A ceasefire was announced this afternoon in the Hamas-Israel fighting.
FOX News reported:

After a deadly eight-day conflict, Israel and Hamas militants agreed to a ceasefire effective Wednesday evening, the Egyptian foreign minister announced at a press conference.

Mohammed Kamel Amr, the foreign minister, made the announcement in Cairo and was flanked by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“Egypt is assuming the responsibility and leadership that has long made this country a cornerstone of international peace,” Clinton said.

The cease-fire agreement was later confirmed by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Reuters reported that the Israeli leader warned in a statement that more forceful action may be employed if the cease-fire deal is unsuccessful.

President Obama called Netanyahu and commended the decision. Obama also reiterated his commitment to Israel’s security. Obama also spoke with Egypt’s president, Mohamed Morsi, and thanked the leader for his efforts in the deal.

I give Hamas 12 hours before they start shooting off missiles again.

UPDATE: I was wrong. Hamas fired off 12 missiles in the first hour of the ceasefire.




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  1. A ceasefire was announced this afternoon in the Hamas-Israel fighting.

    Which Hamas fighters will use to reload and either reposition or conceal their equipment.

  2. Yep, Hamas doesn’t have to adhere to the cease fire. That just pertains to those evil Jews. (lots of sarcasm).

  3. Peace in our time! War is over if you want it, war is over now! Kumbaya!

  4. “I give Hamas 12 hours before they start shooting off missiles again.”

    IMO, there is no way it will last that long.

  5. cease fire “s’mise fire” they just dig out the tunnels, and regrou[ and on it goes!

    Courtsey of king O!

  6. whoops, the words were ‘regroup and on it goes after digging out the tunnels of course

  7. FOX News TV announced Gazan rocket fire, after cease fire, into Israel just moments ago.

  8. Cease fire = Hamas reload.

  9. “I give Hamas 12 hours before they start shooting off missiles again.”

    I love your boyish optimism… I don’t actually believe they will stop shooting…

  10. Jim, you’re about 10 hours off on your prediction.

  11. Hamas must need time to get those new, more powerful rockets Iran is sending them in place.

  12. These cease fires are simply to prevent an arm of Iran from be obliterated. In 2006 Israel was about to roll over Lebanon and ofcourse, the International Globalists claimed they were using too much force, that it was disproportionate to what the Iranian proxy could muster.

    The International Globalist should just say – we, the UN, erred in 1948 with the creation of a state for the Jews who survived the Holocaust and wish them death. That would be more genuine than the repeated lies that they are not backing anyone that attacks Israel.

    Israel only agreed to a cease fire to prevent the threat of US aid being cut off. Which, by the way, was not made to “the Jordanian squatters”, nor Egypt.

  13. any missles fired during the ceasefire will be attributed to rouge elements of hamas and not to hamas itself. Missles will be flying during the ceasefire no doubt about that, you cant trust the muslim.

  14. Cowardly Hamas’ leaders have a new perspective now that Israel made them specific targets for termination.

  15. Watch news of American disasters for the next few days.

  16. Cease fire! Hahahahahahahaha. Ridiculous.

  17. #11 Granny – AMEN! They just need time to re-arm.

  18. hamas didn’t stop
    but their word, like others affilated with the muslim brotherhood, means absolutely nothing
    brotherhood not running any candidates for election to Pres. of egypt
    brotherhood not a terror group

  19. Missiles are still firing into Israel but not to worry. They’re just celebratory. After all, there is a truce. Once again, Israel is threatened by the US (I have no doubt) and ends up capitulating. Now all Hamas and the MB need do is take this respite to re-arm. One only achieves true peace when their enemy can no longer wage war.

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