John Kerry Had a Million More Votes Than Mitt Romney

Here’s a little more salt for your wounds…

In 2004 Bush had 62 million votes and John F. Kerry had 59 million votes.

Even John Kerry had more votes in 2004 than Mitt Romney did yesterday. (57.4 million)
Now, that is just sad.

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  • JT

    You fight a war with the weapons you have (to paraphrase Rummy), not the ones you wish you had. Romney was probably the best we had but still came up short. He should have gone for the jugular on Bhengazi. That was where he fell short. Also, Keith Christie’s back stabbing gesture by embracing Obama after Sandy didn’t help. I hope this ends that fat f**k’s political career or he converts to Democrat. Weasel.

  • Patty

    We lost, they won, now what ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT.

    OF COURSE WE CAN compare forever votes but in the end Obama received more votes.

    So, now is the time to pick ourselves up and do something to win NEXT TIME.


    Video: Was last night’s big winner Marco Rubio?

    The appalling exit polls from yesterday’s loss shows a huge problem for Republicans in the shifting demographics of the nation. Mitt Romney won 58% of the white vote, but didn’t even hit 30% among any of the non-white demographics in the electorate, which comprised 28% of the overall vote. Barack Obama won 69% of the Latino vote, which will only grow from its present 10% in coming years. Mike Huckabee blasted the GOP’s efforts at outreach on Fox News last night:

    “What do you make of the racial divide we are seeing in vote totals,” Megyn Kelly asked.

    “I don’t see it as all that shocking. I mean, typically, people of color tend to vote Democratic anyway,” Huckabee began.

    “I think Republicans have done a pathetic job of reaching out to people of color – something we have to work on,” Huckabee continued. “Republicans have acted like they can’t get the vote, so they don’t try. And the result is that they don’t get the vote.”

    George Will has a recipe for that problem — more Marco Rubio:

    video and read more:

    Lick our wounds and keep believing in our hopes for a NEW TOMORROW.

  • Patty

    We are becoming a more Brown nation. And it is apparently clear we need a person or person who can speak to ALL Americans. That is a Tough job but CAN be done and TODAY, NOT TOMORROW is the time. We can’t wait because Obama will be gone in 4 years.

    That is enough time to get our DUCKS IN A ROW.

  • Wheezy

    Why didn’t Republicans come out and vote for Romney?
    Is it because there are a lot fewer Republicans out there than people think there are?

    Total failure on the part of the Republican party.

  • bigkahuna

    It is now the Parasite Party and the Sucker Party.

    The Suckers will keep getting raped until they decide one day they have had enough and shut down.

    Its as I have said for You give a man a fish you feed a man for a day, You teach a man to fish you feed him for a life.

    The parasite party steals the fish from the fisherman, calls him rich and evil and tell him he doesnt pay his fair share, gives the fish to the lazy, stupid and dependent and says what are you looking at…Keep fishing oh and do it the $500 license, $200 catching fee, $100 environment fee and be sure you only use solar power to power anything.

    Pretty soon the fisherman will stop fishing……

  • asdf

    I don’t believe that.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    So where did that one and a half million go?

    If you can find out the answer to that question, then that may also be the answer to why Romney lost.

  • donh

    Romney did not win 50% of Republican support in the primary . Anyone listening to Mark Levin knows how many times he expressed WORRY about Romney throughout the primary , but once the deal was done we all worked hard for Romney…Unfortunately Romney wanted to be Mr Nice guy Gentleman taking issue after issue off the table. Romney put get along bi partisianship to the front of the ballot and LOST…and sure enough the message post election is we need to be more like democrats and move forward the communist agenda.

  • bigkahuna

    I also say Republicans when they when they start talking tax hikes…. GOP agrees To raise taxes on the parasite class. Democrats can pay higher taxes Republicans will keep the same cuts

  • sirriptishous

    Am I the only person who does not believe that number? Let me put it this way. I worked phones for Romney campaign and there was MUCH MORE enthusiasm and certainly MORE numbers voting than in 08. Now Obama had LESS voters turn out for him than in 08 and we still lose??

    You ponder that folks because I already did last night and find it very disturbing.

    Does our vote count any longer? I highly doubt it and smell something quite foul.

  • bigkahuna

    I smell voter fraud

  • Salvage warned back in April that election had already been rigged, but apparently no one took the warning seriously…….

  • If MILLIONS of Republicans (NOT libertarians, etc) refuse to fight Obama, if they refuse to defend their supposed principles, knowing what was at stake in this election, then

    I quit.

    Enact every freaking Democrat plan. Every. Single. One. Gun rights….what’s that? Abortion on demand and free? Sure. Spend more money? Why not? It’s investing in the future. Kowtow to foreigners? We Americans have to know our place.

    Full Speed Ahead Forward!

  • RM

    It’s certainly at least partially due to turnout:

    Romney (57.4mm) did get ~2 million fewer votes than Kerry (59mm) did in 2004 but Obama (60.2mm) also got ~2 million fewer than did Bush in 2004 (62mm)

    Obama got 9 million fewer votes than he did in 2008 (69.5mm) and Romney got ~2 million fewer than McCain did in 2008 (59.9mm).

  • donh

    Well if it was voter fraud why not take back the house for Pelosi too? They had the power to rig it for Obama but not enough power to take out Michelle Bachmann ?….NO…This was a repeat of the RINO sandbag operation we saw in the Obamacare ruling where all the FOX/AM radio media teased up our expectations prior to the ruling while the people at the top running the show had a loss by design programmed against us from the start….because too many people at the top levels of our party are DEMOCRATS with an assignment to negotiate our failure and surrender.

  • midusdew

    Makes me wonder if votes were not counted or there was so much voter fraud in the previous elections…. I would bet votes were not counted.

  • bigkahuna

    I also place a big part of this on Justice Roberts for not rejecting Obamacare and allowing Obama a win on it. That Bastage handed him a huge victory and failed to do his freaking Job. What a sellout and traitor he is

  • Bill Mitchell

    When the results don’t match the evidence you must question the results.

    There was a little known story before the election of an “experimental software patch” being used on vote tabulation machines in OH. It was installed right before the election and despite being illegal, was not reviewed by anyone for accuracy.

    Who knows what happened in other states?

    But something must explain how we had 14% higher EV in OH, plus a 15 point lead with Indies plus an R+3 electorate plus huge ED turnout and ended up D+8 result. It simply does not compute.

    If Dem turnout was down and Rep turnout was down, who were the record crowds at polling sites?

    Remember, this is the same Admin that gave us the forged birth certificate.

  • eloivsdiablo

    What sirriptishous said…

  • Robodog7

    I think that millions of Romney votes got deleted by rigged voting machines. I refuse to believe the numbers. All day long the media showed record long lines, poll were kept open late to accommodate the enormous turnout. This election was stolen. period.

  • Almost every day for the last month there as been at least one posting claiming that most of the polls were wrong and that Rasmussen or some other outlying poll or one of the professional polls “recalculated” to eliminate “bias” showed Romney winning, usually by a landslide. These claims were all wrong. The polls were right.

    So what happened? Were the sources of these stories lying in order to maintain campaign enthusiasm or they did they just not understand how polling works in an America with 21st Century demographics? If they were lying, y’all need to keep this in mind the next time they try to tell you something. If they didn’t understand what was happening, you need to remember that these folks didn’t know what they were talking about.

    Or will you keep paying attention to them because they tell a story that makes you feel good and because you can’t handle the truth? That’s what I’m betting on.

  • Bob

    Probably a lot of voter fraud but we have seen our share of people who said they would not vote for Romney…….that turned out to be a vote for Obama………

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  • Tom Moeller

    I quit. No more getting hopes up when all you have to work with is commies and their idiots.

  • Nelle

    Maybe there were more Libertarians who wasted their vote or didn’t vote, more military votes suppressed, and more anti-Mormons than we thought. But it does feel wrong, when the lines were as long as we’ve ever seen, enthusiasm was so high, and the desire to be rid of this regime was so strong. And when you know that it’s an easy thing to program those voting machines to cheat, and impossible to prove.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    I’m going to cut straight to the chase here. Two things:

    When I heard that Mitt Romney hired, as his top advisors, THE VERY SAME GUYS who ran McCain’s failed sorry-ass campaign I KNEW that Romney was going to lose this election (and I’ve said as much on this an other sites). Mitt wasn’t smart enough to understand that “You get what you pay for” and that means people too.

    Secondly, (and I’ve said this before) the Republican Establishment SIMPLY DOES NOT UNDERSTAND the kind of people that comprise the national conspiracy known as The Democrat Party. Sean Hannity doesn’t because I’ve heard him many times refer to his “good-friend Bob Beckel” who Sean says “is a really good guy”. Look, these people aren’t really good guys much less good at all. Sean and so many other Republicans like him think that the Dems are good people just misguided. No they’re not! And that, my friends, is why the death bell of the Republican Party rang last night. Yes the GOP is dead. Fools like Mitt, Boehner, Eric Cantor, Sean and too many others simply cannot grasp what they are up against. And if you can’t understand the people you’re up against, you’ve lost already!

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  • Wiscodoc

    There was no widespread fraud for either side. The “software patch” was installed by Republicans in Ohio and upheld in court by a Bush appointee. The GOP needs to reevaluate its approach. The nation is changing, folks. We old white guys are dying off, and even some of us who are still alive vote Democratic. Y’all need to realize that lots of smart educated people see the same things you do and come to very different conclusions

  • DMG


    Salvage, that’s a good name for him. Michael Salvage.

  • The Central Scrutinizer

    Romney got 58% of the white votes and it wasn’t enough. It’s over folks. Blacks and Hispanics now run the country. We now have the (2) demographics that contribute the least to the tax burden deciding our elections for us. Hispanics have been coming here in droves now for about three decades, and despite the fact that they are a hard working people, they are also smart and learned how to take advantage of our system. A HUGE percenatge of them works OFF THE BOOKS and pay no taxes at all and because they show no income, they qualify for all sorts of free governement assistant, subsidies, etc, and now FREE HEALTHCARE. Also, where I used to live a big problem was that Hispanic Families would often share homes. What you would see was 2,3, or 4 families would rent our buy a home which would create only one property tax revenue. However, these shared households would send a hugely disproportionate amount of children into the school system. So you have one source of property tax revenue but the schools are inundated by 10 – 12 childeren. In my old town this happened all over and eventually bankrupted the town which of course had to raise taxes on everyone., So I left.
    Folks, the Hispanics are not going home and the Blacks aren’t going back to Africa anytime soon, not with all the free stuff Obama and the Democrats are offering them for their votes.
    I keep hearing on the news that the Republicans have to change there stance on this that and the other if they expect to compete with the Democrats in National Elections. This is Mularkey. The Republicans can chage their stance on Abortion, taxing the rich, Military spending, whatever, it doesn’t matter, until the Republican party sells out and promises the freeloaders of our society more FREE STUFF than the Evil Democrat party does. Until then, they probably will never see the inside of the White House again. It’s comes down to the takers vs. the providers and right now the takers outnumber the providers and unless we have some sort of civil war where the takers are removed by force, it’s over.

    “A democracy (or in our case, a democratically elected Republic) cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.”

    ― Alexis de Tocqueville

  • tj

    #18 I was wondering the same. All I heard about was heavy ED turnout… R+3 turnout.. D+11 polling showing a dead heat…

    So what happened?

  • Mad Hatter


    Sadly, you’re right. They seem to play along to get along. Their approach is, “if I’m nice to them, sooner or later they’ll see my side and I can convert them”. Good luck with that.

  • Mad Hatter

    The Republicans had one minority after another at the Convention, yet, it didn’t make a dent worth of difference to the minority voter. Why?

    It’s simple.

    The Conservative minorities are taught hard work and personal responsibility.

    The Liberal minorities are taught victimization, and the deck is stacked against you, therefore, the Liberal minority can not identify with the Conservative minority.

    It’s that simple.

  • owl

    Okay. Put me down also in the ‘I do not believe the numbers’ side of the list. Why?

    Size of crowds at rally. Absentee. Length of lines. Litttle things such as commenter likes/dislikes. A build up of negative all over with Obama. You didn’t build that.

    These people voted. Many did not vote for McCain because he reminded them of “it’s all Bush’s fault” that media played 24/7 and never even thought about fighting Obama.

  • owl

    Maybe it is just the downer of today but I do not think there will be another shot at it.

    Republican base will never agree to do what needs to be done to win and Republican ELECTED voices fold. I call that a Mexican standoff with each other.

    Democrats protect their own even if that person is standing dripping wet in the rain and proclaiming it a sunny day. They will shout it to your face. What rain?

    Listen to Ted Cruz. He says that Repubs have to appeal to Hispanics with a different tone. That man wins the prize. Even if it means giving up the Supreme Court, many Repubs will still whine about RINOs and stand firm that all illegals must go back. Ha. Then wonder what happened when they lost the Supremes.

  • SturJen

    I’m convinced there was voter fraud. The numbers don’t add up.

    What is anyone going to DO about that? Absolutely nothing. Those higher-ups are gonna sit there in their posh offices and whine. Nothing will be done, no one will be held accountable and not one of those people care about us. We’re the pawns in a big ol’ game.

    And when it comes down to the fight that’s going to break out – and it will, soon – we’re the ones who will be sent to die first. We’re pawns. Those big shots have shown they don’t care about us, just about their money.

    The upside to this all is when the peons die, we get to heaven. The rest of them can spend their ill-gotten gains in Satan’s bank.

  • owl

    Yep. I am saying Democrats are not stupid about winning elections and you must first win to get anything you want.

  • owl

    Republicans have 2 years to stop Obama. Stop him and not compromise. Play dirty because you have nothing left to lose.

    Will they? Nope. Wimps. Too stupid to fight when they get in office.

  • owl

    Listening to Dana and she is saying that when Bush won 2004, he came out of it wanting to do something about Social Security and Immigration. She said his own party would not.

    Yep. Just the way I remember it. They had to have perfection. Not perfect enough or do not touch the holy grail.

  • steveowinlow

    There is something “fishy” about these numbers: they are just plain wrong, they don’t include Florida (8M or so votes) plus many provisional and mail-in ballots (several million probably). Give it a little time and I would think the total vote numbers will look similar to 2008.

  • g

    This whole election was such theater, looking back I am amazed the way it was played with tears and all, even the ‘I wrote a concession speech’ bit. Pitch perfect B.S. from the get go. Laughable really. All you have to do is see that Greyson, Warren, Jesse Jackson Jr., Biden and BO won and Mia Love, Allen West and more lost by the smallest margins and you know there was no way we had any chance. Of course they made it look like a squeaker so the payers would not go Galt but this thing has been in the bag since 2008 or before. There are many people I would like to hang from a tree on the R side. I am finished with those POS. I am sick to death of this crapola.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Exactly, now that the debt ceiling needs to be raised a few trillion dollars once again, expect Boehner & Cantor to agree to raise the debt ceiling in exchange for a super-duper debt-reduction committee. Oh wait… they already did that!

    Okay, expect Boehner & Cantor to agree to raise the debt ceiling a few more trillion dollars because well… just because they don’t want the Democrats to hate them even more than they already do!

  • Sparky

    Romney was a dud right from the get go. He was the choice of Fox News, the Drudge Report, the MSM, Karl Rove, and the Old Boys Club in the Republican Party.

    Romney was not the Conservatives choice and Conservatives refused to vote for him.

    It is absolutely pathetic that Romney could not squeak out a win against the WORST PRESIDENT EVER!

    The next four years will not be pretty in America!

  • does anybody know where the voter turnout was less then in 2008? it would be interesting to se what voters that voted in those districts have to say.

    did anybody here not vote or know of anyone that did not vote for romney? he wasn’t my choice but compared to obama he was light years better. i can’t imagine any conservative that given a choice between romney or obama would choose to not vote. i thought he ran a good campaign said the right things and seemed to be doing very well, much better then obama.

    has any president ever lose as many voters as obama and been re-elected?

  • midusdew

    West wants to impound the machines. I hope finds they are rigged.
    Did California use voting machines?

    Here in AZ we used paper ballots. Romney won….

  • midusdew

    The Senate map of the states I would thing would miror the Presidential race map. But they don’t.

    How convenient No chance to undo pinko care.

    This is the smoking gun the election was rigged.
    This was a highly charged election everybody I know
    was concerned. And now to find out there was a low
    voter turn out. BS!!@!!

  • Mama Grizzly

    Well I’m glad West wants to impound the machines. Of course the we’re rigged. Let’s see if he can go through with it. But they should be impounded across the country. This is a big joke among those in the know in the Democrat party. Shhhhh…. Tee-hee…

    The MSM cannot be trusted to protect the rights of the people, so why believe the election results?

    WHO counted the votes and HOW they were counted is EVERYTHING. Also– where is the overseas military and absentee votes? Crickets…

    How is it that Dems are bragging about voting multiple times and there is NO onestigation of voter fraud. How is it that votes are counted in Spain by a major O contributor and there is NO investigation?

    #s 10, 11, 12 are right… this election was rigged. They know it and don’t care. They wanted O, they got him…

  • dunce

    I do not know how they did it but this was massive vote fraud. There could not have been less turn out this election., some how many votes were simply not counted or were counted wrong.

  • Randolph Taylor

    Romney got 2 million votes less than McCain? I cant believe people are buying this. Obama got 10 million votes less than he did in 2008. Sounds right. Where did the votes go? Sounds like someone didn’t count the votes. Those 12 million were supposed to go to Romney which is why everyone is so confused about what happened. The people didn’t just stay home or we would hear headlines of less voter turnout and a need to energize the base. Believe me, the people that left Obama were scared about what would happen if he got elected again. They wouldn’t just stay home. Don’t know why no one else put that together. Scary part is no one can do anything about it. Globalization will be implemented over the next four years and it will be too late.