PANIC TIME: Clinton to Pennsylvania for FOUR Rallies on Monday (Video)

Landslide Watch–
The Obama Campaign is sending Bill Clinton to PENNSYLVANIA, of all places, for four rallies the day before the election.
Ed Henry on FOX News reported:

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  • valerie

    This Bill drawing much larger crowds than BO?

  • Grandma Perkins

    Shocked to Haaretz endorsing Obama. What’s wrong with those people?

  • bg


    OT.. that could be everything..

    ‘Obama gift-wrapped Libya to al-Qaida’


  • NeoKong

    If Romney is so desperate in Pennsylvania then why not leave him alone to waste resources…? Who is really desperate ?

  • Big Red

    Boy, that’s tough. Now they have to find some good-looking democratic women to stand behind Bill. How many are there-5? 10?

  • Apparently Obama really hates PA (“clinging to their guns & religion”) and knows they know which makes him even angrier – they’ve got to avoid another “revenge” comment at this stage … so Obama can’t go to the state (only been there 2 times) – so Sick Willy to the rescue – but Clinton looks pretty frail & weak at this point + had nearly lost his voice last night in VA. Besides Clinton has been the kiss of death for Democrat candidates these past two years and it wasn’t really helpful for Obama to have Clinton running around in Ohio last week saying “well you can’t complain about the jeeps being made in China because they tried it before and you can’t make them here so they have to be made there” etc. – sometimes it’s almost like Clinton is intentionally trying to sabotage Obama (NOT! ROFLMAO!) – GO R&R GO!



    Betrayer of the Public Trust,
    Betrayer of your wife,
    Defiler of the People’s House,
    Constant only in evil and strife.
    You defile the very air we must breathe,
    To demand we accept your “advice.”

    Seducer of “silly women*”,
    Corrupter of our honest domain.
    You have lied, and injured and cheated with those
    Who now gladly do so again.
    Your opinions are as perverted as you,
    And they’ll not save this despot’s reign.

    * “For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,” 2 Timothy 2:6 (KJV)

    ROMNEY & RYAN WIN BIG…in two days!

  • ratsofred

    Clinton . . no credibility whatsoever ! .

  • David

    If Romney wins, in his acceptance speech, he must set the record straight on the cause of the financial crisis and Bill Clinton’s role. He is viewed by Americans as a saint in spite of basically being responsible for the housing crisis (affordable housing policies) and 9-11 attacks (doing nothing after Al Quaida attacks in Tanzania, Kenya etc)

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  • bg


    re: NeoKong #4 November 4, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    Pa. Poll: Race Now Tied 47 to 47

    Polls: Ties in MI, MN, NH, OH, PA


  • AuntieMadder

    @ Steven W. #6: Ya’ know, I thought Bill Clinton has been looking frail, too. I’ve been offline for a week, so maybe everyone sees him the same way but, since being back online, you are the first to comment on it that I’ve read. Is it just us who’ve noticed he doesn’t look well?

    Incidentally, he doesn’t look at all pleased or enthusiastic, either, about stumping for Kenya Boy, IMO.

  • donh

    Slick Willy driving to Scranton PA in a truck carrying 30,000 pounds of bananas…..>

  • bg
  • snap boy

    I thought Bill had more political savvy; four more years of Obama destroying jobs and the economy would finish off any possibility of a democrat(aka Hillary) being elected in 2016.

  • forest
  • bg


    no doubt Romney is the winner, but our gov is so crooked, and
    Obama will steal it any which way he can, doesn’t even matter
    if it can be proved beyond the shadow of a gov’t doubt.. /sigh/


  • Sasja


    This article has some very good ideas about “taxing the rich.” Maybe it is time to give the Hollyweird types a chance to pay their fair share.

  • Buzzy

    Please forgive for being off topic. I thought the Harvey Weinstein movie “Zero Dark Thirty” was supposed to be released today. That’s where Obama swooped in like Bat Man, shot Osama in the head, all by himself, and was the hero of the world. The movie was to be released two days before the election. That’s today. Has anyone seen it anywhere?

  • Lewis Colby

    Irony of ironies….Pennsylvania ‘clingers to their guns and religion’ take ‘revenge’ on The One.
    If there is a God……..

  • Oliver

    watching Axelrod on Fox News Sunday right now. He looks like someone died.

    #19 – Buzzy re Zero Dark Thirty
    don’t know, but maybe they reconsidered in light of Benghazi and maybe even Sandy — ? I wrote to NatGeo 3 times accusing them of trying to influence the election. Maybe they got a bunch of complaints ??

  • Sasja

    The Clintons are no different ideologically from Barry. They are counting on a win which will bring (in their minds) a totalitarian reign and the end of free elections. As soon as Barry tires of ruling or becomes room temperature, Hill the Shrill would be next in line and if not her, her daughter. Chelsea is already being groomed for public office and those idiots in NY will vote for her even if they still have no power, food or water by that time.

  • Mad Hatter


    I told you that there’s something interesting happening in Pennsylvania when Obama is sending Clinton to Pittsburgh, Scranton and Philadelphia the day before the election.

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  • Sasja

    Some days it’s just difficult to get the dead to be interested in anything. Especially voting.

  • JenBee

    #15 November 4, 2012 at 4:57 pm
    snap boy commented:

    I thought Bill had more political savvy; four more years of Obama destroying jobs and the economy would finish off any possibility of a democrat(aka Hillary) being elected in 2016.

    I was coming in to say the exact same thing, snap boy. SURELY Bill understands that if Obama wins another term, Americans will be horrified by the increase in government, regulations, debt, and the cost of EVERYTHING… they’ll be as sick – or more so – of Obama as they were of Bush after his second term, and there is NO WAY Hillary would win her 2016 run for POTUS. I just don’t get it, it makes absolutely no sense, especially considering what a political animal Bill Clinton is.

  • Fionnagh



  • Oliver

    #26 JenBee – maybe Bill & Hill have been promised something even bigger and better than the Presidency for Hillary.

    I hear the New World Order is looking for a Grand Poobah. Wouldn’t Bill love that?

  • ER White

    Everyone is at work Monday..too little, too late.

  • NoBama42

    When hearing both Axelrod and Romney Campaign Political Director Rich Beeson on FOX News Sunday this AM I could just draw on one fact to determine who is being truthful.

    Since when has Obama or his minions been truthful with “We the People”? So why would they start now? Like Axel”liar” is going to admit Obama is sinking like a rock.

    I would ask this of everyone and would appreciate an answer if someone is in the know. How is the early voting going in OH? I heard that Romney is out-performing Obama, or I should say is doing better than McCain did in 2008.

    Anyone got a feeling? My impression is that the Democrat early voting is just canabalizing their election day voting.

    Any thoughts folks?

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  • 11B3V

    Based on the clip I saw of Bill, one man war on women, Clinton he is not going to have the voice to do even one more speech. His voice was shot.

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  • if i were going to vote for obama, hearing bill shill for him would change that. i wouldn’t vote for myself if bill clinton endorsed me. his endorsement would mean i was unfit to hold public office.

  • snap boy

    Jen Bee, Oliver might be correct. Possibly Bill has been promised the UN with a push toward world government…

    Have to comment on Romney’s rally – it is REALLY cold here in Bucks County, PA today. And there’s a huge crowd. I called the local Republican office to say that even though I still didn’t have power after Sandy I’d go to the rally if they needed bodies; I was told they were not at all worried about turnout, expecting 30,000 people. Once again, it is really cold here so those people are jazzed.

  • Fionnagh

    Just watched R’s speech live in Bucks County, PA. People are freezing their derriers off but refuse to leave. Even as R is leaving, he’s almost being mobbed by the well-wishers. Cameras flashing everywhere. And he spoke without any notes, let alone a teleprompter.

    Way to go, Sir!

  • NoBama42

    #37 Fionnagh,

    I have to beleive that the folks in PA are going to be appreciative that Romney came to Pennsylvania to campaign to them directly, not sending a surrogate to do his job.

    I have to believe that Obama has been caught flat-footed by Romney’s surge in PA.

  • Look-Out

    From Ponderon #27’s link — Thank you!

    But that’s what happened yesterday to Barack Obama in Virginia. Famous liar, womanizer, and accused rapist Bill Clinton kept the audience in their seats, but as Obama was speaking, many people had had enough; they got up and left so they could beat the parking lot traffic.

    As Charlie Spiering of the Washington Examiner tweeted:

    Wow. Steady stream of cold people trotting towards the exit in the middle of Obama’s speech.

    And even Obama’s hot air wasn’t enough to hold them.

  • Fionnagh

    #39 You beat me to it!

    Here’s the link:

    Laughed myself silly at the comments posted:) Don’t read ’em if a beverage is anywhere near your computer, let alone mouth:)

  • Fionnagh

    #27 Sorry. YOU beat me to it!

  • Sandy

    #2 November 4, 2012 at 4:30 pm
    Grandma Perkins commented:

    Shocked to Haaretz endorsing Obama. What’s wrong with those people?


    Haaretz is a very Liberal Newspaper. However a poll was taken in Israel and 85% of Israelis would vote for Romney.

  • bg



    U.S. general: Obama paralyzed by fear

    [And Obama’s terror of risk contributed to the massacre of Americans by
    terrorists in Benghazi. We hear that the president did not even convene
    the Counterterrorism Security Group while the Benghazi terrorist massacre
    was visually and verbally available in real time. That is like ignoring FEMA
    during Hurricane Sandy. But once you bring in a group labeled anti-terrorist,
    you have to acknowledge terror exists, something the president is loath to

    My veteran friends are horrified by the Obama-Panetta doctrine. At least
    359 retired flag officers support Mitt Romney – only five that I know of
    support Obama. Some 150 former prisoners of war also support Romney;
    I know of none who support Obama.

    America needs to listen to these veterans. They understand leadership.
    They know how to deal with risk in war. They would not want this man
    with them in combat or crisis. They never left a needy comrade behind.
    Obama did.

    much more at link..


  • saveus

    who is he candidate – the convicted perjurer ex pres or the current perjurer in chief?

    if he has been such a great Pres/ why does he need lying billy on the the campaign trail?

    man up and stand up on your own!

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  • RedStateGal

    Good for the citizens of Pennsylvania. Between the arrogant handling of one of the world’s largest, most influential groups ever known, the Catholic Church, and war on coal, Obama set himself up to lose PA in a big-time way. Could not happen to a more deserving fellow.

    A lot of Catholics don’t go to Mass every Sunday, but do they enjoy having their church treated like the pastry delivery boy at the office? No way. And I’m betting everyone in PA knows someone whose family is truly in need because of the war on coal. Pennsylvanians just needed to give themselves permission to vote Obama out. It appears they have done that.

  • bg


    November 2, 2012

    Man pulls gun in gas line, state troopers deployed
    at stations as tensions boil in Sandy’s wake

    [A New York man was arrested after pulling a gun on another driver
    as they waited in line for gas, one of several examples of frayed
    nerves caused by a gas shortage in the wake of superstorm Sandy.

    In New Jersey, where lines at the few stations that were able to pump
    fuel stretched for miles, state troopers were deployed at all gas stations
    along the NJ Turnpike and Garden State Parkway as the region endures
    its fourth full day with massive power outages. Officials say Sandy-
    driven closures at refineries, the inability of tankers to dock and most of
    all, outages that prevent pumps from drawing fuel from underground
    tanks at stations have fewer than half of stations in the region pumping.

    strange, the story is about the troops, the the video
    is all about the utility crews who were turned away..


  • bg


    Obama voters

    more vids at link..


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