Racist Leftist Infiltrators Driven From Tea Party Rallies (Video) …Updates

(Updated and Bumped)
Leftist and racist infiltrators were forced to flee at tea party rallies in St. Louis, San Francisco, Oceanside and Greensboro.

Patriots -4 Alinsky Thugs -0

In St. Louis tonight local patriots drove this racist infiltrator with Nazi symbols on his shirt from the rally:

The sign pointing down at the white supremist plant was from the Big Government tool kit. It came in handy. The infiltrator scurried off after he was confronted by several patriots including local blogger Adam Sharp who got up in his face. “Just know that you’re not going to come here and pretend that you’re with us.” Adam told the plant. Adam was fearless. The hater left shortly after the confrontation.
Adam’s parting words… “GO HOME NAZI.”

Click on Photo for the Video–

After Adam Sharp asked the infiltrator to leave he said, “I’m from the knights of the Ku Klux Klan we are a white…” This leftist plant then told Adam Sharp, “I’m proud to be a racist… I’m not a Nazi. I’m a proud racist. I’m white.”
Sure you are. He didn’t even play the part well. You’d think they’d provide better training at their pre-tea party planning meetings.
If anyone can help identify this leftist please email me here.

And, in Greensboro, North Carolina local police put the kibosh on a disguised tea party protester.
The News-Record reported:

The Tax Day Tea Party in downtown Greensboro ran smoothly Thursday. Everyone sang the patriotic staple “God Bless the U.S.A.,” kids got their faces painted and the parched drank their Liber-Tea.

Well, there was one tiny glitch.

A man dressed in all black and a hood or mask came to the side of the stage by the old county courthouse while a person spoke and held up a sign reading, “Prosperity = White Supremacy.”

The crowd didn’t fancy the man’s sign and cast a round of boos in his direction. Pretty soon, three Greensboro police officers escorted the man away from the protest.

In Oceanside, the tea party patriots drove out another leftist infiltrator from their event too.

They followed this creep around until he fled.

Even at the rally in San Francisco, the patriots had pink arrows to point at the few leftists who infiltrated their protest today.
The City Square sends this photo of the San Fran infiltrators:

The City Square has more great photos from their rally.

Unfortunately for the left, their Alinksy tactics backfired at the Tax Day Tea Party rallies. The radicals lost on Tax Day.

More… Michelle Malkin has more reports of failed infiltrators being driven away by the patriots.

UPDATE: Here’s another lefty infiltrator being led away in Denver.

And Still I Persist blog sent this from the Denver rally.

UPDATE: Here’s another disgusting leftist infiltrator outed at a Texas rally yesterday:

Via Big Government and the Central Texas 9-12 Project.

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  • http://reaganiterepublicanresistance.blogspot.com Reaganite Republican

    Sean Penn should have given them some acting lessons first, lol

  • DJ

    Awesome of Charles Johnson to make it out to the tea party!

  • http://www.protestshooter.com Protestshooter

    I have pictures of the pink infiltrator signs in San Francisco if anybody’s curious. They were very effective!


  • Gman

    Awesome of Charles Johnson to make it out to the tea party!


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  • Jesse

    Turfing Nazis is all well and good, but on what do you base the opinion that these are leftists?

    It does make sense that a leftist seeking to marginalize and embarasse tea-partiers would dress up as a racist and ‘infiltrate.’

    on the other hand it also makes sense that a real racist / neo Nazi type would see the teapartiers as a natural ally due to their unqualified and vehement opposition to a Negro president.

    So, although they may be leftist in faux-Nazi gear, it’s equally possible that they are the real thing!

    But it would be unsettling to think that there are racist elements or sympathizers within the tax day groups. I prefer to think that the tea party is as White as the driven snow in this regard.

    Dark days indeed with this president, would you say?

  • DavidR

    Just an observation that the shirt the guy was wearing looks like he had just unwrapped it. It looked like it had never been worn before.
    And how provocative are those emblems that he is displaying? Designed to get attention!

  • http://lovingword.wordpress.com Mats

    Can anyone say “Desperation”?

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  • http://algoe jerryl

    great too see the police in greensboro didnt put up with that clown and made him leave not like boston cops

  • Mongo

    As Glenn Beck would say “we surround them”

    I love the fact these idiots were pointed out, and the socialist mainstream media couldn’t use them. I guess they will have to make something up like they always do…

  • http://machineoverlords.blogspot.com/ Evil Otto

    St. Louis Nazis. I hate St. Louis Nazis.

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  • JLawson

    Jesse –

    I realize it’s really hard to understand the concept, but there’s pretty much no objection to the color of Obama’s skin. Hell, I TAN darker than he does.

    It’s what’s between the ears that’s the problem, NOT the color of the skin on them! It’s the programs and proposals and out of control spending – NOT his pigmentation! The guy could be green with purple paisley polkadots, and people would still be objecting to the SPENDING, and the incipient taxation that’s going to wash over our economy like a tidal wave.

    I really don’t understand why people like you keep trying to make it about melanin – THAT DOESN’T MATTER.

    What DOES matter is that he’s shoving out money one hell of a lot faster than Bush ever did, in quantities that make Bush look like a miser, with darn near nothing to show for it except great big IOUs shoved into the treasury that you, I, your children and grandchildren are going to have to pay off.

    Until you drop your fixation on fantasy racism, you’re not going to see where the real problem IS, much less address it coherently.

  • NeoKong

    That was the worst acting I have ever seen.
    How long before Media Matters tries to post his photo like it was for real….?

  • JiangxiDad

    We had a guy show up at our Hicksville, Long Island tea party yesterdays with a very unflattering picture of Obama that was clearly racist. When confronted, he said he found it on the internet. I said so what, you chose to bring it here. He too was hounded to leave and didn’t march with the rest of our great Patriots.

  • Auntie Em

    That is awesome! I am laughing so hard! We have our Tea Party on Saturday, and I am going to make some of those pink signs.

    The left is so stupid. LOL!!

  • Britny

    The conspiracy-soaked Dims are saying the infiltrators were faked by Tea Party-plants.

  • http://kenpittman.com Bob Grant

    @ Jesse #7 1:31 AM
    “Turfing Nazis is all well and good, but on what do you base the opinion that these are leftists?”

    Umm Just speculating here, but perhaps because the moron is claiming to be a member of a New NATIONAL SOCIALIST movement.

    You must have graduated High school after 1988 & therefore have no clue that the National Socialists (NAZI’s) were a left wing political movement.

    Jesse here’s some free advice & don’t fool yourself you need it desperately.

    Put the mouse & keyboard away & go read a book. You’re an Ignorant Child who needs to be properly educated in history.

    Lesson #1 Howard Zinn was a useful idiot.