It’s a cult.
Sunday night at the BET Soul Train Awards Jamie Foxx gave “thanks and praise to our savior Barack Obama.”

“Its’ like church in here. I’d like to give honor to god and our lord and savior, Barack Obama.”

Via Free Republic:




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  1. Guess I’ll be passing on “Django”…

  2. That’s how most black folks & (some white) think of him… Jamie Foxx will pay for that in the long run!! You don’t say things like that about our lord and savior JESUS CHRIST!!!!

  3. Jamie Foxxs’ god must be allah…

  4. If Obie told Foxx to put on the kneepads and give him some “service”, would he?

  5. Hand me a paper bag. Stupid enword.

  6. Because Obama is Allah… it really don’t worries me

  7. abomination of desolation

  8. Wow the sh@t is getting deep. These people are insane. Please tell me again how 9% unemployment & 15% in black Americans & 50% of black youth unemployed and a crappy economy with little hope in sight and massive debt and debt along with record foodstamps and welfare make him a god, a savior or anything else but a massive fraud and failure?

  9. ++

    re: #10 November 26, 2012 at 1:12 am bg

    not to mention faux rat con

    “You are the instruments that God is going
    to use to bring about universal change.

    And that is why Barack has captured the youth.

    And he has involved young people in a political
    process that they didn’t care anything about.

    That’s a sign.

    When The Messiah speaks, the youth will hear.

    And The Messiah is absolutely speaking”


  10. He is the PERFECT representative of what his people have become. He like 100% of the 99% who voted for 0bama are black before they are people, before they are Christian or religious, before they are man or woman, before they are straight or gay. Their race comes first and everything else is secondary.

    Abraham couldn’t save this country if asked to find 10 good people with the same mentality like Jamie who voted for 0bama and now officially worships him as their messiah.

  11. What Commie Juice just said…

  12. ++

    there are more whites than you know who
    think of Obama the same way blacks do..

    Obama Is ‘Sort of God’

    Music Biz Savior Barack Obama Boosts
    Springsteen Sales 409 Percent


  13. CommieJuice is right, I know a guy from Church (Christian) and he is die hard Obama supporter, even in the face of Obama’s stance on abortions and gay marriage. It is interesting to see how race is more important to some than beliefs.

  14. ++

    i understand what some of you are saying, i’m hearing about the same
    from many blacks who are suffering more than whites who disfavor the
    savior.. /truth sarc/

    so what is it with WHITES who feel the same as BLACKS
    about OBAMA?? it can’t be the color of his skin above all


  15. wait until he finds out obama is going to take all his money.

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