After his campaign called Mitt Romney a liar, tax cheat, murderer, felon, and bullsh*tter, Barack Obama will have lunch with Mitt Romney at the White House on Thursday.

The Obama camp accused Mitt Romney of murder during the campaign.

Tommorrow they’re having lunch at the White House.
CNS News reported:

The White House said Wednesday that former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will have lunch with President Obama, their first meeting since the president’s hard-fought re-election.

“On Thursday, Governor Romney will have a private lunch at the White House with President Obama in the Private Dining Room,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney wrote in a statement.

“It will be the first opportunity they have had to visit since the election,” Carney said. “There will be no press coverage of the meeting.”

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  1. Another photo-op

  2. Obama will talk about the cliff and offer some small fake token to Romney in exchange for help in getting the Republicans on board with his plan. Then when the plan tanks the economy (as it will) Obama can claim the Republicans didn’t let him go far enough and that is why it failed.

  3. He’s a good Republican now, he lost.

  4. Nope, O knows, that Romney knows the truth is coming. That the electors are fighting back. The certifications from states will not come in states that fraud took place. He is going to ask Romney to sway the states to stand down and certify his win.

  5. Why does Romney want this photo-op for Obama?

    Q: Will Romney give Obama a great big Christie style HUG and a nice wet one?

    XXX! 000! XXX!

  6. The Americcan public as a whole doesn’t deserve him. Too good a man. That was also his undoing. He doesn’t get this is full-blown politcal warfare.

  7. This is sickening.

  8. It’s Lucy and the football time…….Why do I get the feeling that this will not end well for Romney?

  9. Ramney and Choomboi will high five each other and then O will give Mittens his “vig” for throwing the election.

  10. He just wants to find out what Romney would have done to save the economy, so he can be sure those things don’t get done. Why don’t we just come out with it and say that Obama is actively trying to bring the economy down, every day. That way when it happens, the thick-headed Obama numbnuts may get a clue that it isn’t a Bush-caused disaster, it’s the plan. Yes, some of them are for it now, but that’s only because they expect it to benefit them.

  11. Obama wants to use Romney’s business methods. As I see it there are some good ideas of Romney’s and Obama doesn’t want the media talking heads to spin this like Obama has no ideas of his own.

    Who knows, maybe Romney will become Obama economic adviser. :lol:

  12. WHY?

  13. Seems pretty obvious now why Romney lost, doesn’t it?

  14. #12 You beat me with “WHY” so I will add that it is a crying shame for Obama not to invite Christie for that pic. Pure Photo Perfection. Gag.

  15. Why? Is he going to apologize? I think not. Romney is a much better man than me. This country didn’t deserve him. Romeny should simply listen and say little and make sure Obama picks up the check.

  16. You couldn’t pay me enough to even be in the presence of the commie mooslime POS

  17. Oh 2 B a fly on the wall…..

  18. I’ll bet they invited Joe Soptic to discuss the fact that his wife lost her health insurance when SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE lost her (non-Bain) job!

  19. Everything that O does is to profit O….Republicans will never learn

  20. Too bad.

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