ARAB MEDIA Leaks Sensitive US Documents From Benghazi Consulate – US Officials Pleaded For More Security

It took the FBI several days to reach Benghazi and investigate the 9-11 terrorist attacks that left four Americans dead.
The FBI stayed for three hours.
They left behind several sensitive documents that were later scooped up by regional media outlets.

Today, Alaan TV, a UAE channel, revealed that letters found inside the consulate, written by the U.S. Consular staff and addressed to the Libyan Foreign Ministry and the Benghazi police chief, revealed security breaches at the consulate.

MEMRI reported:
“The Letters Read As Follows: ‘Early This Morning, On September 11… A Member Of The [Libyan] Police Force Was Seen… Photographing The Inside Of The U.S. Consulate'”

Here is the translated report from Alaan TV:

There’s more:
“The Letters Revealed That Since September 9, The Americans Had Been Requesting Special Security Arrangements In Preparation For Arrival Of Ambassador Chris Stevens” – But That These “Were Not Granted”

Reporter: “The letters revealed that since September 9, the Americans had been requesting special security arrangements, in preparation for the arrival of Ambassador Chris Stephens to Benghazi. These arrangements included the police guarding the front and rear gates of the consulate around the clock, in addition to a mobile patrol and a bomb-sniffing dog.

Read the rest at MEMRI.

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  • TeachX3

    Keep it coming Mr. Hoft!

    The United States of America is at a crossroads, bigger than any other thing, is how America responds to her Military in trouble. The left is actually saying this is all ‘conspiracy’ and that the right is using it for politics. SHAME ON THEM. dem, rep, left, right, I DON’T CARE about any crappy political agenda… I care about 4 United States of America Citizens who were left to die a horrific death, alone and without help from the Nation they served.

  • Granny

    Strange. The penciled names in the upper right corner are not the usual way that the federal government keeps copies of anything.

  • DavidD

    It’s a sad commentary on the state of the media in the US when Arab media get the jump on them.

  • DesRoc

    ..and I question what ‘all’ [aside from personal family messages]was written in the 7-pg hand written hard cover journal discovered by CNN in the charred ruins of an unsecured “crime site”.. Clinton was upset over the find and use by CNN..but again the site evidence was not under protection. “Being left behind” is realized if you might be CIA/spy matters; It would be illegal ‘constitution’ and damaging in foreign affairs for Obama Admin to have an ambassador as a CIA agent. My ‘armchair’ view only.

  • dwdude

    looks like mob setup, then government coverup

  • donh

    The absurdity of looking out your window in braod daylight and there is a small advance team of terrorists drawing chalk marks for targeting mortar fire and pacing footsteps to measure distances.

  • Oliver

    FNC: “Hoboken NJ residents begging for help”

    I wonder if Obama will tell Fema to “stand down” and let them die like he did to the ‘folks’ in Benghazi?

  • Adirondack Patriot

    Jesus Harold Christ.

    A diplomatic pouch was left behind? Secret documents? What has reached Iran?

    What else is going to come out through the Arab press?

    How many Libyans who cooperated with the U.S. are now dead?

    This is disastrous.

  • befuddled

    If added security was denied up and down the chain, why the hell did Stevens go there on 9/11 of all days? 9/11 is still considered a holiday, why did he choose to put himself and the people around him at risk by going to Bhengazi, especially knowing that security measures were not in place?

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  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Ya know, I seriously doubt the real FBI ever showed up there.

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  • Freddy

    How can the US msm recover from their massive shift to one party propaganda?

    ABC, CBS, and NBC news should be FOREVER shunned by everyone.

  • [email protected]

    I’m usually not easy prey for conspiracy theories, but I must say I am starting to wonder if the kidnapping-the ambassador-to-trade-for-the blind-sheik-per-obathturd-buddy-Egyptian-muzzie bro’hood-mohammad-morsi’s-promise may be true.

    The CIC failures were cowardly and incompetent even by the grossly incompetent and cowardly obathturd standards.

    Nobody is asking WHY?

  • PegLeg

    Come on people, I heard Hillarity say she has 60,000 employees and it is a dangerous job! Hell, that should be explaination enough!

  • FurryGuy

    #13 November 1, 2012 at 4:13 pm
    Freddy commented:

    How can the US msm recover from their massive shift to one party propaganda?

    ABC, CBS, and NBC news should be FOREVER shunned by everyone.

    The news outlets are kept active by the money the networks derive from selling ad time on their “entertainment” offerings. Starve the beasts directly at the source, don’t watch the networks, PERIOD.

    I stopped watching networks shows over a decade ago and haven’t missed a thing. It was trash and filth then, from the previews I am exposed to in passing it has only become worse.

  • TeachX3

    Tempers (and with them, utter nasty hatefulness) is really flaring up lately, I imagine it will only get worse these next five or more days. Spent most of today reading through comments on the blogs and news sites of the left. The disgusting verbal attacks on republicans, fox news, the right, conservatives, etc… is unreal! I am sick to my soul today reading the hate. This Nation needs A LOT of help.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    Gee, now that some of the “pesky details” about Benghazi are going international, do you suppose the Professional Journalists of the Alphabet Media might start covering this story??

    Ooops, no, wait, I forgot: they will keep on ignoring Benghazi-gate for at least another week(at the very earliest) because “it’s right before the election” and it’s SOOO IMPORTANT to avoid “politicizing” the incredible fecklessness of The Current Administration (whose water they’ve been slavishly carrying for nigh on to four years, now).

    [As far as I’m concerned, the MSM –as it’s presently operating– is as useless to the American people as the proverbial bicycle is to that proverbial fish…]

  • lizzy84

    oBama has NO foreign policy other than to bow down to the ones who are killing us. Was it his intent to use our Ambassador as a trade off to get other muslims out of prison? He is a liar to the core. A fake to the max. And a disgrace to our country…as well as anyone who stands with him on the massacre in Benghazi.

    Stay on it, Jim Hoft.

  • Kim

    Forgive my ignorance but I thought the FBI only got involved in domestic investigations or is because the embassy is considered U.S. soil that becomes a domestic investigation? Is the CIA investigating any of this or were they told to ‘stand down’ too?