All we are saying, is give peace a chance…
Israel and Hamas agreed to a ceasefire today.
It took Hamas about an hour before they started shooting off missiles into Israel.



UPDATE: Make that 20 missiles fired by Hamas since the so-called ceasefire.
An 11 year-old was injured in one attack.




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  1. Btw, anyone know what the definition of “total war” is? Because I believe this what this situation describes.

  2. Hamas already thinks they are winning.

    So perhaps the purpose of the sham cease-fire was to humiliate Hillary Clinton and the U.S. while they’re at it. I’d say, mission accomplished on that.

    I think however they are going to have a tougher time with Israel.

  3. Oh well at least Hillary is the most traveled Secretary of State evah! Oh and with the bus bombing our progressive traitor media has something to make them “feel better”.

  4. All we are saying, is give peace a chance…

    Peace stands no chance when one party in a conflict has no interest in it.

  5. So, is it still a cease fire? Maybe they were just purging the magazines.
    Seriously, if this breaks down, how does the MFM spin it as an SCOMF win?
    Maybe they’re getting ready to make Hillary take the fall…let Susan Rice ride in.

  6. Such delightful people. They always keep their promises. Their word is their bond.


    They are the DESTROYERS.

  7. Its really hard to cast Hamas as the victims of those nasty Israelis when its obvious they are the perpetrators. When the US kisses up to these terrorists it just makes us look weak in their eyes and their hatred for us becomes even stronger.

  8. I don’t think I’ve hated and yes I said hated Obama and the fat azzed old witch Billary more in my life. You know damn well she went to Israel and reminded them of the Naval fleet in the area that would side with the Palestinians before Israel if they didn’t “stand down.” Hell ain’t that a position we’ve heard of recently. The fat azz has been the most traveled SOS in history, insuring that Israel is doomed across the middle east. And f’ing Magoo and Gramnesty knocked Michele Bachman for questioning the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood in the WH.

  9. Terrorists Fire 20 Rockets Since Ceasefire Begins

  10. Yup – like I said earlier. “Cease Fire” means “Restock and reload” as far as Hamas is concerned LOL.

  11. That’s odd…No news channel is reporting this

  12. This is becoming very formulaic for these animals. I say to hell with a cease-fire. Go in there with tanks and pound those bastards really hard otherwise they’re going to keep launching missile after missile. Make it VERY expensive for them.

  13. Well the MSM nitwits were calling the rockets just firecrackers. Maybe they reason for the rockets launching after the cease fire went into effect was slow fuses.

  14. more smart diplomacy!

  15. …must have left the RESET button in her other pantsuit.

  16. See you Jewish voters who voted for O? We TOLD you so! Hamas and Co. cannot be trusted!

  17. That’s odd…No news channel is reporting this at all. I think that the moment Israel strikes back the media will make it seem like Israel was the one that broke the ceasefire agreement.

  18. i seem to remember deja vu with this. hamas agrees to a cease fire and other groups aligned with them continue shelling.

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