Nice… We haven’t heard this insult in a while.
David Letterman just called Mitt Romney a felon on Friday.
It’s not clear if it was a joke or if he was just echoing the campaign.
Via FOX Nation:




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  1. Romney’s no felon, but Letterman sure is an ass …

  2. Nope. Have no idea why Romney just won’t go on this classless jackass’ show?

    I reckon this WAS the 47% Romney talked about in the video!?

  3. Letterman has begun spouting more and more bullsh*t just for the notoriety. his latenight inhouse audience is even failing to fill all of the seats (or maybe those are all obamas)

  4. David Letterman married his stalker…enough said.

  5. Would like to see his Tax returns !!

  6. It is appropriate that the creme de la creme of the scum of the Earth ALL support OBOZO: putin, hugo chavez, ALL of the hollywierd degenerates, chinese communists (yes, OBOZO’s the REAL Manchurian Candidate), Tingles matthews and the rest of the corrupt MSM, al qaeda, the reject-from-the-hair-club-for-men/serial misogynist/”I-hit-on-my-defenseless-female-interns” and all-around-perve david letterman, snoop dogg, the muslim brotherhood, sewer-rat/serial misogynist bill maher, ahmadinejad, and on and on and on….

    They know that this piece of excrement is one of them in being amongst the most despicable, vile creatures in existence – if only ALL of the American people knew that as well…

  7. Oooh, he’s moved into the big leagues, he’s taking shots at grown men instead of young girls now!

    If he keeps this progress up, one day he may actually say something relevant.

  8. Maybe Dave needs to rape more employees to help him calm down

  9. I saw Letterman’s Thursday night show just to see the top 10 list: “Obama’s excuses for the debate” which was deeply un-funny. Letterman comes across as this bitter guy whenever he talks about Romney with this acerbic commentary that is just cringe-worthy. It’s bizarre and the audience is trapped into playing along with forced and nervous laughter.

  10. Classic liberal claptrap. Make up something, smear as if it’s true. Letterman has no proof of what he is suggesting about Romney yet he smeared him. No class at all. They say you are a fool who laughs at his your jokes. If you watch Letterman, that is what he usually does.

  11. Well, this is nothing.

    Obama just ran an Obama approved ad that call’s Romney a liar. And yes, Obama used the word liar.

    On the bright side, with this new level of hatred in the White House, there will be no legislation passed in this lame duck session.

  12. Dave Letterman owns a ranch in Montana. Liberal progs like Letterman, Brokaw, and Turner all claim altruistic motives for purchasing these vast spreads. Show us your tax returns for the last 20 years Dave, you hippocratic.

  13. Let’s see, how about all the crimes Obama has ADMITTED to committing in his various books? How about the crimes he has committed in office for the past 4 years?

  14. Calling someone a liar crosses a bright line for most of us older folks. Used to be you’d hold your breath because it was likely going to be answered with a punch. Obama’s plenty old enough to know that. I hope he gets a rhetorical knock-out punch from Romney for that.

  15. Is letterman still on the air?

  16. Letterman is just doing what he has always done: Talk like an ignorant jackass.

    He’s losing viewers and the only way he can retain a decent ratings share is to ientertain his far-left friends by slamming and insulting the Romneys.

    Letterman is the court jester for Obama, until ‘the One’ is bored with him and throws him under that very crowded bus.

  17. I haven’t watch Letterman nor do I intend too, why, because he is exploding the unintelligent in America. Notice how he was waiting for his laughter.

    And old fart.

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