New Tone… Obama Says Mitt Romney’s a “Bullsh*tter”

Obama told Rolling Stone magazine in his latest interview that Mitt Romney is a “bullsh*tter.”

Mike Allen at The Politico reported:

FIRST LOOK – Rolling Stone cover, “Obama and the Road Ahead: The Rolling Stone Interview,” by Douglas Brinkley: “We arrived at the Oval Office for our 45-minute interview … on the morning of October 11th. … As we left the Oval Office, executive editor Eric Bates told Obama that he had asked his six-year-old if there was anything she wanted him to say to the president. … [S]he said, ‘Tell him: You can do it.’ Obama grinned. … ‘You know, kids have good instincts,’ Obama offered. ‘They look at the other guy and say, “Well, that’s a bullshitter, I can tell.”’”

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  • Stella Baskomb

    Keep digging that hole, BO, keep digging.

  • lainer51

    How “presidential”! Somehow it’s not surprising. Not everyone is able to pull themselves out of the gutter!

  • Walt

    Fake tough guy. He also said to a friend of Marco Rubio’s that “his boy” better watch out or he might get his “ass kicked”. Obama is a limpwrist with a big mouth.

  • attagirl

    Yup. Classy

  • Adirondack Patriot

    Harvard must be so proud.

  • Eddie Baby

    Pot calling the kettle black.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    That’s pretty funny coming from a filthy liar.

  • snap boy

    Such a prince…
    BTW, what’s with the interviewer’s child in Obama’s corner? I guess at least it’s a tacit admission of slanting the questions.

  • suzy000

    Is that how the children of Chicago talk? Is that how his children talk?

  • jwyatt03

    And Joe Biden’s not???

  • DW Pepper

    Funny how well he relates to the seame street crowd.. Just remember the letter “O”.. The number 16 trillion. the Empty chair and Obama’s Muslim Ring he has been wearing for 30 years where his wedding ring should go…In the Koran it says its OK to lie if it futhers Islam causes. Do you think he has told the Truth on a regular basis ?

  • driguana

    What an awesome president we have. What a great orator.

  • JenBee

    SO trashy. I never thought I’d see anyone able to depress and diminish the office of the President of the United States of America in this way, to this effect. Very sad times for our country, represented by this low-class trash.

  • Big Bird

    Mr. President! Those words are naughty, naughty, naughty.

    Now “PBS” means something other than “Public Broadcasting System”.

    Shame on you.

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  • iamsaved

    I imagine this was Obama’s expert opinion. He was wrong of course and lib projection at its best!

  • Joe Blow

    All of the above posts!

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  • snap boy

    #9 Suzy, those South Side values the First Traveler is always touting…

  • lethargic

    What is the leader of the free world doing bullsh*tting with the likes of Rolling Stone in the first place?

  • bg


    October 25, 2012

    Obama Is A Glass House

    [Obama is either unfamiliar with the old adage of people living in glass
    houses not throwing stones or he is indeed showing the effects of an
    emotional breakdown brought on by the pressure of Mitt Romney’s
    dramatic gains in the past month.

    There are three things we definitively know about Obama.

    One is that he is notoriously thin-skinned. I can attest to that because
    he personally attempted to intimidate me after I wrote a syndicated
    article titled “Darth Democrat.”

    We know he is notoriously condescending and sarcastic, and finally
    there is a wealth of empirical evidence evidencing his pernicious
    mendacity. One would think that a person who is known for such
    low – life character traits would take a moment to think about what
    they were fixating about saying before they said it – but not Obama.
    His narcissistic hubris demands that he just open his mouth and say
    whatever is flowing from his bowels to his head (which is positioned
    squarely in that portion of his anatomy that graces a chair) in an
    attempt to insult (in this instance) Mitt Romney.

    Which is a verbose buildup to say that is exactly what happened when
    during a campaign rally Tuesday, referencing Romney, he asked, “If you
    cannot even remember what you said last week” can we trust you to be
    leader? That isn’t the challenge Obama should be proffering when we
    look closely at the lies and misdirections he has engaged in from his very
    first foray into politics.

    As I detailed in my 2004 article “Darth Democrat,” Obama is either a
    congenital and pathological liar or he suffers from a form of dissonance
    that has stripped him of any concern for truth predicated upon his belief
    that if he says it people will believe it.]


  • Gaston

    Pure class.

    Anyway, that was a good move by the president. If still undecided, RollingStone readers will definitely vote for him. Don’t be surprised if the presidente wins in a landslide… in California.

  • dwdude

    obama continues to remind me of the wimpy dude that called you names while hiding behind their big brother who was a lineman on the high school football team…eventually though, they get caught alone in a remote location and, well, you know what happens to them. 12 days

  • mg4us

    What a disgrace of a President. . . and a trashing of the Office.

    It is more of Obama engaging in “shuck and jive shtick” like he did regarding last month’s attack in Benghazi, Libya.


  • BridgetGB

    Help end the Liar/Looter/Democrat stranglehold on California – tell your Cali pals to YES on 32. End the Union bankrolling of Damn Dem Cands with looted dollars from Union member paychecks.

  • lizzy84
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  • moron

    Will close Gitmo 1st day in office. Will cut the debt in half 1st term. 100% of health care on C-Span. Will stop torture (and substitute the more humane vaporization of suspected terrorists). Will be the most transparent administration ever. Mitt Romney is a BSer???

  • TammyChicago

    Said the man who manufactured and perpetuated a 100% false image of himself. The house of cards will come down on Nov 6th.

  • BuddyG

    Saul Alinsky ‘Rules for Radicals’
    RULE 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.

  • bg
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  • Granny

    What is it they say about putting lipstick on pigs or making silk purses out of sow’s ears?

    And yet, the Head Pig demands the utmost respect. Strange to see Animal Farm come to life before your very eyes.

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  • Poly Ester

    To reincarnate an expression from my childhood: “It takes one to know one.”

    Still judging Romney by his own standards which are pretty low. Romney is the candidate he wanted to run against. Now live with it. I’ll be so glad when we don’t have to look at his toothy mug anymore.

  • Skip

    Meh. Not like there is really such a thing as an “undecided” Rolling Stone reader.

    That liberal rag stopped being relevant right around the time Jim Morrison died. I receive a free copy every few weeks, and it goes straight to the trash (because even recycling would be too good for it).

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  • Patty
  • Gary

    Well, I guess Obama’s the turd who would know.

  • Gary


    They didn’t want to run against Romney. That was the biggest head fake of all.
    Just like every Dem pundit came out the day the Paul Ryan was chosen unanimously stating that the Democrats were thrilled.

    They were hoping by acting like it was Romney, that we’d all get behind Santorum or Gingrich, two guys they really were hoping to run against.

    Romney is utterly unassailable. There’s not a single skeleton in his closet.
    They even tried to get “his garbageman” to shame him in a video as being out of touch, and it turned out Romney had worked a shift on a garbage truck. Everything they’ve thrown at him blows up in their faces.

  • Patty

    As I see this election progress, I see so many stops on the Obama whirled wind tour and never could have imagined how many Liberal TV show, radio stations, magazines, celebrity parties and fundraisers there are for him to hit.

    Yet, no sit down with Benjamin Netanyahu and still nothing on Benghazi but lies.

    Now, disrespect and more attacks of Romney. Obama has a record and he is a failure and personally and trash talker. Shameful he is still president. Still can’t believe he ever became a president. Not worthy of the honor.

  • Patty

    And what is so preposterous is he is the “Bullsh*tter”!!

    The use of that word, well when you look it up in the Dictionary, Barack “Bullsh*tter” Obama pops up. It is his middle name.

  • DWHarper

    Bull$hitter is too nice a word, Romney lies incessantly…

  • Patty
  • Gary


    I imagine you’re right.
    I bet Romney’s lying all the time…. in bed at night, thinking about what color drapes he wants in the oval office.

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  • Flintstone F.

    Well with a week and a half to go it makes sense to do the serious interviews, cut him some slack.

    Also, I noticed he’s trying to use his voice in a contrived attempt to have an emotional connection with the people. In a sentence he’ll end off with a high whiny tone, almost a forced whimper with a fake Southern drawl.

    Next up, the turned down lip and demands for cookies and milk.

  • Flintstone F.

    Obama lies continually. #43 has been cancelled out.

  • Joanne

    Obama opens his mouth, he lies. Even people who support him know he is a liar, so I’m thinking he is turning alot of people off. One thing people hate is people who boldface lie to them.

  • Patty

    Libya and lies

    It was a little much when President Barack Obama said that he was “offended” by the suggestion that his administration would try to deceive the public about what happened in Benghazi. What has this man not deceived the public about?

    Remember his pledge to cut the deficit in half in his first term in office? This was followed by the first trillion dollar deficit ever, under any president of the United States – followed by trillion-dollar deficits in every year of the Obama administration.
    Ads by Google

    Win a 2 lb. Silver CoinValued at More Than $1,200, This 99% Pure Silver Coin Can Be Yours!
    Will You Boldly Proclaim”I am a Christian”? Sign the pledge now!

    Remember his pledge to have a “transparent” government that would post its legislative proposals on the Internet several days before Congress was to vote on them, so that everybody would know what was happening? This was followed by an Obamacare bill so huge and passed so fast that even members of Congress did not have time to read it.

    Remember his claims that previous administrations had arrogantly interfered in the internal affairs of other nations – and then his demands that Israel stop building settlements and give away land outside its 1967 borders, as a precondition to peace talks with the Palestinians, on whom there were no preconditions?

    As for what happened in Libya, the Obama administration says that there is an “investigation” under way. An “ongoing investigation” sounds so much better than “stonewalling” to get past Election Day. But you can bet the rent money that this “investigation” will not be completed before Election Day. And whatever the investigation says after the election will be irrelevant.[………………..] READ ON, ARTICLE BY THOMAS SOWELL

    Now, let’s talk who is the real BSer here.

  • bg


    October 25, 2012

    What gender gap? 🙂


  • projection!

  • bg


    re: Patty #51 October 25, 2012 at 11:23 am

    amongst many other things, as he is all things
    to all people, Barry is a despicable narcissist..


  • Dog

    Wonder if “o” was smok’in a dooooo-beeeee when he said ‘dat!

  • CT

    Just add PIG to Obama’s phantom résumé.

  • Ha Ha Ha. Sure sucks to be a Rmoney supporter these days. The dying gasp of the GOP.

    Obama 2012
    Clinton 2016
    Castro 2020

  • Amash

    This idiot allows Americans to die and lies about it, and he has the audacity to call someone else is not telling the truth. If this clown’s lips are moving, garbage is coming out.
    He’s must lose or we are in trouble.

  • Oliver

    hey, even Letterman called Obama out on one of his favorite lies the other night … i.e. how how Mitt actually DID suggest gov’t guarantees for GM as part of a MANAGED bankruptcy!

    #43 obviously doesn’t do any actual fact-checking for himself, just gets his “news” from > George Soros.

    After a liberal friend said “Romney lies” the other day, I asked her to name ONE lie. After humming and hawing for several minutes, she finally came up with “well, Romneycare was the model for Obamacare, so that’s like a DE FACTO LIE!” I laughed in her face, and told her to keep drinking the koolaid.

  • Repmomof5

    Well, Obama sinks to a new low. I just pray that the liberals around this country wake up before November 6th.

  • Gary


    And just where did you get this list of who’s going to lose the next three presidential elections?

  • Clafoutis

    Trust matters, indeed.

    He’s screwed.

    I wouldn’t trust him to fold a paper bag without his taking a dump in it first.

    Romney/Ryan — PLEASE rescue us!

  • dwdude

    ah, civility…is that a harvard diploma or a dollar store diploma? affirmative action gave it to him either way

  • Ronda Hearne

    class act here! He is an embarassment to the United States of America. Super sad!!

  • AuntieMadder

    Back when he was POTUS, there were times I’d yell at GW Bush, via the tv, things like “Tell ’em they’re full of sh*t, Bush!” During his last year or two, I so wanted to hear him to tell the White House press “corpse,” the members of which seemed to show up each day just to try and put words into his mouth (“So, Mr President, do you still beat your wife?”) and tear the man down, “Screw you guys. I’m going home.”

    Now that I’ve heard an alleged POTUS talking that way, I hate it and I’m glad GW Bush never took my advice (as if he could hear me yelling at my tv, anyway).

  • lilgangsta40blunt

    seriously all of you republicans can go f**k yourselves for calling obama a luar…after gw and dic*face cheney lied to start wars? who the f** k so you think you are bsing? and obama is a sissy? mittens and his whole family are the wimpiest, wussiest family i have ever seen. in fact the romney sons vaginas are bigger than mittens or vinegar face ann’s, and her stinky hole is huge. obama a luar and mittens isn’t… you gop supporters ate as fing stupid as your pathetic, stupid lying candidates. u are all fuc*ing liars and POS.
    iraqi slaughter vet who fuc*ing hates and has more class in his left ass cheek than the gop and their followers combined

  • blingy

    the gop has no class and deserves to be treated with none… look how they. treat others. f*ck them in their cliset g*y asses

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  • AuntieMadder

    Hey, blunt head. Wtf is a “luar?”

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