It Figures. Ex-Con and Child Sexual Predator Wants to Fill Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Seat

And, no doubt, Democrats will vote him right back into office.
Former Representative and child sexual predator Mel Reynolds wants to run for Jesse Jackson Jr’s seat in Congress.

He told reporters today, “Nobody’s perfect.”

The Chicago Tribune reported:

Disgraced former U.S. Rep. Mel Reynolds said he will ask voters to focus on his congressional experience rather than his state and federal criminal record as he announced his bid today for the seat held by Jesse Jackson Jr., who has resigned.

At a downtown hotel news conference, Reynolds acknowledged having made “mistakes” in the past. For his campaign, he will try to assume the mantle of an incumbent while also seeking redemption from voters. Red and white campaign signs urged voters to “re-elect” Reynolds “so he can finish the work” while another stark red sign with white letters said simply: “Redemption.”

Reynolds held the 2nd Congressional District seat from 1993 until October 1995, when a Cook County jury convicted him of several sex-related charges, including having sex with an underage volunteer campaign worker. While serving time in state prison, Reynolds also was convicted on federal financial and campaign fraud charges. President Bill Clinton commuted Reynolds’ sentence to time served in 2001.

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  • Bitter Clinger

    Apparently there are no standards of conduct (including felonious conduct) that precludes anyone from being in the U.S. Congress. I have no doubt that this human debris will be elected to J3’s seat. The voters (racist parasites) in his district only see skin color. The Founders are rolling over in their graves…………

  • Sam Stone

    When the people re-elect crackhead whore lover Marion Barry many times. re-elect a man who has been for 5 months confined to a mental ward, they will elect this man.
    When there are no more consequences in life other than jail for your crimes, anything goes.
    Mr Reynolds may be suitable for many many jobs and positions, but elected representative is not one of them.

  • dork lungfish

    Oh it’s even worse than that folks. May I remind you that Reynolds replaced Gus Savage, a truly awful man who was also a sexual predator. These are the kinds of choices that are presented to voters in way too many minority voting dostricts. It’s hard to figure out who’s more a t fault for this disgraceful reality — the voters or the cabal of criminals that run local politics in these districts.

  • Sam Stone

    From my state last week.

    “Prince George’s Democrats choose Greg Hall to replace Alston”
    “Prince George’s County Democrats on Friday selected businessman Greg Hall to replace Tiffany Alston in the Maryland House of Delegates.”

    “Hall has come under fire for his criminal record, including a gun charge conviction and dropped murder and drug charges– all from 20 years ago.”

    FEW stories told that and even then left out this.

    A 14 year old boy was killed in a street gunfight involving Mr Hall. Thus the murder charges and gun conviction.

    A man surely not going to vote to relax concealed carry in Martyland or in his county yet lived by the gun when so desired. Not suitable for elected office. Or in this case APPOINTED by the Democrats in PG County. Shameless.

  • bigL

    when MeeHo disapeared I thought she was in chi to run for JJJR’s seat…Congressional Seat

  • Conniption Fitz

    He will fit right in in DC.

  • ponderon

    Character doesn’t count anymore, only someone who can keep the free stuff coming……

  • Austin Milbarge

    Oh, it’s not hard to figure out. Prison time is a honored credential for voters in that district. It’s called “street creds” and ole’ Mel has ’em!

  • Sam Stone

    OH! I forgot, not just appointed by the Democrat Masters in PG County, but he must be approved by the Governor. Who did ask for him to be removed from the nomination but the PG DemMasters voted to keep him as thier choice. Same county where they have their wives flush $50000 checks down the toilet and stuff $20000 in her bra then answer the front door because t is the State Marshals with a search and arrest warrant for her and her husband. Her Husband was the County Executive and she was an elected town official.

    Just north of Mayor crackhead Barry.

    Oh Martyland Oh Martyland….

  • anti-bho

    Hell, why not if his was the winning bid? Everyone knows every seat for every office in the whole damned state is for sale. It’s how they roll. Been that way since before the ‘War of Northern Aggression’.
    Speaking of which, Walter Williams weighed in on just that with this…….

    Pay particular attention to the last paragraph on page 2……


    “The War of 1861 settled the issue of secession through brute force that cost 600,000 American lives. Americans celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, but H.L. Mencken correctly evaluated the speech, “It is poetry, not logic; beauty, not sense.” Lincoln said that the soldiers sacrificed their lives “to the cause of self-determination — that government of the people, by the people, for the people should not perish from the earth.” Mencken says: “It is difficult to imagine anything more untrue. The Union soldiers in the battle actually fought against self-determination; it was the Confederates who fought for the right of people to govern themselves.”

    read and learn…
    Parting Company – Walter E. Williams

  • Exile1981

    AKA Melvin Jay Reynolds, Sr.

    US Congressman, Illinois 2nd (1993-95)
    Rainbow Coalition (2001-)
    Salvation Army halfway house resident, Chicago 2001
    Rhodes Scholarship 1975
    Assault Chicago 17-Aug-1989, charges dropped
    Solicitation Chicago 17-Aug-1989, charges dropped
    Obstruction of Justice convicted Aug-1995
    Statutory Rape convicted Aug-1995
    Child Pornography convicted Aug-1995
    Fraud (bank fraud) convicted 1997
    Wire Fraud convicted 1997
    Perjury convicted 1997

    After he was released by Clinton he was given a job by Jesse Jackson to work with criminals and youths in his church group the rainbow coalition. When convicted on child pornography and Statuary rape the following was how CNN described him.
    ‘Reynolds was unrepentant, continuing to deny guilt and claiming he was the victim of a racist, politically motivated prosecution. “When they shackle me like they shackled my slave ancestors and take me off to jail,” he told the court, “nobody will see me crawl.”‘

    He also has a history of accusations by his wife of abuse. A real classy winner, he’ll fit in when he gets back into congress.

  • JDR

    With those credentials?

    Damn. It’s pretty much a shoe-in.

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  • donh


  • bg
  • http://HTML Annie J

    According to Obamaland rules, it’s not the content of your character or about your policies, it’s all about the color of your skin and political party. Black and Democrat, you’re in no matter what you say or do. White and Republican, you are nothing but a lying, racist, woman hater. I’d bet a dozen donuts this piece of garbage will get elected.

  • Indiana

    I truly think the Democrats are trying to find their bottom. They can’t go much lower, can they?

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  • Clafoutis

    The double-edged sword of Democracy strikes again.

  • Rose

    He looks exactly perfect for Jesse Jackson’s constituents. Something Odrama Queen can feel comfortable endorsing. A Black Arne Duncan.