Egypt Prime Minister Hisham Kandil traveled to Gaza this week.
While in Gaza Kandil was shown the body of a dead child at the Gaza hospital.
He paused for a few photos.

Senior Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh (2nd R) and Egypt’s Prime Minister Hisham Kandil (2nd L) touch the body of a Palestinian boy, who was killed in an Israeli air strike, during a visit to a hospital in Gaza today. (Reuters)

Egypt’s Prime Minister wept as he kissed the forehead of a boy killed in an Israeli airstrike on Gaza.

But it was all a lie.

Hamas not only uses their children as human shields (firing rockets from kindergartens), but is, also, using their children’s dead bodies as propaganda…and lying.  They claimed that the child in this picture, being held by Egyptian PM Kandil, was killed by an Israeli airstrike in Gaza.  That’s a lie.  He was killed by a Hamas rocket.

Elder of Ziyon reported,

CNN takes it as a given that young Mahmoud Sadallah (Sadhala) was killed by an Israeli airstrike. Only one problem: he was killed by a Hamas rocket that fell short in Gaza. There is a lot of evidence for this. Read the New York Times’ account of his death:

The Abu Wardah family woke up on Friday morning to word that a hudna — Arabic for cease-fire — had been declared during the three-hour visit of the Egyptian prime minister to this embattled territory. So, after two days of huddling indoors to avoid intensifying Israeli air assaults, Abed Abu Wardah, the patriarch, went to the market to buy fruits and vegetables. His 22-year-old son, Aiman, took an empty blue canister to be refilled with cooking gas. The younger children of their neighborhood, Annazla, in this town north of Gaza City went out to the dirt alley to kick a soccer ball.

But around 9:45 a.m., family members and neighbors said, an explosion struck a doorway near the Abu Wardah home, killing Aiman Abu Wardah as he returned from his errand, as well as Mahmoud Sadallah, 4, who lived next door and had refused his older cousin’s pleas to stay indoors.

It is unclear who was responsible for the strike on Annazla: the damage was nowhere near severe enough to have come from an Israeli F-16, raising the possibility that an errant missile fired by Palestinian militants was responsible for the deaths. What seems clear is that expectations for a pause in the fighting, for at least one family, were tragically misplaced.

The IDF did not launch any airstrikes in Gaza while Egyptian PM Kandil was in Gaza. AP adds:

Mahmoud Sadallah, the 4-year-old Gaza boy whose death moved Egypt’s prime minister to tears, was from the town of Jebaliya, close to Gaza City.

The boy died Friday in hotly disputed circumstances. The boy’s aunt, Hanan Sadallah, and his grief-stricken father Iyad — weak from crying and leaning on others to walk — said Mahmoud was killed in an Israeli airstrike. Hamas security officials also made that claim.

Israel vehemently denied involvement, saying it had not carried out any attacks in the area at the time.

Mahmoud’s family said the boy was in an alley close to his home when he was killed, along with a man of about 20, but no one appeared to have witnessed the strike. The area showed signs that a projectile might have exploded there, with shrapnel marks in the walls of surrounding homes and a shattered kitchen window. But neighbors said local security officials quickly took what remained of the projectile, making it impossible to verify who fired it.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Hamas has pulled this trick. It won’t be the last.
Maybe next time CNN will practice unbiased journalism and report the truth.  Don’t hold your breath.

UPDATE: Here’s another faked photo by Hamas.



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  1. CNN Corrupt News Network

    Propaganda machine for Obama and Hamas!

  2. What, you expected something different from the animals? you jest!

  3. Seems Hamas hasntaken a out a page from the Obama Campaign book on howntomeffectively use propaganda and deflection.

  4. The Gazan Arabs follow the Pedophile Prophet’s edict that any Muslim can lie to ‘infidels’ if it promotes the cause of Islam. Thus, hiding behind skirts, teddy bears, swing sets, etc. while blasting away with rockets, AK-47s etc. is perfectly acceptable.

    And good cover.

  5. Lying is the fanatical muslim way.

    Look at what we have as a totus.

    Remember Benghazi.

  6. Reminiscent of the story of about 15 years ago in which a pair of French journalists embedded with Palestinian terorists falsely accused IDF forces of shooting a young Palestinian boy.

    “60 Minutes” ran with the story, which was filmed by the French leftist liars. Self-loathing Jew Mike Wallace could always be guaranteed to lie about Israel.

  7. All the news networks know this happens. They show the pictures, anyway. You can email them until blue in the face, they will still do it. They have their narrative to get out to the dupes, the mal-educated, the zealots.

  8. Nice neighbor.

    Sounds like the bedtime sweet-nothings they whisper in their wives’ ears.

  9. re#8 – wrong thread…where’s the “We’ll kill you in your sleep”!

  10. Maybe next time CNN will practice unbiased journalism and report the truth.

    “Maybe” is not the word to use here, because it presupposes that a possibility exists of the act in question happening. We all know that it won’t.

  11. Wow, just noticing that the guy in the upper left corner could be Barack Obama’s near-twin! Coincidence? Or NOT!!!

  12. Nothing new here. The Pallies have done this sort of fake several times before. This is an old trick. Remember that Hitler sacrificed a dozen, or more, German troops dressed up like Polish Army soldiers to “invade” German border crossings, in order to establish a cause for him to invade Poland. This may be a little less crude, but it is in the same vein.
    On second thought, no, this is cruder.

  13. I don’t believe either side they are all full of sh!t!

  14. business as ususal for the muslim propagandists and their all too willing main stream media lackey

  15. Here it comes, just like clockwork. The Obama says it’s time for a Hudna and here comes the avalanche of bad publicity against Israel. The media turns on a dime. Look at this piece of agitprop …

    As I noted this morning, now that the Iran/Hamas/Russia axis has provoked a demo of the the Iron Dome system in action, it is lo and behold time for a Hudna so they can study the system and develop counter measures to fix their remaining rockets with.

    The last thing the axis wants is for the Hamas stock of Iranian Russian rockets to be depleted, and perhaps extensive infrastructure damage, potential political uprooting and maybe a big document capture.

  16. Here is everything you need to know about the Middle East…

    It is a public health problem.

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