HAMAS GOONS Shoot Suspected “Spies” and Drag Body Through the Streets

Hamas thugs shot a van-load of suspected Israeli “spies” in Gaza.
Then they dragged the body of one of the men through the streets.

Palestinian gunmen ride motorcycles as they drag the body of a man, who was suspected of working for Israel (Reuters)

IBTimes reported:

Six Palestinian men have been executed after being accused of spying for Israel. After a brief trial, the six alleged informers were executed and dumped in a Gaza street, reports said.

“Their bodies are still there now. Ambulances have been arriving to presumably take them away,” Sky News correspondent Stuart Ramsay said.

The six “were caught red-handed” with high-tech filming equipment to take videos of military positions, according to a security source quoted by the Hamas Aqsa radio. The men were shot.

Militants hooked the body of one alleged spy to a motorcycle and dragged him through the streets of Gaza City.

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  • stuart

    It’s just the modern equivalent of an old plains Indian custom, the scalp dance. Savages are savages.

  • Viv

    This is the scum the left supports.

  • Martin
  • SeniorD

    This ranks just below Muslims hanging Americans from light poles.

    American prison inmates are no better than animals. Gazan Arabs are worse than American prison inmates.

    Anyone care to move for a new Israeli parking lot next to Egypt and the Med?

  • Cee

    We cannot allow these violent young people to come to the US as students, visitors or fiances/spouses.

  • maria

    @#4 November 20, 2012 at 12:41 pm
    SeniorD commented:

    Why do you mention ANIMAL to describe brutal acts???? an aninmal kills to survive , human of this kind kill in the word of ALLAH….

  • saveus

    these aren’t savages???
    will you see this photo anywhere else?

  • Gayle Spencer

    They don’t have the brains to conceptualize, and certainly not to make, any of these,
    motorcycle helmets (and as the pictures shows they don’t even know what these are; LOL)
    cell phones,
    even clothing,
    and more.

    But these Muslims know how to use these things in their murderous attempts to take the world back to the 7th century.

    In an Islamic society, where due process of law is simply unknown, you can always find someone who’s willing to accuse another of not being “Islamic enough.” That simple j’accuse is enough proof necessary to execute the accused; no ramifications for the murderer. How easy then to declare someone as conspiring with Israel. Yikes; this Islam is just so evil.

  • bg


    woah, peace bro..

    that’s how Obama & Ayers et al Islamist
    Palis celebrate their 2nd amendment..

    i mean, you know know know, to kill one is to kill all in Islam..


  • Candy

    Just think, our President has people that back and believe this all over the halls of power, from his administration, in the state dept., Pentagon, in the DOJ, etc..

    Don’t get comfortable, we have a couple of infiltrators claiming to speak for the right.

    Can’t trust them, period.

    Since they came in by the hordes and multiplied after every terror attack (ironic), and built triple the mosques (even by the WTC site) since 9/11 and weren’t thrown the hell out or FDR’d, how are you gonna get the American born, honor-killing, wife-smiting, Jewish center attacking, vehicular running over and university jihadis out?

    It really helps that our commies and brainless left cowardly back them as well.

    A whole lotta public hangings for treason should take place… starting from D.C..

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  • Sam Stone

    Pam Geller was right, these people are savages. 4 centuries behind modern humans.

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  • whit seven

    All countries will execute spies, but only these” people” take such great delight in bloodshed and savagery. It’s a hobby and a way of life for them. Islam runs on blood, anger and vengeance.
    And if Gaza is blockaded, where did these guys get after market parts for bikes, like windscreens and safety bars?

  • Gunga

    “Spies” is Gaza militant-speak for Christians.

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  • lol

    israel must protect themselves. they are animals. the left and this administration appease them, and place them on the same moral equivalent as israel. clearly they are not civilized they are terrorist. G-d bless israel.

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  • Ghost

    what’s the difference between this and, “Mad Max”?

    here’s a startling statistic: if you exclude oil, the combined exports of the entire Arab World equals the total exports of… Finland.

    and if it wasn’t for BP, Shell and Amoco those morlocks still wouldn’t know what to do with all that black gunk

  • OldSailor

    “High tech video equipment.” Reporters for al Jazeera perhaps?

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  • Joanne

    We can call these people savages, animals or whatever, but what they are is ‘evil’. They are the spawns of Satan. And animals do not kill just for survival – I’ve seen in a documentary, gorillas raping an elderly female until she was dead and then tossing her dead body aside.

    Our countries are filled with these same type of individuals – filled with hate and believing in a false God who gives them licence to justifiably kill indiscriminately. We believe in the rule of law, but before long we will not recognize the laws in our lands, because our laws will be thrown into the gutter and replaced with the laws of the heathens if we do nothing.

  • harry

    What a poor country!2-3 people on one motorbike!I think we must send them some Harleys or BMWs.




  • Hamass Insider

    The spies are very capable of planting sabotage materials on any individual. LOL as these are probably not spies but very capable fighters for hamass.

  • quick call barbara boxer or diane feinstein to find out if this a violation of the geneva convention.

  • mg4us

    They are NOT CIVILIZED

    They should be banned by the UN and the civilized world. .

    Locked up in the little enclave with NO SUPPORT

    Unfortunately that won’t happen with Obama

  • Buffalobob

    MSNBC has the full story……………….

  • Time

    Why do you think this administration is arming so many people, seriously ? People that are not such quality individuals, that have planned their entire life around violence, war, and brutality.. Why do you think he is arming US ? The American people. He may not be doing it directly, but make NO mistake, he is arming us indirectly causing millions of weapons to be purchased under his agendas, executive orders and the fear factor of what he may do to confiscate our arms. This is total mind control of his real intent and what they, want to accomplish. The more guns owned, the more fear instilled, racial pitting, voter fraud, circumventing congress, doing everything within his power to upset the masses. His intentions are obvious. He wants this nation to use those arms, revolution, civil war. Just like other nations, he wants it to happen right here in our one nation under Obama.. Believe it or not, but this is the true intent and why gun sales have reached unpresidented numbers. He and his army along with his directors have planned for this for many decades.. It will not end until they achieve their goal and that is not a good outcome.. God bless America..

  • Sandy

    Notice how everything these Muslims do has a connection with death. Dying seems to be their only interest in life.

  • Indiana

    Hamas is worse than a pack of wild dogs. That little stunt probably garnered them a few more virgins from Allah. I’ll check that out in the Koran…..and get back to you!

  • Linda

    Time…I totally agree with you…on one hand I want to say God have mercy on America…but it is America that has turned away from God and needs to return to God…He is our only HOPE!

  • oldpromoe

    I wonder if these 6 will count in the Gazan death toll.

  • AmericaWILL


  • YourMaster

    Did 0bama at least get to have gay sex with all the corpses before they were buried,
    while talking leading them and making speeches about: jihad against america/americans?

    he must at least have got to tell some of his supporters there about
    his idol Karl Marx and implementing communism in the US and then worldwide.

  • vicky

    Lets not forget how these same Jihadist loving terrorists did the same or worst to our Ambassador in Libya…sodomized & dragged Stevens through the streets. Lord knows, & we will probably never find out, what they did to our Navy Seals in Benghazi, as well.

    Remember Obama left a staff of 30 in that CIA mission complex in Benghazi who would have also been brutalized by the Jihad-loving savages if not for the two Seals.

    These 7th century barbarians love blood & besides beheadings & stonings they often cut off the genitals of their victims & stick their hand in their blood to praise Allah.

  • MVH


  • lIZ

    There is no leadership in the free world today, it is total chaos and increasing misery under this incompetent and corrupt administration. That’s how I’m seeing it.

  • Jsmith

    Hamas are terrorists and terrorists are the lowest form of scumbag. They deserve nothing more than a bullet in the head and a toss in a roadside ditch.

  • Curt

    Anyone who equates these horrific acts to lefty liberal Obama supporters is utterly moronic.

  • Rolf Wittwer

    Satan at work. Gaza is his home.

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