Barack Obama won the Catholic vote again last night.

This is despite the fact that his HHS mandate forces the Church to pay for abortion and birth control. And it didn’t appear to matter to Catholics that Joe Biden openly lied about it during his national debate with Catholic Paul Ryan.
Catholic News Agency reported:

The Catholic vote was divided much as was the rest of the nation’s voters, leaning slightly in favor of Obama. A final Gallup poll, reflecting tracking from Nov. 1 to 4, showed Catholics favoring Obama by 52 to 45 percent.

“The Catholic vote, like any number of votes, does have the potential to make an impact,” said Gregory Smith, a senior researcher who specializes in Catholic politics at the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion and Public Life.
While they do not vote as a unified group, Catholics are significant in elections because of their large numbers, making up approximately one in four U.S. voters, he said.

Smith said it is difficult to pinpoint what effect the contraception mandate and religious freedom issues are having on the Catholic vote this year.




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  1. They’ve made their bed, and in due time, they’ll be sleeping in it.

  2. Not to mention that Obama also won 69% of the Jewish vote.

  3. I have never understood why people think Catholics are God fearing.

  4. Jews: 69%

    Yeah…… ‘My’ people.


  5. The church of false idols voted for the biggest false prophet of them all? Who’d have thunk it!

  6. Catholics are following in the footsteps of American Jews. Social acceptance first. Democrat second. Catholic third.

  7. And the POPE endorsed Romney.

    Catholics are not true to thier faith and thier Pope.

    Jews have always paved thier own way to the ovens.

    Get ready folks, its going to get worse. Depression

    and a crash of the dollar. By design, we the people are now slaves.

  8. One thing. Most hispanics are Catholic. That skews it. Then,you have states like NY,MA,RI,CT,NJ,and CA,with huge Catholic populations. Finally,many people who call themselves Catholic never attend mass and disagree with church policy.

  9. You mean CINO’s.

  10. Catholics who vote Democrat are, and can only be called, Catholics In Name Only.

  11. What do expect from an organization that institutionalizes pedophilia.

  12. I guess some church people are just as stupid as the others that voted for this evil man.

  13. Feeling depressed is a natural tendency after a defeat such as that that occurred last night. Nothing made much sense – to me. But I think that is part of the problem. We all think we’re right on the issues while the typical Obama voter has many reasons to convince themselves why they’re right.

    To me, if you look at the popular vote – they real reason conservatives lost is because there are (apparently) many fewer conservatives now than in 2008! Why? Double standards in the media, media bias, demonization of conservative issues and ideas.

    So what to do next? I for one will continue to fight for what I believe. But that may mean actually discussing the issues openly more than I do now – especially to younger people. That may mean having uncomfortable conversations with coworkers and friends. So be it – until we win more people over (particularly those who VOTE), there will be no resurrection of conservatives in the U.S. (at least at the national level).

    One thing I will do into the foreseeable future (and I have already been practicing for some time).


    Do not watch their shows. Don’t buy their newspapers or magazines. Don’t go to their movies. Don’t purchase their sponsors products. Don’t even acknowledge their existence. If someone asks you about a story on CNN, just say you don’t watch CNN as it is a bunch crap. They’ll get the idea.

  14. I’m Catholic (and voted for Romney) but I don’t think there’s a Catholic vote. There are Catholics who vote, naturally, but I don’t think we vote as a bloc on anything. The fact that Obama got 69% of the Jewish vote (or Jews who vote) is amazing. How can over 2/3 of the Jews vote for someone who’s anti-Semitic?

  15. ++

    will we ever realize that polls are just of the one of the many tools in the
    powers that be arsenal of “perceptive mind control” techniques.. *sigh*


  16. It was a great run America. The beacon of light and freedom for 200+ years.

    It was nice to know you.

  17. Now we will find out just how “flexible” Obama will be with America’s national security.

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