on Black Friday.

Grayson posed with protesters for sympathetic reporters before being tossed from the store. (Click Orlando)

Watch Dog Wire reported, via Lonely Conservative:

In spite of the embarrassing antics on full display during his first term in Congress, the voters in Florida’s CD09 saw fit to send Alan Grayson back to Washington, D.C.

Naturally, the extreme elements of the far left supported Grayson’s return to office, but so too did many of our friends and neighbors. Perhaps even family members. He was also a recipient of overwhelming support from the Hispanic community, particularly those of Puerto Rican descent. And labor unions.

There’s no doubt he also received a fair share of votes from the disaffected and disengaged for the sheer entertainment value such a buffoon presents.

And Grayson wasted little time in making it clear that his second stint at playing a lawmaker will be no less mortifying than the first when he spent Thanksgiving night agitating Walmart workers on behalf of organized labor and disrupting the early start to Black Friday holiday shopping.
Union-backed groups OUR Walmart and Making Change at Wal-Mart were calling for an employee walkout during Black Friday.

In the typical theatrics that define the far left, our newly elected Congressman was handing out turkey sandwiches and letters explaining the right to organize to employees at a local Walmart, forcing management to call the police to have him escorted off the property.

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  • Kissmygrits

    I was just as shocked to hear that this vile person had been reelected to represent a part of Florida as I was to see Col. West lose his reelection bid. Makes one wonder what’s in the water in that state.

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  • Digger

    This must be the new tactic by the radical socialists within the democrat party. Give some unsuspecting and ill-informed dupe a freebie in exchange for a vote or two. The right to vote is predicated on an educated and free thinking society. The socialist democrats have thoroughly obfuscated their voter base through the “mainstream” media and the public school system. A propaganda machine like that would make Adolf Hitler and Josef Goebbels insane with envy.

  • donh

    Alan should have remained as the butler door greeter to Disneyland’s haunted mansion, but he found fantacy grave digging to be a dead end job…So he’s going back to DC where he can rule over real death panels……>

  • Militant Conservative

    Gonna get waaaaaaaay worse. this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Obama has not been inhabited by the UN holy spirit yet.

    let that sink in.

  • Patty

    Don’t care never have about Grayson. He has emotional problems and if this is what the Americans are looking for they need not look to far in D.C. today.

    The guy is mentally disturbed.

  • john b

    I found it interesting this past summer to learn about Grayson’s wealth. And found the story about him cracking up his high-end Mercedes (or was it a BMW?) illuminating. This man is a <1%-er. But, he gives his constituents "gifts" — grayson:elf as obama:santa claus. As dec 25 becomes every day.

  • WoodardAlison

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  • Patty


    You link doesn’t work.

  • Stella Baskomb

    “Grayson posed”

    He’s quite the poseur, non?

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  • DecentAmerican

    So mentally disturbed men like Grayson and Jackson Jr get elected, while Heroes like West lose?

    Who are the stupid ignorant deranged racist uneducated fools voting for these people?

    Democrats? Oh yeah, but I repeat myself.

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  • Bob

    Yes, it is utterly amazing that people in Florida actually voted twice to have the lunatic Grayson represent them in Congress. In the meantime, an honorable man like Allen West is defeated.
    Pravda is correct when this past week stated that American voters are illiterate.

  • Liz

    “Extreme elements of the far left..”? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Far left by whose standards? America hasn’t seen real “far left” (moreover “extreme elements” of such) since the McCarthy era. Whoever wrote this is a clown.

  • Lilbby

    You can tell he’s not all there just by looking at him. Of course, that describes most libs I know.

  • Sorry to live in Illinois

    Florida is officially lost. What a poor, pathetic excuse for a state. Oh wait, I live in Illinois. I need to find me a good, solid red state.