Obama Commends Egyptian President on Same Day He Threatened Israel

On Friday Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi threatened Israel to stop its “brutal aggression” in Gaza.
YNet News reported:

Egyptian president sharpens his tone against Israel, threatening: ‘If I see the homeland in danger, I won’t hesitate to take unusual steps.’ He vows that his country will ‘stop this brutal aggression’

Later that day Barack Obama called President Morsi to commend him.
The Politico reported:

President Obama called Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi on Friday and commended his efforts to de-escalate tensions over violence in Gaza.

“President Obama called Egyptian President Morsi today to discuss the situation in Gaza,” the White House said in a statement. “The President commended Egypt’s efforts to de-escalate the situation and expressed his hope that these efforts would be successful.”

Morsi called for an end to violence in Gaza on Friday, and Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandil visited Gaza and pledged, “Egypt will not hesitate to intensify its efforts and make sacrifices to stop this aggression and achieve a lasting truce,” according to multiple news reports.

More… Today Barack Obama told Isreal not to invade Gaza because it might interfere with the Hamas peace process.

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  • Rachelle

    There was really never any doubt whose side he was on.

  • carrier pigeon

    O’s puppette.

    To take down BeeBee N and Binny G, and divide the capitol.

    Will fake “endangerment” to “hommeland” (surprised he didn’t refer to his country as The Fadderland).

    Duh YouEss gub’ment under O–man gonna flex its mussels.

    (sorry, spelling errors intentional…. lots of chatting out there about monitoring flagged “hot” words.)

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  • Rose

    {burp} So what else?

    Shocking News, no recent photos of new bowing to Communist6 and muslim leaders of other nations.

  • Rose

    # 2 Carrier Pigeon – I don’t think the misspelling is sufficient. Maybe something like native lands, or house land, or “neighborhood”, or something…

  • Rose

    Obama is just making sure he got SEEDS PLANTED to give him a huge cut of the HARVEST from the Book of Obadiah and Ezekiel 38 and 39 COMING HIS WAY.

    AMEN! These are chickens he can count before they hatch!

  • and yet many American Jews voted for our SCOAMF…

    so much for all the conspiracy loons.

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  • GRU57

    Hope ya like the change!

  • Sorry to Live in Illinois

    America should just stay out of this since 65% of the Jewish American vote went to Obama. Elections have consequences. Let Israel get cornered, and then watch them blow the hell out of all those third world countries. We don’t have to do a thing.

  • #7…the left may have abandoned the jew but the jew hasn’t abandoned the left.

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  • squeaky

    and those missles fired from the sinai into israel?! obviously not scholars of the law of unintended consequences. obama may end up being a victim of his own design…they just never consider that in their equation.

  • squeaky

    We don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone.
    Freedom is like that. It’s like air.
    When you have it, you don’t notice it.
    – Boris Yeltsin

  • Bart Roberts

    Follow the money

    You may recall when Dictator hussein soetoro changed NASA’s mission to “Muslim Out-reach!”

    Keywords for the leftist search engines:
    Money Laundering,
    Aid and Comfort to the Enemy

    Our tax dollars are going to Hamas, via Dictator soetoro’s favorite charity – The Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization.

    You and I are paying for every rocket being fired into Israel
    You and I have blood on our hands.

    And, American Jewish voters, who block-voted over 65% for Muslim-commie Dictator hussein soetoro soebarkah, betrayed Israel and all Judism

    Any Jewish readers on this website? Christians tried to save your asses, but you block-voted for a Muslim terrorist.

    Bartholomew Roberts

  • mg4us

    Obama is in De-Nile. . or is that denial?

    Either way he is an Egyptian & Muzzy supporter. .
    The hell with Jews and Coptic Christians

    Allahu Akbar

  • Ella

    It is all coming down precisely as foretold. As unsettling as it all is, it is supposed to be this way. We should take (significant) comfort in that. I am not trying to offend non-Christians here but if you are interested please check out pastor J.D’s prophecy updates on Youtube. He nails it every week.

  • donh

    Morsi did what Obama asked him to do, said what he asked him to say….then Obama thanked him.

  • Fuquay Steve

    Morsi kinda/sorta looks like Christie – maybe it is a physical thing.

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  • squeaky

    “..is, it is supposed to be this way. We should take (significant) comfort in that. I am not trying”
    maybe that’s why barry was re-elected. a test on us.

  • Hy Feiber

    As a conservative Jew, the politics of Jews is Repulsive! They are Marxists!!!

  • Whistleblower
  • Ella

    #21 Squeaky – Could very well be. I am just about to the point that I believe nothing happens by chance anymore. There are way too many things happening all at once. That punk in the White House is playing a role alright but he is not in charge although the left thinks he is. We on the other hand should know Who is and we should not be worried.

  • Francesca

    Are we EVER going to get the goods on this president?

  • bg


    Whistleblower #23 November 19, 2012 at 9:05 am

    wow, not one mention of Bush in the entire article, yet one would
    think it was all about him.. very fishy story without context, sorely
    lacking context, just a lot of supposition, accusation, and questions..

    btw party matters not in Illinois, they’ve all been crooked..

    ps re: Giannoulais

    Kirk linking Giannoulias to Saddam Hussein

    [“This was a huge loan,” Kirk said of the $22.75 million loan the Sun-
    Times disclosed last week from Broadway Bank to Nadhmi Auchi and
    Tony Rezko to develop a 66-acre South Loop site. “The owners of the
    bank and its officers would have known that they were lending money
    to a convicted felon with a record of facilitating arms deals to Saddam
    Hussein and I’m not even talking about Tony Rezko.”]

    as was Obama tied to Alsammarae, Auchi, and Rezko as well.


  • bg


    Bart Roberts #15 November 19, 2012 at 6:04 am

    crickets.. 🙁


  • bg


    re: #26 November 19, 2012 at 10:09 pm bg

    re: Whistleblower #23 November 19, 2012 at 9:05 am

    Crony Capitalism

    [The largest banks are actually bigger than they were when
    he took office. And earned more in the first two-and-a-half
    of his term than they did during the entire eight years
    of the Bush administration.]