Corrupt & Criminal Media Withheld Reports on Economic Realities Until After Election

You may have thought the mainstream media was in the tank for Obama this year… But you had no idea just how far they were willing to go to support Obama.
You had no idea.

The media went so far as to withhold information on Obama’s destructive policies until after the election. And, it was not just one report – it was several reports.

The Obama Administration and their toadies in the media hid the record food stamp numbers from the American public until after the election.

47.1 million Americans were on food stamps last month – an all-time record. This report that usually comes out early in the month was delayed until after the election. (IBD Chart)

Investor’s Business Daily has noticed several other reports that were just being reported this week after the election, including:

** Real average hourly earnings dropped again in October
** The number of poor people in America climbed 712,000 in 2011.
** Food stamp enrollment exploded by more than 420,000 in August.
** The number of new jobless claims shot up to 439,000 last week, up 78,000 from the week before
** We also learned that the annual inflation rate climbed to 2.2%
** Coal plants are closing
** Small banks are shutting down

And the Washington Post just happened to release this report today on the so-called Obama recovery.

The media worked tirelessly for Barack Obama this year.
And thanks to their not-so-secret campaigning for Obama, America will suffer for four more years under this miserable far left administration.

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  • ★FALCON★

    Maybe the country isn’t worth saving as many say. When the new credo is ask not what the country can do for you, but what the country can take from someone else to give to you.

    For every parasite to die – the host may have to die, too.

  • Francesca

    WHY can’t this be stopped? Aren’t there any possible penalties for something like this? A HUGE fine.

    Everyone: Cancel them; don’t watch them, let them know the reason.

  • GotFreedom

    Want to get back at the lame stream. . .stop buying their newspapers/magazines/don’t watch their tv shows, etc. . .hit them in the pocket and that will change their tune (we hope).

  • Francesca

    We have no chance to save our country if we don’t find a way to stop this withholding of information.

  • Preston Rogers

    Start a national boycott of the people who advertise on these channels….

  • vityas

    It wouldn’t have mattered anyway.
    Anyone who voted for him doesn’t care about the economy.
    And it doesn’t matter now because it’s a lawless administration.

  • RealMc

    And on top of that…………in just under 4 years…………

    how many will vote for Biden.

    Something to think about because it will be he and shrillary going for the gold in 2016.

  • http://GatewayPundit Cutlers Bad Thumb

    Why withhold anything, when they can lie about anything and 54% of morons in this country would really believe that the moon is made of blue cheese and Easter bunnies do lay colored eggs…..We are so screwed…….

  • Preston Rogers

    Look at what happened to advertisers on the Rush Limbaugh Show…The left made such a profound job calling the companies who advertised on his Radio Program that a lot of prominent sponsors stopped advertising…That is what will happen if we do the same… HIT EM WHERE IT HURTS

  • Dave in NYC

    Seriously! How could they not report on the jobless claims that weren’t filed until after the election? Librul media bias!!!11!!!1

  • JW

    People put too much trust in government and other people to tell them what they claim is true. Start finding out the truth for yourself, and trust only God. There’s no excuse.

  • myohmy

    The media are committing cognitive suicide – the self-poisoning occurs when you believe your own crazy propaganda. The media are rotting from the inside.

  • GregInSeattle

    This isn’t really news to a lot of us. We knew the MSM was carrying Owebama’s water.

  • archer52

    Wouldn’t have mattered. Obama won because of free programs, amnesty promises, and the fact young people are dumber than a bag of hammers.

    To think the reports being withheld would have made a difference to the voters who went for him dismisses the painful fact that we have been dying economically for four years. There has been plenty out there for anyone to look at that would make them realize Obama is driving us off the cliff.

    It just didn’t matter to them. One- you have to give Obama’s people credit. They managed to hang the economy around Bush’s neck and people accepted it as truth. So, any bad news is really Bush’s fault and any good news shows Obama is trying to make it better.

    Two- We know that is bull, but the people- mostly greedy, shallow, incurious sheep- simply accepted it as truth and moved on. To challenge that would take effort and thought.

    Do you think the 18-29 age group in America, with their public school education, care to make that effort?

    Or the illegals and their legal cousins? Or the blacks in Philly? Hell, half of them can’t spell challenge or effort, but are darned good in the word “EBT”.

    No this problem is bigger than an in the tank media. It helps Obama but it isn’t the whole problem. It will take years, generations maybe, to “unlearn” what has been forced down the throats of the people of all ages.

    Long row to hoe, brothers. Long row.

  • Llarry

    The media worked tirelessly for Barack Obama this year.
    And thanks to their not-so-secret campaigning for Obama, America will suffer for four more years under this miserable far left administration.

    I have to disagree. We owe Romney’s loss to the Republicans and right-leaning independents who–knowing the stakes–either stayed home or voted for Gary Johnson.

    These voters knew what the real situation is because they’re living it. But they were angry that their preferred candidate didn’t get chosen or their pet issues weren’t being addressed, so they picked up their toys and went home.

    I’ve heard lots of these people say things like, “Let it burn so we can rebuild,” or “It’s better that a Democrat be at the wheel than a Republican when the collapse comes.”

    Here’s a question to these people: If you’re on an airplane that’s gone into a dive, which offers you a better chance of survival?

    1. The plane augers into the ground nose first at 500 miles per hour;

    2. An experienced pilot takes the controls and tries for a belly landing?

    Also, to the “Let it burn!” crowd, you’re under the delusion that letting it burn will cause a year or so of inconvenience. Try this on for size:

    If we allow the crash that you want, it’ll take us decades just to get back to where we were before the crash. The first 100 percent of a recovery is devoted to simply making up what was lost. You’re advocating a reduced standard of living for the foreseeable future.

    You made a horribly poor, childish, inexcusable choice in the last election. If you want to know who to blame for our continued misery, look in the mirror.

    Romney lost by 370,000 votes in four swing states. Thanks, guys. Appreciate it.

  • Indiana

    I just don’t care anymore. Sure wish I’d seen this article back in January, would have saved me a lot of time, money, and anxiety.

  • myohmy

    Amen #15.

  • http://! l.barney


  • Objective Analysis

    Call the MSM PROPAGANDISTS. They are not journalists. They promote a propaganda. They are wards of the state. Most of them are deviants (homosexuals, practice bestiality, incest, etc…) who don’t care about God or this country until they get raped by the Extremists Muslims they think they will protect.

  • Objective Analysis

    Look as it relates to Romney. HE WAS A LIBERAL. He wanted to repeal and REPLACE OBAMACARE. Really? When Soros states that their really is no difference between Obama and Romney after Romney won the RNC nomination, you guys knows the FIX WAS IN. Romney is a FOOL. He is a Rhino and a liberal. He was swiftboated by the MSM and the left b/c he was not a conservative and this elitist ignored the tea party and the evagelicals. Also, he was mormon. Conservatives were not going to be foold by Romney the disguised liberal. Period.

    Let the country fall into socialism. Buy your gun, get your bible, buy supplies (e.g. gold, food, generator) and hunker down. It is going to be the USSR very soon.