IDIOT LEFTISTS Hold Black Friday ‘Mic Check’ at Maryland WALMART (Video)

Unhinged leftists disrupted shoppers at a Maryland WALMART today and held a “Mic Check” near the cash registers. The morons said they represented the workers of WALMART but the cashiers were too busy working to notice.

Via The Nation:

Go home, losers.

At least they didn’t sing some crappy protest song.
That would have really sucked.

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  • luckyone

    I doubt they have a permit. The manager should have called the police and had them removed.
    Change You Can Believe in!!

  • ClinkinKY


  • Opaobie

    Our Walmart stores have uniformed police inside the store near the entrances and exits, and even with huge crowds, there has been no disruption of any kind. Planning ahead and having police present as a “friendly reminder” seems to work.

  • http://Americanthinker paul

    Doesn’t Walmart sell guns?

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  • Concerned American

    I would think that being inside the store protesting would be considered trespassing at the very least. They should have had them all arrested. I thought I saw someone stopping a customer’s cart and blocking access to the cashiers. That’s just wrong!

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  • Highlander

    You’d think these people would eventually realize how stupid they look, but I guess not …

  • Mark Adams

    Why give these clowns the attention?

  • Ghost

    isn’t this how the sub-prime mortgage crisis began?

    as this grows (it will) remember Ann Coulter’s insight/advice from, “Demonic”- the only way to deal with a mob is to smash them. There is NO OTHER WAY.

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  • jharp

    Let me guess. You favor Wal Mart paying it’s workers so little that the taxpayers have to subsidize their grocery bill and pay for their health insurance.

    The largest employer in the country doesn’t pay enough to keep a family out of poverty and you think this OK.

    Or put another way let’s say you have a store next to Wal Mart. You get to pay for your own health insurance and also have to pay for Wal Mart workers health insurance whilst Wal Mart uses this advantage to cut prices and put you out of business.

    You position is indefensible.

  • Ericshere

    Not all jobs are meant to be a living wage nor do they all deserve a living wage. This is America. No one is holding a gun to your head and requiring that you work at Wallmart. If you want a living wage get an education and earn one. Not everyone wants a stock-boy to make as much as a truck driver. I shall not exist for the benefit of another.

  • American Woman

    Many of these workers are 1/2 of a couple, they are working to bring additional money into their households. In addition, quite a few are young people and this is their first job. It is a choice they make for their own personal reasons, and many will move on when the opportunity arises in their own good time.

    I really do not understand why lefty lunatics were allowed in the store and given access to customers, who have a right to shop, where they want.

  • jharp

    #13 November 23, 2012 at 4:48 pm

    Ericshere commented:

    ” I shall not exist for the benefit of another.”

    That is exactly what you’re doing and you are too stupid to realize it.

    You, are paying Wal Mart workers health insurance with your taxes.

    You, are paying for Wal Mart workers grocery bill with your taxes.

    It’s not complicated and you have to be really stupid to not see it.

  • HoustonConservChic

    When shopping at WalMart, you cannot ask a Walmart Assoc for any help. You cannot ask the butcher to cut meat for you, the Assoc’s in the jewelry dept don’t know anything about jewelry, the Assoc’s in the clothing areas can’t tell you where to find specific styles or sizes — toys, tools, automotive, gardening, household – NOBODY can answer a question because NOBODY is a SPECIALIST in any dept. AND THEY DON’T TAKE YOUR GROCERIES TO YOUR CAR FOR YOU!! I can’t think of a single reason why WalMart employees deserve anything over min wage. Any dummy can work there – AND THEY DO!

    I tried to tell a WalMart Assoc in the produce section that they were out of produce bags. They literally looked at me like they didn’t hear me and said it was not their job and they cannot tell anyone else something that needs to be done. IT’S NOT THEIR PROBLEM! Walmart jobs are THE NEXT STEP after working at McDonald’s! They deserve $1 over min wage since they are not teenagers. If they think they deserve more they should work in a better place, like Bass Pro Shop for someone who has knowledge of fishing/camping gear. You have to know something to work in specialty stores, but at Walmart – forget it!

  • vityas

    Down twinkles

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    I thought Obamacare was affordable health care? No?

  • jharp

    Maudie N Mandeville commented:

    “I thought Obamacare was affordable health care? No?”

    You thought right. ObamaCare will provide affordable health care. There is one catch though. ObamaCare hasn’t been implemented yet.

    God you people are stupid.

  • jharp

    HoustonConservChic commented:

    Why am I not surprised you’re a Wal Mart shopper.

    And why would you put up being treated like that? Have you no respect for yourself?