What a goof
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the worst Speaker in US history, told reporters today,
“We don’t have the majority but we have the gavel.”

And just think… She’s the leader of this group of socialist knuckleheads.




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  1. I’m gonna hurl…please just

  2. GO AWAY

  3. She probably meant “gravel” as in being underfoot in the House.

    Okay, we can laugh at these Democrat knuckleheads, but how knuckleheaded can they be since they have convinced a majority of those living in the geographical area known as the USA to vote for the Democrat Party (see, I refuse to call them Americans) for President and for the Senate.

  4. Please stop picking on this stupid, vile, shortsighted, loudmouth, egotistical, mis-enformed old woman.

  5. OT

    Sometimes I actually feel a little sorry for the folks back east but this is not one of those times.


  6. She and her messiah know what they can do with that gavel. Those types might enjoy it though.

  7. She probably meant ‘gravel’, with which her noggin is filled

  8. Your link (on the right side of the page) to Ann Coulter’s website is wrong.

    The correct URL is:

  9. #7, #3 already beat you to it. Besides, her joke was better.

  10. A modern Mrs Malaprop.

    At least she can say such things with a straight face.

    I mean, she HAS to say such things with a straight face.

    I mean, a straight face is the only one she has left.

    Oh, you know what I mean.

  11. she meant to say -but we do have the vagina-

  12. she meant the boot on our necks

  13. And just think… She’s the leader of this group of socialist knuckleheads.

    A more dreadful thought to contemplate is that there’s an even bigger bunch of knuckleheads back in San Francisco that keep voting for this harpy.

  14. A Freudian slip, for sure. “We don’t have the majority (of votes), but we have the Executive Branch,” is what was going through her head when she made the majority-gavel statement.

  15. Don’t bet on it. Nancy seldom flubs.
    Symbolically, whoever has the gavel has tbe power. Currently,regardless who has the actual gavel.
    That’s what I’m betting she’s alluding to.

  16. Naci. The swamp monster still hasnt been swept up.

    The swamp is still filled with evil creatures… Drain it.

  17. I feel so sorry for MISTER Pelosi. That woman is dumber than a bag of hammers.

  18. She’s right…Boehner is in on this sinister catholic conspiracy to resurrect Mussolini from the dead and transform America into a fascist dictatorship.

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