GOP Lawmaker: Pelosi Is “Mind-Numbingly Stupid” and May Be Mentally Ill (Video)

Finally, someone puts words to what we’ve all been thinking.
GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) yesterday called House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi “mind-numbingly stupid” and said that there is something medically wrong with her brain.
Gowdy was on with Greta Van Susteren last night.

this is the same woman who said that she would have arrested Karl Rove any day she wanted. So I don’t know what was wrong with her yesterday or today or whenever she said that, but I would schedule an appointment with my doctor if she thinks that we are doing this to suppress votes this fall. That is mind-numbingly stupid

We couldn’t agree more.
Think Progress has the video:

Remember: Pelosi also said Democrats brought down the deficit after they increased it by a trillion dollars.
She’s either mind-numbingly stupid or a chronic liar, or both.

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  • jorgen

    Well, most socialists have a brain disorder and are also pathological liars.

  • Mary

    It’s the Botox. Mix that nasty injectable with copious amounts of alcohol and that’s what you get: Pelositoxtail. Course, living in San Franfreakshow all these years couldn’t have helped.
    Seriously, she does need medical help. Something is wrong.

  • Teresa

    There has been something wrong for a long time. Something more serious than being just plain stupid which of course she is.

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  • BarbaraS

    zybe if she got some help she would start acting her age and quit acting like little miss qumquat.

  • rabble-rouser

    If Nancy has failed to do the job she was appointed to do, why wasn’t she fired. I’m just saying if she really had evidence to have Carl Rove arrested on any given day, then why didn’t she follow through. If anyone in our government is doing something illegal or underhanded they need to be booted out and held accountable. Damn I just realized, we may have to start from scratch people. 92% need to go. That’s my platform. I’ll reduce unemployment by firing the majority of the government and hiring “the people” to take over.

  • GotFreedom

    Finally someone willing to stand up and speak out what most of us have always known about Nancy Pelosi!

    Hey San Fran–does she still speak for you?

  • George

    The people in her district are mind numbingly stupid for re electing her!

  • Gary

    This guy is starting to make a name for himself.

  • Gloria Gilson

    Okay, okay, make fun of Pelosi, Jackson-Lee, Schumer, Dick Turban, and countless other looney Democrats, including in his day Fat Boy Ted Kennedy. All of the fun is well-deserved. These people, Democrats all, are awful people; their constitutional oath means squat. To us, the Constitution is the means by which the people are able to contain and limit government. To these Democrats it’s “To hell with the Constitution” and lets grow government as much as possible.

    What alarms me are their voters. These people didn’t just walk into office. They were voted in by the incredibly stupid and the self-serving. Who says public schools don’t work?

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  • Alana

    All three: mentally ill, mind-numbingly stupid, and a chronic liar.

  • FurryGuy

    #6 June 22, 2012 at 12:11 pm
    rabble-rouser commented:

    It wasn’t just her “failure” to arrest Karl Rove, but did anyone else hear her mentioning the prison in the basement of the Congress building? I didn’t realize that Congress has the Constitutional authority to incarcerate people.

    She also was big on talking about issuing Articles of Impeachment against GW during the run up to the 2006 midterm elections, along with creating budgets that “pay as you go”, but utterly failed to follow through on many of her loony Leftist promises. The exploding deficits began with Queen Nan getting enthroned as Speaker.

  • Buffalobob

    Nancy, Nancy, your family is failing you. If they really loved you they would be researching to find a nice comfortable home for you. Ya know not one of those where you have to use wooden utensils and sit all day with your head bobbing up and down, but one where the staff is trained to wipe the drool from your chin in a timely manner.

  • FurryGuy

    #10 June 22, 2012 at 12:19 pm
    Gloria Gilson commented:

    What alarms me are their voters. These people didn’t just walk into office. They were voted in by the incredibly stupid and the self-serving. Who says public schools don’t work?

    Many people say public schools aren’t working, and haven’t worked for quite some time in part thanks to Teachers Unions and the Department of Education, they just get drowned out and ignored by the American Pravda media propaganda arm of the Democrat party.

  • Patty

    She has been more visible, lately and I suggest it is because of the healthcare mandate being tossed out by SCOTUS.

    She is trying to cling to last hope and last ditch effort case this will happen. Everything she says has some vengeance behind it.

    Remember this one: Pelosi:

    We Must Pass Obamacare So Artists Can Quit Their Day Jobs

    Pelosi: we have to pass the health care bill so that you can find out what is in it.

    This administration is getting ready for the biggest loss in U.S. History. So, Pelosi is getting her ducks in row by attacking Republicans. “again” with more crazy statements and now, her only hope is to make the voters believe that Contempt Vote and Fast and Furious is because of suppression of Voter Rights.

    Pelosi must win the election, her head is on the line. SHE IS TOAST AFTER NOVEMBER WHEN ROMNEY WINS ELECTION.

  • Thomas

    I’m embarrassed she is from Baltimore.

  • FurryGuy

    #17 June 22, 2012 at 12:31 pm
    Thomas commented:

    I’m embarrassed she is from Baltimore.

    I’m embarrassed she’s from America and planet Earth.

  • Bustr

    Maybe she has a drinking or drug problem or something. Is she too young for Alzheimer’s?

  • Gloria Gilson


    Perhaps you’re not getting my point. The public schools ARE working! They’re fulfilling their design – to dumb down the populations so that when the students become voters the Party of Government (which for certain is the Democratic Party, but the GOP feeds as well) always prevails. The public schools are most certainly NOT for educating the children, only indoctrinating them.

    Achieve Educational Freedom, Excellence and Harmony: Eliminate the Public Schools

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  • mcc
  • Rose

    They should do a brain scan, like the kind they do to check for the damage of alcoholism and drug addiction, and see if she has any brain left at all.

  • USMC Thomas

    Who is this guy, he has said some interesting statements lately that I wish more Republican’s would parrot.

  • Poor Granny Nan – desperate to regain some relevance in the face of the flop of Obamacare, yet again she reveals herself to be a complete progressive nutjob. Her personal desire for power, like zero’s, overrides everything else.

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) yesterday called House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi “mind-numbingly stupid”…

    Haaahahahahaha, someone finally said it out loud.

  • Jerry M

    This San Francisco nut job is the best thing that could have happened to the Republican party aside from the bufoon in the White House. The more Pelosi trots out to make her stupid statements to the American people, the more damage she does to the Democrat party and that is a very good thing.

  • wth

    Hope some intrepid reporter asks her about that comment. Comedy gold.

  • Peregrine Took, Hobbit S.O.B.

    Never heard of Gowdy before this week but I like his spirit,

  • donh

    Nancy only looks crazy because you do not understand the true purpose of her press statement is to transmit cryptic messages to covert communist agents…much like an Osama Bin Laden tape contains secret message orders to hidden terrors cells . That whole babble of incoherency laced with words like ” poison ” ” suffucating” “No accident” ” Pox on both your houses” …”important vehicle ” “secret money” ” let us tie the hands “…These are all communist inverse double speak orders for agents loyal to the NWO agenda to strike. Every Republican in important position should change their travel habits. Rent a different car..Take a different route to work…. and don’t open any mail …>

  • Mary

    #19 Bustr No, she is not too young for Alzheimers.

  • mcc

    How about a return to sanity? From Hannity’s chat with the Romneys:

    Mitt Romney: “I think we’re on the road to Greece, or to Spain, or to Italy, or to California. We’re on the road that says, look, we can have a setting where we spend more and more as a government, where we borrow more, where government becomes more and more intrusive in our lives and we change the very character of America and we become more like Europe. And we know where that leads. That leads to Europe with high unemployment, very low wage growth, potential fiscal calamity, or we return to principles of opportunity and freedom and giving people in this country the chance to realize their dreams, killing the debt that is killing business today and the next generation. That’s the kind of choice we have and so, whether it’s a tipping point or a fork in the road, I’m not sure which metaphor you want to use, but this is a defining time for America.”

  • Patty

    #33 June 22, 2012 at 1:32 pm
    mcc commented:

    I watched the interview. It is like night and day. I cannot be praying more for America and finally a new and more patriotic face to look at each day.

    My remote has had a work out for over three and a half years now. I push it when I see Obama’s face off, and mute when he speaks. I am tired of that. I won’t my Country Back.

  • maak

    #19 Bustr and #32 Mary I agree that she’s not too young for Alzheimers. But wouldn’t that give Alzheimers patients a bad name?

  • Granny

    #32 June 22, 2012 at 1:30 pm
    Mary commented:

    #19 Bustr No, she is not too young for Alzheimers.


    I don’t think it is Alzheimers but I do suspect something organic – notice her hands and that she seems to be hanging on to something almost to keep them still. I suspect that she either desperately needs a neuro consult or has already had one and is just trying to carry on and isn’t being particularly successful at it.

  • kato

    I’ve been saying it all along: the woman is demented.

  • Joanne

    Don’t forget, they had to pass Obamacare to find out what is in it! Stupid, evil, and nuts.

  • donh

    #36…Its the shaking hands and the facial twitches right when Nancy says the words ” poison ” and ” suffocate “…..that define her as chief Inspector Dryfus who always winced with uncontrolled facial ticks when shouting ” Kill Clousseau “…>

  • paul52

    Just knowing the the House Dumbocrats elected her Speaker for FOUR years oughta tell you everything you ever need to know about their party and its lack of common sense. Would not be shocked to see the Sea Hag re-elected in Nov. Reason #866 as to why I don’t live in the Land of Fruits and Nuts.

  • Valerie

    OT — there seems to be a general failure of leadership for the Democratic Party at the national level, and Jon Steward has noticed.

    The hot air commentary is worth a read, too, particularly the last paragraph.

  • Francesca

    The ONLY positive thing I can say about Nancy P. is that she has beautiful clothes. Seriously.

  • Francesca

    Now, if only she would just stay home in SF and wear her lovely clothes, life would be much better for the rest of us.

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  • Seen this tweet just now. Funny.


    Clair Pena Created: 22 June 2012

    I think Pelosi is on the Bath Salts. #FastAndFurious

  • forest

    Nancy Pelosi is on drugs. I’ve been saying it for years an I’m sticking to it – probably way over prescribed to Xanax or Klonopin with a little something extra thrown in that I can’t put my finger on. Maybe doubling up on synthroid.

  • sandy

    Gloria Gilson # 10 — You’re right the people who voted Obama in were stupid. I have a friend who voted for Obama because he offered Hope and Change. I asked her what she thought he meant by Hope & Change. She said she didn’t know but it made her feel good. I asked her if she was going to vote for Obama this year and she said she probably will because everyone hates him so she feels she needs to stand by him.

    Notice the word FEEL. Dems don’t think — they feel. So anyone who can pull at their heartstrings is a winner to them.

  • sandy

    I had a teacher in kindergarten who spoke like that. She treated us like we were 5 years old and that was ok because we were. To have this woman speaking to the American people as though we were 5 years old insults our intelligence and she should be pensioned off.

  • AuntieMadder

    She’s not mentally ill. She knows that what she says is BS and she knows that anyone who hears it, including her constituents, also knows it’s BS. She doesn’t care. As long as those who keep voting for her don’t care that she lies, it doesn’t matter to her, either.

  • Democrats lie. And the media shovel their BS for them.

  • MVH

    Does Botox smooth out the wrinkles on the brain, too?

  • this guy is going to take hell from american tas for telling the truth.

  • jainphx

    It may sound funny, but I’m encouraged by the comments here and other conservative sites. It seems that more and more people are waking up to the Demoncrapic insanity. Hell let them continue to talk, they just keep digging the hole deeper.

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  • Ted W

    She said this while accusing the Republicans of not being responsible – well what is a person who knows of crime(s) and does nothing about them? IRRESPONSIBLE and probably guilty of breach of office! She isn’t guilty of breach of office because she doesn’t and didn’t ever have that authority or power to arrest anyone! It tells you a lot about the people in her district love and keep re-electing her!

  • JPeden

    #46 forest commented:

    “Nancy Pelosi is on drugs. I’ve been saying it for years an I’m sticking to it – probably way over prescribed to Xanax or Klonopin with a little something extra thrown in that I can’t put my finger on. Maybe doubling up on synthroid.”

    Yeah forest, nice practical thinking on your part, imo – it wouldn’t be surprising. Maybe not in Nazi’s case, but Libs take a lot of “nutritional” additives. One Hollywood-connected Lib woman I know admitted to taking 20 different supplements per day which landed her in the hospital. But she’s still been quite worried about the importation or migration of “carnivorous” Bullfrogs to our area, while the large Canadian Wolves are ok. Another couple I knew got on a “mineral” trip – calcium, magnesium, etc., I saw them in their bathroom after they tried to convince me of their wonders by showing me a book with pictures of the guy who wrote the book flexing his muscles – and ended up poisoning their 3 year old so that it looked like he had a rare form of “infantile seizures” involving hundreds per day. He recovered. So for a while I was seriously advising Libs on line to get checked out asap in light of their obvious thought disorders. But knowing Libs much better, now I only wonder, what was I thinking!

  • gwhh

    Is not by defination being liberal makes you mental ill. So he she just MORE mental ill than the avergae liberal or he she just dumber than the average liberal also?

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  • bg
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