Landslide Watch–
The Obama Campaign is sending Bill Clinton to PENNSYLVANIA, of all places, for four rallies the day before the election.
Ed Henry on FOX News reported:




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  1. This Bill drawing much larger crowds than BO?

  2. Shocked to Haaretz endorsing Obama. What’s wrong with those people?

  3. ++

    OT.. that could be everything..

    ‘Obama gift-wrapped Libya to al-Qaida’


  4. If Romney is so desperate in Pennsylvania then why not leave him alone to waste resources…? Who is really desperate ?

  5. Boy, that’s tough. Now they have to find some good-looking democratic women to stand behind Bill. How many are there-5? 10?

  6. Apparently Obama really hates PA (“clinging to their guns & religion”) and knows they know which makes him even angrier – they’ve got to avoid another “revenge” comment at this stage … so Obama can’t go to the state (only been there 2 times) – so Sick Willy to the rescue – but Clinton looks pretty frail & weak at this point + had nearly lost his voice last night in VA. Besides Clinton has been the kiss of death for Democrat candidates these past two years and it wasn’t really helpful for Obama to have Clinton running around in Ohio last week saying “well you can’t complain about the jeeps being made in China because they tried it before and you can’t make them here so they have to be made there” etc. – sometimes it’s almost like Clinton is intentionally trying to sabotage Obama (NOT! ROFLMAO!) – GO R&R GO!


    Betrayer of the Public Trust,
    Betrayer of your wife,
    Defiler of the People’s House,
    Constant only in evil and strife.
    You defile the very air we must breathe,
    To demand we accept your “advice.”

    Seducer of “silly women*”,
    Corrupter of our honest domain.
    You have lied, and injured and cheated with those
    Who now gladly do so again.
    Your opinions are as perverted as you,
    And they’ll not save this despot’s reign.

    * “For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,” 2 Timothy 2:6 (KJV)

    ROMNEY & RYAN WIN BIG…in two days!

  8. Clinton . . no credibility whatsoever ! .

  9. If Romney wins, in his acceptance speech, he must set the record straight on the cause of the financial crisis and Bill Clinton’s role. He is viewed by Americans as a saint in spite of basically being responsible for the housing crisis (affordable housing policies) and 9-11 attacks (doing nothing after Al Quaida attacks in Tanzania, Kenya etc)

  10. @ Steven W. #6: Ya’ know, I thought Bill Clinton has been looking frail, too. I’ve been offline for a week, so maybe everyone sees him the same way but, since being back online, you are the first to comment on it that I’ve read. Is it just us who’ve noticed he doesn’t look well?

    Incidentally, he doesn’t look at all pleased or enthusiastic, either, about stumping for Kenya Boy, IMO.

  11. Slick Willy driving to Scranton PA in a truck carrying 30,000 pounds of bananas…..>

  12. I thought Bill had more political savvy; four more years of Obama destroying jobs and the economy would finish off any possibility of a democrat(aka Hillary) being elected in 2016.

  13. ++

    no doubt Romney is the winner, but our gov is so crooked, and
    Obama will steal it any which way he can, doesn’t even matter
    if it can be proved beyond the shadow of a gov’t doubt.. /sigh/


  14. OT

    This article has some very good ideas about “taxing the rich.” Maybe it is time to give the Hollyweird types a chance to pay their fair share.

  15. Please forgive for being off topic. I thought the Harvey Weinstein movie “Zero Dark Thirty” was supposed to be released today. That’s where Obama swooped in like Bat Man, shot Osama in the head, all by himself, and was the hero of the world. The movie was to be released two days before the election. That’s today. Has anyone seen it anywhere?

  16. Irony of ironies….Pennsylvania ‘clingers to their guns and religion’ take ‘revenge’ on The One.
    If there is a God……..

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