Racist “Supporter” at Romney Event Likely a Liberal Plant

The Democrat-media complex was hyperventilating after a photo was posted from a Romney-Ryan event in Lancaster, Ohio on Friday of a supposed Romney “supporter” wearing a racist T-shirt.
The photo was posted at Getty Images.

LANCASTER, OH – OCTOBER 12: A supporter of Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Republican vice presidential candidate U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) waits for a campaign event to begin on October 12, 2012 in Lancaster, Ohio. Ryan debated U.S. Vice President Joe Biden the evening before and Romney is scheduled to debate U.S. President Barack Obama for the second time on October 16. (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)

Kristinn Taylor at Big Journalism believes its a fake, a liberal plant.

Robert Stacy McCain also says it’s a fake.
The Examiner reported:

But Robert Stacy McCain wrote Saturday that the man in the photo “is not in fact a Republican, but rather is a plant sent out by the Democrats as a dirty trick.”

McCain says there are three clues that indicate the man in the photo is a plant.

First, he says, “nobody” wears a Romney/Ryan sticker on the back of his t-shirt.

Second, McCain says, “It’s kind of chilly in Ohio this time of year, and the guy’s wearing only a T-shirt, while those around him are wearing coats.”

But the third and most telling clue is that the man remains unidentified.

“A press photographer is going to take a picture like this and make no effort to ID the guy? Nuh-uh,” McCain wrote.

You’ll notice all of the real Romney supporters at the Lancaster event on Friday are in jackets and coats – including Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. But this jacka$$ is wearing a T-shirt.

That doesn’t make sense. He’s most likely a liberal plant. It’s one of the left’s favorite games. But it doesn’t matter to the liberal media. They’ll insist the man is a Romney supporter.

Of course, this same media couldn’t have cared less when Obama supporters were wearing racist pins at the DNC this year.

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  • Oliver

    yep, 11000 in attendance and the photographer just happened to take a pic of this guy. Right.
    This has the stench of Axelrod all over it.

  • dwd

    Even if it’s real, it does not matter.

    96% of black people are going to vote for Obama. THAT is racism.

  • dwd

    Don’t forget the media’s history of deception.

    MSNBC’s racist white gun toting protester in the deceptively edited video…. turned out to be black.

    You cannot trust anything the media says or does.

  • Missy

    Interesting that there is an “Anti Palin” website where they are selling t-shirts, pins and coffee mugs with that same saying on them.

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  • bg


    of course he’s a plant!! /s/

    oh wait..

    could very well be a Ronbot.. 👿


  • bg


    dwd #3 October 14, 2012 at 11:41 pm

    could be just my computer, but i can’t seem to get past:
    Problem loading page – The connection has timed out..

    but clearly recall that incident, as par my course,
    had posted about it several times back then.. 😀

    Missy #4 – page 1 October 14, 2012 at 11:45 pm

    nice catch..


  • they should check to see if he is an SEIU member.

  • Oliver

    #3 DWD – a good clue was when Al bought a multi-million dollar estate on the California coastline shortly after saying the oceans were rising and all coastal properties would disappear within 5 years. Not even Al is that stupid.

  • Marsh626

    Yet the Leftist media completely ignored the racist vote black campaign buttons at the DNC convention.


  • Highlander

    Interestingly enough, some liberal dope on a blog mentioned this to me couple days ago, as if it was a regular occurrence and all Romney supporters were racists. I had never even heard or seen the phrase before that, so I challenged him on it, and asked him where he had ever seen a shirt like that, but he avoided the question. Then this story pops up…..

    There’s no way I’m going to believe that he was at that rally, and it seems that the story just broke, so perhaps this talking point was being circulated in advance???

  • Oliver

    #12 – must be the new talking point, or some variation.
    Liberal said to me yesterday that R&R are “nazis”.
    So we’ve gone from Liars to Racists to Nazis in the last week.
    Where on earth do you go from there?

    Good thing this election is all about Substantive Issues. Not.

  • Oliver

    oops – meant to reference #11 Highlander, not myself in #12!

  • Granny

    Is there any proof at all as to where this was taken? Other than the R&R sticker on the back of his shirt he could have been in any crowd of people. Heaven knows there are PLENTY of union demonstrations for this and that around.

  • jojo

    It could be crazy VP Joe Biden without his hair plugs. I don’t believe it is a Republican. Why didn’t they take a picture of his face for everyone to see?

  • Carbon Pootprint

    union cameraman for one of the networks bawahaha

  • Kathteach

    Of course this is a DNC Obama plant folks – and look for many more.

    Frankly, I am pretty sure this is just “nuts and bolts Dem operative behavior” but I am much more worried about Obama bombing something very soon in a Wag the Dog plan to run out the time clock on the election.

    Why can’t Republicans just do the same thing? Oh yeah – I forgot. We’re the good guys – Boy Scout types and all that.

    I love being on the right side of history and humanity as a Romney (and GOP and Jim Hoft) lover now but folks…

    I sure hope we have a few important bad guys working within the GOP to make sure our ballot stuffers are smarter than the DNC ballot stuffing machine.

    I know – I’m praying for a bit of the devil in the GOP.

    I’ll go to confession after election day and make peace, OK?

  • bg


    besides, that is so photoshopped i’m rotf 😆 mbo!!


    Inspiring Video Illustrates What Makes America so Great


  • free`

    From the photo caption; “A supporter of Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Republican vice presidential candidate U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)…” Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images —-

    This photographer needs to be contacted to see if he asked the guy who he supported. If he didn’t ask, then I don’t see how they can use that in the photo caption. Other than the fact they have no problem committing criminal fraud over the last decade or so [in my opinion]. If you don’t think it is fraud, I suggest you look up the definition of the word. The 1st Amendment was not meant to protect any one or organization from committing fraud.

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  • Lets agree he is a plant… why arent ppl doingthe same at BHO rallies/ events… STOP PLAYING NICE

  • Militant Conservative

    We are winning in a BIG way. The left has nothing but lies and deception.

    I take great pride in the lengths the left is going into the sewer.

    The Democrats have nothing, I even asked my favorite questions to my

    black neighbor. “What has he done that we want 4 more years of?”

    “Is this the best that we can do?” and for added measure.

    “I wanted him to do better but he didn’t” Time to move on.

    Powder is dry

  • Mike S


  • Tom63010

    This surely was in reference to bringing back the bust of Churchill 😉 !

    If this election comes down to an asswipe like him casting the winning vote for Romney I could care less what is in his heart or on his t-shirt.

    Who Romney has for supporters matter not to me. What is in Romney’s heart does and there is absolutely no indication there is one racist bone in his body nor in Ryan’s.

    This is a worn out tactic from the Liberal Media that has been discredited so many times that it is completely ineffective any more.

  • BurmaShave

    “He’s most likely a liberal plant. It’s one of the left’s favorite games. But it doesn’t matter to the liberal media.”

    But it does matter to the media, because it is part of their favorite games.

  • SoLongSong

    #21 – The reason we DON’T do the same thing is that the media would ACTUALLY DO ITS JOB and point the finger. When the others do it, they simply scream and highlight.

    Just like in campy movies like Spiderman and Batman, the bad guys don’t play fair, but we have to. That doesn’t mean we don’t fight HARD, and we have right on our side.

  • Carol

    The other clue that this is a plant is that liberals would have taken a picture of his face and would have moved heaven and earth to find out his name, where he lives and where he works and then done everything they can to get him fired and totally ruin his life.

    But there’s NOTHING, only hysterical “look at those racist Romney supporters!!1111!11”.

  • Economan

    We already have on record liberals admitting they voted for Obama just because he is Black but the media somehow doesn’t think that’s a racist story… So if they pay any attention to this troll, you know they’re in on it.

  • squeaky

    OT…heard this yesterday and now.
    gallup will be picking the undecided voters who will ask questions during townhall debate. hmmm
    speaking of plants and all.

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  • squeaky

    we knew this back in 2008. we’ll have to stiff upper lip it as more uninformed become informed.

  • mg4us

    We knew four years ago that Obama and his team (Axelrod/Jarrett) would inject race into this. . .

    Of course he is a DemocRAT plant. . besides the reasons given, look at his head. . .that is a head with a very little brain. . .perfect for being a drone.

    By the way, his role here is one of those part time jobs reported in September to help drive unemployment rate down. . .

    Now if he truly were a Romney supporter or TEA PArty Patriot, the shirt would say:
    Vote to remove the Black Cloud of Despair over the White House!

  • squeaky

    all that glitters isn’t gold. from the warren/brown debate

  • donh

    You can tell the man/woman is from the GLBTV community by the shine of his bald head. Real conservative republicans do not buff their bald head with mink oil wax. Also those gross heavy creases in the back of his / her neck flesh make his head look like a limp small penis.

  • Bob

    I was at that rally and it was awesome to see a real President in the making. No teleprompter all from the heart speaking.
    I also saw some people get out of a minivan with an Obama sticker and watched them while waiting to get in the rally. I recall a clean shaven head guy but he had a long sleeve shirt then.
    This guy may have been there with this group of about 8. This group was more likely Progress Ohio which is the new name for ACORN in Ohio.
    This group dressed one of their dolts in a big bird suit and they beat their drone drum prior to the event. And yes, this all is looking like a plant.

  • squeaky

    “..would inject race into this. . .” “[Harry Reid’s] encouragement of Obama was unequivocal. He was wowed by Obama’s oratorical gifts and believed that the country was ready to embrace a black presidential candidate, especially one such as Obama — a “light-skinned” African American “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one,” as he said privately. Reid was convinced, in fact, that Obama’s race would help him more than hurt him in a bid for the Democratic nomination.” black but not too black might lead one to think….the dems were ready but not that ready. like pleather for animal activists..it can look like the real thing feel [not really] like the real thing but give you that superior feeling without feeling guilty.

  • squeaky
  • squeaky

    “I recall a clean shaven head guy but he had a long sleeve shirt then.” the guy in the picture looks like a fish out of water. sleaveless while everyone else appears to be dressed warmer. that shirt probably was hidden under another shirt or jacket for the “right” time. from 2010……

  • JenBee

    I agree he’s a plant because the message is on the back of the shirt. The SEIU crowd learned alot during all that time they were planting their members with racist garb in TEA Party gatherings… remember back then, their plants would hold racist signs for the tv cameras, but most of them we were able to identify and ‘out’ as plants (usually SEIU thugs). So now they’re smarter… put the message on the BACK of the shirt, this assures that we won’t see the guy’s face so we can never identify him as a plant.

  • nate

    who cares, this fella is just expressing his opinion.

  • donh

    Its NOT a guy either …..Gayle Rubin has shaved and polished her head….The one on the left..> http://lelandcarina.com/updates/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/D_L_K_M.jpg

    Group picture from Gayle’s Ms Leather 2011…note how SHINY the bald man ladies … You can see your reflection from 50 feet away….. > http://www.imsl.org/newsite2010/mainpageimages/imsl%202011/imsl2011_DSC_5788.jpg

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  • Chris Light

    #2 dwd : Said it correctly. Who cares if this guy is genuine or not. Racism is still alive in this country. Look at Obama’s main block of supporters. 90% of Black people will vote for Obama and most those will vote for him because the color of his skin alone. That is racism.

    And if this white guy truly felt as the T-Shirt says, then fine, so be it. Because 1 racist guy supports Romney/Ryan doesn’t make them Racist. I’m sure there are plenty of murderers and rapists out there that are fans of Obama. Doesn’t make Obama a fan of rape and murder. The media, and 47-45% of Americans (Obama supporters) are idiots.

  • Limousine Barry

    Ah, crap! Another of my cronies got busted!

    Every time I try to play the Race Card I get busted! It’s time of Davy Axelrod to stop planting cronies that are so obvious that you have to water them.

    We need real race baiters! We need Jesse Jackson! We need Al Shapton. We need Barky 0bama! We need a race riot!

    And, this is very important! Send me $3.00 before midnight. My planted cronies are costing too much. My campaign is busted!

    My donor’s money went down the toilet! …some of it when into my Swiss Bank account!

    If you what to see quality Race Baiting send more money now! Davy Axelrod is sucking donkey dikks and can seem to get the trick right. Jesse Jackson can do it for $5,666,666.00 per day. Good grief. I suck!

  • Flintstone F.

    Please allow me to correct the headline:

    Racist Supporter At Romney Event Is Liberal Mass Media Plant.

  • squeaky

    [Ireland quickly became the biggest source of human livestock for English merchants. The majority of the early slaves to the New World were actually white.] a while ago i read an article in the local rag [in between the political season] that detailed how the irish were used to clean out the swamps [down south?] because their lives held no value and when one died they’d just be replaced by another. the black slaves on the other hand had value. irish being a dime a few dozen and all. throw aways.

  • Lilbby

    The guy even has a “skin head”… he’s a caricature of what liberals think of Republicans. We’re all skinhead racists. If you go to a rally and see any scum liberal playing these games in our audiences, speak up and speak loud and remove the scum. Then follow them and find out who they are. (safety first of course). They are too stupid to not use their own vehicles. These guys are probably union thugs with union/Democrat bumper stickers on their cars.

  • Bob

    Progress Ohio (the new ACORN in Ohio) was actively demonstrating with big bird and the drumming before the event. I can say with great assurance that Progress Ohio or a radical group like SEIU put this guy at the event and staged this.

  • Walt

    They are scared(the Dems). I live in rural Jo Daviess Co,Il,just east of Dubuqu,IA and south of the WI state line. In the seed business,and travel extensively through NE and eastern Iowa,and well into Wisconsin. Seeing WAY more Romney/Ryan signs than Obama/Biden,and eastern Iowa and SW Wisconsin are traditionally quite Democratic. Almost all the counties along the Mississippi in Iowa and Wisconsin(and Illinois for that matter)usually vote Democrat.

  • Mac in NM

    In 2008, a liberal named Maurice Schwenkler vandalized the Denver Obama Hq in an attempt to blame it on Republicans. There is no tactic they will not use. Without the internet, we would never learn of these tactics.

  • chuck in st paul

    anyone want to wager that gunshot through the window of the Obysmal campaign office was done by either a disgruntled black who didn’t get his third Obamaphone or another “noose on the doorknob” moment

    The left is desperate. This sort of “fake but accurate” crap will only get worse as we near the voting day.

  • MJ

    (#2 October 14, 2012 at 11:40 pm
    dwd commented:)

    “Black for Obama” or something like that?

  • Americans for real CHANGE

    Why don’t they try going to a “Black Panther” rally and see who they support? There is the real racism is. and see if the DOJ is there to arrest them for threats to any other political figure.

  • Troy F

    This is a obvious democrat plant for the press. The people who are there for the candidate are in coats and jackets because it’s cold. If this was legit, where is the person’s name for identification purposes? Why one one shot? Not even an attempt to show his face? Only the kool-aid drinkers believe this is really a Romney supporter.

  • Questionman



    It seems that the racist right DON’T want to own up to the obvious they are making up excuses out the ass and it’s pathetic. And here’s a thought..what about the people who DIDN’T vote for Obama because he’s black? according to you losers, they aren’t racists!

    I love it when people blame Obama… or the government because they can’t get what they want.

    Can’t get a line of credit? It must be Obama’s fault–obviously it couldn’t be anything related to your store or your business model–or whatever the hell it is you’re planning on doing with the money. Commit white-collar crime? Obviously the government is out to get you because you’re just a fine, upstanding business person and there’s just too damn much regulation.

    Maybe THESE were the people Mitt was talking about when he was secretly taped by Mother Jones–the people who don’t take responsibility for their lives–in other words, his own damn base.