Sarah Palin ripped Obama after Wednesday’s debate for not having his Teleprompter with him.
Sarah was on with Hannity after the debate.

Sarah Palin:

“Barack Obama did not have the answers tonight. And you know why? He didn’t have his buddy the TelePrompter in front of him writing out the answers. He finally had to be candid and rely on his own lack of experience and knowledge about how the economy really works to answer the points that Mitt Romney was making.”




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  1. Love Sarah. .she is so right. . .and says it so clearly. . .


  2. Matthews is experiencing a tinkle down the leg tonight.

  3. Right on Sarah!

    Obama either slept through Econ 101 or he was too choomed up to pay attention.

    Proffessor Romney just delivered quite a lesson to his young pupil.

  4. why did she darken her hair?

    stop it! I Love sarah, just asking

  5. SURELY…Somebody slipped Obama the questions in advance….He cheated throughout the debate talking WAAAAAAAAY past his time slots….talking down efforts to moderate ….and he STILL L:O:S:T ….BIG.

  6. It looked like Obama was reading something the way he was always looking downward. Anyhow,
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  7. Empty chair, empty suit, empty head (except for his Marxist rhetoric and slogans)

  8. The dems deny the existence of the laws of economics.

    There is something called the “Laffer curve”. It shows how the percentage of taxation effects the amount of money the government takes in.

    There is an optimal percentage on the curve where taxation is not oppressive, yet the government receives the most money they should expect.

    Raising taxes further actually reduces the amount of money taken in.

  9. ++

    (((love you Sarah))) but, you have me..

    ROTF :lol: MBO!!

    especially when you put your hand up like that to explain.. :D

    yes i know it’s not the same thing, and that the media was
    totally unfair to her, it just struck me as being funny is all..


  10. Tonight showed a few things,

    1. Obama showed he can’t hang with someone that knows how to throw a punch.
    2. Obama looked like he was in over in head, and looked like a whipped dog.
    3. Romney defined himself in this debate.

  11. Next debate is ‘Townhall format’. They’re saying Obama will be much better.

    I think Mitt can be even better as well!

  12. Romney was superb and Sarah Pallin too.

  13. Next week, Ryan v.s. “Stand Up Chuck”. That’s going to be fun.

  14. Sarah is right,bath house Barry is lost without totus.

  15. Romney prepared for this moment 4 years ago. Just like President Reagan did when he lost to President Ford in 1976.

    Déjà vu

  16. Kudos to Rob Portman for help prepping Romney for the debate.

  17. Obama has always been lost without TOTUS.

    Obama is a jack@ss of the highest order and when he said its Math….I wanted Romney to say I have an MBA and Law Degree and made $250 million and billions for other compnaies and middle class people. I dont know if you can count period. I havent seen the grades and all your college records you sealed to prove your transparency !

  18. Obama looked like the little boy that went to the Birthday party….and was shocked to find out it wasn’t his. It was obvious he was “displeased” through the entire evening….kind of like “how dare you” and “boy is Mochelle going to kick my a$$ when I get home.” AXELROD…..YOU’RE FIRED!

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