47.1 million Americans were on food stamps last month – an all-time record.

The Obama Administration kept this from the public for several days – until after the election.

The Obama Administration hid the record food stamp numbers from the American public until after the election.
Zero Hedge reported:

While there had been speculation that the BLS may delay the release of its October nonfarm payroll number until after the election, it turned out there was no reason to worry. Perhaps this is because the number, while at stall speed, was not quite as horrible as some had expected (even if the change in average hourly earnings did tumble to new all time lows) and so boosted Obama’s reelection chances. There was, however, another closely tracked number which perhaps is far more indicative of the economic “growth” in the past 4 years, which certainly had a delayed release. The number of course is that showing how many Americans are on foodstamps, and usually is released at the end of the month, or the first day or two of the next month. This time the USDA delayed its release nine days past the semi-official deadline, far past the election, and until Friday night to report August foodstamp data. One glance at the number reveals why: at 47.1 million, this was not only a new all time record, but the monthly increase of 420,947 from July was the biggest monthly increase in one year.



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  1. Wait until all the little Judases that voted for this liar and thief find out their checks for 30 pieces of silver bounces.

  2. Romney was wrong. It wasn’t 47%. It was in the mid 50’s. Now that the moochers are in the majority, there is no saving the economy. It will deteriorate until those welfare checks “bounce”. Then the riots start. I think the Politicians are going to be in trouble on this one. They may actually have to face the retribution of an armed populace and the more people get killed in the riots the worse it will be on the lying bastards. Their political support will turn to hatred when their promises to give everyone everything are finally perceived by even the most greedy and stupid to be a con for power.

  3. and the price of food is being driven up right along with it . Government driving down the number of paying customers. When food is free for 47% they come in and grab whatever they want instead of reaching for the Ramen noodles if they paid out of pocket….and of you don’t like Ramen noodles…GET A JOB…No incentive for these people to better our world….just gimmi gimmi gimmi….. I is owed.

  4. crackermike – be careful what you wish on yourself. As our economy collapses and people move from full time employment to part time, as they run out of unemployment insurance and cannot find a job receiving foodstamps is not “mooching” but a matter of survival.

    This huge increase is not the long term career “poor”, these are the newly economically devastated.


    Wasn’t that what he promised in 2008?

    At least Obama can tally up two more things on his “UNPRECEDENTED” list of achievements

    RECORD level of food stamps
    RECORD increase in food stamps

    “The best is yet to come”, he said… the best is yet to come…

  6. His shiny-faced parasites and teenage nitwits would have voted for him anyway.

    And it’s obvious that many of those called “independent voters” are parasites and nitwits as well.

    The Clueless Party makes the mistake of believing that principle wins out. One only has to look at the idiot Catholic vote to be disabused of such a notion.

  7. #3

    I remember race riots back in the 1960’s. They spread to a lot of cities. A few of them got pretty bad, like the one in Watts. It was strange because the rioters burned down their own neighborhoods. I never understood that. There were student riots in the early 1970’s but they weren’t nearly as bad.

    It’s been a while since there have been serious riots in America. Every once in a while you hear about a riot after a ball game, but that’s different. Just a bunch of drunk fans blowing off steam.

  8. Granny you are sounding like the communists on progressive radio…They make a very seductive argument that conservative ” extemists ” berate the poor as moochers when they really want to work…everybody wants to work they say…but life at the bottom is just too damn hard …So the communists come off as the ones having the most compassion. Saviors of the poor.

    Well these new food stampers had a chance to vote for job creation and they voted to settle for being beggar slaves to the state. NO PRIDE as human beings. I don’t have some fancy 5 figure salary and support 2 kids and pay for all my food out of pocket and eat rather well….and I am tired of the invasion of the body snatchers making it tougher and tougher on people doing things the moral right way because they won’t act like adults and PAY THEIR OWN WAY.

  9. Crummy Employment Reality
    Versus Fudge From Obama Administration

    {…………………}Read more here: http://www.texasconservativereview.com/vol11n24.html

    And 50 percent of this year’s college graduates are without jobs or are underemployed. Underemployment is still in the range of 16 percent, and that does not count people who have a job for which they are overqualified or who are making much less money because they are aren’t working in their chosen field. John Williams at Shadowstats, who uses the U.S. government methodology from 30 years ago, tells us that the U-6 unemployment rate is around 23 percent… The Feds keep changing the rules, and it should be no surprise that with each new rule the number of people officially counted as unemployed drops. If you can’t find a job, whether officially employed or not, you are still out of work. Far too many workers have been idle for extended periods, and it is crucial to get them back into the labor force before their skills atrophy and their earning power shrinks permanently… In the debate, the president asked for patience, but he has become a prisoner of unfilled promises.”

    TCR Comment: The comments by Zuckerman demolish the administration’s claim that the economy is improving. Time to say good-bye to President Obama, you had your chance and you have failed.

  10. Women just set themselves back 50 years. They have just lost control of their own choices.
    This is a war on women and is Talibanesque. Lead by our president.

  11. I did not really understand that 9/11 was terrorism until the second plane hit the tower. Likewise, I did not really start plugging into who Obama was until after this second election.

    What my gut is telling me is that Obama’s singular passion is destroying Israel – through a unified middle east. He can only do that if he destroys our military first. Any compassion that he appears to have for foodstamps, welfare, green energy or Obamacare is fake. He is so bored with all of that that he would rather golf. His real goal is to make us so poor that we will let go of our military.

    Don’t be surprised if he is elected to some leadership job over the European Union when he finishes with us in 2016. If that occurs he will make his move to destroy Israel once and for all.

    Maybe I am wrong, but that it looks like to me.

  12. No disrespect meant to you Granny, but you are wrong about people working. I’m a business owner and my fiance is too, her business is much larger than mine and she can’t keep workers. They are paid well, auto tech’s with good health insurance and benefits. She has trouble keeping staffed. Obama has destroyed the work ethic because some people actually keep more on welfare than after taxes even with good jobs. This is done with purpose. The top Democrats KNOW an economy can’t survive this way but calculate they can maintain control after they destroy society and emerge as unopposed potentates. I think that in America, they may pay a very steep personal price. This class warfare they have initiated may turn on them and the infuriated moochers could take their lives in extremis.. These people are playing a very dangerous game.

  13. Do a search and see what you have to be to qualify for food stamps–it’s unbelievable. Basically this means 47.1 million Americans are unemployed and at an incredible poverty level.

  14. #9 and #13 – Donh, you have absolutely NO way of knowing how any particular individual voted. It is a far bet that inner city poor voted for Obama, but every newly or relatively newly unemployed person I know out here in the rest of the world specifically did NOT.

    Crackermike, whether one can keep adequately staffed depends on where you are. It also depends on the work environment. As far as Obama destroying the work ethic, people were making more on Welfare than they were at minimum wage jobs 30 years ago. That is absolutely nothing new at all and not something that Obama is to blame for – and trust me, if there was blame to be laid on him I would.

    Nearly a half a million people did not magically turn too lazy to work last month. Those are NEW food stamp recipients – people who worked and supported themselves and their families without help from the government until a couple of months ago.

    If you haven’t seen the list of businesses laying off substantial numbers of people or permanently closing their doors just since the election, check it out over on the blaze. Right here in Vermont we are losing an entire Energizer plant and one of the largest grocery stores in Burlington. We are a pretty rural state, so those several hundred unemployed are going to have tough times finding even part-time employment and they may very well end up on food stamps themselves unless they are willing & able to move – and can find a job to move to.

  15. “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

    There is a huge difference between a raise in price and skyrocket, yet the people that can least afford it voted for this POS.

  16. @crackermike,

    Agree 100% with politicians and an angry mob holding them accountable, I would add a very angry mob going after todays so called main stream media. Politicians could never get away with their corruption of the leftist media. So be it.

  17. OT

    And this is Obama’s Katrina.


    Frustrated residents protest outside New York utility
    Frustrated by slow response to power lost during storms, residents protest outside NY utility


    And then this: Obama’s Hurricane Sandy Trip to New York Timed to Brother-in-Law’s Basketball Tourney

    Convenient isn’t it.

  18. Wouldn’t have made any difference in the election, Obama voters are immune to actual information.

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