Top Obama Official Tells Supporters: “Let’s Win This Mother-F*cker!”

Kareem Dale (The Blaze)

Classy, as always.
Special Assistant to the President, Kareem Dale, told supporters this week at an OFA phone bank, “Let’s win this mother-f*cker!”

The Blaze

In a speech to a packed room of Obama for America phone bank volunteers at the Democratic National Committee headquarters Thursday night in Washington, D.C., Special Assistant to the President Kareem Dale said that people with disabilities are going to be “absolutely killed” under the proposed policies of Mitt Romney and delivered strong message to the crowd: “let’s win this motherfu**er.”

Dale, who is himself partially blind, acts currently as the associate director for the White House Office of Public Engagement and as a special assistant to the president for disability policy.

The message was part of a speech to rally phone bank volunteers. During his address, Dale discussed the difference between the president’s views on healthcare and Romney’s. That’s when he said that the president would “protect the disabled” and announced, in contrast, that ”people with disabilities are going to be absolutely killed under Mitt Romney’s plan.”

He continued: “We know that other minorities are not going to have the same opportunity in this country if Mitt Romney becomes president.” He also said that the LGBT community would “loose their rights if Mitt Romney becomes president.”

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  • Democrats: Keeping it classy.

  • PegLeg

    Loose is a tooth or a nut! Lose means you don’t win, dumbass!
    As of today, Black unemployment – 14.3% White unemployment – 7%!
    Can Romney possibly do WORST for minorities!

  • Granny

    People with disabilities were not “being killed” before Obamacare was signed into law.

    Obamacare allows for 16,000 new IRS agents to enforce it but not a SINGLE new doctor, nurse or other medical professional.

    How does repealing Obamacare change the situation as it stood before Obamacare?

    The scare tactics, irresponsibility and absolute lack of anything than even resembles logic simply astounds me.

  • Liz

    Minorities won’t have the same opportunity under a Romney presidency. They’ll have so much more, starting with a job and some self-respect. I’m hoping to have both of those again in four short days. Where do these potty-mouthed Obamites come from?

  • mivenho

    “loose their rights”?

  • owl

    Nasty little lying creeps. Yep, sums it up.

  • These people are really losing it

    And like Steyn said- “Barack Obama will satisfy your lady parts, deflower your daughter, turn your grade-schooler into a glassy-eyed Kim Jong Il extra, and get gran’ma mouthing like a gangsta-ho.’


  • paul52

    The Progressives: All class… all the time!

  • eatmelickmebiteme

    Send that “mother-f*cker” back home to Chicago!

  • WH Insider

    The blind are our best workers because they cannot see how little work every one else is doing.

  • Nanna

    @ Reaganite Republican

    Think you said it VERY well. So did Granny.

  • Lars

    The blind administration, with a little vile on the side please.

  • Now now now let’s not be racist. That mf’er word is part of colored culture. Gotta give the homeboy a pass on that one.

    Seriously, they’re trying to scare as many people as possible. About the only thing he didn’t warn Dems about was if Romney wins he’s going to confiscate all those free obama sail fawns (cell phones.)

  • Steveas

    Spell check is not his friend. Proofreading either.

  • Eden12345

    He’s got that “lights are on but nobody’s home” look about him, doesn’t he?

  • i guess he just didn’t get that the optics of this story would be bad…


  • NorthernX

    Desperate to keep his job.
    That’s what it’s all about.

  • AmericaWILL

    OMG, what happened to that guy’s head? Was he in the birth canal too long? Seriously, he may be brain-damaged.

  • Patty

    Was old man Joe standing by to make sure Kareem Dale got the pronunciation of MFer Correct.

    THIS IS A BIG DEAL!! You can get your point across without sounding like the puke you are.

  • Patty

    I really hate to make fun of people but he does have a mile long forehead. 😆


  • blackbush666

    Fetal alcohol syndrome. Nuff said.

  • milootoole

    If they “lose ” their rights, is that as bad as if they “loose” them?

    I know this is not a spelling class but for God’s sake if you want to make a point, don’t detract from it by making it look as if you are dumb.!!!

  • greenfairie

    Goes to show you the kind of people the Democrats attract. Remember the meme with all of the mug shots of people in Obama t-shirts?

  • dork lungfish

    The Democratic Party is the party of lady parts, Big Bird, filthy language, and dead ambassadors.

  • Greg

    Typical filth.

    Birds of a feather.

  • Liberty

    Another lowlife democrat with a filthy mouth. I’m shocked, shocked, I tell you!

  • Big Red

    Didn’t Bill O’ Reilly get skewered for describing blacks talking this way in Harlem? Just an ugly stereotype they said. Sorry, but if even the educated ones talk this way then it’s not a stereotype. Bill got it right.

  • ploome


    doesn’t that just about sum up this gang occupying the White House?

    4 more days

  • Westerner

    …this t**d must has studied the Joe Biden manual of “Inappropriate things to say”…

  • Cheryl in CA

    …can you spell “G-H-E-T-T-O” ???

  • Cheryl in CA

    oops…I think I just stepped on this **** on my backyard lawn (after my dogs were outside)

  • Miss Peach

    Because it’s a big fu&king deal ! Oh those classy Dems !

  • just-saying

    Besides the obvious economic benefits of electing Romney, it will be great to have leaders who don’t use such filthy language so much!

  • Hard to believe

    300 years and ten generations have passed and most have still not assimilated into a modern society. Truly, we should have picked our own cotton.

  • Hillbilly Diva

    PegLeg, do not criticize language until you use it properly. It is worse, not worst, in your sentence.

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  • Dennis Habern

    You are correct, we should have picked our own cotton, and during the early 1800’s,

    Jefferson should have ensured that the might of the United States Military would maintain

    an ever-last-effect upon the Muslims in Africa. No more tribute then, and surely, not now.

    These low-life Jihadist Muslims need to be shown the road to a better life when they feel

    the power of the atom that they have so long sought, if you follow, commencing with

    Iran, Egypt and the rest of the jive-talking Moron’s, if you follow. It worked well over 2

    cities in Japan during World War Two on August 6, and August 9, and brought the war in

    the Pacific to a screeching halt. Nothing has changed, therefore, it is the correct recipe

    to solve Iran’s world-wide hallucinations, if you follow.