Mark Levin sounded the alarm this week that Democrats want to nationalize 401K plans.
This comes from a previous interview with far left labor activist Teresa Ghilarducci.

Right Scoop reported:

Even if you’ve heard this interview before, it’s worthing listening again. It’s very entertaining as Mark Levin rips this professor to shreds and she doesn’t even realize it.

Via Mark Levin’s Facebook:

During my last few shows, including as recently as yesterday, I have alerted you to Obama’s desire to nationalize your 401-k plan and eliminate your mortgage interest deduction.

Some background on the former. Back in October 2008, I got word that Professor Teresa Ghilarducci of the New School had testified before Rep. George Miller’s committee in support of a plan to nationalize private pension plans — in particular, 401-k plans. I not only spoke about it on my show back then, but we tracked down the professor and I conducted the first interview on talk radio. I will discuss this at more length on my program this evening, but I thought you might want to be among the first to listen to that interview again. Please pass it along to as many people as you can. See below

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  1. Private property??? We don’t need no stinkin’ private property!

  2. How did this become “government’s plan?”

  3. Since Obama and the communists stole the election.

  4. First things first – seize every last penny of wealth from those who voted for Obama. That’s the starting point. They wanted it – let them fund it.

    Start with Celebrities and then move on to tech giants.

  5. Violence is inevitable.

  6. If they look like they’re going to seize the 401Ks take out a loan, and don’t pay it back. Take the money and buy gold or silver, or just keep it. Take every penny out, before they do this. They are bank robbers parading around as a legitimate government. They are lying, murderous, theives.

  7. If you don’t think he can do it, ask the Chrysler bond holders whose secured creditor status was negated by Obama & money transferred to his political allies @ the UAW. Romney really should have been the one warning us about this very clear & present danger, not Mark Levin. At the very least, he should have raised the Chrysler swindle.

  8. Marxists planning looting every dime they can get their hands on….what comes next looting children’s piggy banks, since they already looted their future..

  9. I went Galt years ago and cashed out my 401k so I’m all for this. Give Obama what he wants. You 48%’ers who came up short are …well….you came up short. Sorry about that old boy. Better luck next time, eh?

  10. So instead of being an idiot for not having a 401K plan, now I’m a genius? Who’s have thought? I shouldn’t have been beating myself up over being too poor to have a retirement plan all these years.

  11. This is yet another instance of ignoring the restrictions placed upon the federal government by the Constitution. These government nanny types think they have have the right to tell you how to take a ****.

  12. Time Magazine have been smearing, and trying to turn public opinion against 401k’s.

    From 2008.,9171,1864427,00.html

    From 2009.,9171,1929233,00.html

    From January 2012.

    The New York Times also is against 401k’s. From 2009.

    Here’s another interview that shows how dangerous the Communist Teresa Ghilarducci is.

    The interview is 16:39 long.

  13. A 2008 Propaganda Piece by CNN on Teresa Ghilarducci. A desperate effort to give her credibility and attempting to build up her trust with the American people.

    The plan to save early retirement.

    Another hit piece on 401k’s by Time Magazine.

    The hit piece that Atlantic did on 401k’s that Rush talked about today.

    This assault on private savings is another assault on Capitalism and Individual Freedom.

    Another attempted power grab by the Alinsky Left.

  14. [Video] Glenn Beck: Rand Paul, the Only Politician With a Spine

  15. Best thing is to listen to the entirety of today’s program:

    Then make it a habit to listen to Levin every day – no subscription needed to listen to replays or download his app.

    Learning is a never-ending process.

  16. #16 Redwine… thanks for the link. I love Mark Levin ( M-F: 9pm-12m), today’s show was fantastic. The interview with the professor was pure genius!

  17. #3, I’m glad you mention that he “Stole” the election. That’s exactly right and people have to realize that Conservatives are still in the clear majority,even though a recent spate of stories and people like “Pretend” Conservative Rush Limbaugh,are trying to dispirit and depress us ,by saying paraphrasing, “There are now more takers than doers’s and that’s why Obama won”. Baloney! They want to cement this meme in our head both to distract us from the massive voter fraud so we won’t revolt and to be able to sell the idea that the only way for us to survive is by nominating a RINO “Reach across the Aisle” candidate like Jebbie. Don’t fall for it and don’t ever give up your Firearms. No matter what Obama decrees on Assault Weapons!

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