Communist Party USA Celebrates Obama’s Victory: “We Won!”

Not too long ago this would have upset a majority of Americans…
The Communist Party USA celebrated Barack Obama’s win on Tuesday.

The People’s World reported:

Though many of the state margins were narrow President Obama ran the table winning every swing or battleground state with the possible exception of Florida where votes are still being counted as of 5:30 this morning.

President Obama also won the popular vote by 2 million votes. The President won 303 electoral votes to 206 for Romney. We knew about 11 pm that the President had won when Ohio was called for him.

Democrats also held the Senate. Elizabeth Warren won with a good margin in Massachusetts. Claire McKaskill won in Missouri beating Akin-he of the legitimate rape comment. Joe Donnelly also won in Indiana beating Republican Mourdock. Warren won by eight percentage points. Donnelly won in Indiana by 6 percentage points. Sherrod Brown won re-election. Tammy Baldwin won becoming the first openly gay Senator. Democrats picked up seats in the Senate.

Progressives like you worked their hearts out all over America for our people, our country, our president, and progressive Democrats. We fought and beat the tea party, the oligarchs and massive rich, Karl Rove’s strategy, ALEC, the Koch Brothers, and all those who would tear down democracy and destroy the middle class and the labor movement. Women spoke strongly. Latinos spoke strongly. The LGBT community spoke strongly. And AFRICAN-AMERICANS fought back against the neo-poll taxes and disenfranchisement.

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  • Remco Kimber

    So these commies yell, while holding up their ipads and cell phones (devices that could NEVER be produced in socialist societies), “We won!”

    Well, they did.

    We be screwed.

  • Catblaster

    well…the parasites spoke and you the thing about parasites is they always kill their host….

  • Sasja

    They think communism is so great, but won’t move to N Korea. It’s easy to play let’s pretend when one is living in a free society. These people represent what is not best about our country. Ignorance.

  • BridgetGB

    ipads, cell phones and doesn’t look like anyone has missed a meal in that photo. It’s like ‘pampered chef’ communism. Have little meetings and make sure someone brings brownies.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    And don’t forget all the Islamists in the Muslim Brotherhood who also cheered their muslim brother Barack’s victory.

  • squeaky

    when you fall out of favor with the regime…….
    [Chanes de Armas was one of a number of revolutionaries closely aligned to Castro during the battle against the Fulgencio Batista regime in Cuba, that felt that the influence of the Communist party of Cuba was threatening to betray Castro’s initial promises of constitutional reform.[1]]

  • Indiana

    Obama lied…..America died!

  • Nosmo

    Over at Hot Air…Nearly Eight Million White Voters Who Were Expected To Vote, Didn’t; Update; Or Did They?

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  • squeaky

    [Obama on the other hand, was a horrible candidate. He was mean and vindictive. He was contemptuous and superficial. He ran on irrelevancies like abortion and a fictitious Republican war against women. He didn’t give his supporters any reason to feel good about themselves. Instead, he used class warfare to stir them to hatred of their countrymen.] in the rush to betray those of us they disagree with they ultimately betrayed themselves.

  • karen

    They only win if we let them. It’s time we stop all this suck-it-up-turn-the-other-cheek mentality and actively fight these clowns who have no idea what communism really is. That means speaking the truth at all times—to hell with political correctness. I’ve got to believe there are men and women in this world who are willing to be braver than we have been up until now, people who will stand up and not back down from this march into madness. I will do my part and I hope others will join me. Speak the truth regardless of the cost.

  • squeaky

    i wonder how much skipping of the president selection while completing the rest of the ballot reflects missing voters. i’ve skipped other candidates in the past rather than not voting at all.

  • squeaky

    “That means speaking the truth at all times—to hell with political correctness. I’ve got to believe there are men…” i don’t whisper anymore and haven’t for awhile. between those who didn’t vote for him and those who sat it out obama didn’t get a mandate…….

  • Militant Conservative

    Been fighting communism/socialism my whole life.

    I’m outnumbered by weaker minds. I fought ignorance,

    and ignorance won. Lets go over the edge and see what happens.

    I prepared, I know the parisites have not. Let us go there and sit a spell.

    powder is reserved for revolution.

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  • DoleM

    Socialists today acknowledge they need capitalism to create a technologically advanced world. They understand that socialism will never be able to create anything. However, they also think that once the technological peak has been reached we must become a socialist society in order to properly rule & control the unwashed masses. Of course, they are the only ones smart enough to do so, & being a socialist is a mark of being smarter than everyone else. And they are certainly willing to sit on their perch with sophisticated trinkets of capitalist ingenuity while they control society, relying upon & trusting only their ideology for guidance. They are the ones they have been waiting for, as potus said in his first inaugural speech. I hate to push a book, especially one written by a commie, but read “The Long Detour.” It will help you understand the long socialist struggle, it’s marriage with the dem party, why the economy must be crippled, & why they are where they think they should be now. $15 @ amazon, or $2 in a used book bin. These people truly they think they are made of better stuff, at an individual level.

  • Minky Wench

    Let. It. Burn.

  • Chippy

    Their iPads and cellphones were made in communist China.

  • Rainmom