Bloomberg Refuses National Guard Entry Into Brooklyn Because They Carry Guns

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg turned the National Guard away from Brooklyn because they were carrying guns.
NewsBusters reported, via FOX Nation:

Mayor Bloomberg has snubbed Borough President Markowitz’s impassioned plea to bring the National Guard to Hurricane Sandy-scarred Brooklyn — arguing that approving the Beep’s request would be a waste of federal manpower and turn the borough into a police state.

“We don’t need it,” Mayor Bloomberg said on Wednesday during a press update on the city’s ongoing Hurricane Sandy cleanup. “The NYPD is the only people we want on the street with guns.”

Markowitz demanded the National Guard’s help just an hour before Bloomberg’s press conference, claiming that the NYPD and FDNY are “brave — but overwhelmed” by all the challenges Sandy brought when it visited the borough on Monday night: flooding, power outages, and looting.

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  • Rhoda R

    Is Bloomberg trying to get strung up by infuriated New Yorkers?

  • Sasja

    This man is a bloomin’ idiot but most of his supporters probably agree with him. I’ve told people that most of our ignorant masses reside on both coasts and when one looks at who they elect to run their state, cities and towns, it cannot be disputed.

  • The National Guard only carries weapons when authorized and required. I have been in several flood duty missions that I never even thought of having a weapon issued for.

  • Stella Baskomb

    Cheese,- no wonder you can never find a cop in NYC when you need one!

  • bg


    via email..

    Heritage Foundation Radio
    Ernest Istook Show

    November 2, 2012

    “This is the first time I’ve seen where the military has been,
    uh, basically, silenced. When they cannot answer a direct yes
    or no question from the Chairman of the House Armed Services

    “It’s not me, it’s the Congress and the responsibility we have,
    constitutionally, to look after our defense…We’re not able to do
    our job if we can’t get information and the commander-in-chief
    or somebody that he is over, has told them they cannot respond
    to us.”

    “I just think that the whole thing smacks of a coverup and the
    President could clear this all up if he would just go before the
    American people… we’re getting all kinds of information but
    it’s coming from Fox News…and yet the one that knows it all,
    that could clear it all up, is out campaigning and is totally silent
    on the issue”

    – Congressman Buck McKeon (R-CA)

    Chairman, House Armed Services Committee


  • Big Red

    This man is skating on dangerously thin ice right now. Can you say recall?

  • Stella Baskomb

    “The NYPD is the only people we want on the street with guns.”

    OK, OK, – if that means Bloomberg is bringing back Guiliani’s program of stop-and-frisk ?

  • Sasja

    Who cares if they carry guns or not? What has that to do with providing much needed help to the victims of Sandy? Victims of Sandy are now victims of Doomberg and his dimwitted ideas.

  • TXPatriot

    They wanted a Dem running the place. It doesn’t get any dimmer.

    Quite a contrast from Guiliani after 9/11 though, wouldn’t you say?

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Oh great! The National Guard carries guns, so they can’t help!
    The last time a cop in NY pulled his gun on a looter, 17 innocent bystanders got shot.
    But you go ahead Bloomberg; you’re digging your own political grave!!!
    Unfortunately, more innocent people are in harm’s way, thanks to your insanity!

  • bg


    Breaking The War Mentality

    by Barack Obama
    March 10, 1983

    [In 1933 the German establishment thought it could use Hitler to restore a modicum of order to the confused and confusing Weimar Republic. In fact, Hitler did strengthen the German establishment, but not exactly in the way the bankers and businessmen had wanted; and now, fifty years later, it is clear who was using whom. Nevertheless, the Western World did not complain in 1933 because Hitler, though a fascist and a totalitarian, was seen, like countless American puppet dictators today, as someone who leaves the established order in place.

    Not so the Greens. If a group of young, anti-establishment pacifists wiith unusual ideas and uncomfortable answers to hard questions terrifies us more today than Hitler, Himmler, Goering and Goebbels did back in 1933, our terror says more about us than it does about the Greens or the Germans. It indicates that we have failed to comprehend the meaning of Nazism and blind obedience to authority in their full horror, and that we, unlike the Greens, have yet ourselves to learn the democratic lesson that we have taught the Germans so well.]



  • donh

    Doomberg thinks there are too many people alive…posing a threat to the environment. He is handling this crisis like he wants a few thousand people to drop dead from intentional neglect hidden behind a veiled disguise of well organized incompetence.

    Doomberg is the man who ultimately sunk Obama’s last hopes of a win by blowing the Sandy response.

    The national guard should be in there evacuating people to places where there is power. Setting people up in an armory or finding them motel rooms north of the city.

  • Sasja

    Rush talked about how certain circumstances provide teachable moments. This is one of many.
    From his show Friday. I should add that the marathon was still scheduled. I only state this for those critics who try to find one “oops” moment.

  • Mama Grizzly

    He’s covering for Obama. There are several ideas regarding this newest conspiracy.

    Thoughts on the “Sandy Coverup”?

  • Oliver

    OT – too funny not to share:

    Million Muppet March Falls 999,004 Muppets Short

  • Noovuss

    BG #5
    I’m a little confused by this post?
    What does it have to do with the situation concerning the National Guard?
    What purpose does it serve to constantly spam with off subject remarks and links?

  • bigkahuna

    Maybe Obama’s youth militia/ army / corpse can help LOL

  • Mama Grizzly

    Some storms are man made… this one may have been designed to deflect attention from Benghazi, or it is simply retaliatory in some way. Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, makes sense about how this is being handled. Just yesterday they cancelled the marathon. Dead bodies are everywhere. No one is doing anything significant. The right people who COULD actually make a difference are being denied access.

    Yes, you can SAY it’s just because Dems are idiots and you would be right… but there’s more to it. For some reason they don’t want the National Guard–whose job it is to HELP in situations of disaster–to help an overwhelmed police/emergency personnel force. They don’t want those National Guard guys ANYWHERE near these disaster areas.

    What, oh what, would they discover, one wonders… Who, oh who, might talk, one wonders…

    Like Benghazi, the facts will come out. And I don’t think it’s gonna be pretty.

  • bg


    Noovuss #16 November 3, 2012 at 10:13 pm

    try connecting a dot or two, guns are used in wars..

    God Bless Our Beloved US Troops..

    Obama suppressing the military vote

    [Wonder why absentee ballots being returned by the military is so low
    this year? For example, in September, the pivotal state of Ohio received
    about 9700 absentee ballot requests, whereas in 2008 there were over
    32,000. The answer: Pentagon report: Obama administration fails to set
    up voting offices on bases.

    The Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act mandates that every
    military base, except those in war zones, have a voter assistance office
    to ensure troops can register to vote and get absentee ballots. There
    are about 229 military bases worldwide. Now, only 116 will be open for
    voting assistance.

    Denying our military voting assistance is unconscionable. Our military
    personnel put their lives in jeopardy to protect Americans. But our
    government is not vigorously supporting their right to vote. Yet, in
    America the government is requiring welfare agencies to assist
    voters by providing absentee ballots.

    This willful neglect of the military voters smells rotten and
    spicious. Shame on you, Obama. Our country deserves better.

    Lorraine Koster, Sparks]

    Absentee ballots may have been destroyed in crash

    [Federal officials say that absentee ballots being sent to U.S. military
    serving in Afghanistan may have been burned in a plane crash.

    A top official in the Federal Voting Assistance Program this week notified
    election officials across the nation that a transport plane crashed at
    Shindad Air Base on Oct. 19.

    The crash resulted in the destruction of 4,700 pounds
    of mail inbound to troops serving in the area.

    Federal officials in their email to state election offices said they did
    not know if any ballots were destroyed. They also said the lost mail
    was limited to one zip code.

    But they recommended that election officials resend a new ballot to
    anyone who requested one since the first ballot may have been
    destroyed in the crash and fire.]

    Soldier Pays $90 to Vote Absentee

    [What’s the value of being able to vote? For one
    junior Army officer, it was worth almost $100.

    After 2nd Lt. Benjamin Nygaard had a few conversations
    with military colleagues about the challenges of getting
    an overseas absentee ballot in on time, he decided he
    wasn’t taking any chances.]

    Active service members upset
    over removal from voting rolls

    [TAMPA BAY, Florida – Local service members who have spent years
    serving the country are discovering this fall that they aren’t allowed
    to vote in the presidential election.

    Valrico resident and Navy Captain Peter Kehrig, who has been abroad
    for five years tells 10 News he feels cheated by a system that removed
    him from the rolls.

    Florida State Law requires county supervisor of elections offices to
    perform regular “maintenance” on its voter rolls to eliminate voters
    who have been convicted of felonies, moved out of the county, or
    may have died.

    Voters who miss two consecutive general elections (2010 and 2008,
    for instance) are mailed a letter to their residence warning them they
    will be removed from the rolls. But since the post office only forwards
    mail for six months, Kehrig never got it.]


    God Damn Our Military Hating President Obama..

    not to mention the bankers & businessmen..


  • Noovuss

    #18 Mama
    What are you thinking they will find?
    I admit that you have got me in a state of curiosity……

  • Patty

    It’s officially, Bloomberg is emotionally insane. What is wrong with Obama and where is he.

    Ohio, Colorado getting REVENGE.

  • Patty

    Good to know that Mayor Bloomberg has such a high opinion of National Guard service men and women.

  • Noovuss

    BG #19
    And this has what to do with the National Guard coming into NYC to help?

  • Fionnagh

    #16 bg connects dots. She steers readers towards the big picture, not just the smaller topic of the moment. There is invariably a connection, a pattern, to the behavior of our elected (legally or otherwise) officials. So, for example, if Dem Bloomberg turns away the National Guard’s assistance due to arms, bg is suggesting that this might, just might, be part of a larger pattern, and a longstanding one, at that.

    Hey, you asked.

  • Patty

    This proves once again, liberals are derelicts.

    Chicago Bar Offers Free Drink for Votes Against Romney

  • Fionnagh

    #23 Asked and answered. See my response above. And if you ask a third time, you’re out, ’cause then you’re just trollin’

  • Robert

    Doomberg discredits the theory that local responders are best in an emergency. That theory doesn’t hold if you have idiot Democrat politicians displaying such stupidity.

    Maybe he thought they were bringing 32 oz Big Gulps for disaster relief.

  • Sasja

    Libs don’t like the military. It is no more complicated than that.

  • Noovuss

    That’s way, way out there……
    Seems more like a spambot than any rational “bigger picture”.

  • Patty

    Hurricane Sandy leaves frenzy for gas, though help on way
    Massive tanker sails to New York Harbor as delay hits 16 hours at one Brooklyn gas station

    The interminable delay stretched to 16 hours at one Bay Ridge gas station, where would-be customers sat helplessly. Not even the promise of $10 in free FEMA gas calmed tensions in one tense 12-block queue along Bedford Ave. in Brooklyn, where tempers flared as desperate drivers tried to jump to the front.

    “People have been cutting the line like crazy, and there’s nothing you can do about it,” said Adam Brahimaj, 24, after sitting in his car for three hours. He started the day by bicycling to seven shuttered stations with a gas can in tow before the free fuel arrived.
    Todd Maisel/New York Daily News
    A man identrified only as Travis and who said he was a Gulf War Veteran, was arrested after an altercation because he claims someone jumped in line ahead of him while waiting for gas.

    The already-edgy crowd erupted when one man tried to cut the FEMA line with a 2-gallon gas can — and it took six police officers to restrain him from getting his precious fuel. The gas hog was eventually cuffed and taken away, as much for his own safety as anything.

    “It’s not good getting into fights over little things like this,” said local resident Sandra Dyer after watching several near fistfights. “People get killed over things like this.”

    Pictures and more here.

    Heaven forbid Bloomberg was president during the 9/11/01 attack on America.

  • Noovuss

    #28 Sasja
    I agree with you.
    Bloomberg is your typical leftist, anti military.
    I’m not sure if we need a tin foil hat brigade.

  • Ace

    They wanted to have the marathon to give the impression that “Obama” came in and saved the day and all is once again normal. Having national guard troops in NYC is not normal. Therefore, they are not allowed.
    Remember, these are the same people who sacrificed those people in Benghazi on the altar of re-election.

  • Patty


    Breaking: NAACP Takes Over Houston Polling Station, Advocates for President Obama

    HOUSTON, TX – Friday afternoon at an early polling place located at 6719 W. Montgomery Road in Houston, NAACP members were seen advocating for President Barack Obama according to volunteer poll watchers on location at the time.

    According to Eve Rockford, a poll watcher trained by voter integrity group True the Vote, three NAACP members showed up to the 139 precinct location with 50 cases of bottled water and began handing bottles out to people standing in line. While wearing NAACP labeled clothing, members were “stirring the crowd” and talking to voters about flying to Ohio to promote President Barack Obama.

    After watching what was occurring, Rockford approached Polling Supervisor Rose Cochran about what she was seeing.

    “I went to the polling supervisor and let her know that it was not appropriate that they were in the building handing out water. She ignored me. I repeated my statement. She told me that she would handle it. She did nothing. I then went to the assistant supervisor and he stood up, walked over to another table and then sat down. I then walked into the waiting room and they were reloading another dolly with more cases of water,” Rockford said in a True the Vote incident report.

    After handing out water and advocating for President Obama, the NAACP members started handpicking and moving people to the front of a long voting line inside the polling place according to the incident report. After multiple complaints from voters about the line cutting, Rockford received a phone call from downtown telling her to “stand down.”

    “All of the sudden one of the clerks, Dayan Cohen, said that someone wanted to speak to me on the phone. It was someone from downtown. I got on the phone and she said she was from downtown and that I needed to stand down and that it was okay for the NAACP to be within 100 ft. and they could hand out water. I told her that the NAACP was inside the building, wearing the NAACP clothing and caps and were handing out water and moving people from the back of the lines to the front of the lines,” Rockford said.

    At this point, NAACP members were instructed to turn their clothing inside out, which they refused to do and said they weren’t going to stop their actions inside the polling place. Their behavior and actions to move people to the front of the line continued for the rest of the evening. Texas State Representative Sylvester Turner, a former Texas NAACP leader, was also seen outside the building talking with voters.

    “The NAACP basically ran this poll location and the judges did nothing about it,” Rockford said.

  • Stunning leadership #FAIL

  • bg
  • Noovuss

    Oh dear, more dots to connect.

  • Sasja

    Noovuss, people have their own way of doing things. bg and Patty like to print most of an article, then post the link. I may make a comment or two and post the link. Most of their info I have already read so don’t spend much time on it.

  • freeus

    The Alabama National Guard saved the Mississippi Gulf Coast because they brought guns, and a hell of a lot more. Thank you all National Guard members for fighting in our wars, and for saving us at home when Nature presents difficulties we cannot manage alone.

    There were homes, and hundreds of trees on the interstate leading to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. You literally had to cut your way down through Hattiesburg, on down to Biloxi, etc. There was no way to help the citizens of our own state unless you landed on the beaches, or were a couple of Alabama women in mini-vans full of food, water, and clothing braving the back roads. After 3-5 days things were getting desperate, and thank God the National Guard landed on the nasty, wrecked homes, and destroyed businesses shores of the Magnolia state. Lives hung in the balance.

    Our governor had issues an Executive Order stating we of the state of Mississippi, both on the coast, and inland, had the absolute right to protect our lives, and our property. Hence the lovely signs which read, “You loot, we shoot!” In case anyone noticed, we did not have a lot of wild west talk. Folks did loot areas not protected, and the casinos, but later, they went to jail. I have a funny feeling that the folks of NJ, and NY might want to revisit their extreme gun laws after all this is over. If not, God help you.

    After Katrina, we have a whole new outlook on life. Being without power, phone lines, no cell, no ice, etc. will do that to a person. I had food because when they used the word, “Camille”, I cooked for 3 days straight, but no ice to help keep the food refrigerated can cause a dilemma. Had water, (some bottled), but was under boil alert. Which we did not know about until later. So, I have a nice Berkey water filter now. I also have a solar oven, generator, and meals stored so I can cook them on demand with little leftover amounts to refrigerate. Oh yeah, life is really different around these parts after Katrina. This Christmas, no jewelry, no fancy things, what I want is a solar powered generator. Running out of gas in your town will make you think about having a backup to the backup. LOL! As we of the prepared groupies say, “One is none, two is one”.

    It is my prayer that these people learn from this horrific storm. I pray they begin to elect sane leaders which understand the National Guard are not guns, but greatly needed caring, efficient, skilled, American saviors, and providers of peace. Just knowing the National Guard members are around gives much needed peace of mind to people who need one bright spot in their destroyed lives.

    Many of us who experienced Katrina are terribly saddened for our fellow Americans. We would never wish our experiences to ever have to be lived by another American. It is going to take years for these areas to recover. Years! At the moment, most are just trying to find life sustaining necessities, but later, later is when the mental anguish, the very heavy reality will set in. We had a high rate of suicides on the Gulf Coast. People are still rebuilding their lives. With this in mind, I implore you to consider your holiday budgets, and if possible, consider giving to those impacted by Sandy instead. Little things make the biggest difference, and just knowing someone gave a darn will go a long way in helping these people feel better on a mental, and physical level, but also spiritually. They need things to aid them in keeping the faith, going on with life, and knowing Americans will be there for them. Holiday time is going to be tough. I 100% agree with Samaritan’s Purse, the Salvation Army, and Catholic charities, and I would add any local churches in the NJ, or NY area because they will know who is not getting the aid in their community. People do fall through the cracks.

    For those who have not experienced the raging fires in CO, CA, or TX, the tornados which smashed through OK, KS, NC, IA, IN, OH, PA, AL, MS, GA, etc., or the 100 year floods of epic proportions like MO, SD, and TN, I beg of you, I urge you to evaluate where you are on the scale of readiness regarding natural, OR economic disasters. What happens when your governor does not call out the National Guard, does not have prepositioned supplies, or you lose your job? What if inflation looks like Carter years, or worse? What if butter, eggs, or milk are just not affordable? You being prepared allows one less person to be in line, you can aid others in need, and quite frankly, some serious peace of mind. Be an ant, not a grasshopper.

    May I also request that you pray hard for these people. They are in serious need of divine intervention. Serious need.

    If you are in NJ, or NY reading this, help is coming, help is coming, we will not forget you, we will not leave you, we love you, and we are coming.

  • bg


    Noovuss #23 November 3, 2012 at 10:26 pm

    the National Guard is not Military?? 😯


  • Noovuss … you are not playing nice, bug off

  • Noovuss

    #37 Sasja
    Thanks for the heads up!
    It’s just me, I’ve never enjoyed anarchy.
    I find it extremely enjoyable to read all the feedback about a subject and a waste of time reading material off subject. But I’ll move along with the flow and make it a rule to skip certain posts.

  • bg


    Fionnagh #24 November 3, 2012 at 10:26 pm


    can only presume Noovuss has never heard of the Fast
    and Furious or Benghazi Syria gun running operations..

    but no guns for US, no no no.. /s/


  • Noovuss

    That’s so progressive of you, thanks but no thanks.
    Progressives and Anarchists, interesting…..

  • Sasja

    Noovuss, keep in mind that there are those who have been posting here a long time and are very sensitive about any adverse criticism.

  • bg


    freeus #38 – page 2 November 3, 2012 at 10:42 pm

    terrific reminder, and great message, thank you..


  • bg


    Sasja #45 November 3, 2012 at 10:52 pm

    rotf 😆 mbo!!


  • Patty

    Victoria’s Secret Helps Out The National Guard

    Victoria secret has saved the National Guard.

    On Monday night Superstorm Sandy left the armory of the New York Army National Guard’s 69th Infantry Regiment without power. Thankfully Victoria’s Secret was in town for an event at the Regiment’s armory, and had brought in huge generators. The National Guard reached out for help from the producers of the show. Power was restored hours later:

    For the show, the producers had hauled in eight massive 500 kilowatt generators. Of course, the producers said, we’d be happy to help. Hours later, the lights flashed back on.

    “We were dead in the water until Victoria’s Secret showed up,” says Capt. Brendan Gendron, the Regiment’s operations officer.

    It’s one of many unexpected turns the New York Army National Guard has been forced to take as it copes with the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. On Tuesday afternoon, the Guard was about to ship 450 soldiers to Missouri for a mock disaster drill. Now, not only are those troops staying in-state, but the New York Guard is getting ready to accept nearly 1,000 additional soldiers from the Ohio, Massachusetts, and other states.

    The National Guard also turned to Victoria’s Secret for help distributing food provided by FEMA. For some reason a lingerie retailer was better equipped to distribute food in the aftereffects of a natural disaster than FEMA and the National Guard, and was on hand to provide a fork lift:

    The troops also needed help distributing food. The Federal Emergency Management Agency had begun bringing tractor-trailers’ worth of emergency provisions to the armory. It was up to the troops to break up the pallets, load them in military trucks, and bring them to the seven distribution centers in Manhattan where the Salvation Army would hand out meals to Hurricane victims. One problem: the 69th didn’t have a fork lift. So again, they turned to the Victoria’s Secret crew.

  • dwd

    It will be interesting to see if Bloomberg ever gets elected to another office. He’s thoroughly botched Sandy, add that to his other wacko ideas about banning large sodas and salt, etc, endorsing Obama because of climate change… you’d have to be crazy to vote for him.

  • Patty

    #47 November 3, 2012 at 10:54 pm
    bg commented:

    took the words right out of my mouth, bg!! 😆

  • Noovuss

    BG #43
    I’ll keep an eye out for this story of yours, it sounds way out in the ozone layer. I’ll watch for a link to potus being involved in preventing the National Guard from coming into NYC.

  • bg


    Noovuss #44 November 3, 2012 at 10:51 pm

    hey daryl, i mean, Nouvuss, long time no see.. 🙄


  • Noovuss

    #45 Sasja
    I understand, just like potus.

  • bigkahuna

    Doomberg is more worried about policing his over 32 ounce soda ban.

  • Patty


    Will Ferrell Says I Will Do Anything to Get You to Vote

    It’s come to this:

  • bg


    Noovuss #51 November 3, 2012 at 10:56 pm


    so you think Obama has been doing what
    he’s been doing all on his own in isolation??

    that trhere’s absolutely no connection between he & Bloomy??



  • bg




  • Sasja

    Of course they’re connected. Their idiot-ology keeps them connected. Who doesn’t know this?

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  • Sasja


    “A Few Miles Downstream From Pittsburgh”

  • Time For Real Change

    I thought it was the Governor who had authority over the National Guard. Where is Cuomo and when is he going to find his sack?

  • Noovuss

    BG #56
    Is that what I said, please point to the post.
    Help me connect all those dots, make it easy to understand, just come out and say it in simple English. Why beat around the bush, just lay it out, what are you trying to say.
    Tell me about the connection between potus, Bloomy and all the starving water logged Demorat voters.

  • Noovuss

    That’s it?

  • Noovuss

    #58 Sasja
    Again I agree with you, it’s not really very deep.
    But hey, if people want to build this into something much bigger, go for it.

  • Noovuss

    Seems to me, at this point that you could make NY into a Republican state, maybe not.
    They are crazy.
    But this is real bad mishandling of this and voters in NY are going to be steamed, maybe not.

  • Patty

    Pay Dues or Stay Home
    Amid Sandy’s devastation, Long Island electricians’ union sent written ultimatum to Florida utilities

    Now, Bloomberg Refuses request in one of our Nation’s worse natural disaster?

    Between this and Benghazi our leaders with huge responsibilities to the people of this nation are irresponsible and callus. People are needing help and where ever the help comes from it must happen and soon.

    The National Guard serves both state and federal governments. The difference between the Guard and other branches is that while Guard units are combat-trained and can be deployed overseas, they are just as likely to serve in their home communities—training just one weekend per month, and one two-week period each year.

    During local emergencies, Guard units assist residents endangered by storms, floods, fires and other disasters. Guard companies deployed overseas may see combat, but are often found building schools and hospitals, training local peacekeepers or teaching local farmers more efficient techniques and better uses of their land.

    And for Bloomberg not to understand that the Guard is exactly what is needed and every agency that is available.

    Someone with a head on there shoulder needs to explain to Bloomberg what our National Guard does. And I pray that soon someone with a level head and common sense will soon takeover the position Bloomberg presently holds. We need real leadership and American are hurting.

  • Sasja

    The problem with alot of republicans in NY is that they are what we down here in the hinterlands refer to as Rockefeller republicans. Nowadays they are called RINOs.

    Now if one wishes to see NY transformed into a conservative bastion. Never gonna happen.

  • bg


    posted the following a couple of days ago, now am unable to connect,
    btw that too is a connectable dot (ie: relating to coverups and i didn’t
    say that, etc denials.. /s)..


    “We don’t need it,” Mayor Bloomberg tossed Borough President Markowitz’s National Guard plea out the window on Wednesday, saying the hurricane-ravaged borough doesn’t need any extra protection.

    Oct 16, 2012 – … Markowitz and Mayor Bloomberg at odds over National Guard response for Hurricane Sandy • The Brooklyn Paper. Mayor Bloomberg tossed Borough President Markowitz’s National Guard plea out the window on Wednesday, saying the hurricane-ravaged borough doesn’t need any extra protection.


  • Patty


    But pertains to Storm.

    MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: Vote for Your Fellow Citizens or for More Storm Deaths

    Read more:

  • SM-WI

    It’s good the left wing loon philosophy is front and center for the rest of the country to observe—contemplate when they’re voting!

  • Noovuss

    I wonder, given the massive disconnect with reality in NY, if Bumblebergs popularity for reelection is dropping among the cold and starving?

  • bg
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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “The NYPD is the only people we want on the street with guns.”

    Let that place go it on its own. They voted for Bloomberg, for heaven’s sake, so let them suffer the consequences.

    Stupidity should hurt.

  • bg
  • # 27 funny remark about the 32 oz. big gulp . dumburg even refused the 32 oz.s of bottled water for the victumes


  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …if Bumblebergs popularity for reelection is…

    Barring any kind of change in the city charter, he can’t run for a fourth term.

  • bg
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  • bg


    November 3, 2012

    ‘It’s like the Wild West’: Lawlessness and fear take over the outer
    boroughs as millions in misery endure a sixth day without power..

    [*Residents claim they are the ‘forgotten victims’ of Sandy

    *Also say that lack of power and law enforcement
    means more looting and violent crime

    *Those in stricken areas stockpiling weapons like kitchen
    knives, machetes, and bats to protect themselves

    *Coney Island residents say they are
    forced to ‘scavenge for food like animals’

    *Power unlikely to be returned to Brooklyn, Queen’s
    and Staten Island until sometime next week]


  • Noovuss

    bg #80

    Sounds like an average weekend in Detroit.
    I live north of Detroit and this is what electing Demorats buys you.
    I only feel sorry for the innocent conservatives along for the ride.
    This is exactly why “prepping” is a wise course to pursue.

  • Fionnagh

    Noovuss is just trolling.

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  • Buffalobob

    Bloomie,“The NYPD is the only people we want on the street with guns.” except there may be a few youts that didn’t get the memo.

  • Noovuss

    #82 Fionnagh:
    Well, you have three of them going…
    5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.
    6. “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”
    13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

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  • Thank you, I have just been looking for information about this topic for a long time and yours is the greatest I have came upon till now. However, what about the conclusion? Are you sure concerning the supply?|What i don’t understood is in truth how you’re now not actually a lot more neatly-appreciated than you may be now. You are so intelligent.

  • squeaky

    bad weather may be moving in and it’s only going to get worse. stuff his need to make a political statement by keeping extra hands out of the emergency. if people have to suffer even one additional day because of bureaucratic constipation…….i’ve been there and done that [a year ago] so if all the breaks for those people are bad. we had the benefit of decent weather that made our situation somewhat bearable but let the unseasonably cold blow in and the pain will be ratcheted up.

  • Granny

    #27 November 3, 2012 at 10:28 pm
    Robert commented:

    Doomberg discredits the theory that local responders are best in an emergency. That theory doesn’t hold if you have idiot Democrat politicians displaying such stupidity.

    Absolutely not so. Irene did horrendous damage to the state of Vermont last year. We had massive flooding virtually everywhere in the state, countless homes destroyed, 14 towns entirely cut off from the outside world, state offices flooded nearly to the rafters, many of the water treatment facilities flooded.

    FEMA took weeks to arrive. Many people who waited for FEMA are still waiting. The Red Cross never showed up at all. Folks in one town got together their heavy equipment and cut their own entrance onto the interstate. Isolation solved! Our Green Mountain Boys (some are girls but the name has a long, proud history) flew water, food and medical supplies into cut off communities, some for weeks.

    Local is always faster and more efficient. Usually it is also cheaper.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Thanks Granny. Good info.

    Looting and violence… and no National GUARD with their “big bad guns?

    Someone is blocking access for local help from the citizenry as well .

    National Guard now controlled by the Feds.

    This all comes from the top. The very top. The POTUS.


    Great info on survival earlier: one is none, two is one. This disaster proves that people won’t be taken care of by those they’ve employed to do so.

  • nate j

    Hey New Yorkers, you voted for this clown. You get what you deserve.

  • Candy

    That’s funny, because I see the National Guard at Penn Station with guns all the time… since 9/11.

    Ditto for Grand Central.

    Will NYC be used as a test case for the graduating class of young, FEMA folks?

    Tread lightly Bloomie…it’s obvious you don’t know Brooklyn.

    Trust me.

  • squeaky

    [Victims of superstorm Sandy on the East Coast struggled against the cold on Sunday amid fuel shortages and power outages, two days ahead of an election that polls suggest is a dead heat between…] it’s never a good time but the cold is blowing in

  • squeaky

    imagine this on a larger scale. i don’t know anything about the possibilities or myths of electro magnetic pulse but a count down was given as to how long it would take cities to turn major big time nightmares. anything that disrupts the necessities – survival of the fittest. dog eat dog.

  • creeper

    I live right next to the flood-prone Mississippi River. From long experience I can tell you that no one…NO ONE…knows more about helping people after a disaster than the National Guard.

    Bloomberg’s action is despicable and will result in more pain and suffering.

  • Amjean

    I would venture to say that the National Guard has better weapons and disaster
    training than New York’s police department.

  • Chris

    What can he do if they came? Nothing. They can’t be arrested.

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  • Bloomberg is a control freak and an ideologue. Napoleon in modern times.

    Like I said in my post. Bloomberg is one horse and sideways hat from being Napoleon

  • Donna Morin

    I say after this stunt on Bloomberg’s part that he should be made to walk through the streets of New York without his bodyguards. Let him feel as vulnerable as the citizens he claims to care about…

  • cp

    Only Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a strong supporter of the ground zero mosque project can deny the people of NY in times of their great needs.

  • oldguy

    Just who has the authority in NY? The state should occupy NYC and place the mayor under arrest. The state legislature should consider revoking NYC’s franchise.

  • jony101

    looters are armed, the welfare types are armed. New York is not a safe place in normal times let alone in disaster time. I dont like to see unarmed soldiers at any time, at least they need sidearms.
    Most people in disaster are are happy to see the national guard except the looters and Bloomberg.

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  • Oh wait

    BUT I thought Bloomturds body guards were all armed!!

  • james

    You know if everyone would stick together, and vote James S. Pennington for president maybe we could get this country back on track. Look at the web site Just write my name in on the ballot.

  • dw dude

    national guard would cut into union overtime for first responders…simple as that. bloomturd and Obama despicable together. I hope all of you leftist like your life under your new commie government

  • Dan C

    The liberal voters in NYC voted for liberal Bloomberg. They are getting what they deserve. THEY VOTED FOR HIM!

    And they will vote for a liberal next time too! ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!

  • snafubar

    This one’s easy.

    Cops = Public Unions.

    National Guard = non union.

    Cops want $$.

    If cops let National Guard help, then they get less $$.

    So it basically comes down to greed and turf.

    Wasn’t that easy?

  • Blythe

    Authority for the National Guard rests with the Governor of the subject state, in this case New York. After Katrina the Federal Government granted the President authority to call out the Guard.

    Bloomberg can’t refuse the Guard entry if orders have been given by the Governor or the President. He can express his opinion that he does not want their assistance, but he can’t stop them. This really points to a lack of leadership by the Governor and/or the President.

  • Rose

    Bloomberg is being the Harvest New Yorkers consistently vote for.

  • greenfairie

    I vowed never to help NYC again after it refused to learn anything from 9/11. Now they must lie in their own poop, literally.

  • Joanne

    Maybe the National Guard is made up of those white, Christian, gun-toting terrorists, people like Bloomberg detests.

  • AmericaWILL

    Apparently, Bloomberg doesn’t want to be Mayor after this term.

  • Tom Lawrence

    Armed with guns was not the problem, it is that National Guard members are not union members. Same as Alabama Utility Power Crews.

    They need power to heat homes, provide light and most importantly open the gas stations that are without power and open potential housing options… like schools, public buildings, etc. Instead of welcoming more experts, they were rejected.

    Instead of reestablishing power and open gas stations with plenty of gas, they are sending more gas and diesel. Stupid!

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  • MenchensGhost

    When a man with uber-ideologies such as Bloomberg are allowed to make critical decisions that
    impact the people of NYC in a time of dire need, he should be told in no uncertain terms that
    HE’S AN IDIOT! I hope the people of NYC remember that when he comes up for re-election.

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  • Jasmine

    It’s getting really cold here in NY…storm coming Wednesday…really cold Mr. Bloomberg….but how would you know…..

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