Unreal… Harry Reid: We Already Cut ONE BILLION, We Need to Get Some Credit for That (Video)

Harry Reid on cutting spending:

“Now remember, we’ve already done more than a billion dollars worth of cuts. We’ve already done that. So we need to get some credit for that.”


The US national deficit last year was $1.1 trillion dollars
So Harry Reid is bragging about cutting .09% of the annual deficit.
And the country continues to drown in debt.
Three Cheers for Harry!

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  • BigRed

    He threw a deck chair off the Titanic. YAY-WE’RE SAVED!!!!

  • Caved in Drum Head

    That’s GREAT Harry! You get a smiley face sticker! Now do it again 1,600 times. Good boy, Harry.

  • mcashc

    Nothing makes sense anymore. The DEVIL is among us folks.

  • National Debt Clocik


    The Outstanding Public Debt as of 29 Nov 2012 at 02:23:49 AM GMT is:
    roughly $16.322 TRILLION

    The estimated population of the United States is 313,956,679
    so each citizen’s share of this debt is $51,988.91.

    The National Debt has continued to increase an average of
    $3.87 billion per day since September 28, 2007!

    One billion dollars was added to the debt before Harry Reid left the bar at Happy Hour today.

  • Sasja

    For starters, cut 20% across the board beginning with the Senate, House, WH, congressonal staffers, every blood sucking agency on down. Dismantle Homeland Security, EPA, NEA, and any others in this alphabet soup of bureaucratic nonsense. Stop all foreign aid to muslim countries. Add a 30% tax (don’t want to be greedy) on all revenue of the film industry including the actors’ pay.

  • #6 Sasja … sounds perfect! Why can’t THEY figure that out?

  • Patty

    The democrats are having a tough time with Reid. It would stand to reason that his stupidity wouldn’t go on deaf ears. But the train keeps on rolling and no one gives a crap.

  • donh

    1 Billion doesn’t even cut the mustard condiment foil packs ordered for all the government cafeterias.

  • kato

    Not only a pederast, but a raving lunatic as well.

  • mcashc

    This pathetic ass wipe is on tape 10 years ago against anchor babies and how wrong it is and how they should not get free benefits and welfare. Two years ago he does a 180 on the the issue and calls repubs racist. You are the devil on earth You disgusting evil little WHITE racist devil.

  • Rose

    Not until he gets some credit for TREASON, first. I don’t owe him any credit for anything else.

  • Warlord

    This would be a great year to tell the IRS to kiss your ass. By the time they caught up with you, the economy would be in the tank.

  • Gail

    Harry…….just shut the hell up…..would ya?????

  • bg


    make my day, drop dead Harry..


  • myohmy

    What an imbecile. Why Harry Reid kept popping up? Because union thugs has taken over NV.

  • bg
  • Jpmn

    Dingy Harry is counting on people thinking a billion dollars is a huge amount of money. It is, however, in terms of the deficit and debt it isn’t even a drop in the bucket.

  • Patty

    25,000 Nevadans to lose unemployment benefits without budget deal


    Hummm, don’t ya have something to do with this state, Reid?

  • bg



    if you’re prone to ulcers, take
    med first, or do not listen.. 😯

    Paying income tax in America is Voluntary


  • Reid is just nucking futs.

  • bg


    Patty #19 November 28, 2012 at 9:17 pm

    why yes, yes he do..

    Senate Democrats Say They’re Not Going
    To Pass A Budget In 2012 Either 2/4/12

    Obama never passed a budget- August 27, 2012

    [Senate Democratic leaders do not plan to propose a budget
    this year, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told reporters
    Friday, saying that they had already done so with the debt-
    ceiling agreement.

    “We do not need to bring a budget to the floor this year
    — it’s done, we don’t need to do it,” Reid said, according
    to The Hill.]

    President Barack Obama will be the first president in this great
    country who will not have passed a budget in his first term of
    office. He submitted a budget that was defeated by a vote of
    97-0. Not a single Democrat or Republican voted for it.

    In his first two years in office, instead of focusing on the economy,
    he passed the stimulus bill (which did not work because he pushed
    for clean energy), and the Affordable Healthcare Act (which had to
    go to the U.S. Supreme Court because it was so controversial). In
    fact, we had to wait until it was passed before we saw what was
    in it.

    In 2010, the Republicans won a majority in the House, and they have
    submitted 33 budget bills that have been shelved by the Democrat-
    controlled Senate. The bills were not allowed for discussion or for a
    vote. The president refuses to negotiate with the Republicans.

    I would like to say that all voters need to ask any person running
    for public office how the candidates plan on breaking this deadlock
    in Washington, D.C. If they can’t answer that question, they don’t
    deserve our vote.

    Mike Brunson

    back to the future: 11/15/12

    New Democratic shenanigans, same
    as the old Democratic shenanigans..

    [Nutshell version: Democrats are continuing to apply the term
    “balanced approach” to what they’re actually shooting for, which
    is an uncompromising fiscal band-aid that can further delay us
    amending our unsustainable ways. Forward!


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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    So Harry Reid is bragging about cutting .09% of the annual deficit.

    Always keep in mind, to the idiot American public, anything ending in “-illion” is simply understood to be big.

    Wanna make it understandable? Reduce it to smaller numbers, like this: Some guy that’s a million bucks in the hole is demanding recognition for making an effort to pay off his debt because he just made a payment of $990.

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Woops, $900.

  • bobdog

    mcashc, up at #4 above, is right.

    Nothing makes sense any more. Harry Reid is so fixated on beating the Republicans he doesn’t even recognize the problem that must be solved.

    While Rome burns.

  • Adi

    WH is spending $1.4 billion/year on entourage, perks, vacations and wardrobe. Maybe Harry would want to look into this as well.

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  • squeaky

    i’m sure that when harry is looking for things to cut he focuses like a lazer on the very things that shouldn’t be cut so that he can use them later to say cutting expenditures is a bad thing to do. he’d be looking to embarass those who call for fiscal responsibility by dragging up a victim of specific targeting while the real waste is hiding in the backround.

  • squeaky

    [Contrary to popular opinion, the US Democratic Party does not set much of its own policy.
    Democrat policy is actually dictate by the labor unions, and radical think tanks such as the Center for American Progress, and the Institute for Policy Studies.] sounds about right. could explain the group think. and then to rehash the 45 goals of the communists that live among us

  • bike mike

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We just covered almost 8 hours of the defict spending. Now just do that only 1,095 more times and we are home free.


    We must see real cuts and not reductions in future spending. Without a budget in place there can be no actual cuts.

  • Bob

    The democratic party of entitlements will not back down from giving away the farm for their voter base.
    This entire dilema is centered around the primary differences of this election campaign.
    Does America want a party and a President that spends without a budget, gives more and more to entitlement programs and demonizes job creators, or to a party that centers American growth to lower taxes, sustainable spending with cuts and new job creation.
    Obama and his party have already taken America over the cliff.

  • valerie

    That wasn’t a cut. It was a reduction in a planned increase.

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  • crazydave

    Harry is the quintessential Democrat. He has refused to put any Republican budget related bills on the floor, lied repeatedly about what damage the Republicans are inflicting on the country,and is the most mealy mouthed Senate leader I have ever had the displeasure of hearing. It just goes to show you what low life leadership the Democrats prefer, along with Wasserman-Shultz, Frank, Weiner and the list is endless. It makes me sick to think we have sunk to let this scum run the country.