Obama Meets With Union Leaders and MoveOn.org(?) Today at White House

Obama met with union leaders and MoveOn.org(?) today at the White House.
Evidently, Obama felt it was important to include the radical leftist group at the meeting.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka (2nd L) talks to reporters, beside Executive Director of MoveOn.org Justin Ruben (L), SEIU President Mary Kay Henry (2nd R) and AFSCME President Lee Saunders. (Reuters)

Union leaders gloated today after meeting with President Obama.
Yahoo reported:

Labor union leaders emerged from talks with President Barack Obama on Tuesday vowing a side-by-side battle against Republicans to bring about higher taxes on the wealthy as part of an effort to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff.

“It was a very, very positive meeting,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told reporters in the White House driveway after the meeting.

“The president, like we are, [is] committed to preserving the tax breaks for the middle class and making sure that rich people pay their fair share. He’s very, very committed to that, we are committed to that,” Trumka continued. “We are very, very committed to making sure that the middle class and workers don’t end up paying the tab for a party that we didn’t get to go to. And the president is committed to that as well.”

The meeting, which included top Obama economic advisers like Gene Sperling and White House chief of staff Jack Lew, came a day before the president was to hold similar talks with CEOs from major companies including American Express, General Electric, Ford Motor and PepsiCo. One participant described Obama as being in “listening mode” and said the president’s final negotiating position would depend in part on what he hears from the executives. The president meets Friday with top Republican and Democratic leaders.

At issue is the best way to handle the looming fiscal cliff—an economically toxic blend of tax hikes, spending cuts and end of long-term unemployment benefits.

Andrew Breitbart may have had the best response to these radical union goons.

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  • owl


    We need pics of more goons. Instead of the pic of scandal 4, someone put together a block of those 4 and Hillary, Holder, Obama and Invisible FBI man. No sense in just letting 2 of our military get all the credit.

    Share the picture credit with the real players. Might even add in Panetta and Mueller.

  • Sasja

    Just another Dog and Pony Show for the perpetually ignorant masses. In the end, Barry will hit the links and no serious action will be taken. This economy is exactly what Barry wants and he is not about to support any ideas which could improve it.

  • bg


    like you, i, and the rest of the GP regulars
    never heard of that WH scenario before..

    we know they meet on a regular basis, i mean, it’s not like
    they’re attending intelligence briefings you know.. /sarc/

    he’s there, he’s committed, and he damn well should be asap!!


  • donh

    STALIN steps to the microphone………as his red purge spreads throughout our military…> http://youtu.be/IPeRD4P578U

  • bg


    btw, talk about cognizance, we’re eating their dust..


  • owl

    Do not ALLOW Poop Scoopers this victory. They are loving this so that means Obama is loving this.

    Anytime something hits the Yahoo block on my frontpage, Obama has stamped it to be there.

    Someone PLEASE get new pics and add them to the 4. If you make Obama, Holder, Hillary and the Invisible FBI guy, along with Panetta and Mueller, they will get those pics off faster than a speeding bullet.

    ATTENTION……….This is a direct hit on part of the military that they hate. BE TRAY US, you should have remembered who was on the other side of the table when that ad run.

    The above goons plus Obama & Hillary.

  • golfmax13

    “Listening Mode” = wtf are these guys talking about?

  • US Navy Corpseman

    Fat slob Trumka – union crook — liberal loons all. Note who little Jugears looks to for advice and marching orders – the wacky liberals.

    Hillary missing – too busy swilling wine to testify on Benghazi. Jugears will soon be AWOL too as he flees to Burma to avoid questions after hearings. What a gaggle of cowards and buffoons.

  • bg
  • Tom

    Hail, hail, the gangs all here

  • Tom Doniphon

    I’ve been kidding about Trumka being named Secretary of Business! I’m not sure if it may not come true!

  • American Woman

    These people can’t speak the truth, because their ideology depends on lies and obfuscation.

    Did the MSM ask this group about Hostess, and all the layoffs across the country fbjs week?

    Shh, it’s what Obama wants, so the media is happy to give him lots of cover and highlight this nonsense with a photo opp.

  • obama wants to kill coal. guess what union trumka was the president of?

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  • Fuquay Steve

    Well, meet the new boss – the same one over again. This is going to be bad news.

  • Patty


    Wealthy Dump Assets Amid Worries About Going Over ‘Cliff’


  • Mad Hatter

    Obama had a meeting with the people that hate Capitalism, they hate profit, they hate our Constitution, and they hate Western Civilization.

    My Father was a WWII Veteran. When I was young, he once told me, “My fight was with an enemy across the Ocean, your fight will be with an enemy inside our Country”.

  • bg
  • Anthony Touchet

    Time to get over it and Move on to doing things to push the DC bunch into doing something. Roomney is gone time to forget him and pust your law makers .

  • Contessa61

    ” a party that we didn’t get to go to” ?????

    Trumpka is the 1%. What is he talking about?

  • Sandy

    Richard Trumpka needs electrolisis on that low forehead of his. Cause people with low foreheads are believed to be dumb.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    “… “The president, like we are, [is] committed to {…} making sure that rich people pay their fair share. He’s very, very committed to that …”

    = = = = = =

    (1) First of all, see Chip Bok’s marvelous cartoon which captures the glorious idiocy of Obama’s “fair share of taxes” so well

    (2) Second, could the Divider-in-Chief PLEEEEEZE get specific and tell us who comprises “the rich” (?and isn’t he pals with a whole-dang-bunch of ’em?), and then tell us precisely how much more tax he thinks would be “fair” to force them to pay? I’d like a real, definite number; not just a rehash of the Samuel Gompers quote “We do want more, and when it becomes more, we shall still want more. And we shall never cease to demand more {…}”

    (see this link for Gompers quotes)

    (3) And third, …. well, never mind, there are probably laws against “fomenting revolution” and “incendiary speech” so I won’t go there. (Today.)

  • Patty


    CHART: The Democrat-Lite Party’s Amnesty Delusion

    The Democrat-Lite Party is what I call the RINO establishment. With data from Pew Research (hat tip: Free Republic), let’s examine the historic trend line of Hispanic support for Democrats and Republicans.

    http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-GwTNi1rV7rQ/UKMKR50fEAI/AAAAAAAA_XE/KH25r4m1I0I/s1600/121112-hispanic-support-d-vs-r.gif CHART …… VIEW

    Please note: whether Republicans support amnesty or not, the share of the Latino vote captured by Republican candidates stays in the same narrow band.

    Because, as has been explained over and over and over again, Hispanic support for Democrats has nothing to do with “amnesty”.

    Hey, Boehner: you listening?

  • Patty
  • Patty


    And talk about E mails getting everyone in deep dodo.

    HARD TO KEEP UP WITH THE SCANDALS: EPA said to have broken law by using secret email accounts to hide radical agenda

    At the rate this administration is going, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Kim Kardashian is involved in a secret love triangle with Jay Carney and David Axelrod.

    I refer, of course, to the daily stream of scandals involving the Obama administration and its many tentacles. The latest shoe to drop, outside of the Benghazi-related sex scandals, is the unsurprising report that the EPA’s top dogs have been routinely breaking the law for years.

    The name Richard Windsor may sound innocuous, but it is allegedly one of the secret “alias” email accounts used by Obama EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson.

    …In his book [“The Liberal War on on Transparency”, author Chris] Horner revealed the existence of “alias” email accounts used by EPA administrators. The first such transparency dodge, he writes, came from Carol Browner, former director of the Obama White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy and Bill Clinton’s EPA administrator.

    “You remember Ms. Browner, the lady who suddenly ordered her computer hard drive reformatted and backup tapes erased, hours after a federal court issued a ‘preserve’ order … that her lawyers at the Clinton Justice Department insisted they hadn’t yet told her about?… The one who said it’s all good because she didn’t use her computer for email anyway? That one.”

    Horner said two former “fairly senior” EPA officials contacted him while he was researching his book, and gave him the name of one of the email alias names used by EPA Chief Jackson… “Richard Windsor” was just “[o]ne of the alternate email addresses she used…”

    …“These alias accounts, from their origin and use under Browner to their use by Browner’s successor, are now the subject of a lawsuit…” [because] all government employees are required by federal law to use official email accounts to conduct government business…

    Jackson, of course, is a hard left “eco-warrior” who has pushed the EPA to enact the most radical, anti-business regulations in American history.

    And Horner asserts that other top officials are also using private email accounts to avoid Freedom of Information requests.

    That Jackson would illegally hide her agenda from public scrutiny is precisely what we’ve come to expect from “the most transparent administration ever”.


  • Navy seal

    I tell y’all one thing, I work for a company that is unionized & I hate it.. Don’t get me wrong, the men & women I work with (not all just most) I enjoy working with, but it’s men like trumka

  • Navy seal

    I tell y’all one thing, I work for a company that is unionized & I hate it.. Don’t get me wrong, the men & women I work with (not all just most) I enjoy working with, but it’s men like trumka that give men like myself a bad name.. I vote straight republican. But we have men out here that have worked out here for 20-45yrs & they are brain washed & believe everything the union & Obama says.. I argue with’em all the time but it does no good.. So all I’m trying to say is, not all union workers believe the way the unions believe. I understand why people feel that way. But myself, I don’t believe the way union officials believe. I was raised conservative & will stay that way!!!

  • Bob

    These union goons are the new mafia. The unions own Obama and are going to force card check upon America.
    Card check will be forced unionization and will be the absolute death to American businesses. Having been in business for 25 years, I can assure you that many American companies have already developed a migration plan to open facilities and plants outside of the US. Some have partnerships that will allow them to buy from other companies outside of the US also.
    Bottom line is America is going to lose massive numbers of jobs.
    The public sector jobs (government) will have a massive grip by the unions (SEIU, AFSCME and AFL-CIO) and will force huge tax increases in higher property and sales taxes.

  • Petreaus

    The corrupt Obama regime is making communist regimes look tame

  • Gman213

    The headline should be: “Enemies of America Converge on White House”

  • Jason

    B.S. This wasn’t about taxes. This was about 0bama ordering his union army to WALK OUT ON PRIVATE SECTOR BUSINESSES, CLOSING THEM DOWN FOR GOOD. The 0bama you see isn’t the 0bama you get. HE IS A MARXIST DICTATOR, THROUGH AND THROUGH.