Surely, progressives will celebrate the artistic genius in this exhibit.
Or, will they cry out that their savior has been defiled?


Glenn Beck puts a bobblehead doll of President Obama in a jar of what appeared to be urine during his show on Nov. 27, 2012.

Title: Obama in Pee Pee
Artist: Glenn Beck
Price: $25,000



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  1. NEA funding?

  2. He’s doing it to make a great point. All the lefties will come out and go batsh*t crazy over this, but they were silent when it was done with a Crucifix.

    It’s good to give the left a dose of their own medicine.

  3. Lets see what the NY Museum of art has to say about this…

  4. By the way, chances are that’s Mt. Dew, no urine.

  5. Brilliant!

  6. Now that is art we ALL can relate to!

  7. I bet Barack is a floater.

  8. For me it is a work of art. Glen Beck might not be such a bad guy after all. But he should have worn plastic gloves, so he didnt get any of that “juice” on him.

  9. For some reason I think the lefties are gonna tell Mr. Beck to p*ss off…



    ol’ mr O-bobble should feel right at home with excrement surrounding him

    ….. (what?) ……

  10. ++

    ROTF :lol: MBO!!

    pure genius!!

    albeit Obama & pals piss on it, just wish
    the bobble wasn’t wrapped in the flag..


  11. Ruined a perfectly good jar of piss.

  12. mixing poop with pee!

  13. Stay classy, Hoft. Stay classy, Beck.

    And you wonder why a majority of Americans reject the Republican party.

    Stop being the stupid party.

  14. Years ago, it might have shocked them and stopped them, like when their burning effigies were first retaliated back. This is too long down the road. They will ignore it.

  15. #17 Gary Miller – you stay classy – the rest of you – DO WHATEVER IT TAKES and DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS THAN AS MUCH AS IT TAKES!


    Git ‘ER DONE or don’t come back to the Table.

  16. Gary take a long walk on a short pier. The only rejects are in the whitehouse. He got voted there by parasites, losers and left ing media who refused to report any bad news for Obama no matter what.

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