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  • Pingback: Nice… Letterman Calls Mitt Romney a Felon (VIdeo)()

  • Highlander

    Romney’s no felon, but Letterman sure is an ass …

  • Spartan

    Nope. Have no idea why Romney just won’t go on this classless jackass’ show?

    I reckon this WAS the 47% Romney talked about in the video!?

  • anti-bho

    Letterman has begun spouting more and more bullsh*t just for the notoriety. his latenight inhouse audience is even failing to fill all of the seats (or maybe those are all obamas)

  • Ladue Pundit

    David Letterman married his stalker…enough said.

  • Big aL

    Would like to see his Tax returns !!

  • MicahStone

    It is appropriate that the creme de la creme of the scum of the Earth ALL support OBOZO: putin, hugo chavez, ALL of the hollywierd degenerates, chinese communists (yes, OBOZO’s the REAL Manchurian Candidate), Tingles matthews and the rest of the corrupt MSM, al qaeda, the reject-from-the-hair-club-for-men/serial misogynist/”I-hit-on-my-defenseless-female-interns” and all-around-perve david letterman, snoop dogg, the muslim brotherhood, sewer-rat/serial misogynist bill maher, ahmadinejad, and on and on and on….

    They know that this piece of excrement is one of them in being amongst the most despicable, vile creatures in existence – if only ALL of the American people knew that as well…

  • Joscefi

    Oooh, he’s moved into the big leagues, he’s taking shots at grown men instead of young girls now!

    If he keeps this progress up, one day he may actually say something relevant.

  • billypaintbrush

    Maybe Dave needs to rape more employees to help him calm down

  • I saw Letterman’s Thursday night show just to see the top 10 list: “Obama’s excuses for the debate” which was deeply un-funny. Letterman comes across as this bitter guy whenever he talks about Romney with this acerbic commentary that is just cringe-worthy. It’s bizarre and the audience is trapped into playing along with forced and nervous laughter.

  • Voice of Reason

    Classic liberal claptrap. Make up something, smear as if it’s true. Letterman has no proof of what he is suggesting about Romney yet he smeared him. No class at all. They say you are a fool who laughs at his your jokes. If you watch Letterman, that is what he usually does.

  • Freddy

    Well, this is nothing.

    Obama just ran an Obama approved ad that call’s Romney a liar. And yes, Obama used the word liar.

    On the bright side, with this new level of hatred in the White House, there will be no legislation passed in this lame duck session.

  • Buffalobob

    Dave Letterman owns a ranch in Montana. Liberal progs like Letterman, Brokaw, and Turner all claim altruistic motives for purchasing these vast spreads. Show us your tax returns for the last 20 years Dave, you hippocratic.

  • dwd

    Let’s see, how about all the crimes Obama has ADMITTED to committing in his various books? How about the crimes he has committed in office for the past 4 years?

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  • Nelle

    Calling someone a liar crosses a bright line for most of us older folks. Used to be you’d hold your breath because it was likely going to be answered with a punch. Obama’s plenty old enough to know that. I hope he gets a rhetorical knock-out punch from Romney for that.

  • James

    Is letterman still on the air?

  • hermie

    Letterman is just doing what he has always done: Talk like an ignorant jackass.

    He’s losing viewers and the only way he can retain a decent ratings share is to ientertain his far-left friends by slamming and insulting the Romneys.

    Letterman is the court jester for Obama, until ‘the One’ is bored with him and throws him under that very crowded bus.

  • Patty

    I haven’t watch Letterman nor do I intend too, why, because he is exploding the unintelligent in America. Notice how he was waiting for his laughter.

    And old fart.

  • Ghost

    it’s always been true, you can tell everything you Need to know about someone, anyone, just by looking at their face- everybody, you and me too, look just like our personality. always.

  • Patty

    Romney Paid More Than His Fair Share of Taxes….in 2010. MSM Blinked.


    « BACK | PRINT
    Romney Paid More Than His Fair Share of Taxes….in 2010. MSM Blinked.

    By: alanjoelny (Diary) | September 23rd, 2012 at 05:36 AM | 3


    So, Mitt Romney released his 2011 taxes. And on cue, Think Progress rolls out this inane hit piece entitled “By Romney’s Own Standard, His Tax Returns Would Disqualify Him From The Presidency”. The summary of their argument accuses Romney of paying more than his fair share of taxes this year. This implies that he is somehow gaming the system or dishonest.

    However, this outrage — besides being just plain stupid — is entirely disingenuous. Why? Because in 2010, Romney actually DID pay more than his fair share of taxes, and when it was discussed in January after the release of his tax return, no media outlet said a word about it. I know this because I wrote about it.

    Here’s the scoop:

    I reviewed Romney’s returns for several different media outlets. In my article, and with discussion to the media, I pointed out this fact:

    However, the most stunning information on his return is the fact that, due to inequities inherent our tax code, Romney paid taxes on more than a million dollars of income that didn’t exist.

    The problem arises with regard to Romney’s hedge funds, and how must record income and expenses:

    From the income items, off comes the subtraction for interest. However, all of the other expenses that reduce profit – which, with hedge funds, include virtually all operation expenses to earn income, including fees to the operators – are required to be recorded as miscellaneous itemized deductions. You cannot deduct your share of expenses unless that amount exceeds 2% of your AGI. What’s worse, even if your expenses do exceed the threshold, and you are subject to the AMT you can’t deduct them at all. (Romney paid AMT).

    This inability to deduct necessary expenses incurred while generating that income means that Mitt Romney paid taxes on $1.017 million of income that does not exist except on paper.{………..}

  • Patty

    Sorry for all the other mess at the top.

  • Patty

    #21 October 6, 2012 at 7:52 pm
    Ghost commented:

    Well, then Obama certainly doesn’t know Romney as he never looked at him directly in the eye. Shy? No, Romney is so intelligent and positive and when Obama is lacking credibility and has no teleprompter the wimp just doesn’t know what to do.

    The most important thing in a debate or Public speaking is taught, look people in the eyes.

  • Patty


    Obama: ‘We Don’t Believe Anybody Is Entitled to Success in This Country’ WITH VIDEO

    “This country doesn’t just succeed when just a few are doing well at the top. It succeeds when the middle class gets bigger. Our economy doesn’t grow from the top down — it grows from the middle out. We don’t believe that anybody is entitled to success in this country,” said Obama. “But we do believe in opportunity. We believe in a country where hard work pays off and responsibility is rewarded, and everybody is getting a fair shot and everybody is doing their fair share and everybody is playing by the same rules.”

  • Patty


    I will keep this short.


    EPA’s Science Evokes Nazi Death Camp Memories

    The “EPA has admitted to a federal court that it asks human guinea pigs to sacrifice their lives for regulatory purposes—and $12 per hour.” That was a recent news item reported by’s founder, Steve Milloy. “EPA has responded to our emergency motion for a temporary restraining order against its ongoing human experiment (called ‘Captain’) involving the air pollutant” known as “fine particles”

    I just can’t believe this. This must be a joke.


    An Eco-Fascist Gassing Experiment with Diesel Fumes at the EPA

    Read more:

    Kept it short but please read American Thinker Article.

  • Milwaukee

    #17 Nelle commented:

    Calling someone a liar crosses a bright line for most of us older folks. Used to be you’d hold your breath because it was likely going to be answered with a punch. Obama’s plenty old enough to know that. I hope he gets a rhetorical knock-out punch from Romney for that.

    No, 0bama doesn’t know that. He has been a protected member of an abused minority group, has been propped up by supporters. He thinks he can say whatever he wants without consequence. Little does he know that he has caused lots of people lots of problems, and little does he care.

  • Todd Palin should have rendered this pussy incapable of uttering another syllable after his remarks about Palins daughter. I would have snapped his neck.

  • Dave better be careful calling someone a felon its called slanter, he might end up funding the rest of Romney’s campaign, him and Reid….

  • Patty

    Well, posted because this one leave me shaking my head, we know that Letterman is a jerk. Sorry, idiot, sorry, jack arse, oh, heck with it, all the above.

    Pair banned from all-you-can-eat restaurant for eating too much

    George Dalmon, a former rugby player, and his friend Andy Miles were banned from all-you-can-eat restaurant, Gobi, In Brighton, after the manager branded them “a couple of pigs”.

    The men would each eat five bowls of stir-fry during their regular meals at the Mongolian barbecue, which invites guests to create their own dishes from the buffet.

    Diners are told they can request meals “as many times as you wish” for £12.

    The manager, who did not want to be named, said the two friends were eating him out of business. He said: “Basically they just come in and pig out. We have put up with them for two years but I’ve had enough.

    “They are in such a hurry to beat everyone to the food they spoil everything. We are supposed to be a buffet but they eat everything out of the bowls before people can get there. We just can’t keep doing this.”

  • Patty

    Cutter: Okay Fine, We’ve Been Lying About Romney’s Tax Plan

    One of the strongest elements of Mitt Romney’s spectacular debate performance was his decisive rejoinder to the president’s oft-repeated allegation that the Republican plans to raise taxes on middle class families. Obama said Romney has designs on an unpaid-for $5 trillion tax cut that would eventually necessitate higher tax bills for average Americans. Romney flatly rejected the claim by calling it false, then explained what he actually has in mind. But the president returned to the “$5 trillion” well on several subsequent occasions, prompting more rebuttals from his challenger. and CNN reviewed Obama’s accusation, and found it wanting. “Not true,” declared the former organization. As for the cable news channel, well, just watch this:

    Another ditz that should know better.


  • Patty

    #14 October 6, 2012 at 7:31 pm
    Buffalobob commented:

    There won’t be anything left to drill when they get finished.

  • USMC Thomas

    And David Letterman fathered a bastard.

  • bg
  • Gail

    10 reasons why I don’t watch Letterman EVER!

    1. Because he is an (begins with “A” and ends with “E” and it’s not Apple!
    2. Because he is an (begins with “A” and ends with “E” and it’s not Apple!
    3. Because he is an (begins with “A” and ends with “E” and it’s not Apple!
    4. Because he is an (begins with “A” and ends with “E” and it’s not Apple!
    5. Because he is an (begins with “A” and ends with “E” and it’s not Apple!
    6. Because he is an (begins with “A” and ends with “E” and it’s not Apple!
    7. Because he is an (begins with “A” and ends with “E” and it’s not Apple!
    8. Because he is an (begins with “A” and ends with “E” and it’s not Apple!
    9. Because he is an (begins with “A” and ends with “E” and it’s not Apple!
    10. Because he is an (begins with “A” and ends with “E” and it’s not Apple!

  • Jeannie

    I think it’s safe to say that while Oprah sacrificed her career last election to campaign for O, Letterman has stepped up to the plate this time.

    Was Oprah on CBS or ABC? In either case, CBS clearly has never had an issue with this sort of behavior, it was the viewers who did.

  • since letterman is never funny, hard to tell when he’s telling a joke.

  • howardfrombroward

    the cornered trapped democRATS are extremely desperate, know another nov 2010 ass-kicking is on the way in nov 2012 elections. gee, did anyone else notice moochelle o. quit taking the hyper expensive self-indulgent spree-cations this year after three years of shameless chicagoland gangsta trips on the u.s. of a. taxpayer tab and cynically figured voter amnesia?

  • bg


    Patty #6 – page 2 October 6, 2012 at 8:26 pm

    nice link, thanks..

    damn he lies with the expertise
    of a teleprompter, oh wait.. 🙄


  • bg



    Obamacare on ‘fast track’ back to Supreme Court

    [The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the individual mandate within
    the Obama health-care law seemed to be the last word in a fierce legal

    But on Monday, the Supreme Court ordered the Justice Department to
    respond to a suit filed by Liberty Counsel on behalf of Liberty University.
    The school contends both the individual and employer mandates are
    unconstitutional on the grounds that they infringe upon the freedom
    of religious expression.


    Staver says an ultimate victory in this case could devastate
    Obamacare — especially if the individual mandate goes down.

    “It could ultimately make a big hole in the bottom of the
    Obamacare boat or completely torpedo it and sink it altogether.”]


  • Patty

    Letterman was bitter Romney won debates, can’t imagine what will happen to him when Romney wins election. AND I DON’T CARE, WHAT HE THINKS, JUST LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT.

    We lived through the horrors of Obama, YOUR TURN!

  • Patty

    #14 bg

    Same here for yours.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    The Dorian Grays of this Country are finally, and fully, revealing themselves for all to see. They are foolish to think that we are not taking notes.

  • Patty

    #10 October 6, 2012 at 9:10 pm
    Gail commented:

    I only need one reason. Paid to be that way, Letterman that is. And talk about the rich who make lots of money and use other idiots for profit.

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    Would someone throw 100 very sharp pencils at this nut…..

  • Kathteach

    I think the only thing Mitt Romney could do to make me just stay home and not vote is to show up on Letterman.

    Somebody other than me please let the Romney campaign know this – I am too exhausted after having defended Mitt for almost a year (no – correction – I was way more for him than McCain in 2008) – so – years.

    Not one single person in my very large circle of colleagues, neighbors and work associates watches Letterman. He exists only for the two big cities on two coasts – LA and New York.

    I wish the media would point that out to us all more clearly.

    David Letterman is not flyover country material.

  • Patty

    “Tonight Show” Has Chris Matthews Taken Away In A Straight Jacket\

    Video here

  • bg


    Patty #22 October 6, 2012 at 10:40 pm

    rotf 😆 mbo!!”

    oh, never watch SNL but happened to be surfing my 5 or so channels
    when they were doing a skit about the Romney Obama debate, and
    it was hilarious..


  • aprilnovember811

    The true felon is in the White House. The stealth Jihadist, Hussein Obama. Hey Dave, you need to give all of your money to the needy. You don’t deserve your money. You didn’t earn it.

  • aprilnovember811

    Don’t blame Mitt Romney because you voted for someone who’s stupid Dave. You were conned, Moron.

  • dwdude

    maybe mitt can have him audited for 20 years back, meanwhile going on leno to celebrate his victory and telling david letterman to seek psychologocal counseling

  • aprilnovember811

    Romney’s never set up gas chambers through the EPA. What do you call that, Dave?

    An Eco-Fascist Gassing Experiment with Diesel Fumes at the EPA

    Read more:

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  • Perfected democrat

    Letterman was a poor joke from day one…

  • Perfected democrat
  • squeaky

    one man’s joke is another man’s fact. some people can’t distinguish the difference. nice way to get a fabrication out into the public square without taking the heat for spreading a lie……pushing false stories [after they’ve been proven false] just keeps them in open discussion. they don’t have to prove that they’re true – just keep people talking about it. dave knows that most people are only interested in the abridged version of life.

  • mg4us

    Any one with half a brain could see that Dave is the idiot. .

    He says the thing that most Americans want to see. . and then says
    6% says Romney’s tax returns. .

    Is Dave that stupid. . 6% is no where close to “Most Americans”
    He is following in Obama’s shadows

    By the way Romney DID release 2 years of taxes DAVE you idiot and pervert

    And as for felon. . .it is you who sexually harassed young females on the staff. . .

    So As they would say in Monopoly Daye:
    Go to Jail, Go Directly to Jail. . .Do not Pass Go. . Do Not Collect $200!

    And as for sponsors, I will take my business elsewhere


    Obama is the felon.

  • Limousine Barry

    Finally, my rabid MSM attack dogs have gotten out of their poop filled dog house and are on 0bama campaign trail!

    If you like the way I sick rabid weenie dog Letterman on my opponent then vote for me. And, this is important!

    Send me $30,666.99 before midnight. My campaign is running out of expensive gas. It takes a lot of money to get my MSM attack dogs off of their arses and yapping into the microphone! Send me more money! Good day.

  • gorgo

    Hilarious how the audience’s non-reaction caused Dave to look up at the LAUGH sign to see if it was even on. His simplistic absurdism was hilarious when I was in high school. Now…what a pathetic hack.

  • saveus

    No wonder obummer goes on his show rather than doing any work.

  • Truth Teller

    I love how smug these idiot liberal Hollywood/Media types are while the world is “stable”. Do they not realize that if we continue down the path that Obama is pushing, then we will likely end up in an unstable situation where chaos rules? In such an environment, the lying media will be the first victims of mob violence.

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  • myohmy

    Romney is no felon but David Letterman is a serial rapist.

  • Dale

    Yeah Davey and we have a “FELON” in the oval office – where are his college transcripts (that would show he was on a fulbright scholarship ONLY available to foreign nationals) where is his birth certificate (which would show he wasn’t born here – the one in Hawaii says he had an African American father – a term that did not exist in that year – should have said Negro) why is his social security number from Connecticut when the man hasn’t lived in CT? The list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on…..

  • jenny

    Letterman is a creepy buffoon, plain and simple.

  • luminOsity

    Who cares what this necrophiliac pedophile says?

  • Big Red

    This doofus is lucky he’s not panhandling on a street because his wife could have easily taken him to the cleaners after he admitted cheating with TWO interns. Real paragon of virtue, isn’t he?

  • Letterman is a despicable human being.

    In 2009, when Governor Palin and her 14-year-old daughter Willow attended a Yankees’ game in New York (Mrs. Palin was there to accept an award from a special needs group), Letterman said one of the most base things ever heard — any parent would cringe at what he said! A week later, he tried to apologize for it by saying his joke was not about Willow but about Bristol. Anyone who saw the clip knows that Letterman was lying through his teeth.

    The world will be a better place when Letterman is gone.