Sarah Palin Rips Obama for Not Having TelePrompter at Debate (Video)

Sarah Palin ripped Obama after Wednesday’s debate for not having his Teleprompter with him.
Sarah was on with Hannity after the debate.

Sarah Palin:

“Barack Obama did not have the answers tonight. And you know why? He didn’t have his buddy the TelePrompter in front of him writing out the answers. He finally had to be candid and rely on his own lack of experience and knowledge about how the economy really works to answer the points that Mitt Romney was making.”

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  • mg4us

    Love Sarah. .she is so right. . .and says it so clearly. . .


  • Remco Kimber

    Matthews is experiencing a tinkle down the leg tonight.

  • Spider

    Right on Sarah!

    Obama either slept through Econ 101 or he was too choomed up to pay attention.

    Proffessor Romney just delivered quite a lesson to his young pupil.

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  • Ghost

    why did she darken her hair?

    stop it! I Love sarah, just asking

  • donh

    SURELY…Somebody slipped Obama the questions in advance….He cheated throughout the debate talking WAAAAAAAAY past his time slots….talking down efforts to moderate ….and he STILL L:O:S:T ….BIG.

  • therese

    It looked like Obama was reading something the way he was always looking downward. Anyhow,
    Voting has Started In Missouri. You can request an absentee ballot by sending a hand written letter to the Election Board. One will be mailed to you. You can vote in your own kitchen, take your ballot to a local bank, and they will notarize it (for free) you then drop it off at the bank in a ballot box. You can also go directly to the Election Board and vote. I believe they are having 1 perhaps 2 Saturdays in October when you can go vote. PLEASE make sure you children vote if they are of age. I have children in their 20’s and we all know how busy their lives can be. Remind them how important this Election is to their future. God Bless – Romney/Ryan

  • arnonerik

    Empty chair, empty suit, empty head (except for his Marxist rhetoric and slogans)

  • Spider

    The dems deny the existence of the laws of economics.

    There is something called the “Laffer curve”. It shows how the percentage of taxation effects the amount of money the government takes in.

    There is an optimal percentage on the curve where taxation is not oppressive, yet the government receives the most money they should expect.

    Raising taxes further actually reduces the amount of money taken in.

  • bg


    (((love you Sarah))) but, you have me..

    ROTF 😆 MBO!!

    especially when you put your hand up like that to explain.. 😀

    yes i know it’s not the same thing, and that the media was
    totally unfair to her, it just struck me as being funny is all..


  • Mad Hatter

    Tonight showed a few things,

    1. Obama showed he can’t hang with someone that knows how to throw a punch.
    2. Obama looked like he was in over in head, and looked like a whipped dog.
    3. Romney defined himself in this debate.

  • Spider

    Next debate is ‘Townhall format’. They’re saying Obama will be much better.

    I think Mitt can be even better as well!

  • Guy

    Romney was superb and Sarah Pallin too.

  • Mad Hatter

    Next week, Ryan v.s. “Stand Up Chuck”. That’s going to be fun.

  • spike

    Sarah is right,bath house Barry is lost without totus.

  • Jean

    Romney prepared for this moment 4 years ago. Just like President Reagan did when he lost to President Ford in 1976.

    Déjà vu

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  • Mad Hatter

    Kudos to Rob Portman for help prepping Romney for the debate.


    Obama has always been lost without TOTUS.

    Obama is a [email protected] of the highest order and when he said its Math….I wanted Romney to say I have an MBA and Law Degree and made $250 million and billions for other compnaies and middle class people. I dont know if you can count period. I havent seen the grades and all your college records you sealed to prove your transparency !

  • Indiana

    Obama looked like the little boy that went to the Birthday party….and was shocked to find out it wasn’t his. It was obvious he was “displeased” through the entire evening….kind of like “how dare you” and “boy is Mochelle going to kick my a$$ when I get home.” AXELROD…..YOU’RE FIRED!

  • JPeden

    “Raising taxes further actually reduces the amount of money taken in.”

    “Increase profits by getting people employed not taxes on profits.” Romney in effect stated this principle at least twice.

    And someone should ask the greedy “get the oil your money” dems what the difference is in the “balance” between 10/1 decreased spending to increased taxes and 9/0!

  • I,m glad that Sarah was on after the debate, now I can get a good nights sleep with her image in my head, instead of the first Wookie in that dress designed by the turf keeper of the football stadium at Boise State.

  • OMG – Obama’s “travelling press secretary” just on with Greta raving about Obama’s performance and basically saying he won the debate.

    I want some of whatever those guys are smoking.

  • bg


    Oliver #23 October 3, 2012 at 11:52 pm

    they’re smoking “fear”..


  • bg
  • lol go get ’em Cuda

  • Another thought: Obama tried (unsuccessfully) to slip in the “MATH” concept that Clinton delivered so well at the DNC. The problem with Dem Math of course is that they don’t calculate in the additional tax revenues the gov’t gets when people have jobs! Mitt needs to prepare a snappy comeback for this in the next debate. Maybe even present Obama with a calculator as a belated anniversary gift at the beginning of the next debate.

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  • Nelle

    Obama never said “math” so much in 4 years as he has since Romney chose Ryan. He knows he can’t compete in that area, Ryan already beat him over the head with math, and I bet it still burns. Both Ryan and Romney are credited with having more mastery at something than he has. I guess he hopes if he says “It’s math” and does the magic hand wave, he can avoid getting down and dirty with numbers.

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  • Jay Frank

    Look at the debate without listening to the content and look at Obama’s eyes very carefully, sometimes obviously and sometimes a quick glance that is almost unnoticeable. What was he looking at??

  • therese “It looked like Obama was reading something the way he was always looking downward. ”

    He was checking to see how much of his A$$ he had left after Romney kept taking a chainsaw to it.

  • Flintstone F.

    Is this the national election for high school president?

    Obama’s closing statement was pathetic. Vapid. The last thing he needs to bring up is the last four years. But he basically just said “four years ago I promised to work hard and I did. Vote for me and I’ll do it again.”

    Obama is toast.
    One and done.
    One term proposition.
    32 days.
    It will be a landslide.
    Palin still hot (Kinda easy on the eyes too).

  • Nelle

    Romney looked like a very successful CEO and governor, and potential President tonight. He has kind eyes (but fierce eyebrows!) and a pleasant smile, and his normal speaking voice just happens to be Reaganesque. He comes across as a nice, friendly guy. But he’s all alpha-male in his hand gestures and posture, his intensity, and his well-ordered thought process. When Obama spoke Romney still looked confident and attentive.
    Obama spoke haltingly and kept closing his eyes, apparently to recall his memorized series of phrases. His hand gestures are small, most of the time he looks like he’s holding a small ball. He looked “twitchy” to me. Maybe it was because Romney looked so steady. I think when Romney was speaking Obama was looking down and telling himself “Stop nodding yes and mumbling OK”. When Romney was in the driver’s seat, O was like a bobblehead on the dash. When he did look at Romney, his eyes were angry and his smile too tight. A couple of tmes he even winced.
    If it was a poker game, Obama would be flat busted.

  • #6 Jay Frank: what was he looking at? Cliff Notes would be my guess.
    Always the good student ….

  • Related.

    ‘A short documentary minus narration that looks at Obama’s first term with regards to transparency, healthcare, taxes, fairness, energy, and the national debt through his own words.

    Please watch it yourself to make sure you are properly educated, and then share it with your politically moderate or undecided friends/family.’

    A 13 Minute Video Every Voter Should Watch


    Dems Admit Obama’s Not Eligible

  • Limousine Barry

    I blithered, I bumbled and I bombed! But, that’s because I am an empty suit! Without a Teleprompter I am an idiot!

    When confronted with the truth I stutter and look down on my crappy notes and hope that people will not remember my repetitive lies.

    I blame my crony Jim Lehrer for not lobbing more softball questions at me!

    Sure, I spoke four more minuets than Mitt Romney but, those four blithering minutes were and indication of my stupidity! I should have spoken – four less minutes! Every minute I blathered on I looked like an idiot!

    Let me be clear, I hate the economy and know nothing about it! I need to have more slated and race baiting questions! The latter is very important. It’s hard to race bait without my teleprompter, my MSM lapdogs or my Axelrod! I suck! Good day.

  • Bogdan from Australia

    It all doesn’t matter. Obama has fulfilled his task of damaging America beyond repair and shall now retire peacefully in Hawai, laughing at the sight of juvenile joy into which the Repubs will explode after he loses to them.

    Only if the Repubs show the balls and charge him with plunder of the wealth of American people which, according to the definition astablished at Nueremberg trials, consists a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY, he will stop laughing.

    I doubt that it will happen. Neither Romney nor his cohorts have enough courage to launch such a procedure of historic dimension.

    Romney isn’t that much better than b. HUSSAIN obama. He shined today because b. HUSSAIN obama was embarrassingly weak and inept.

    The epic question is, what have we do not to allow such a plunder happen again?

    This question is apt wheter it is America, Britain, Greece, Spain or my own EUNUCHALIA.

  • Befuddled

    It is possible Obama was overconfident, but I doubt it. He is not a foolish man. So I think he was just overtired or over-distracted or over-something. But he sure wasn’t over-energetic.
    Maybe Jen Psaki, his traveling press secretary, was preparing us when she said on Air Force One Sunday that Obama “has had less time to prepare than we anticipated. That’s just a fact. It’s difficult to schedule significant blocks of time when you’re the president.”

    Read more:

    Lazy community organizer/worker/adjunct lecturer/senator/president seemed unprepared to debate, thought he was supposed to be talking about his own dreams,visions and fantasy football picks –I’m shocked.

  • SoLongSong

    Stay in Australia, Bogdan. 😀

  • Lewis Colby

    Let us keep in mind that a little man of no talent was able to become President of the United States. It’s too bad the real history of his rise to such power will never be written.

  • Steve

    FULL DEBATE VIDEO between President Obama and Mitt Romney

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  • DomesticGoddess

    So Obama has been in the job for four years and does not know Econ 101. He seemed “unprepared” last night on the very things that he created! What will it take to get the brain dead voters to wake up???????????? Not only that, but our side is saying that the debate will not change the outcome of the election. What a buzz kill!

  • squeaky

    this is a small example of what people thought they bought in 2008. last nights debate was what they actually got. all kinds of making excuses for poor performance from a guy who was labeled to be above it all. he didn’t live up to his hype. blaming every one from john kerry to the moderator. was obama allowed to ramble on by the moderator? fox seems to think both were.

  • Bogdan from Australia

    #15 SoLongSong.

    What is your churlish remark supposed to mean?

    The massive plunder of the people’s wealth has been commited by the so called social-democratic but in fact PARASITIC regimes that have taken over every country in the West so my statement is as relevant in respect to Australia as it is to America or any other Western country.

    One has to be ignorant to the point of SUBHUMANITY not to grasp the unprecedented economic barbarism of Obama and his counterpartners in crime in Britain (Blair/Brown), Australia (Rudd/Gillard), Spain (Zapatero), Greece (Papandreu) and so on and on…

    I’m trying to launch such a discussion here Down Under as well, however the application of the terminology of PLUNDER as a crime against humanity is so alien to the local herd of ignoramusses that it will probabaly stick in their dumb minds like a stone thrown into $**t.

  • Bogdan from Australia

    Our hero Sarah Palin although one of the most courageous and outspoken critics of b. HUSSSAIN obama is far too courteous to him when assessing the exhange betwen Romney and b. HUSSAIN obama.

  • Mildred Smith

    Sarah doesn’t understand that it’s a trap.

  • SoLongSong

    I thought I was quite pleasant, Bogdan! Did you not see the smiley face? 😛

  • AuntieMadder

    #5 October 3, 2012 at 10:46 pm
    Ghost commented:

    why did she darken her hair?

    stop it! I Love sarah, just asking

    I don’t know but it’s not flattering on her. And I love Palin, too, so don’t anybody even start.

  • AuntieMadder

    @ #9 Nelle: Good comment, sharp observations.

    @ #13 Bogdan from Australia: I suspect the American politicians’ denial of and neglect to even attempt to legally charge the theft crimes of their predecessors goes back further than Romney and Kenya Boy and that it boils down to fear of being charged for their own crimes. It’s a Pandora’s box that none of them want opened. Kenya Boy and his Choom Gang knew as much before their looting began in 2009 and, being politicians from Chicago, they were/are more experienced in looting and getting away with it than any in DC before them.

  • Grandma Perkins

    Game changer!

    Note to Ann: pick out what you want to where to Mitt’s inauguration.

  • Grandma Perkins
  • john

    Why was BHO constantly looking down at his podium?
    There was a mirror there or, a picture of Reggie Love.

  • Militant Conservative

    Romney touched on the “other” method of gettting revenue into the Gov.

    Obama just raises the rate, Romney wishes to broaden the base.

    Obama was in over his head thus showing he is an affirmative action candidate.

    powder is dry

  • Bogdan from Australia

    #24 SoLongSong.

    My apology. Indeed I didn’t grasp the message.

    Full HONOR returned…

  • mg4us

    Palin is so on the money. . .

    Obama was INcompetent, INcoherent, INept and still INexperienced (and radical too)

    After Obama’s dismal performance last night, even TOTUS (the TELEPROMPTER Of The UNITED States) wants to quit and join ROMNEY/RYAN

    Time to Join the RIGHT side of History

    Time to RESTORE & RENEW!

  • mg4us

    I Love Sarah Palin. .
    She is always spot on. .

    I would have like Palin to remind audience about the comparison of a Governor vs a community organizer like she did in 2008. . .
    since Romney was also a successful Republican Governor. . .in a DEM state. .
    Just like other successful Republican Governors. . including OHIO!

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  • Look-Out

    Computer problems…OT

    Last night’s debate exposed the empty suit, but it also exposed the media for the pandering, protective parents they’ve been to their phony little fella. Fred Luntz’s Focus Group (be sure to watch it) are finally figuring it out, I’m sure. You can’t trust the MSM. You have to do your own homework.

    The Barry that showed up last night is the Barry those of us who’ve been paying attention were not surprised to see. The Mitt we all saw last night is the Mitt that’s been sharing the same things with audiences all across our country. Those two only surprised those who’ve believed the lies of the MSM.

    But the truth is now exposed. The media is complicit with the left. Barry’s behind ain’t pretty. And Mitt is terrific.

  • Amjean

    Re – Palin’s darker hair –

    I think her daughter, Willow, is going to school to be a hair stylist. They always practice
    on their relatives!!! One of my friend’s daughters went to hair styling school and every time
    I saw my friend her hair was different, and not always for the better!

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